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AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Packers preseason previe...
The AP Nerd Squad breaks down what to expect in the Chiefs' final preseason game.
34 min
AP Laboratory - Opening up the mailbag (Ep. 67)
Three preseason games down, one to go.
45 min
AP Laboratory post-game: 49ers 27, Chiefs 17
The AP Nerd Squad weighs in on Patrick Mahomes' final act of the 2019 preseason.
32 min
AP Laboratory - Chiefs-49ers preseason preview ...
The AP Nerd Squad discusses what to expect in the Chiefs' third preseason game of the season.
40 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Fr...
The Chiefs talk ahead of their preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday.
25 min
AP Laboratory - Opening up the weekly Mailbag (...
The AP Nerd Squad opens up the mailbag to answer your questions.
41 min
AP Laboratory post-game: Steelers 17, Chiefs 7
Kent and Matt wrap up the Chiefs' second preseason game.
26 min
AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Steelers preseason previ...
Kent and Matt break down what to expect in the Chiefs' second preseason game.
34 min
AP Laboratory - Stagner Things (ep. 63)
Welcome to the *Summer of Stags*, when Matt Stagner fills in for Craig Stout.
48 min
AP Laboratory post-game: Chiefs 38, Bengals 17
The AP Nerd Squad reacts to the Chiefs' first preseason game: a win against the Bengals.
36 min
AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Bengals preseason previe...
The Chiefs take on the Bengals in their first 2019 preseason game Saturday night.
38 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Mecole Hardman, Dem...
The Chiefs head coach, rookie Mecole Hardman and more!
50 min
AP Laboratory - Matt's Training Camp Game (Ep. 61)
Matt surprises the guys with perhaps the worst game in podcast history.
57 min
AP Laboratory - Craig's Camp Spectacular
Craig and friend-of-AP Chief Bearcat breakdown what they saw from two days of Chiefs camp.
51 min
From the Podium: Sammy Watkins, Frank Clark, Pa...
Our latest 'From The Podium' rounds up the week with eight press conferences.
60 min
AP Laboratory - The power of Uncle Dave and the...
How much sway does special teams coordinator Dave Toub have on the roster?
37 min
AP Laboratory - Cornerbacks on the mind (Ep. 59)
The AP Nerd Squad opens up the mailbag to find many questions about KC's cornerback situation.
63 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and...
All the big names spoke during the first two days of training camp.
48 min
AP Laboratory - Initial Chiefs training camp re...
Training camp has begun and the AP Nerd squad has TAKES.
32 min
From the Podium: Khalen Saunders, Darwin Thomps...
Hear from two of the Chiefs' 2019 NFL Draft picks.
25 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Me...
Welcome back to From the Podium!
54 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 57 (Mailbag)
Training camp begins with rookie practices on Wednesday.
56 min
AP Laboratory - The big Chiefs training camp sp...
Only one AP Lab this week, and it's a big one.
83 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 55
With training camp right around the corner, let's ask some interesting questions about the Chiefs.
47 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 54 (Mailbag)
The AP Nerd Squad gets together to answer question from the giant mailbag that showed up in the Lab.
52 min
AP Takeover: Pete Sweeney and Kent Swanson join...
Training camp is two weeks away. Let's talk some Chiefs.
44 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 53
The AP Nerd Squad discusses into what drives the NFL preseason: expecations
45 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 52 (Mailbag)
Kent returns to the team, and the full AP Nerd Squad takes your mailbag questions.
59 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 51
Who would make the all-time Chiefs? The guys debate.
62 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 50
No Kent this week, so Matt Stagner makes a special appearance as the third man!
57 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 49
No Matt for this episode, as Kent and Craig break down the latest in Chiefs news.
43 min
Cap expert Joel Corry (CBS Sports) talks Chris ...
Will Chris Jones arrive in time for the beginning of Chiefs training camp?
9 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 48 (Mailbag)
The full AP Nerd Squad is here to take your questions in the weekly mailbag.
52 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and...
The Chiefs wrap up mandatory minicamp with the head coach and quarterback.
41 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 47
Kent, Craig and Matt talk the latest from mandatory minicamp and break down the latest episode of "The Franchise."
42 min
From the Podium: Travis Kelce (!!!), Carlos Hyd...
Travis Kelce joins AP for a very special edition of "From the Podium."
35 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 46
The Nerd Squad is finally reunited as Kent returns for another addition of the AP Lab.
48 min
From the Podium: LDT, Kendall Fuller, Anthony H...
Mandatory minicamp begins with sound from the right guard, cornerback and linebacker.
30 min
The AP Chiefs OTAs wrap-up special
Pete Sweeney and Kent Swanson wrap up OTAs and preview mandatory minicamp.
96 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 45
Craig and Matt welcome you to the "Summer of Spags."
51 min
From the Podium: Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Ty...
Welcome to "From the Podium," a new podcast from Arrowhead Pride.
38 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 44
No Kent again this week, so Craig and Matt take your questions in a giant mailbag.
47 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 43
Kent, Craig and Matt talk the latest in Chiefs football and the debut of their new TV show, "The Franchise"
45 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 42
Kent returns to the team, and surprisingly enough, he is without a beard.
39 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 41
Welcome to the Summer of Spags.
49 min
Pete joins "Bink at Night" to talk KC Draft 202...
