Angel Talk with Rachel Corpus

The paranormal and spiritual world are exciting! Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium Rachel Corpus will uncover the truth about Angels, Ghosts, Past Lives, Soul Contracts, your Soul Purpose and more! Angel Talk will help you learn how to tap into your own intuitive gifts, how to communicate back and forth with Spirit, and how to live your best life, one step at a time. Our helpers in this journey will be your personal Angels, people who have died who are ready to share their stories, Spirit Guides, and experts in the Spiritual Field such as healers, animal communicators, Tarot card readers, authors, and YOU. You will have the chance to have an on-air reading, so tune in to hear how! Learn about who you are through the lens of wonder and love, guided by the Angels and Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium.

Society & Culture
Why Are You Here?
The Light Beings called Sarai speak through Rachel to explain where they are from and why they are here.
18 min
Meet Sarai...
In this exciting episode, Rachel introduces you to Sarai, the Light Beings she channels from the Heavenly and Ultraterrestrial Realms.
19 min
You Know Because You Know!
Pack your lunch for Angel School! The Angels teach about the first of the clairs…claircognizance!
24 min
Welcome to Season 2! This is Going to Get Excit...
Angel Talk is BACK! In this episode you will receive a light code download from the Angelic Realms.
33 min
Access your BLISS in the Quantum Realm!
Listen as Rachel and the Angels take you to the Quantum Realm this week on Angel Talk!
40 min
Karma: Loving It!
Karma week 3- The Collective speaks through Rachel to share their guidance about karma
29 min
Dissolving Soul Contracts
Karma Week 2! Join Rachel for messages from the Angels about freeing ourselves from soul contracts
29 min
A Date with Karma
Let’s give our relationship with karma a makeover!
28 min
Opening a Manifesting Portal with the Angels
Rachel and the Angels lead you through the process of opening a manifesting portal.
22 min
Science and Spirit: A Match Made in Heaven!
Nichole Witchy Studd, creator of the Science and Spirit Playground, talks us through the joy of playing.
34 min
Rachel Welcomes Psychic Medium, Liz Winter
Psychic Medium and fellow Mind Body podcast host, Liz Winter, joins Rachel to talk about life, death and the afterlife.
24 min
Ancient Secrets in a Bottle
How do you feel tethered to this earth, while growing as the being of light that you are?
26 min
The Angels Give an Update on Covid and the Next...
The Angels offer an update about covid and how to keep your vibrational frequency high.
23 min
Discover our Starseed Family
Beautiful Intuitives, this episode will offer so many answers you have been searching for
28 min
A Reincarnation Story
Rachel shares a story from the after life...Rick (whose name has been changed for privacy) left his earthly body years ago
23 min
You Are Free- Archangel Haniel Says So!
Archangel Haniel, speaking through Rachel, tells us that we are ready to release attachments
19 min
Healing Body and Mind Using Past Life Journeying
Travel into your past lives to heal and restore.
46 min
Welcome, Extraterrestrials!
The Angels talk about extraterrestrial helpers who are coming here to help humankind at this time.
23 min
Lightning Healer
Rachel interviews Michele Lundstrom of Luminous Ignus.
20 min
Fierce, Feral Love!
Rachel interviews intuitive author Brooke Bernard, who takes us on a journey of authentic love.
21 min
Meet Your Higher Self
Your earthly "costume" and your ethereal self are connected but often feel separate.
23 min
Inner Strength and Intuition
Rachel and the Angels encourage us to embrace our intuition and inner strength
27 min
Archangel Jophiel- An Unlikely Messenger
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, becomes the mouthpiece for Archangel Jophiel.
21 min
Claim Your Abundance with Archangel Raziel
Open your hearts and arms to the abundance that is meant for you! Rachel channels Archangel Raziel
15 min
Change Your Life with Archangel Uriel
Archangel Uriel speaks through Rachel in this episode, offering messages of inspiration, encouragement, and direction
17 min
Opening a Door for Spirit
We all know what it feels like to be lost or stuck. Earth-bound spirits can get lost and stuck, too.
20 min
Messages of Renewal and Magic!
Rachel channels messages from the Angelic Realm about the season of Spring!
26 min
Messages from the Wild
We never have to look far for messages from our Angels.
24 min
Rachel Talks With Animal Communicator Rob Gutro
Do our pets go to Heaven? Yes! And they communicate with us after they die.
25 min
Angelic Prayer for Ukraine
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, channels a prayerful meditation for the people of Ukraine.
14 min
This Airbnb is HAUNTED!
Rachel and her family recently stayed in an Airbnb in Barrington, Illinois. Let's just say they weren't the only family in the house that weekend!
17 min
What Scares You Most?
Rachel answer’s part two of listener questions, including what scares her most as a psychic
26 min
Rachel Answers Listener Questions
Are there questions you have always wanted to ask a psychic?
28 min
Don't Be Scared: Meet Paranormal Investigator, ...
Rachel interviews psychic medium and paranormal investigator Kelly McCarville
31 min
Christmas with the Angels
Something truly magical happens each year on December 24 and 25!
10 min
What Do the Angels Think of You?
