Angel Talk

The paranormal and spiritual world are exciting! Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium Rachel Corpus will uncover the truth about Angels, Ghosts, Past Lives, Soul Contracts, your Soul Purpose and more! Angel Talk will help you learn how to tap into your own intuitive gifts, how to communicate back and forth with Spirit, and how to live your best life, one step at a time. Our helpers in this journey will be your personal Angels, people who have died who are ready to share their stories, Spirit Guides, and experts in the Spiritual Field such as healers, animal communicators, Tarot card readers, authors, and YOU. You will have the chance to have an on-air reading, so tune in to hear how! Learn about who you are through the lens of wonder and love, guided by the Angels and Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium.

Society & Culture
A Channeled Message from Sarai about the Big E...
Beloved, this is a timely message from the collective of loving extraterrestrials who call themselves Sarai.
16 min
Getting Used to Your Higher Self
In this chat with Rachel and the Angels, learn more about your inner (higher) self and how to access that layer of YOU!
20 min
Check In with the Angels!
Stillness can be difficult in these days of rush and hustle, but the Angels have you covered!
20 min
Fly Away...Rachel and the Angels Do Some Energ...
Rachel and the Angels clear a house, land, and a hanging tree cursed with suffering from the time of slavery and the underground railroad in the United States.
26 min
Singing Bowl Sound Meditation with Channeled D...
Rachel Corpus Angel Communicator shares a singing bowl meditation and channeled messages from the angels
17 min
Life...What is pre-planned by God and what is ...
In this episode, the Angelic Collective speak through Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, sharing their wisdom
19 min
Navigating 4D Into 5D: Help from the E.T.s
You may know, by this point, that Rachel channels the Angelic realm. Tune in to find out about Sarai
26 min
Vibrating Into the 5D
In this episode of Angel Talk, the Angels help us match vibrational frequencies to the 5D timeline so we can transition with clarity and ease.
15 min
Dreams Are Real with Machiel Klerk
This week's guest is author, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dreamworker, social entrepreneur, and all around nice person, Machiel Klerk.
28 min
Meditation for the New Timeline
Meditate with Rachel and the Angels. You create SO much, every day...every moment. Are you creating peace and stillness?
23 min
So What Now?
Rachel shares guidance from the Angelic realm about our shift into the 5D
35 min
Welcome to the New Timeline
Mark this episode in your favorites! History has changed.
15 min
Angel Talk - Sharing Messages With a Live Audi...
In this very special episode of Angel Talk... Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, answers questions from her live studio audience.
34 min
What do Extraterrestrials Think About Us?
Have you ever wondered what extraterrestrials think about us? You will hear the answer to that question in this episode of Angel Talk!
22 min
The E.T.s Come to Class
On a regular Tuesday evening in April, Rachel's psychic mediumship class had some surprising guests pop in...Lightbeings
28 min
Teachers in Fur
Cuddle up with the animals and learn from need for a lint brush.
12 min
Was it a Dream or a Visit?
Rachel talks with Ashley and educator and intuitive about her interactions with loving beings in the dream realm
25 min
The Alchemy of Gratitude
The Angels tell us that Gratitude is one of the spices of life
9 min
Leaving Your Body When You Dream
SARAI, the collective of extraterrestrials who talk through Rachel, teach us how to get into a "body asleep, mind awake" state
26 min
Julia Cannon Talks About New Earth
Rachel celebrates her 100th episode of Angel Talk by sharing the mic with author and energy healer, Julia Cannon
33 min
Put Some Mascara on That Third Eye
In this episode, Rachel and the Angels teach you how to open up your third eye
17 min
Chakras and Out of Body Traveling
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, shares valuable information about the chakra system
34 min
Emily and the Watchers
Emily, a loyal Angel Talk listener, eloquently shares her paranormal experiences
48 min
You Are Layered Like An Onion...
Rachel channels Sarai, a collective of Angels and loving Extraterrestrial Beings
26 min
A Meditation Into the Infinite Realm--Welcome ...
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, channels a meditation from the Angelic Realm
18 min