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Transmissions :: Medicine Singers
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Transmissions :: Gloria de Oliveira and Dean Hu...
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Transmissions :: The Stepney Sisters on Charles...
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Transmissions :: Chris Forsyth
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Transmissions :: Delicate Steve
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Transmissions :: Panda Bear and Sonic Boom
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Transmissions :: Glenn Mercer (The Feelies)
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Transmissions :: Cheri Knight
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Transmissions :: Mitch Horowitz
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Transmissions :: Glenn Jones
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Transmissions :: Vish Khanna
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Transmissions :: Joan Shelley
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Transmissions :: Craig Finn of The Hold Steady
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Transmissions :: Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), ...
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Transmissions :: Longform Editions
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Transmissions :: Horsegirl
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Transmissions :: Ben Vaughn
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Transmissions :: Ben Marc
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Transmissions :: Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music
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Transmissions :: Sarah Martin of Belle and Seb...
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Transmissions :: Kurt Vile
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Transmissions :: Liz Lamere and Jared Artaud on...
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Transmissions :: Sasha Frere-Jones
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Transmissions :: Advance Base
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Transmissions :: Meredith Graves
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Transmissions :: Ryan Walsh
Roll up/that's an invitation... Today on the show, we're joined by a return guest, Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills. He’s appeared here on the show previously to discuss his great Van Morrison book, and now he joins host Jason P. Woodbury for a conversation about...
63 min
Transmissions :: Destroyer
Right from the top of LABYRINTHITIS, the 13th album from our guest today, new wave art rock master Dan Bejar of , you get an example of what makes him such a compelling artist. “It’s in Your Heart Now” starts, and then its real beat stutters in,...
62 min
Transmissions :: Beauty Pill
Our guests this week are Chad Clark and Erin Nelson of DC post-punk band . Clark emerged from the DC/Dischord punk scene with his band Smart Went Crazy, and he worked on records by Fugazi, Dismemberment Plan, Lungfish, Q & Not U, and many more. He...
69 min
Transmissions :: Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley ...
Though Sonic Youth ended a decade ago, the band's archives have continued to surprise. The latest from the SY vault is , a collection of instrumentals recorded during the band's final era, including some with and contributions from The Eternal ...
69 min
Transmissions :: Matthew E. White
"Anything that knocks ya out, hits you harder than you planned," sings on "Genuine Hesitation," which opens K Bay, the third solo album from the Spacebomb founder. And it's a knockout of a record, to be sure. A spirited producer and collaborator...
71 min
Transmissions :: Clinic
This week on the show, we’re joined by Ade Blackburn of Clinic. The Liverpool-based duo of Blackburn and Jonathan Hartley released a great record last year called Fantasy Island, full of skittering drum machines, cavernous sounds, and fuzzed...
66 min
Transmissions :: Molly Lewis
This week on the show, we're joined by world renowned whistler Molly Lewis. Last year, she released a great EP called The Forgotten Edge via Jagjaguwar. With its exotica and spaghetti western motifs, the EP is a supremely playful and lovely listen. And Lewis is a...
58 min
Transmissions :: Laraaji
"Transmissions is a lovely name; I think that's a very crucial name for this age." So says mystic musician our guest this week on the show. Sitting down with host , His Orangeness (AKA Edward Larry Gordon) discusses his new collaboration with NOUS...
64 min
Transmissions :: Cate Le Bon
Today on Transmissions: Cate Le Bon, who, for the last decade plus, has made some of our favorite modern records, as well as producing great work for other artists, like Deerhunter and John Grant, who joined us last year on the podcast to t their...
58 min
Transmissions :: Mitch Horowitz
Welcome back to our weekly podcast Transmissions. Today on the show, occult scholar . He’s the author of a staggering number of metaphysical books and the tremendous historical project, Occult America, a deeply researched book that examines how...
65 min
Transmissions :: David Bazan
Welcome to a bonus edition of Transmissions with David Bazan of Pedro The Lion joining host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss the release of the band's surprise album . Like 2019's Phoenix, the record focuses on Bazan's youth in Arizona. In this loose...
80 min
Transmissions :: Circuit des Yeux
Our guest today is Haley Fohr, better known as Circuit des Yeux and Jackie Lynn. Her latest is called iO, and it’s a stunning work of art rock bravado. In our 2021 contributor Tyler Wilcox wrote: “On the new Circuit des Yeux album, Haley Fohr...
