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Society & Culture
A-Z: J
A-Z: J
33 min
LBJ's America: Pt.6 - The Legacy
The Legacy
62 min
A-Z: T
A-Z: T
33 min
LBJ's America: Pt.5 - The Successor
The Successor
67 min
A-Z: W
A-Z: W
32 min
Lyndon Johnson's America: Pt..4 - The Crisis
The Crisis
59 min
A-Z: R
A-Z: R
34 min
Lyndon Johnson's America: Pt.3 - The War
Part 3: The War
56 min
A-Z: H
A-Z: H
32 min
Lyndon Johnson's America: Pt.2 - The Dream
Part 2: The Dream
59 min
(OUR APOLOGIES FOR SOUND QUALITY ISSUE) The first in a 6-part series on LBJ's America
60 min
American History A-Z: C
It's all about the letter C in American History!
33 min
Podcast Update
Podcast Update
1 min
Episode 54 - The Melting Pot: American Immigrat...
American Immigration Policy since 1900
63 min
The Midterms
50 min
(RE-RUN) Insult or Celebration? Black History M...
Black History Month
56 min
Episode 53 - Rust Belt America: Land of the Oba...
Rust Belt America
49 min
Episode 52 - Sex and Sexuality: The Life and Ti...
The Life and Times of Sumner Welles
54 min
Episode 51 - Black and White: Booker T. Washing...
Booker T. Washington, the Second KKK, and Race Relations, 1880-1930
67 min
Episode 50 - The Shining City: American Excepti...
American Exceptionalism Explored
46 min
Episode 49 - Sisters Doin' It For Themselves: P...
Progressives, Women, and the City
47 min
Episode 48 - Back to the Future: A New Cold War?
A New Cold War?
55 min
Episode 47 - Terminated: Native Americans and t...
Native Americans and the Federal Government, 1860-2018
54 min
Episode 46 - A More Benevolent Slaveholder? Nat...
Native Americans, Slavery
48 min
Episode 45 - 1968: 50 Years On
We examine the crazy year that was 1968 with the University College London's Nick Witham
59 min
Episode 44 - Excluded and Interned: The Asian-A...
On Episode 44 of American History Too! we're joined by TWO very special guests - the University of Exeter's Rachel Pistol (@PistolRachel) and the University ...
52 min
Episode 43 - South of the Border: US-Latin Amer...
On Episode 43 of American History Too! we delve into the United States' topsy-turvy relationship with its southern neighbours. The US has had a fascinating and complex ...
53 min
Episode 42 - The Pioneers: Black Candidates Bef...
On this month's episode we're joined by Lancaster University's politics lecturer Richard Johnson (@richardmarcj) to discuss five pioneering black politicians who ran for election in ...
59 min
Episode 41 - Anti-Slavery Dynamite: Black Aboli...
(Our guest this month, Hannah Rose Murray, @Hannah_RoseM , One spring evening in 1838, formerly enslaved African American Moses Roper spoke to a crowded audience in Leicester, ...
50 min
Episode 40 - Age of Charisma: America’s Magneti...
For Episode 40 of American History Too! we've fired up the Translatlantic cables to chat to Dixie State University's Jeremy Young (@jeremycyoung) about his work on ...
42 min
Episode 39 - Long, Hot Summer: Race Riots in 19...
50 years on from the 'long, hot summer' of 1967 we look back at the race riots that became a common feature of the 1960s ...
50 min
Episode 38 - Suspicious Minds: The Paranoid Cin...
On this month's episode we're joined by Fraser McCallum to discuss the paranoid cinema of the 1970s that emerged in the midst of assassinations, Watergate, ...
55 min
Episode 37 - Private Eye: Allan Pinkerton and t...
On Episode 37 of American History Too! we look at a man and an organisation who encapsulated much of what 19th century America was about: immigration, westward ...
51 min
Episode 36 - With Malice Towards None: The Fasc...
The 16th President of the United States, unlike so many of his fellow nineteenth century White House occupants, has not been lost to History. Indeed, ...
63 min
Episode 35 - In God We Trust? Religion and the ...
On Episode 35 of American History Too! we're joined by the University of Hull's Rachel Williams to discuss the role that religion played in the American Civil ...
53 min
Episode 34 - Insult or Celebration? Debating Bl...
On Episode 34 of American History Too! we're joined by the University of Birmingham's James West (@ejwestuk) to discuss the history of Black History Month and the ...
63 min
Episode 33 - Taken to Church: The CIA and the Y...
On Episode 33 we turn our attentions back to the CIA and pick up where we left off in Episode 31. Joined by the University of ...
57 min
Episode 32 - Overpaid and Oversexed: The US ‘Oc...
In 1942, GIs who were being deployed to Britain were presented with a clear set of official instructions which warned them what they could expect ...
53 min
Episode 31 - Gang of Weirdos: The Roots of CIA ...
World War II is over, the Cold War is just beginning, and the United States is set on winning hearts and minds - and foreign ...
55 min
Bonus - Donald Ducked: The 2016 Election Special
What it says in the title. It's over and in an attempt to process Trump's shock victory we break down the 2016 election into historical perspective. ...
58 min
Episode 30 - Rockin’ in the Free World: Preside...
On Episode 30 of American History Too! we take a deep dive into the history of music and presidential campaigns in the United States. Joined ...
62 min
Episode 29 - Anti-Slavery Fire: Trans-Atlantic ...
In London on May 22nd 1846, the great anti-slavery campaigner and orator Frederick Douglass - who himself was a former slave – stood before a ...
