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Brandon Allen Interview
Boxcar Junkies front man Brandon Allen joins us for the edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about his music, his mission, and their latest CD release, Est. 1973.
20 min
Lee Sims Interview
Lee Sims taught himself how to play as a youngster in the 60s. This retired postal service worker is now dedicating all his time to writing and touring with his music. His new CD, A Few More Miles To Go released on December 26th, 2019. Lee is our...
20 min
Steve Thomas Interview
Steve Thomas has been playing music since high school - winning the Galax fiddlers convention, and Virginia State mandolin championship right our of high school. Steve has a new band, The Time Machine, and a new CD in the works, Learn more in this...
24 min
Frances Mooney Interview
Frances Mooney has been playing bluegrass music for over 50 years - She joins me on this edition of Americana Music Profiles to talk about her interesting musical career and her new CD project, Wild and Free.
21 min
Sowell Family Band Interview
The Family Sowell is a family band from Knoxville, TN. Two of the band members, brother and sister, Abigail and John Mark join us for this edition of the Americana Music Profiles podcast to talk about being on tour as a family, and their new project,...
21 min
Andy Michaels Interview
Western Australian artist Andy Micheals took his musical motivation from a near fatal auto accident in his teens. His latest project, Incendiary Heart has been earning him plenty attention as he sets his sights for a hopeful tour of the states. He's...
17 min
The River Ratz Interview
Charlotte North Carolina's Margie Ratliff joins me for this edition of Americana Music Profiles to talk about their Americana, roots band, The River Ratz.
18 min
Mara Levine Interview
Mara Levine is a song interpreter. Rather than pen originals, she picks songs she loves, envisions them sounding a little different, and then creates a new, beautiful interpretation of the song. Mara and I talk about that process and her career in...
25 min
Rod McCormick Interview
Australian artist, Rod McCormack, songwriter and producer, has been helping other make music for years. Now it's his turn. We talk about Rod's debut CD, Fingerprints, in this latest edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Leslie Brown Interview
Kentucky musicians Leslie and Dewey Brown love making music and creating space for music to happen in their home town. Leslie is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about Dewey, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and the Brown's new band.
20 min
Zack Walther Interview
Zack enjoys being able to make music full time. On this episode of Americana Music Profiles, we talk career and his latest CD, The Westerner.
23 min
LaTresa Smith Interview
Born into a musical, religious family, LaTresa was bound for a career in bluegrass and gospel music. Although a full time ESL teacher in Nashville, she still finds time to make and perform music. We talk about her latest CD, The Blood And The River.
27 min
Jay Elle Interview
New York Singer/Songwriter joins us for this episode of Americana Music Profiles to talk about his musical journey and new single, "Ease Up."
20 min
David Hoffman Interview
In 1965 a young David Hoffman traveled from New York to the Appalachian mountains North Carolina to capture a story about Bascom Lamar Lunsford who was running a music festival in Ashville, NC for mountain music dancers and singers. The result became...
25 min
Zoe & Cloyd Profile
Former Red June co-founders Natalya Weinstein and John Miller make up the new Appalachian style duo Zoe & Cloyd. The Carolina couple are our guests on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
King Of Birds Profile
Scottish brothers Charlie and Stirling Gorman talk about almost making it big, walking away, and finding their music all over again with their new CD, I Hope We Don't Fall In Love. They're my guests on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Jim Stephens Profile
After releasing his fourth CD in 36 months, New Orleans based Jim Stephens say he's not done yet. We'll find out about that and more in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Gina Furtado Profile
IBMA nominated, Virginia based banjo player Gina Furtado strikes out on her own. We get the full scoop in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Bobby Messano Profile
Meet award winning, hall of fame blues guitarist, Bobby Messano in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Maureen Toth interview
Maureen Toth's love of writing and performing songs has been a life long passion - One that she and I get to talk about on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Small Town Therapy Profile
Friends and band mates Leif and Adam, part of Front Country, collaborate musically for a side project called Small Town Therapy. Their latest CD is a refreshing combination of acoustic jazz with grass and roots undertones. Learn more about their music...
