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Sneaky Good 110: GATAH
66 min
Sneaky Good 109: Things Feel Different
Things Feel Different
76 min
Sneaky Good 108: Discontented Winter
60 min
Sneaky Good 107: A New Era
68 min
Sneaky Good 106: Romantic Airport Scenes
46 min
Sneaky Good 105: Moral Victories
46 min
Sneaky Good 104: A Business Decision
47 min
Sneaky Good 103: Run Counter Again
60 min
Sneaky Good 102: You're Still Here?
57 min
Sneaky Good 101: Down at the Fishin' Hole
47 min
Sneaky Good 100: The Mid-Term
54 min
Sneaky Good 99: We Can't Have Nice Things
56 min
Sneaky Good 98: Speed Bumps
59 min
Sneaky Good 97: Back In Action
65 min
Sneaky Good 96: New Year, Still Sneaky Good
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max and Zach to recap the Ole Miss game and the zombie season of 2020, as well as look ahead to the future of the LSU football program in 2021.
72 min
Sneaky Good 95: Drunk and Foggy
Poseur has had a lot to drink. Chris and Max are sober. And Cade York is nails in the foggy Swamp, as LSU defeats the No. 6 Gators in oh so sweet fashion.
63 min
Sneaky Good 94: Is The Season Over Yet?
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max to talk about Bama getting its "revenge," just what the heck is going on with LSU's football program, and gladly answer listener questions that have nothing to do with football.
77 min
Sneaky Good 93: Home Alone with Sketchy Copyrig...
We may not be lawyers—actually, one of us is—but we play them on the podcast.
80 min
Sneaky Good 92: Stuffing the Razorbacks. Again.
It's Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and Poseur, Chris, Max, and Zach share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions, ruminate on the Tigers win against the Razorbacks, and look forward to the A&M game.
86 min
Sneaky Good 91: Games That Weren't and Guitar H...
Believe it or not, Tiger fans, there was a LSU-Bama this past weekend.
56 min
Sneaky Good 90: Plowed Over on the Plains by Co...
Friends, Tigers, brethren! We come not to lament the LSU loss to Auburn, but to bury it in the mulligan season of 2020.
57 min
Sneaky Good 89: House Finley and the Unleashing...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano to talk about LSU's demolition of South Carolina in Tiger Stadium this past Saturday.
82 min
Sneaky Good 88: It's All Chris' Fault
Poseur and Chris are joined once again by Max Toscano and Zachary Junda to talk about what the heck is going on with this LSU defense in the wake of the loss to Missouri.
74 min
Sneaky Good 87: At Least Flags Fly Forever
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano and Zachary Junda to talk about the season opener against Mississippi State.
93 min
Sneaky Good 86: Asterisk Season Preview
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano to talk about the 2020 LSU Football season.
88 min