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Sister Sadie Profile
The all female super-group featuring Dale Ann Bradley, Tina Adair, Deanie Richardson, Gena Britt, and Beth Lawrence, known as Sister Sadie are my guests on this edition of Americana Music Profiles - all five of them.
17 min
Sarah Harris Interview
The Trinity River Band has a slightly new sound mixed with a whole lot of talent. In this episode I speak with Sara Harris and family about their new album, Unbroken, and the diversity needed to stay relevant as a touring bluegrass band.
24 min
Banjo Bones Interview
Banjo Bones has a new CD, Ghostly Musings from the Delta. He's got a great story about discovering the banjo for the first time - and we talk about it on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Cindy G Interview
Cindy G's roots come from the northern most reaches of Appalachia; specifically southwestern Pennsylvania. Cindy and I talk, not only bluegrass, but her journey through R&B as well, before returning to her first love.
23 min
Spayed Koolie Interview
Neal Phillips of Central Florida's Spayed Koolie is our guest on this edition, as we talk about the origins of the band and their Americana/country/southern rock style of music.
23 min
Tom Eure Interview
Tom Eure's latest CD, The Coin, The Prayer, & The Crow breathes new energy and a revival of spirit into his music. This latest creation is a joyful retrospective of Tom's Celtic and Appalachian influences. In this episode of Americana Music Profiles, Tom and I talk about his musical roots and his new music.
19 min
Becky Buller Podcast
Becky Buller was the 2015 IBMA songwriter and Emerging artist of the year - and the 2016 IBMA Instrumentalist and Vocalist winner; the first ever to win both in the same year! Her new CD, Crepe Paper Heart, her first in four years, is our conversation topic in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
30 min
Rick Lang Podcast
Rick Lang is a long time hardwoods miller, and noted songwriter too. He's written for many other folks, however he also records his own music, and teaches others about the craft. Rick is my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
25 min
Mountain Natives Podcast
Phillip Pappas took inspiration from a successful bout with cancer to propel him into a life of music and doing what he loved most - encouraging people through song. Phillip and his wife, Lauren, form the duo, Mountain Natives. They are my guests on this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
Jakobs Ferry Stragglers Podcast
In this episode we talk to Jakob's Ferry Stragglers founder, Gary Antol about his musical journey and the band's new CD, Poison River.
24 min
Johnny Chops Podcast
Johnny "Chops" Richardson has a day job many dream of - he plays music for another band. But he still has time to write, record, and perform his own music. With his new, self titled CD out, we talk about his own music, and new project in this edition or Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Sam Karr Interview
Sam Karr turned a backyard birthday party into a Southern Ohio tradition - The SamJam Bluegrass festival. Want to know how? Sam is my guest for this edition of Americana Music Profiles!
23 min
Banjo Nick Interview
Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches has a new CD, Get Us Out Of Fearland, and we talk with band leader Nick Russo and wife/songwriter, Betina Hershey in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
24 min
Profiles with Mike Aiken Live From Merlefest wi...
19 min
Lorraine Jordan Podcast
Lorraine Jordan and her band Carolina Road have a new CD you'll definitely want to check out! It's called True Grass; Why Can't Blue Grass be True Grass Again. And it features the return of Tommy Long as lead singer after a stint on the sidelines battling throat cancer.
19 min
Raven and Red Podcast
Brittany Jones and Mitchell Lane, along with Mitchell's brother Cole are Raven and Red, a young, up and coming grass act from Nashville. They are our guests on this edition of Profiles.
16 min
Tennessee Jed Podcast
In a world where labels seem to matter, Jed Fisher, a.k.a. Tennessee Jed, has a new one of sorts - Pimp Grass. Find out what that is in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
19 min
NeFesh Mountain Podcast
Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff lead this unique Bluegrass band steeped in traditional mountain culture and the rich Jewish heritage from which the come.
22 min
Aris Paul Interview
Pittsburgh PA's Aris Paul is our guest on this episode as we chat about his new, debut full length CD, Drive All Night.
23 min
The Moselys Interview
After husband and wife musical duo Rachel and Stephen Mosley won a Zac Brown song writing contest, it launched a long overdue musical career, and now a new CD, Ordinary Times. Join us as we chat about there journey into music.
22 min
Sweet Potatos Profile
Eddie Van Halen, Who's Line Is It Anyway, Disney; what do they have to do with Americana Music Profiles? Tune into this episode and fine out as I chat with the Sweet Potatoes!
22 min
Jaylan Crossland Interview
When we caught up with Jalan Crossland he was on hiatus living in the Arizona desert. "Too cold for my clothes in Wyoming," he said. In this episode we talk about life on the road, songwriting, and his album, Singalongs for the Apocalypse.
22 min
Eduardo "Brown Kid" Interview
Alabama's Eduardo, a.k.a. Brown Kid, is gearing back up to hit the road sharing music form his recent CD, Rusty Strings, and his new single, Sunrise. We talk with Eduardo about his life and music in this latest edition of Americana Music Profiles.
15 min
Les Bohem Interview
Les says he was part of the great Los Angeles music scare of the early 80s. That get your attention? Mine too - so we asked Les about that and his latest work in this episode of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min
Norm Brunet Interview
Ottawa, Canada based Norm Brunet sits down with us to talk about his first new project in several years; It Don't Get Better Than This, in this edition of Americana Music Profiles.
20 min