An Animal Saved My Life

An Animal Saved My Life, is an original podcast from The Dodo. In this podcast, Emmy-nominated host Rocky Kanaka will listen to and share unbelievable stories from people all over the world who have had their lives saved by an animal. From a dog pulling his owner off train tracks, to a pack of lions saving a young girl from kidnappers, this podcast tells a variety of true stories that remind us why we are so lucky to have animals in our lives. 

Society & Culture
Flip the Boxer and Rocky (plus Kelly)
For the final episode of our first season, our host Rocky shares the story of how his dog Flip saved his life.
31 min
Dillie the Deer and Melanie
When Dillie the deer needed someone to look after her, Melanie stepped up and gave the deer a home. When Melanie was diagnosed with cancer, it was Dillie's turn to help.
18 min
Crazy Boy the Horse and LeAnne
When LeAnne got out of prison, she needed to forge a new path. Her journey with a horse named Crazy Boy helped her overcome addiction and provide her with the stability to start a new life.
23 min
Dash the Horse and Mari
Mari Sasano always had a special connection with horses, but when a special horse named Dash came into her life, everything began to change for the better.
22 min
Bleistein the Mustang and Andrew
After Andrew left the military, he had a tough time readjusting to civilian life. Once he formed a unique bond with a therapy horse named Bleistein, his life changed for the better.
18 min
Rocky the Mini Horse and Samantha
When Samantha first started caring for horses, she had no idea a mini horse named Rocky would have such a huge impact on her life.
24 min
Marley the Rottweiler Pitbull and Zach
Zach Skow was terminally ill and struggling with addiction, until his dogs, Marley and Tug, forced him to live.
22 min
Lucky the Plott Hound and Drew
After Drew suffered three sudden cardiac arrests, it became imperative for him to constantly manage his stress levels. Luckily he found Lucky, a plott hound that can sniff out his cortisol levels.
21 min
Sierra the Siberian Husky and Stephanie
When Stephanie gave a home to her son's dog Sierra, she had no way of knowing that Sierra would save her life many times over.
22 min
Atlas the Golden Retriever & Julian
Trans/disabled community advocate Julian needed a service dog and was paired up with Atlas, a golden retriever, who profoundly changed his life...and also saved it.
22 min
Lilly the Pit Bull & David
David knew Lilly would be the perfect pet for his mother, who was looking for a companion. Little did he know he was also setting his mom up with her rescuer.
22 min
Clove the Pit Bull & PJ
PJ was recovering from addiction. Clove was scared and shut down. Find out how they changed each other's lives forever.
23 min
Introducing: An Animal Saved My Life
1 min