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Sneaky Good 110: GATAH
66 min
Sneaky Good 109: Things Feel Different
Things Feel Different
76 min
Sneaky Good 108: Discontented Winter
60 min
Sneaky Good 107: A New Era
68 min
Sneaky Good 106: Romantic Airport Scenes
46 min
Sneaky Good 105: Moral Victories
46 min
Sneaky Good 104: A Business Decision
47 min
Sneaky Good 103: Run Counter Again
60 min
Sneaky Good 102: You're Still Here?
57 min
Sneaky Good 101: Down at the Fishin' Hole
47 min
Sneaky Good 100: The Mid-Term
54 min
Sneaky Good 99: We Can't Have Nice Things
56 min
Sneaky Good 98: Speed Bumps
59 min
Sneaky Good 97: Back In Action
65 min
Sneaky Good 96: New Year, Still Sneaky Good
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max and Zach to recap the Ole Miss game and the zombie season of 2020, as well as look ahead to the future of the LSU football program in 2021.
72 min
Sneaky Good 95: Drunk and Foggy
Poseur has had a lot to drink. Chris and Max are sober. And Cade York is nails in the foggy Swamp, as LSU defeats the No. 6 Gators in oh so sweet fashion.
63 min
Sneaky Good 94: Is The Season Over Yet?
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max to talk about Bama getting its "revenge," just what the heck is going on with LSU's football program, and gladly answer listener questions that have nothing to do with football.
77 min
Sneaky Good 93: Home Alone with Sketchy Copyrig...
We may not be lawyers—actually, one of us is—but we play them on the podcast.
80 min
Sneaky Good 92: Stuffing the Razorbacks. Again.
It's Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and Poseur, Chris, Max, and Zach share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions, ruminate on the Tigers win against the Razorbacks, and look forward to the A&M game.
86 min
Sneaky Good 91: Games That Weren't and Guitar H...
Believe it or not, Tiger fans, there was a LSU-Bama this past weekend.
56 min
Sneaky Good 90: Plowed Over on the Plains by Co...
Friends, Tigers, brethren! We come not to lament the LSU loss to Auburn, but to bury it in the mulligan season of 2020.
57 min
Sneaky Good 89: House Finley and the Unleashing...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano to talk about LSU's demolition of South Carolina in Tiger Stadium this past Saturday.
82 min
Sneaky Good 88: It's All Chris' Fault
Poseur and Chris are joined once again by Max Toscano and Zachary Junda to talk about what the heck is going on with this LSU defense in the wake of the loss to Missouri.
74 min
Sneaky Good 87: At Least Flags Fly Forever
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano and Zachary Junda to talk about the season opener against Mississippi State.
93 min
Sneaky Good 86: Asterisk Season Preview
Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano to talk about the 2020 LSU Football season.
88 min
Sneaky Good 85: Corona? I Don't Even Know Her!
While Poseur and Chris are quarantined with their respective children due to COVID-19, they are joined by Seth and Jake to talk about...well, not much in the way of LSU sports.
60 min
Sneaky Good 84: Baseball and The Batman
While Poseur and Chris continue "being in the moment" regarding LSU's national championship, there are other sports to talk about, notably baseball.
75 min
Sneaky Good 83: The Fly in the Golden God Ointment
It's the college football offseason, and as Poseur and Chris bask in the glow of LSU's national championship, there is some news to discuss.
60 min
SUPER BOWL LIV: Cynthia Frelund
16 min
Sneaky Good 82: National Champions Edition
Poseur and Chris are joined by Seth, Jake, and the ATVS Blogfather himself, Richard Pittman, to celebrate LSU defeating Clemson for the national championship.
64 min
Sneaky Good 81: Previewing the Southern Confere...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Seth and Jake to discuss the upcoming College Football Playoff National Championship between LSU and Clemson.