23 min
Scott Slay Profile
Sam Bush and New Grass Revival concert inspired Scott Slay at the early age of six. His latest CD, The Rail, is full of great songs and bluegrass musician friends. We talk about it here on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
21 min
Den Of Ashes Profile
Visiting his grandparents legacy, Ashley Beck, a.k.a. Den of Ashes shares stories of his musical journey and connection to famous Western Music heritage here on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Jim and Lynna Woolsey Profile
Jim Woolsey is a two time Chris Austin Songwriting Contest finalist. He and Wife Lynna have a new CD - Long Ago - and we talk about their career and new CD here on Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Unspoken Tradition Interview
These Western North Carolina bluegrassers started out as a basement band, and quickly elevated to, "one of the bands you need to check out this year." One of the founders, Audie McGinnis joins us to talk about the band's roots and approach to their...
22 min
Kristi Stanley Profile
Kristi Stanley steps back into music for the first time as an adult with her debut CD, Heart Wide Open. She's our guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Vargen Interview
Bob Dylan goes to Sweden - well not really - but his music has received a Swedish interpretation thanks to Swede folk artist Reine Johanasson. Get the whole store here on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Yale Strom Interview
With 15 CDs to his credit, violinist Yale Strom a summer Holiday collection to his listeners for his latest project. We talk Shimmering Lights in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
27 min
Jake Bartley Profile
The Jake Bartley Band, from South Carolina, is all about fresh rhythms and soulful, roots oriented music. Their recent CD, Brotherhood, is out now and includes a track with friend Vince Gill. Jake is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Danny Burns Profile
Irish traveling folk artist Danny Burns is my guest as we talk about the roots of his music, growing up in Ireland, and his debut CD, North Country.
20 min
Riddle Brothers Music Profile
Brothers Mike, Charlie, and Mark Riddle grew up playing music together - and in their adult years finally came together professionally after a performance at their sister's birthday party. One CD behind them, the trio embarks on new performing journey...
20 min
Tarpestry's Ted Swartzbugh interview
A unique kind of waterproof ground blanket - that's what Ted Swartzbaugh's company, Tarpestry, has created, and he's my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about the product and how it came to be.
19 min
Harrison Country Interview
Annapolis, MD based Harrison Country has a unique story to tell for sure - learn how Lacrosse trips abroad inspired one songwriting dad to write and record an Americana CD with his entire family. Don Harrison is my guest for this edition of Americana...
24 min
Juliet Dinallo profile
We chat with singer songwriter Juliette Dinallo about her life in music and her latest work on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
18 min
Cary Morin Profile
Crow tribal member, award winning singer/songwriter Cary Morin is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about his new CD, When I Rise.
22 min
Tellico's Anya Hinkle Profile
Anya Hinkle, lead singer for the Ashville-based, Appalachian roots band, Tellico, is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
21 min
Artie Tobia Profile
New York Singer/Songwriter Artie Tobia hangs out with us to take about his latest CD, Driven, on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
30 min
Los Goutos Profile
21 min
Mark Wayne Glasmire Profile
Can't Be Denied is the latest CD from Texas singer / songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire. Mark and I talk about his new music, and his musical journey on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
24 min
Rick Monroe Profile
Rick Monroe's new CD, Smoke Out The Window, is one he's quite proud of. Rick joins me as we talk about that, and the life of a Nashville musician and songwriter.
