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The Arthur Brooks Show
Arthur Brooks is back this Valentine's Day with a new season on love: why you need it and how to get it. But not just romantic love – love for all of the other important areas of our lives, too. Arthur explores what it means to find meaning in our work, the significance of loving one's country, our longing for better friendships in an age of loneliness, how to love your enemies, and what it means when expressing love for God.
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Society & Culture
Government & Organizations
With All Your Mind
What people really mean when they say they love God, and how our brains react and change when we engage in spiritual practice.
45 min
Do You Love Your Country?
What distinguishes patriotism from nationalism, and how we can think about appropriately expressing love for our country.
57 min
How to Love Your Enemies
Why we have contempt for those who are different than us, and how we can overcome seemingly intractable conflicts in our lives.
37 min
All the Lonely People
Why Americans have fewer friends than ever before, and how to recover the kind of friendship we most deeply desire
42 min
Work-Love Balance
Why many American’s don’t love their jobs, and how to overcome dissatisfaction with a different approach to work and success.
48 min
Romantic Entrepreneurship
Why we stopped taking risks for love, and why taking more of them will bring us greater happiness.
50 min
Season 2 starts Valentine's Day
And it's all about love
2 min
9: Moral Consensus
33 min
8: Think Small
35 min
7: Idea Diversity on Campus
43 min
6: Contempt : an extended conversation with Joh...
38 min
5: Disconnected
46 min
4: Tell Me a Story
32 min
3: Sharing Your Stage
37 min
2: Family & Friends
32 min
1: Introducing the Arthur Brooks Show
1 min