59 min
Transmissions :: Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)
This week on Transmissions, the final episode of the season: Steve Berlin. Steve plays saxophone in Los Lobos, whose new album is called, Native Sons. It features Los Angeles-centric covers by the likes of WAR, The Beach Boys, Buffalo...
75 min
Transmissions :: Helado Negro
This week on Transmissions, our weekly series of strange conversations: Roberto Carlos Lange of Helado Negro. His new album of electronic bliss pop, psychedelic ambient, and soulful love songs is called Lange joined host Jason P. Woodbury for a...
69 min
Transmissions :: Scott Hirsch
This week on Transmissions, our weekly series of strange conversations: Scott Hirsch. Perhaps you know his name from the credits of albums by or Alice Gerrard. Or perhaps you're into his solo records: the nocturnally grooving is the latest. He's...
57 min
Transmissions :: Jeffrey Alexander of The Heavy...
This week on the Transmissions, Jeffrey Alexander of The Heavy Lidders and Dire Wolves. For decades now, he's been a fixture in the psychedelic mutant underground. He's got a great new out now on Arrowhawk with his song-oriented project the Heavy...
67 min
Transmissions :: Damon and Naomi
Hey, welcome back to Transmissions, we're so glad to have you here tuning in. Today on the show, I’m joined by two lifers of independent rock, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang. Their latest is a tremendous album called A Sky Record. Reviewing the...
65 min
Transmissions :: Neko Case
This week on Transmissions: the magnificent Neko Case. She’s recently launched , a newsletter of nature writing. We don't need to tell you that Neko Case is a great writer—her work with the New Pornographers, Case/Lang/Veirs and her solo albums...
58 min
Transmissions :: Alan Licht
Today on Transmissions, author, artist, guitarist, and creator Alan Licht. He's the author of Common Tones: Selected Interviews with Artists and Musicians 1995-2020. It features some incredible talks with ANOHNI, Tony Conrad, Greg Tate, Yo La Tengo,...
59 min
Transmissions :: Nick Lowe
Today on the show, returning Transmissions guest Nick Lowe. 20 years ago, he released The Convincer, which many folks argue is his best album. It's reissued by Yep Roc Records this week. Following his rough and rowdy start at Stiff, his work...
57 min
Transmissions :: Chris Swanson (co-founder of S...
Welcome to Transmissions. Today on the show: Chris Swanson, co-founder of Secretly Group. This year marks 25 years of two of the flagship labels in the group, Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar, and to celebrate they’ve got tons going on—including...
63 min
Transmissions :: Bela Koe-Krompecher
Thanks for joining us on Transmissions. Our guest this week is Bela Koe-Krompecher, who’s written a terrific book called , about his time in the ‘80s rock & roll underground of Columbus, Ohio, and the tumultuous lives—and far too early...
67 min
Transmissions :: Jon Wurster
This week on Transmissions, Jon Wurster, the drummer of , Bob Mould Band, and Superchunk and one-half of and Wurster, the long running radio comedy duo as featured on . In his wide-ranging talk with Jason Woodbury, he discusses growing up in...
71 min
Transmissions :: Nathan Salsburg
As a curator at the Alan Lomax Archive, Nathan Salsburg is no stranger to reaching deep into the past to bring forth music that speaks to us in the present moment. As a guitarist and songwriter, he's primarily focused on instrumental sounds, but on...
56 min
Transmissions :: Rickie Lee Jones
“Music shapes us and fundamentally changes us. Once we have listened we do not stop. We do not ever recover from music. We will return again and again to the radio, the record store, the bedroom where girls listen to records all day.” That’s a...
55 min
Transmissions :: John Leckie
A sprawling talk with record maker John Leckie. As a tape operator at Abbey Road, he oversaw the All Things Must Pass and Plastic Ono Band sessions and rolled tape on Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, Fela Kuti, and more. Soon he began producing...
70 min
Transmissions :: Melvin Gibbs
A sit down with bassist and composer Melvin Gibbs. Emerging from the fertile New York art scene of the early '80s where he played with Defunkt, Gibbs has brought grace and heaviness to work with Arto Lindsey, John Zorn, Caetano Veloso, Bill Frisell,...
