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Kim Robins Interview
Kim Robins started her recording career late in life, but that hasn't stopped her success as a bluegrass artist. Her second project is already turning heads - she's my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Carolina Blue Interview
Bobby Powell and Tim Jones are the masterminds behind Carolina Blue - a unique bluegrass band from Brevard, NC. Bobby and I talk about their latest CD, Sounds Of Kentucky Grass, on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
16 min
Brad Hudson Interview
From singing and playing in church, to the stages of Dollywood and beyond - Brad Hudson talks with us about his life and music on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Melanie Wilson Interview
Melanie Wilson, founder of Wilson Pickin's Promotions is my guest on this episode as we talk about media managers and booking agents.
27 min
The Two Tracks Interview
David Huebner and Julie Szewc talk with me about the Wyoming based band, The Two Tracks, and their new CD, Postcard Town, in this edition of AMP.
19 min
Marc Daniels Interview
Mar Daniels says he's finally found his "truest sound" and a full on country singer. We chat about that journey in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
23 min
Jason Lee Mckinney interview
Jason Lee McKinney says that the Jason Lee McKinney band is Alternative Country at the heart, even if their sound drifts here and there. So they released their new project as three separate EPs. We talk about that idea in this episode of AMP.
25 min
Barbara Jo Kammer Interview
Barbara Jo Kammer has just recorded her first CD project ever - at 62. We talk about that experience on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Craig Bignell Interview
Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque make up the Canadian duo called Over The Moon. Craig and I talk drums, banjo, and newgrass in this episode.
21 min
Charlie Markwart interview
Michigan singer/songwriter Charlie Markwart is my guest as we talk about her new solo CD project, No Direction Home.
19 min
Don Brown Interview
Author, musician Don Brown is my guest as we discuss his new book; SIMPLE TRUTHS IN MUSIC AND LIFE. It's inspired by his time spent as a student and friend with Uwe Kruger of the Kruger Brothers. Yes, the book is about the art and craft of songwriting … but it’s more than that – it conveys lessons for everyday life too.
23 min
Curio Interview
Chicago's Chris Pluska, founder of the band Curio, is my guest on this edition of Americana Music Profiles as we talk about living the musician's life in Chicago, and his new CD, Tall Tales.
20 min
Matthew Fox Interview
Minneapolis based, singer/songwriter Matthew Fox is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles. We talk life, song writing, and his latest CD, That Crooked Stage.
24 min
Steve Wilson Interview
Bluegrass bands form for all sorts of reasons but most often it’s because a group of folks enjoy picking together; they feel the chemistry is right, and decide to give it a run. South Carolina’s Wilson Banjo Company has a slightly different beginning. Steve Wilson is my guest for this episode of AMP.
20 min
Russell Lynch Interview
Join me as I talk with Virginia Beach, VA’s Russell Lynch. Russell has his music steeped in traditional country music culture, and peppered with notes of Americana and a bit of a rockabilly edge to it This is just like his fans like it, apparently. He has had three top 10 independent country songs in the U.S., including a #1 hit with “Stuck in Between.” His music has received airplay in Europe and Australia as well.
18 min
Rebekah Todd Interview
At 11 years old, Benson, North Carolina native Rebekah Todd’s father gave her a black acoustic Washburn guitar and taught her to play it. She’s been filling her life with music ever since. Upon graduating from East Carolina University in 2012, Rebekah has been dedicating her time to writing, touring, and performing her style of melodic soul and alternative folk rock. Join our conversation with Rebekah right here on AMP.
20 min
Mountain Deer Revival Interview
Wichita, Kansas is home to the up and coming Americana, roots rock band, Mountain Deer Revival. MDR plays what they call Red Dirt Music, which seems to have its roots Oklahoma. It’s a Southern Rock foundation that can be traced back to the early American South, flavored with a good dose of Texas Country. We talk with lead guitarist, Dale Shuey for this episode of AMP.
17 min
Mollys Kiss Interview
Molly’s Kiss are our feature in this edition. They are evidence that the influence of American roots music is far reaching. As they define themselves, Molly’s Kiss is “a folk band, lost in the middle of France.” Formed in 2013, the band consists of guitar, accordion, and two vocals. Nicolas Rozier; Vocals /Guitar, Madeline Besson; Vocals, and Alexandre Tobie; Accordion, all team up to play what they call simple and catchy songs, with Folk melodies, rock energy and generosity.”
24 min
Jim and Lynna Woolsey
In this episode we feature Jim and Lynna Woolsey. They have, "that magical quality of being tuned in to real life, attention to the small stuff, and open heartedness that makes for great songs, and great friends,” said Louisa Branscomb, Founder, Director of Woodsong Farm Songwriter Retreat.
19 min
Branded Bluegrass Interview
Our guest is Larry Norfleet. He and his is band, Branded Bluegrass, received nine nominations at the SPBGMA awards ceremony this past February in Nashville, TN, making them one of the top nominees. Their brand of traditional bluegrass is turning heads, and gaining fans all across the bluegrass community.
21 min
Amy White Interview
Al Petteway and Amy White, a.k.a. Al & Amy, have been charming fans for years with their uniquely crafted Celtic-Appalachian influenced music that even marries in the occasional hints of Blues, New Age, and even Jazz. Amy is my guest on this edition of AMP.
26 min
Chris Jones Interview
XM's Bluegrass Junction host, singer/songwriter Chris Jones has a new CD, and he is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Joseph Henry Interview
American country/folk New Jersey native Joseph Henry is my guest on this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
22 min
Mike Felten Interview
Former record store owner, singer/songwriter Mike Felten talks Vinyl and a budding music career in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
30 min
Banjo Nikaru
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches are our feature on this edition of Americana Music Profiles. The NYC Based band is out with a new CD, Very Next Thing, and we talk to founder Nick Russo to find out about their great story.
21 min