20 min
Carrington Kay Profile
Rob Smith, band leader of Carrington Kay brings, us up to speed on the band's evolving sound, new songs, and new CD on the way, in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
17 min
Jim Stanard Profile
Jim Stanard's new CD, Bucket List, is exactly that. Although it came later in life, he's proud to accomplish it none-the-less. Jim and I talk life, music, and reaching your goals in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
21 min
Billy Droze Profile
Join us as we talk to Nashville songwriter/bluegrass artist Billy Droze for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
21 min
Appalachian Road Show Profile
Darrell Webb joins up to talk about the new group, Applalachian Road Show in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
15 min
Alan Bibey Profile
Alan Bibey has been a noted member of the Bluegrass community since the early 80s. He's been fronting his current band, Grasstowne for nearly 8 years, and their recent CD, Grasstowne 4, yielded three #1 hits. Alan is our guest for this episode of...
19 min
Sister Sadie Profile
The all female super-group featuring Dale Ann Bradley, Tina Adair, Deanie Richardson, Gena Britt, and Beth Lawrence, known as Sister Sadie are my guests on this edition of Americana Music Profiles - all five of them.
17 min
Sarah Harris Interview
The Trinity River Band has a slightly new sound mixed with a whole lot of talent. In this episode I speak with Sara Harris and family about their new album, Unbroken, and the diversity needed to stay relevant as a touring bluegrass band.
24 min
Banjo Bones Interview
Banjo Bones has a new CD, Ghostly Musings from the Delta. He's got a great story about discovering the banjo for the first time - and we talk about it on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Cindy G Interview
Cindy G's roots come from the northern most reaches of Appalachia; specifically southwestern Pennsylvania. Cindy and I talk, not only bluegrass, but her journey through R&B as well, before returning to her first love.
23 min
Spayed Koolie Interview
Neal Phillips of Central Florida's Spayed Koolie is our guest on this edition, as we talk about the origins of the band and their Americana/country/southern rock style of music.
23 min
Tom Eure Interview
Tom Eure's latest CD, The Coin, The Prayer, & The Crow breathes new energy and a revival of spirit into his music. This latest creation is a joyful retrospective of Tom's Celtic and Appalachian influences. In this episode of Americana Music Profiles,...
19 min
Becky Buller Podcast
Becky Buller was the 2015 IBMA songwriter and Emerging artist of the year - and the 2016 IBMA Instrumentalist and Vocalist winner; the first ever to win both in the same year! Her new CD, Crepe Paper Heart, her first in four years, is our conversation...
29 min
Rick Lang Podcast
Rick Lang is a long time hardwoods miller, and noted songwriter too. He's written for many other folks, however he also records his own music, and teaches others about the craft. Rick is my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Mountain Natives Podcast
Phillip Pappas took inspiration from a successful bout with cancer to propel him into a life of music and doing what he loved most - encouraging people through song. Phillip and his wife, Lauren, form the duo, Mountain Natives. They are my guests on...
19 min
Jakobs Ferry Stragglers Podcast
In this episode we talk to Jakob's Ferry Stragglers founder, Gary Antol about his musical journey and the band's new CD, Poison River.
24 min
Johnny Chops Podcast
Johnny "Chops" Richardson has a day job many dream of - he plays music for another band. But he still has time to write, record, and perform his own music. With his new, self titled CD out, we talk about his own music, and new project in this edition...
20 min
Sam Karr Interview
Sam Karr turned a backyard birthday party into a Southern Ohio tradition - The SamJam Bluegrass festival. Want to know how? Sam is my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles!
23 min
Banjo Nick Interview
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches has a new CD, Get Us Out Of Fearland, and we talk with band leader Nick Russo and wife/songwriter, Betina Hershey in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
24 min
Profiles with Mike Aiken Live From Merlefest wi...
19 min
Lorraine Jordan Podcast
Lorraine Jordan and her band Carolina Road have a new CD you'll definitely want to check out! It's called True Grass; Why Can't Blue Grass be True Grass Again. And it features the return of Tommy Long as lead singer after a stint on the sidelines...
18 min
Raven and Red Podcast
Brittany Jones and Mitchell Lane, along with Mitchell's brother Cole are Raven and Red, a young, up and coming grass act from Nashville. They are our guests on this edition of Profiles.