61 min
Transmissions :: Anika
This week on Transmissions: Anika. Best known for her work with Geoff Barrow and Mexico City's Exploded View, she returns with Change, an album of subtle electronic pop, driving bass lines, and lyrics that veer from quixotic to inspiring....
61 min
Transmissions :: Rodrigo Amarante
Today on the show, Brazilian singer/songwriter Rodrigo Amarante joins us to discuss his new album, . A lush and enveloping listen, it blends gentle pop with cinematic flourishes. Reflecting on the confines of masculinity, his artistic...
66 min
Transmissions :: Rose City Band
It’s a bonus episode for you as we head into the weekend. Today on the show we're joined by Ripley Johnson of Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, and most recently, Rose City Band. Reviewing the latter’s excellent Earth Trip, an album of rural psychedelia,...
64 min
Transmissions :: Tom Scharpling
Today on the program: Tom Scharpling of The Best Show and Double Threat. He’s written a deeply funny and moving new book called , available now wherever you get books. It documents his early days writing and producing a DIY fanzine, working his way...
73 min
Transmissions :: Carlos Niño
This week on Transmissions, a heady conversation with Carlos Niño about spontaneous composition, the influence of hip-hop culture, his radio roots, and his latest, . "...Frequently, I would say I'm doing some version of supercomputing, where I'm...
66 min
Transmissions :: Six Organs of Admittance
This week on the show, Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance. His new album is called , out this week via Three Lobed Records. Six Organs records can often sound very different from each other—think quiet acoustic sketches or long, blown out psych...
65 min
Transmissions :: Jeffrey Silverstein
Welcome to a special bonus episode of Transmissions. Our guest this episode is musician and writer Jeffrey Silverstein. His new EP of gently cosmic guitar music is called , and he's the head the wonderful , a tribute to the late cult folk musician Ted...
61 min
Transmissions :: John Grant
Our guest this week on the show is singer/songwriter John Grant. You might know him from his work with Midlake, the Czars, Sinéad O'Connor or Hercules and Love Affair. His new album is called Boy From Michigan. It's produced by Cate Le...
71 min
Transmissions :: Colleen
Our guest this week is Cécile Schott, who records under the name Colleen. Since the early 2000s, she's generated soulful electronic and ambient music, utilizing vintage synths, drum machines, music boxes, and acoustic instruments. Her latest is...
65 min
Transmissions :: Jim Jarmusch
Music is never incidental in a movie made by our guest this week: director, collage artist, and music maker Jim Jarmusch. Music is part of his films’ DNA, a through line running through his characters’ black comedy gags and existential...
70 min
Sarah Louise :: Transmissions
Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Sarah Louise joins us this week on the show to discuss her new album, Earth Bow. Though Louise is known for her 12-string folks fantasias, her work is wide ranging, evoking the soundscapes of Robert Fripp and the...
64 min
Transmissions :: Wadada Leo Smith
Welcome back. Our guest this week on the show is Wadada Leo Smith, trumpeter, music theorist, and composer. Over his many years, he’s pioneered his own musical notation system, helped popularize and contextualize Miles Davis’s electric period, and...
66 min
Transmissions :: Richard Thompson
Our guest this week is guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson. One of the founding fathers of British folk rock, he's the author of a new book, Beeswing: Losing My Way and Finding My Voice (1967-1975). It chronicles the early days of his band,...
63 min
Transmissions :: J Mascis
Our guest on the show this week is J Mascis. Along with Lou Barlow and drummer Murph, he formed Dinosaur Jr in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984. After their original run, which ended acrimoniously in 1989, Mascis continued on with Dinosaur Jr, the Fog,...
57 min
Transmissions :: Joanna Brouk
This week on Transmissions, we're digging into the Aquarium Drunkard vault for a 2016 conversation with the late New Age pioneer, composer, author and creator Joanna Brouk. An edited and condensed version of this conversation was in 2016, but we are...
50 min
Transmissions :: Al Riggs
As we've noted here , Durham-based songwriter al Riggs keeps very busy. Their new album is called . Though they bounce around genre-wise, this LP is rooted in country rock traditions and it features contributions from cosmic pedal steel guitarist ,...
73 min
Transmissions :: Angel Bat Dawid
This week on the show, Chicago’s Angel Bat Dawid. A composer, clarinetist, poet, and vocalist, she’s one of the shining stars of the International Anthem label, where she’s issued some incredible records like Live, with her band Tha Brotherhood,...
