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AP Laboratory - Chiefs-49ers preseason preview ...
The AP Nerd Squad discusses what to expect in the Chiefs' third preseason game of the season.
40 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Fr...
The Chiefs talk ahead of their preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday.
25 min
AP Laboratory - Opening up the weekly Mailbag (...
The AP Nerd Squad opens up the mailbag to answer your questions.
41 min
AP Laboratory post-game: Steelers 17, Chiefs 7
Kent and Matt wrap up the Chiefs' second preseason game.
26 min
AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Steelers preseason previ...
Kent and Matt break down what to expect in the Chiefs' second preseason game.
34 min
AP Laboratory - Stagner Things (ep. 63)
Welcome to the *Summer of Stags*, when Matt Stagner fills in for Craig Stout.
48 min
AP Laboratory post-game: Chiefs 38, Bengals 17
The AP Nerd Squad reacts to the Chiefs' first preseason game: a win against the Bengals.
36 min
AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Bengals preseason previe...
The Chiefs take on the Bengals in their first 2019 preseason game Saturday night.
38 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Mecole Hardman, Dem...
The Chiefs head coach, rookie Mecole Hardman and more!
50 min
AP Laboratory - Matt's Training Camp Game (Ep. 61)
Matt surprises the guys with perhaps the worst game in podcast history.
57 min
AP Laboratory - Craig's Camp Spectacular
Craig and friend-of-AP Chief Bearcat breakdown what they saw from two days of Chiefs camp.
51 min
From the Podium: Sammy Watkins, Frank Clark, Pa...
Our latest 'From The Podium' rounds up the week with eight press conferences.
60 min
AP Laboratory - The power of Uncle Dave and the...
How much sway does special teams coordinator Dave Toub have on the roster?
37 min
AP Laboratory - Cornerbacks on the mind (Ep. 59)
The AP Nerd Squad opens up the mailbag to find many questions about KC's cornerback situation.
63 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and...
All the big names spoke during the first two days of training camp.
48 min
AP Laboratory - Initial Chiefs training camp re...
Training camp has begun and the AP Nerd squad has TAKES.
32 min
From the Podium: Khalen Saunders, Darwin Thomps...
Hear from two of the Chiefs' 2019 NFL Draft picks.
25 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Me...
Welcome back to From the Podium!
54 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 57 (Mailbag)
Training camp begins with rookie practices on Wednesday.
56 min
AP Laboratory - The big Chiefs training camp sp...
Only one AP Lab this week, and it's a big one.
83 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 55
With training camp right around the corner, let's ask some interesting questions about the Chiefs.
47 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 54 (Mailbag)
The AP Nerd Squad gets together to answer question from the giant mailbag that showed up in the Lab.
52 min
AP Takeover: Pete Sweeney and Kent Swanson join...
Training camp is two weeks away. Let's talk some Chiefs.
44 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 53
The AP Nerd Squad discusses into what drives the NFL preseason: expecations
45 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 52 (Mailbag)
Kent returns to the team, and the full AP Nerd Squad takes your mailbag questions.
59 min