84 min
Sneaky Good 80: Geauxing to the 'Ship
Nike stole our culture for t-shirts, so Poseur and Chris are stealing it back, joined by Seth and Jake to discuss LSU's utter demolition of the Oklahoma Sooners in the Peach Bowl playoff semifinal.
48 min
Sneaky Good 79: LSU's Hardware Haul
Poseur and Chris are joined by Seth and Jake to talk about Burrow winning the Heisman, plus the other trophies and awards collected by Tiger players and coaches.
61 min
Sneaky Good 78: SEC Champions, #1 in the Playof...
Poseur and Chris look back at LSU's dominant win over Georgia in the SEC Championship, as well as the Tigers getting the number one seed in the College Football Playoff.
70 min
Sneaky Good 77: Undefeated Regular Season - Mis...
Poseur, Chris, and Seth revel in the beatdown of Texas A&M, pretty much ignore Arkansas, and look ahead to the SEC Championship matchup with Georgia.
81 min
Sneaky Good 76: Outlier—Not Out Lying (Well, Ma...
Poseur and Chris welcome back Seth and Jake to discuss the defensive struggles against Ole Miss, and how the offense didn't even hit a speed bump.
80 min
Sneaky Good 75: LSU Beats Bama for the Pod's Di...
The Sneaky Good Podcast celebrates its 75th episode with LSU's victory over Alabama!
88 min
Sneaky Good 74: Auburn in the Rearview, Alabama...
After a one-week hiatus, Poseur and Chris are back with Seth and Jake to recap the Auburn game, then talk Game of the Century II.
71 min
Sneaky Good 73: It's a Good Week to Hate Auburn...
Poseur and Chris fly the bucket of bolts that is the Sneaky Good Podcast without a supporting cast this week.
65 min
Sneaky Good 72: It Sucks To Be a Gator, Best Mu...
A full booth of Poseur and Chris joined by Seth and Jake celebrates the win over Florida.
72 min
Sneaky Good 71: Utah State Post-mortem, and the...
Poseur and Chris are joined once again by Seth and Jake to dissect the Tigers' 42-6 victory over Utah State, then the boys turn their attention to LSU welcoming the Florida Gators to Death Valley on a Saturday night.
72 min
Sneaky Good 70: The Answer Is Never Curley Hall...
Poseur and Chris preview the game coming up against Utah State.
65 min
Sneaky Good 69: Crushing Vandy, Talking Traditi...
Poseur and Chris welcome back Seth and Jake to discuss LSU's dismantling of Vanderbilt.
78 min
Sneaky Good 68: What Is It Like to Root for Van...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Tom Stephenson of the Anchor of Gold Vanderbilt fan site on SB Nation.
55 min
Sneaky Good 67: Horns Down, What's Up with Tenn...
Horns Down, What's Up with Tennessee and Michigan, and Erasing Sequels
83 min
Sneaky Good 66: Georgia Southern Recap, Preview...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Seth and Jake to recap LSU's decimation of Georgia Southern before looking at the upcoming contest in Austin against the Texas Longhorns.
73 min
Sneaky Good 65: Georgia Southern Preview, Passi...
Poseur and Chris are joined by Seth and Jake as they preview the first contest of the 2019 season.
59 min
Sneaky Good 64: Preseason Thoughts on Position ...
Poseur and Chris welcome back Seth and Jake as they offer their thoughts and expectations for each position group on the Tiger football team.
89 min
Sneaky Good 63: Pre-Season Thoughts, and Don't ...
Poseur and Chris welcome back Seth and Jake to get their thoughts on the LSU Tiger football team as the 2019 season approaches, and they manage to talk a little D&D and Starcraft, too.
81 min
Sneaky Good 62: Football, Beer, and Cover Songs
Sneaky Good 62: Football, Beer, and Cover Songs …
79 min
Sneaky Good 61: Early Pre-season Talk, the USWN...
Sneaky Good 61: Early Pre-season Talk, the USWNT,…
57 min
Sneaky Good 60: Defenses, Mullets, and Punching...