71 min
Transmissions :: Pino Palladino and Blake Mills
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills are two of the most dynamic studio wizards in music and they join us this week on Transmissions to discuss Notes With Attachments, their Impulse! Records-released collaborative long-player. Backed by a set of LA studio...
51 min
Transmissions :: Noah Lekas & Ethan Miller of H...
This week on the show, we're joined by poet and music journalist Noah C. Lekas and Ethan Miller of Howlin' Rain and Comets on Fire. They've got a new collaboration featured on , a 10" record from Blind Owl: a rock & roll adaptation of "Saturday...
93 min
Transmissions :: Martin Courtney of Real Estate
Our guest this week on Transmissions is Martin Courtney of Real Estate. On March 26th, the long-running New Jersey group releases its new EP, , which embraces the jammier side of the band and continues the stylistic explorations of 2020's . We...
62 min
Transmissions :: Shahzad Ismaily
Description: Our guest this week on the show is Shahzad Ismaily, whose recorded with, well, he’s recorded with a lot of people, from Moses Sumney and to , Martha Wainwright, , , Jolie Holland, and many, many more. With his buddies Ches Smith and...
63 min
Transmissions :: His Name is Alive
This week on Transmissions: Detroit’s own Warren Defever of Third Man Records and the experimental pop group His Name is Alive. Since the mid-80s, HNIA has released over a hundred records, EPs, and projects on labels like 4AD, Rykodisc, Time STEREO,...
61 min
Transmissions :: Amanda Petrusich
Our guest this week is Amanda Petrusich, author of , and . She's also a critic at the New Yorker. She joined us from her place in upstate New York to discuss balancing comfort listening and new sounds, Bob Dylan’s Christian era, Harry Smith, musical...
64 min
Transmissions :: Peter Guralnick
Legendary music writer Peter Guralnick joins us this week on Transmissions. He's been writing about the blues, rock & roll, soul, and R&B since the late 1960s. His latest book is called . It is a book about the creativity that fueled artists...
62 min
Transmissions :: Fletcher Tucker
Northern California mysticism with Fletcher Tucker. His latest album of ritualistic folk music is called Unlit Trail. Like the previous, Cold Spring, it's a record that settles deep into the sacred nature of existence. It's an lp designed to welcome...
66 min
Transmissions :: Robyn Hitchcock/Howe Gelb of G...
Hope you're enjoying the new season of Aquarium Drunkard's Transmissions. Here's a good one from the archives, a favorite of Timothy Showalter of a roundtable talk with three lifers: Howe Gelb, Robyn Hitchcock, and Steve Wynn. The three share...
45 min
Transmissions :: Yasmin Williams
On her second lp, the newly released , Virginia-based guitarist Yasmin Williams creates expansive acoustic music. Playing guitar, kalimba, percussion, and kora, she pulls from disparate musical strands—including the smooth jazz she heard growing...
60 min
Transmissions :: The Weather Station
Tamara Lindeman joins us this week on Transmissions for a conversation about , her lush and sweeping new album as The Weather Station. Lindeman is the kind of songwriter who dares to write about big topics, like identity and global climate change, but...
66 min
Transmissions :: Margo Price
This week we're happy to welcome Margo Price to Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions for a talk about the music industry, her creative partnership with husband Jeremy Ivey, her online radio show, forays into the cannabis business, and her latest rock...
65 min
Transmissions :: Nels Cline
It’s 2021 and Aquarium Drunkard’s Transmissions podcast is back. Every Wednesday, your host Jason P. Woodbury sits down with a fascinating guest for a rolling conversation about art, process, and inspiration. To kick off our new season,...
78 min
Transmissions :: North Americans
Our guest this week is Patrick McDermott of North Americans. His latest is called Roped In and its blissed out guitar-scapes find him teaming up with cosmic pedal steel master Barry Walker Jr, William Tyler, and Mary Lattimore. He reached us from his...
58 min
Transmissions :: Psychic Temple
This week, we're joined by returning guest Chris Schlarb of Psychic Temple and Big Ego, his studio in Long Beach. His latest is called Houses of the Holy, a four-sided double-album, featuring a different band on each side: Cherry Glazerr with garage...