Your Angels, though they are without ego, still have opinions and a sense of humor!
9 min
Journey Within
Sometimes the best way to know yourself, and your Angels, is in stillness.
12 min
Get Ready to Play with the Angels!
In this episode the Angels encourage us to rise above our troubles and PLAY!
11 min
Surrender and Make Room for Love
The Angels speak through Rachel to encourage us to surrender what we no longer need and to make room for all things loving.
10 min
Angel Messages to Guide Your Week
Rachel channels the Angelic Realm to share detailed, timely information to guide you through the week of Nov. 18-25, 2021
13 min
Heavenly Messages at Your Fingertips
Join Rachel as she uses a brand new oracle card deck and uses it to receive messages from the Angels
18 min
Are Ouija Boards Safe?
Ouija Boards and seances are used by many to communicate with Spirit. But are they safe?
21 min
Archangel Metatron, Our Very Own Ghostbuster
Rachel talks directly to Archangel Metatron to hear about how the paranormal and spiritual realm fit together
23 min
Special Guest: Archangel Gabriel
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium channels Archangel Gabriel!
19 min
Special Guest: Archangel Raphael
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium invokes Archangel Raphael.
27 min
Messages from the Oracle
Rachel channels information directly from the Angelic realm to help you on your life's journey.
18 min
All About Love
As an Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, one of the most common questions asked is about love.
20 min
Spirit Communicating Through...Your Skin?
The Spirit inside us is light-filled and always expanding!
22 min
Spirit Animals Part 3
Spirit Animals, Animal Totems, Beloved Animals who have left their earthly body...What are they trying to tell you?
26 min
Spirit Animals Part 2
There is a reason why animals are part of this dimension!
24 min
Spirit Animals Part 1
Animals are part of our Angelic team!
22 min
Access Bars- Unleash Your Potential!
Do you remember a time when anything felt possible? In truth, we are limitless
17 min
The Three Stages of Spiritual Development
The Angels speak through Rachel to teach us about the three stages of our spiritual development
19 min
Energy: Your Tool to Create, Heal and Evolve!
You are limitless! Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, interviews Reiki Master April Wyett
31 min
Okay Angels.. We Have Questions!
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, answers listener questions
28 min
Finding My Son In The Afterlife
Rachel interviews Lisa Smith, author of the book, Beautiful Gift: Finding My Son in the Afterlife
31 min
Angels in Everyday Places
The Angels teach us how to use everyday items to communicate with them
25 min
Dreams-Warnings or Something Else?
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, helps a listener whose daughter is having nightmares.
34 min
Discovering Why You Are Here
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, interviews author Nicole Mendenhall.
24 min
We Were in a Spiritual Battle….And We Won
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, recounts a situation she had with a client who was suffering from a life-altering spiritual attack.
34 min
Messages from the We Guides
Rachel talks with Karen Noé, a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer
28 min
You are Spirit! Don’t Just Look Amazing…BE Amaz...
Rachel talks to Celebrity Makeup Artist, TV Beauty Expert, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Hay House Author Michelle Phillips.
35 min
A Dark Presence
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, shares a vulnerable and scary story about a demonic attack
22 min
Listen to Your Angels! Rachel Shares Angel Mes...
Your Angels know when you are struggling and when you need some Angelic wisdom.
29 min
How to Cross Spirit Over to the Other Side
Do you sense paranormal activity in your home? There is a chance that the spirits in your home need help
32 min
Portals: An Invisible Doorway to the Spirit World
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, teaches how to recognize and close portals with ease
28 min
What if You Became Psychic?
You (yes you!) were born with intuitive gifts ready to wake up!
35 min
Help! My Building is Haunted
What would you do if you thought your house was haunted?
23 min
Energy: Another Part of Intuitive You
Rachel welcomes sound and energy healer Carlyn Marron
24 min
Dreams: A Nightly Conversation with Spirit
Dreams are an opportunity for our Angels and loved ones on the other side to communicate with us.
23 min
What's it Like to be a Psychic Medium?
Rachel answers questions from social media about what it's like to be a psychic medium.
27 min
Building Your Intuition- Part Three
In part three of this three-part series, the Angels talk through Rachel
26 min
Building Your Intuition- Part Two
Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium, channels detailed directions and advice from the Angels that will help us grow our intuition.
30 min
Building Your Intuition-Part One
Have you dreamt of developing your intuition?
30 min
Get Guidance with Angel Oracle Cards
Using Angel Oracle Cards, Rachel asks the Angels what they would like to talk about
22 min
Angels Everywhere!
Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium Rachel Corpus explains the various types of angels
28 min
Yes...You ARE Intuitive. And I can prove it
Rachel gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to developing your intuition!
22 min
What Happens When We Die?
What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? Rachel finds out by asking the experts themselves: People in spirit
27 min
Connecting with a Fellow Psychic and Medium-Pag...
Special guest, Page M. Powers, joins Rachel to connect people with their loved ones on the other side.
34 min
Meet Rachel Corpus, Angel Communicator and Psyc...
Rachel shares growing up in small town America as a child who could see angels and ghosts
20 min