American Vigilante

KC is the American Vigilante - A hugely complex, intelligent, contradictory man who could save your life but end it too. Who leads a group of violent men standing on the blurred line between right and wrong, between revenge and redemption. A man you want on your side when it all falls apart.

American Vigilante is true crime, but so much more. It’s saving abducted children, it’s stepping beyond the law. It’s rescue missions, assassination attempts and last-gasp protection. It’s all the stuff you hope never comes to you, until it does.

Former BBC Journalist Sam Walker presents this Crowd Network original. She’s been speaking to KC for months and has recorded everything he’s told her. You’ll need to listen to make your own mind up, but you might never be the same again.

It’s shocking, inspiring, frightening and thought-provoking. It’ll change how you see the world, and it might change how you move within it.  

Everyone thinks they’re safe, until they aren’t. Everyone thinks they know how they’ll react, until the darkness comes.

True Crime
Introducing: Oceans: Life Under Water
5 min
Big Spender: Bad Money
26 min
Episode 12: What do we think?
46 min
Episode 11: Dee Dee
26 min
Episode 10: The Country Store
46 min
Episode 9: Rainy Nights
47 min
Episode 8: Vengeance for Amanda
43 min
Episode 7: A Well Earned Meal
KC has another encounter with the police, but this time he needs their help.
44 min
Episode 6: Sons and Fathers
42 min
Episode 5: Knock Knock
A member of the Mexican Mafia asks KC to shut down a drug house near his son’s school.
44 min
Episode 4: The Marine's Wife
44 min
Episode 3: Origins
41 min
Episode 2: Wrong Suspects
44 min
Episode 1: KC
KC tells the story of his first ever rescue mission and reveals what goes through his mind when a gun is pointed at him.
44 min
Coming Soon (Trailer)
0 min