Anything You Say

A suspect sits across the table from a detective. Tension and accusations hang in the air. It’s a familiar scene. An investigator hunting for the truth. Determined to solve the crime. Maybe even get a confession. But getting to the truth can take years of training and practice. What do these seasoned investigators know that we don’t know? What are the tactics they use to get someone talking?From the team behind Bardstown and The Officer’s Wife, Anything You Say goes inside those rooms and digs into the art of the interrogation.Anything You Say launches September 16 and is hosted by Eric Flack, Chief Investigative Reporter at WUSA9 in Washington, DC.

True Crime
Tiger on the Loose
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10 min
Heists, scams and other strange-but-true stories from all over the country. From the studio behind Anything You Say, 'Strangeville' is available now. Search for it where you listen to Anything You Say.
2 min
Final Thoughts: Interrogation Pros and Cons
In our final episode we talk to two veteran investigative reporters about about their experience covering interrogations. We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.
26 min
"You've Got the Wrong Guy" | Catching a Killer
Helene Pruszynski was just twenty-one years old in 1980 when she was brutally assaulted and murdered in Colorado. This week we hear the interrogation of a man who could be her killer.
35 min
"I Knew I Must Have Done Something Wrong" | The...
Investigators spend long, frustrating hours questioning a suspect about the disappearance of three people in central Ohio. Days later, they make a chilling discovery.
34 min
"Just Tell the Truth" | The Interrogation of Tr...
Years after telling police he was involved in the murder of a 13-year old boy in Toledo, Travis Slaughter says he gave a false confession. This week, we delve into that interrogation.
42 min
"She Never Got Out of Your Car" | Lee Rodarte's...
When 21-year old Savannah Gold vanishes in Florida, a suspect is brought in for questioning. But investigators quickly realize they'll have to dig through his lies to get to the truth.
40 min
"I Was So Out Of My Mind" | Brent Patterson's I...
A fire sweeps through a house in Tucker, Georgia and a mother and her daughters perish inside. Husband and father Brent Patterson survives, but police interviews reveal some odd details in his memories of what happened.
35 min
"I Did Not Hurt That Boy" | The Interrogation o...
16-year old Fred Laster disappeared in 1994. In 2017, investigators finally bring a suspect in for questioning but will they get what they're after from Ronnie Hyde?
39 min
"You Have Not Shed One Tear" | The Interrogatio...
How did two investigators convince a father and husband in Colorado to start telling the truth about his horrific crimes? This week we take a deep dive into the interrogation of Christopher Watts.
42 min
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