66 min
Transmissions :: Ken Layne of Desert Oracle
This week on Transmissions, we welcome back a : desert scribe and radio personality Ken Layne. He’s the editor of , a pocket-sized field guide to the American Southwest and the host of , a weekly late-night broadcast out of Joshua...
85 min
Transmissions :: Masma Dream World
This week on Transmissions, we're joined by sound healer, reiki practitioner, and avant-garde composer Devi Mambouka, better known as Masma Dream World. Her latest LP is called , out on Northern Spy Records. It’s a blend of subterranean bass,...
62 min
Transmissions :: Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Makers
You’re tuned into , where each week Aquarium Drunkard presents a strange conversation for these strange times. Today on the show we’re joined by Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Makers. The Markers’ new album  is out now on Drag City....
61 min
Transmissions :: Yves Jarvis
Incoming transmission from.... The singer/songwriter/producer's latest is called , and it's a blur of soft-focus pop and shimmering melodic mirages. He joined us from the Tree Museum in Ontario to discuss his interest in progressive rock, creative...
75 min
Transmissions :: William Basinski and Preston W...
Transmissions…strange talks for these strange days. This week on the show, we’re joined by ambient hero William Basinski and his collaborator and engineer Preston Wendel. They’ve got two wildly divergent projects out this year. In July,...
69 min
Transmissions :: Mountain Goats
Bonus episode! We put out episodes every Wednesday and we have already done so this week—a great chat with novelist and podcaster —but since this week being the week it has been, we’re in an energetic mood. So here we are. Our guest...
52 min
Transmissions :: Hari Kunzru
This week on Transmissions, Hari Kunzru in conversation with host Jason P. Woodbury. Kunzru is a novelist and writer; his latest is called Red Pill. It’s about a writer who receives a fellowship in Germany, where he finds himself sucked into a...
66 min
Transmissions :: Joe Wong
Incoming transmission from Joe Wong. He's an incredibly busy guy: he hosts the Trap Set, a weekly interview podcast he’s helmed since 2015, where he sits down with artists like Mix Master Mike, Sharon Van Etten, Jim Keltner, Georgia Hubley of Yo La...
58 min
Transmissions: Joe Pera and Skyway Man
Incoming transmission from...Joe Pera and James Wallace, who’s better known as Skyway Man. The two worked together on season two of Joe’s TV show, Joe Pera Talks With You on Adult Swim. Describing “what happens” on the show doesn’t really do...
80 min
Transmissions :: Beverly Glenn-Copeland
The release of the new career-spanning collection continues a wave of new appreciation for the pioneering folk, electronic, and experimental composer's celestial and enveloping songs. Offering a holistic look at Glenn-Copeland's diverse...
74 min
Transmissions :: Sam Prekop
Incoming transmission from...Sam Prekop. For more than 25 years, he's released music with the Sea and Cake and on his own. With the band, he's responsible for guitarwork and providing signature vocals, cool, aloof, and melodically clear. But his...
57 min
Transmissions :: Bill Frisell
Our guest this week is legendary guitarist Bill Frisell. In the 1980s, he served as ECM Records’ in-house guitarist, and he’s been hard at it ever since: partnering with John Zorn for a long series of unclassifiable records, playing alongside...
62 min
Transmissions :: Jerry David DeCicca
Our guest this week is Jerry David DeCicca. Perhaps you know him best from Black Swans, or maybe some of the great albums he's produced by so called "outsider" songwriters like Ed Askew, Larry Jon Wilson, and Chris Gantry, among others. Since 2014,...
78 min
Transmissions :: Swamp Dog
Our guest this week on Transmissions is Jerry Williams Jr., but if you know your musical cult heroes, you probably know him by the name Swamp Dogg. Since the early '50s, he's lived as a true record man—writing songs, producing artists,...
62 min
Transmissions :: Chris Forsyth
Our guest this week is Chris Forsyth, guitarist, bandleader, composer, and DIY lifer. His studio albums evoke the punk psychedelia of Television, balancing ‘70s rock grooves the loose, exploratory feel of the Dead. But as good as his studio LPs are,...
61 min
Transmissions :: Eric Slick
This week on Transmissions, we're joined by songwriter, Dr. Dog drummer, and noted Twitter personality Eric Slick. His new album of classic pop songcraft is called Wiseacre. Best known for his work with Dr. Dog and his wife, songwriter Natalie...
33 min