Kansas City will host the 2023 NFL Draft!
44 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 40
No Hair (Kent), No Problem)
48 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 39
Darron Lee is the newest member of the Kansas City Chiefs.
65 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 38
Matt returns to wreak havoc on both Craig and Kent.
42 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 37
Our weekly AP Lab takes a closer look at the 90-man roster.
63 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 11 (2019)
A final recap of the 2019 NFL Draft.
46 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 36
With the NFL Draft in the books, the Arrowhead Pride Lab is back!
54 min
AP Draft Recap Show
Pete Sweeney, Kent Swanson and Jay Binkley break down the 2019 NFL Draft for the Chiefs.
90 min
The AP Draft Show - Day Three Recap
The Chiefs wrapped up the draft with three more selections on Saturday.
29 min
The AP Draft Show - Day Two Recap
The Chiefs made three selections on Friday night.
40 min
Pete joins SB Nation Radio to discuss the Tyree...
Tyreek Hill has been suspended indefinitely by the Kansas City Chiefs.
13 min
Arrowhead Pride NFL Draft Special
Pete, Kent and Shawn spend an hour breaking down the NFL Draft from a Chiefs' perspective
45 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 10 (2019)
The final AP draft show before the big night on Thursday.
50 min
Frank Clark is a Chief! Pete Sweeney joins 610 ...
The Kansas City Chiefs traded for Frank Clark on Wednesday.
19 min
SPECIAL: 2019 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft
SB Nation's NFL bloggers predict what might happen at the 2019 NFL Draft.
27 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 35
It's officially NFL Draft week.
60 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 9 (2019)
The NFL Draft is less than one week away.
53 min
Arrowhead Pride Chiefs schedule release special
Jay Binkley and Pete Sweeney react to the 2019 schedule as it is released.
37 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 34
We are officially less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft.
49 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 8 (2019)
Two weeks to go until the NFL Draft, the AP Draft show is back with another episode.
42 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 33
As the NFL Draft inches closer, the Kent, Craig and Matt reconvene to discuss Chiefs' strategy.
51 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 32 (KC Draft Guide rele...
The long-awaited day is here! The KC Draft guide has been released.
37 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 7 (2019)
With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, the boys are back together to talk to the latest in Chiefs news.
48 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 31
It is officially April, which means draft month, which means players are coming.
49 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 5 (2019)
With one month until the NFL Draft, Kent and Jake are back.
50 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 30
Kent, Craig and Matt are back to take on a giant Arrowhead Pride mailbag.
51 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 5 (2019)
After a week off, the draft show is back as we're just about a month away from the big night.
46 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 29
The Nerd Squad talks about the latest Kansas City Chiefs signings, including bringing aboard Bashaud Breeland.
47 min
Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft Special
The Nerd Squad puts together a mock draft following the opening of free agency.
37 min
Arrowhead Pride Free Agency Special
Reflecting on the wild week that was in Chiefs free agency
44 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 28
The Nerd Squad reacts to the sudden news that the Chiefs are trading Dee Ford.
42 min
Dee Ford traded to the 49ers! Pete Sweeney and ...
The Chiefs agreed to send LB Dee Ford to San Francisco for a 2020 second round pick on Tuesday night.
12 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 4 (2019)
Draft season continues with the fourth episode of the AP Draft Show.
58 min
Pete Sweeney joins Bink at Night to discuss Le'...
A 45-minute listen on the very latest in Kansas City Chiefs news.
43 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 27
The Nerd Squad takes "speculation season."
53 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 3 (2019)
It's officially NFL Scouting Combine week, and the boys are excited about it.
45 min
Pete Sweeney discusses Eric Berry and Justin Ho...
Berry has opted not to have offseason surgery and Houston is a trade target.
9 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 26
Realizing it is mock draft season, the Nerd Squad gets in on the fun in this week's episode.
47 min
Pete Sweeney joins 610 Sports Radio's The Drive...
The NFL offseason unofficially begins this week with the NFL Scouting Combine.
19 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 2 (2019)
Draft season continues with the second episode of the AP Draft Show.
55 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 25
The Nerd Squad continues offseason chatter and bring back the mailbag.
55 min
The AP Draft Show - Episode 1 (2019)
Draft season is back, baby!
46 min
Pete Sweeney joins 610 Sports Radio's Jay Binkl...
AP Editor in Chief Pete Sweeney checks in to talk the Chiefs' offseason
46 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 24
The Nerd Squad talks about the new Chiefs' defensive hires and debut their boardroom exercise
44 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 23
The Nerd Squad is together again to discuss the Super Bowl and the beginning of the Chiefs offseason.
52 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 22
The boys are back home from the Senior Bowl and ready to dive into the offseason.
54 min
AP Laboratory Special - Steve Spagnuolo hired! ...
51 min
AP Roundtable - Pete joins 610 Sports' The Driv...
21 min
AP Laboratory Special - Bob Sutton Fired and Se...
42 min
AP Laboratory - Episode 21 (From the car!)
30 min
Patriots 37, Chiefs 31 - Arrowhead Pride AFC Ti...
109 min
AP Roundtable - Pete and Joel join 610 Sports' ...
40 min
The AP Laboratory - Episode 20
49 min
AP Radio - AFC championship week is here!
45 min
Chiefs 31, Colts 13 - Arrowhead Pride Divisiona...
125 min