16 min
Tennessee Jed Podcast
In a world where labels seem to matter, Jed Fisher, a.k.a. Tennessee Jed, has a new one of sorts - Pimp Grass. Find out what that is in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
NeFesh Mountain Podcast
Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff lead this unique Bluegrass band steeped in traditional mountain culture and the rich Jewish heritage from which the come.
22 min
Aris Paul Interview
Pittsburgh PA's Aris Paul is our guest on this episode as we chat about his new, debut full length CD, Drive All Night.
23 min
The Moselys Interview
After husband and wife musical duo Rachel and Stephen Mosley won a Zac Brown song writing contest, it launched a long overdue musical career, and now a new CD, Ordinary Times. Join us as we chat about there journey into music.
22 min
Sweet Potatos Profile
Eddie Van Halen, Who's Line Is It Anyway, Disney; what do they have to do with Americana Music Profiles? Tune into this episode and fine out as I chat with the Sweet Potatoes!
22 min
Jaylan Crossland Interview
When we caught up with Jalan Crossland he was on hiatus living in the Arizona desert. "Too cold for my clothes in Wyoming," he said. In this episode we talk about life on the road, songwriting, and his album, Singalongs for the Apocalypse.
21 min
Eduardo "Brown Kid" Interview
Alabama's Eduardo, a.k.a. Brown Kid, is gearing back up to hit the road sharing music form his recent CD, Rusty Strings, and his new single, Sunrise. We talk with Eduardo about his life and music in this latest edition of Americana Music Profiles.
15 min
Les Bohem Interview
Les says he was part of the great Los Angeles music scare of the early 80s. That get your attention? Mine too - so we asked Les about that and his latest work in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Norm Brunet Interview
Ottawa, Canada based Norm Brunet sits down with us to talk about his first new project in several years; It Don't Get Better Than This, in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Kim Robins Interview
Kim Robins started her recording career late in life, but that hasn't stopped her success as a bluegrass artist. Her second project is already turning heads - she's my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Carolina Blue Interview
Bobby Powell and Tim Jones are the masterminds behind Carolina Blue - a unique bluegrass band from Brevard, NC. Bobby and I talk about their latest CD, Sounds Of Kentucky Grass, on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
16 min
Brad Hudson Interview
From singing and playing in church, to the stages of Dollywood and beyond - Brad Hudson talks with us about his life and music on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Melanie Wilson Interview
Melanie Wilson, founder of Wilson Pickin's Promotions is my guest on this episode as we talk about media managers and booking agents.
27 min
The Two Tracks Interview
David Huebner and Julie Szewc talk with me about the Wyoming based band, The Two Tracks, and their new CD, Postcard Town, in this edition of AMP.
19 min
Marc Daniels Interview
Mar Daniels says he's finally found his "truest sound" and a full on country singer. We chat about that journey in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
23 min
Jason Lee Mckinney interview
Jason Lee McKinney says that the Jason Lee McKinney band is Alternative Country at the heart, even if their sound drifts here and there. So they released their new project as three separate EPs. We talk about that idea in this episode of AMP.
25 min
Barbara Jo Kammer Interview
Barbara Jo Kammer has just recorded her first CD project ever - at 62. We talk about that experience on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Craig Bignell Interview
Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque make up the Canadian duo called Over The Moon. Craig and I talk drums, banjo, and newgrass in this episode.
21 min
Charlie Markwart interview
Michigan singer/songwriter Charlie Markwart is my guest as we talk about her new solo CD project, No Direction Home.
19 min
Don Brown Interview
Author, musician Don Brown is my guest as we discuss his new book; SIMPLE TRUTHS IN MUSIC AND LIFE. It's inspired by his time spent as a student and friend with Uwe Kruger of the Kruger Brothers. Yes, the book is about the art and craft of songwriting...
