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Beth Marlin Podcast
Folk/Americana singer/song writer Beth Marlin is our guest for this episode of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about her long and colorful career and new CD, Railroad.
22 min
Angie and the Deserters interview
West Coast Americana Rockers, Angie (Bruyere) and The Deserters are our guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Joseph Hott Interview
West Virginia's Joseph Hott, founder of the Short Mountain Boys is our featured guest on this episode as we discuss their brand of traditional WV Bluegrass.
18 min
RJ Comer Episode
Former front man for the Dance Hall Pimps, RJ Comer redefines his musical style with a stripped down version of Americana Rock. He is my guest for this episode of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about Americana Music, and his latest EP, Nightly Suicide.
27 min
Doug Irving Interview
Doug Irving spent many years in Nashville honing his songwriting craft, notching 34 independent cuts … In 2006 he moved back to his home state of New York where he is now the Upstate Adirondack coordinator of the Nashville Songwriters Association, and has just recently recorded his 16th studio album, Songs Of The Wood.
33 min
The Travelin Hillbillies Podcast
In this episode we catch up with Virginia boys, The Traveling Hillbillies, a tight nit band of brothers sharing their own brand of southern rock flavored Americana music with festival goers and tavern patrons alike. Vocalist Daniel Barnett is my guest as we talk about this up and coming quartet.
19 min
Carrington Kay podcast
Rob Smith and his wife Kristen Kay Smith make up two thirds of the band Carrington Kay. Rob is my guest for this edition as we talk about their new CD, Shine Through.
23 min
Ted Hefko Podcast
My guest for this episode is New Orleans jazz/blues artist Ted Hefko. Ted, along with his band the Thousandaires bring original stories to life with the spontaneity of jazz, the bare-bones sensibility of early folk, and the vibrancy of New Orleans.
29 min
Bobby Bridger Interview
In this episode we talk to balladeer Bobby Bridger about his new CD Vagabond Heart and the incredible stories of his career and family legacy.
27 min
Mary Beth Cross Podcast
The Colorado Rockies is the backdrop for folk/Americana artist Mary Beth Cross. She is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
24 min
Washboard Slim And The Bluelights
Our interview with Peter Menta of the Jug Band, Washboard Slim and the Bluelights.
19 min
Adam Gussow Inside Track
Author of the new novel, Busker's Holiday, Adam Gussow joins us for an interesting look at blues, busking, and his new book.
26 min
Shotgun Holler inside track
Up and coming Bluegrass artists Shotgun Holler are our special guests on this edition of Inside Track from Americana Rhythm Music Magazine.
20 min
Sugar Lime Blue Inside Track
Americana act, Sugar Lime Blue from Lebanon, TN joins us for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Husky Burnette Inside Track
Delta, Hill Country blue artist Husky Burnette is our guest on this edition of Inside Track.
19 min
Peewee Moore Interview
Georgian outlaw country, singer/songwriter PeeWee Moore is my guest on this edition of Inside Track.
17 min
ArtieTobia Interview
In this episode of Inside Track we talk to NY singer/story teller Artie Tobia.
20 min
GT Hruley Interview
Montana singer/songwriter, GT Hurley is my guest for this latest edition of Inside Track.
18 min
Ten Ton Man Interview
Brooklyn, NY artist Paul Livornese talks about his band Ten Ton Man on this edition of Inside Track.
21 min
Ron Short Interview
Southwestern VA musician Ron Short is my guest on this episode.
35 min
Lee Sims Inside Track
Colorado music icon, Lee Sims joins us for this podcast about his latest CD, Deep In The Heart Of Me.
21 min
TBelly Inside Track
Our interview with UK's Russell Keefe, founder of the new blues band TBelly - and former member of Les McKeown's legendary Bay City Rollers.
21 min
John and Judy Rodman Inside Track
Our interview with Nashville, TN duo John and Judy Rodman.
22 min
The Road House Clams
Interview with Rik Ferrall of the Road House Clams.
23 min
The Judy Chops Inside Track
Our interview with Harrisonburg, VA roots band, The Judy Chops.
23 min