Glass Cannon Network Presents

With their ever-growing stable of on-air personalities, voiceover talent, and established TTRPG Twitch streamers, the Glass Cannon Network has quickly become one of the most prolific producers of Role-Playing Game Entertainment content in the world. Formerly home to one Starfinder podcast, Androids & Aliens, this rebranded Glass Cannon Network Presents feed is now the landing spot for almost everything the GCN produces outside of their flagship show The Glass Cannon Podcast and their countless hours of Patreon exclusive content.

The growing list of shows featured on this feed are a Blades in the Dark Series - Haunted City, a Call of Cthulhu 7E Masks of Nyarlathotep Series - Time For Chaos, a limited series featuring the Dune RPG - Inherit the Sand and The Game Garage where the TTRPG and casts are rotated every few weeks.

Watch the GCN throughout the week as they stream all of the shows that land here on Visit to unlock exclusive subscriber only podcasts and rewards and check out to get in on all the fun happening in Glass Cannon Nation!

Androids & Aliens 67 - Dancing on the Skreeling
83 min
Androids & Aliens 66 - P.S. Meisyun's Dead
65 min
Androids & Aliens 65 - Checks, Lies and Videotape
80 min
Androids & Aliens 64 - Voidian Slip
76 min
Androids & Aliens 63 - Armor Only. Not Calm.
68 min
Androids & Aliens 62 - Hatch-22
78 min
Androids & Aliens 61 - Desperately Seeking Crew...
67 min
Androids & Aliens 60 - Desperately Seeking Crewman
70 min
Androids & Aliens 59 - Jumpin' KAC Splash
79 min
Androids & Aliens 58 - The Electric Pool Wade A...
73 min
Androids & Aliens 57 - It's Getting Rusty in Here
67 min
Androids & Aliens 56 - Asteroid Flare-Up
84 min
Androids & Aliens 55 - This Loot Was Made for H...
81 min
Androids & Aliens 54 - Meisyun? Impossible!
94 min
Androids & Aliens 53 - The Nightmare Before Cry...
71 min
Androids & Aliens 52 - Spear and Present Danger
71 min
Androids & Aliens 51 - Automatic for the Steeple
62 min
Androids & Aliens 50 - Traps to the Stars
73 min
Androids & Aliens 49 - Real Pain Supernova
77 min
Androids & Aliens 48 - The Solar Express
With the mountain eel vanquished, the crew continues their ascent towards the temple. Visit us on Patreon at to unlock an exclusive Patrons-only podcast along with other rewards and check out http://www.
68 min
Androids & Aliens 47 - Aims at the Giant Leech
The crew has reached the ruins of an abandoned city built high atop the mountain peaks, but the stairs leading up the cliffside prove to be more treacherous than they look. Visit us on Patreon at http://www.patreon.
79 min
Androids & Aliens 46 - Rest and Relocation
As their environmental protections begin to run out, the crew rests before making their final push towards a lost city that may no longer exist. Visit us on Patreon at to unlock an exclusive Patrons-only podcast alo...
66 min
Androids & Aliens 45 - The Clannish Prisoner
Having eliminated the cultists and subdued the shirren sniper, the team looks to their prisoner for answers. Visit us on Patreon at to unlock an exclusive Patrons-only podcast along with other rewards and check outÂ...
63 min
Androids & Aliens 44 - Don't Perceive the Snipe
Chasing down the source of the sniper fire within the ancient elven statue, the team is greeted in the darkness by a grenade. Visit us on Patreon at to unlock an exclusive Patrons-only podcast along with other rewar...
71 min
Androids & Aliens 43 - Rat Poisoned
Caught in an open plaza with nowhere to run, the party is harried by an unknown shooter. Meanwhile, Dr. Kundatu Friss clings to life as fisher poison courses through his veins. Visit us on Patreon at http://www.patreon.
69 min