23 min
Curio Interview
Chicago's Chris Pluska, founder of the band Curio, is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about living the musician's life in Chicago, and his new CD, Tall Tales.
20 min
Matthew Fox Interview
Minneapolis based, singer/songwriter Matthew Fox is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles. We talk life, song writing, and his latest CD, That Crooked Stage.
24 min
Steve Wilson Interview
Bluegrass bands form for all sorts of reasons but most often it’s because a group of folks enjoy picking together; they feel the chemistry is right, and decide to give it a run. South Carolina’s Wilson Banjo Company has a slightly different beginning....
20 min
Russell Lynch Interview
Join me as I talk with Virginia Beach, VA’s Russell Lynch. Russell has his music steeped in traditional country music culture, and peppered with notes of Americana and a bit of a rockabilly edge to it This is just like his fans like it, apparently. He...
18 min
Rebekah Todd Interview
At 11 years old, Benson, North Carolina native Rebekah Todd’s father gave her a black acoustic Washburn guitar and taught her to play it. She’s been filling her life with music ever since. Upon graduating from East Carolina University in 2012, Rebekah...
20 min
Mountain Deer Revival Interview
Wichita, Kansas is home to the up and coming Americana, roots rock band, Mountain Deer Revival. MDR plays what they call Red Dirt Music, which seems to have its roots Oklahoma. It’s a Southern Rock foundation that can be traced back to the early...
17 min
Mollys Kiss Interview
Molly’s Kiss are our feature in this edition. They are evidence that the influence of American roots music is far reaching. As they define themselves, Molly’s Kiss is “a folk band, lost in the middle of France.” Formed in 2013, the band consists of...
24 min
Jim and Lynna Woolsey
In this episode we feature Jim and Lynna Woolsey. They have, "that magical quality of being tuned in to real life, attention to the small stuff, and open heartedness that makes for great songs, and great friends,” said Louisa Branscomb, Founder,...
19 min
Branded Bluegrass Interview
Our guest is Larry Norfleet. He and his is band, Branded Bluegrass, received nine nominations at the SPBGMA awards ceremony this past February in Nashville, TN, making them one of the top nominees. Their brand of traditional bluegrass is turning...
21 min
Amy White Interview
Al Petteway and Amy White, a.k.a. Al & Amy, have been charming fans for years with their uniquely crafted Celtic-Appalachian influenced music that even marries in the occasional hints of Blues, New Age, and even Jazz. Amy is my guest on this edition...
26 min
Chris Jones Interview
XM's Bluegrass Junction host, singer/songwriter Chris Jones has a new CD, and he is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Joseph Henry Interview
American country/folk New Jersey native Joseph Henry is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Mike Felten Interview
Former record store owner, singer/songwriter Mike Felten talks Vinyl and a budding music career in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
30 min
Banjo Nikaru
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches are our feature on this edition of Americana Music Profiles. The NYC Based band is out with a new CD, Very Next Thing, and we talk to founder Nick Russo to find out about their great story.
21 min
Holly Norman Interview
Nashville singer Holly Norman loves Elvis - and her new tribute album, Taking Care Of Bluegrass - is a cool twist on some classic and not so known Elvis tunes. Listen in as we learn more about Holly and her new CD.
23 min
Robert Mabe Interview
West Virginia bluegrass / banjo musician Robert Mabe has a new solo CD, Somewhere In The Middle, and he is our guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Michael McLain Interview
Michael and Jennifer McLain team up for their new bluegrass band, featuring Dan Kelly. In this episode we talk with Michael about their journey, and the new CD, Hit The Road And Go.
20 min
Annie Savage Interview
Annie Savage, violinist, author, songwriter, and lead singer with her band, The Savage Hearts, is our guest for this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
29 min
Free Dirt Records Podcast
John Smith, co-founder of Free Dirt Records is my guest on this episode or Americana Music Profiles, as we talk about their history, offerings, and latest projects.
23 min