Poseur and Seth (@SethGalina) offer up a summer p…
58 min
Sneaky Good 59: Living on Baseball and Cookie Cake
LSU Baseball's season comes to an end, so Poseur …
67 min
Sneaky Good 58: Rebooted, Recharged, Re-Something
The Sneaky Good Podcast gets a fresh coat of pain…
87 min
Sneaky Good 57: Where the Hell is Paul?
The Sneaky Good is flying solo for good, and we t…
43 min
Episode 56: Does College Football History Matte...
Poseur's mad at the committee, Dan doesn't care a…
73 min
Episode 55: Bad Calls and Building Blocks
Aggravating loss but LSU laid groundwork for the …
78 min
Episode 54: The Dissatisfying Growth of LSU Foo...
LSU wins ugly, but is the program trending up?
59 min
Episode 53: Just Beat Bama
Previewing the game of the week of the month of t…
67 min
Episode 52: Good Win, Bad Sound
Big win over Georgia. Where does this team go nex…
39 min
Episode 51: Undefeated in September But Hard Wo...
LSU exceeded expectations in September. Can they …
55 min
Episode 50: The Burnout is Real
Paul and Poseur are back to talk the Auburn win a…
84 min
Episode 49: This One is Really Old
Poseur and Paul are back at it again.
63 min
Episode 40: The Easter Bunny Sucks, Among Other...
Hey, we actually recorded a podcast.
72 min
Episode 48: Greatest LSU Games - What Have We L...
The boys are back to discuss their new historical…
112 min
Episode 47: National Signing 2018: Nothin's For...
It's National Signing Day part... 2? The boys rec…
53 min
Episode 46: Ensmingerama
Back in business to wrap up LSU's 2017 season and…
86 min
Episode 45: Bowls and Playoffs and Some Coachin...
Putting a tiny bow on the season before talking a…
78 min
Episode 44: Russian Lit, Jimbo Fisher and LSU F...
One long pod to recap the season.
103 min
Episode 43: Arkansas is Bad, Tennessee is Worse
The guys talk Arkansas and why Tennessee is an ev…
81 min
Episode 42: Return of the Poseur
Poseur returns to put a bow on the Bama game and …
82 min
Episode 41: The Show Must Go On
Paul is flying solo this week and dropping a heap…
46 min
Episode 40: So You Beat Auburn, Now What?
Fresh off LSU's big win, the boys talk about the …
75 min
Episode 39: F@*$ Auburn
The boys celebrate a win, talk about the team's p…
76 min
Episode 38: Is Coach O Already On His Last Legs?
Is the Orgeron era already on ice? Can the team r…
80 min
Episode 37: Paul and Poseur Have a Fight
After a contentious week on the blog, the boys ge…
88 min
Episode 36: We Got Beat, Now What?
Poseur and Paul breakdown all the went wrong in S…
77 min
Episode 35: Early Returns, Recruiting and Missi...
The boys do a quick recap of the first two games,…
50 min
Episode 34: Previewing the 2017 SEC
Paul and Poseur breakdown the upcoming SEC season…
105 min
Episode 33: Previewing 2017 LSU Football Part 2...
Billy and the guys answer your questions!
45 min
Episode 32: Previewing 2017 LSU Football Part 1
Poseur and Paul are back and this week joined by …
57 min
Episode 31: Remembering 2007 LSU
Poseur and Paul are back to look back upon the gr…
75 min
Episode 30: Everyone Blame Paul
Poseur and Paul talk about SEC Media Days for 3 s…
83 min
Episode 29: Satellite Camps and College World S...
The guys preview LSU's path in the College World …
63 min
Episode 28: Baseball & Other Things
Poseur and Paul wrap up the regular season in bas…
83 min
Episode 27: Had the Hammer, Need the Drill
The guys are back to discuss Poseur's trip to Veg…
55 min
Episode 26: Oscars and Stuff
Paul and Poseur talk Oscars, LSU basketball, and …
92 min