55 min
Episode 28 - Beyond the Flapper: Women’s Magazi...
In 1921, the influential magazine Literary Digest speculated on the morality and nature of the modern young woman: Is the “old fashioned girl”, with all that ...
58 min
Episode 27 - The Road to Hillary Clinton: The D...
With the Republican convention in Cleveland complete, all eyes turn now to Philadelphia where the Democrats will gather to nominate the first ever woman to ...
71 min
Episode 26 - The Road to Trump: Republicans sin...
Still baffled by Donald Trump's nomination? Be perplexed no more! With the Republican party heading to their convention in Cleveland to nominate the billionaire tycoon, we're ...
68 min
Episode 25 - Brown Bombers and Aryan Supermen: ...
In 1936, not long after German heavyweight boxer Max Schmeling knocked out his African-American opponent, Joe Louis, the journal Der Weltkampf published the following statement: “These ...
66 min
Episode 24 - Banning the Booze: American Prohib...
On January 20th 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - which banned the production, transport, and sale of alcohol - went into effect. ...
46 min
Episode 23 - Secular Electric Jesus: The life a...
In early 1943 – while the Battle of Stalingrad raged thousands of miles away – US government officials explored the hotel room of a recently ...
52 min
Episode 22 - Where’s the Beef? Liberals in Reag...
‘On the 25th of September 1984, in one of the hardest-hitting speeches of his long Presidential campaign against Ronald Reagan, former Vice-President Walter F. Mondale ...
55 min
Episode 21 - Hoover, Damned?
It was a midterm election year, the economy was beginning tolook a bit shaky again, and the Democrats were in danger of losing their majoritiesin ...
55 min
Episode 20 - The Special Relationship?
Is there a ‘Special Relationship’ between the United States and the United Kingdom? And, if there is, what actually is ‘special’ about it? Those are the two questions ...
52 min
Episode 19 - Nixon and Elvis - The President an...
On December 21, 1970, a man dressed in black and wearing sunglasses entered the Oval Office of the White House. He desperately wanted to bring a Colt ...
51 min
Episode 18 - Women and Murder at the Turn of th...
Ever thought that the United States is a more violent country than other ‘Western’ nations?  And, if so, have you ever wondered why?  On Episode 18 of American History ...
48 min
Episode 17 - The Scopes Trial
In the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, the morning of Friday July 10, 1925 was blisteringly hot. Outside the country courtroom, a crowd of around 1000 people ...
53 min
Episode 16 - Irish-Americans and the Civil War
American History Too! is back for a new semester and we’re examining the Irish-American experience of the Civil War (1861-1865).  To help us delve into this vast and ...
51 min
Episode 15b - Jimmy Carter and the ‘Malaise’ of...
We’re back with the second part of our discussion of President Jimmy Carter and his times.  On this episode we cast our eye beyond the United States ...
53 min
Episode 15a - Jimmy Carter and the ‘Malaise’ of...
‘History’s greatest monster’ or an underrated and admirable president?  We’re back and we’re discussing President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and his times.  Such are the amount of topics that ...
48 min
Episode 14 - The HIV/AIDS Crisis in the 1980s
We return for the fourteenth episode of American History Too! to discuss a horrifying and shameful period in US history:  the outbreak and response to the HIV/AIDS crisis ...
55 min
Episode 13 - Fallout - The Sequel
On the thirteenth episode of American History Too! we embark on our very first sequel – picking up where episode six left off in our discussion ...
46 min
Episode 12 - The Vietnam War
On the twelfth podcast of American History Too! we wade through the quagmire of the Vietnam War.  In discussing arguably the first war that the United States ...
47 min
Episode 11 - The JFK Assassination
On episode eleven of American History Too! we delve into one of the most chilling moments in US history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy ...
48 min
Episode 10 - LBJ and the Great Society
On episode 10 of American History Too! we arrive at the tumultuous 1960s.  To help us better understand this controversial decade, Malcolm assumes host duties as Mark ...
43 min
Episode 9 - McCarthy and the Second Red Scare
On episode nine of American History Too! we turn our attention to a period in American history that has become indelibly linked to one man: the Second ...
36 min
Episode 8 - The Great Depression and the New Deal
On the eighth episode of American History Too! we delve into one of the great crisis moments in American History – the Great Depression.  We’re joined by special ...
43 min
Episode 7 - Teddy Roosevelt
On the seventh podcast of American History Too! we turn our attention to the most cuddily of all US Presidents – Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt.  We pull ...
40 min
Episode 6 - Nuclear Fallout
On the sixth episode of American History Too! we leave the tawdry goings-on of the Gilded Age far behind and for this cheery Christmas special we examine ...
40 min
Episode 5 - The Gilded Age
On the fifth episode of American History Too! we dive into a time period that, economic history aside, often gets lost in historical discussion – The Gilded ...
37 min
Episode 4 - The American Civil War
The fourth episode of American History Too! delves into the United States’ deadliest conflict to date – The American Civil War.  To help us with this mammoth task ...
45 min
Episode 3 - Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal
This third episode of American History Too! is all about one man – the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson (1829-1837).  In particular, we debate Jackson’s ...
43 min
Episode 2 - The Constitution
The second episode of American History Too! focuses on the Constitution of the United States.  To help us understand the goings-on down eighteenth century Philadelphia way, we ...
37 min
Episode 1 - Introduction of Slavery
This first podcast from two tutors at the University of Edinburgh (Mark McLay and Dr Malcolm Craig) looks at the introduction of slavery to the ...
30 min