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Discussing the 2000 Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous one minute at a time. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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Minute 94 - A Visual of Me
The ninety-fourth minute starts with Penny's stomach getting pumped and ends with William learning Penny's real name.
29 min
Minute 93 - Binky Poodleclip
The ninety-third minute starts with William kissing Penny and ends with two adults trying to help Penny.
33 min
Minute 92 - How Rude
The ninety-second minute starts with William putting two of his fingers on Penny's face and ends with William half dancing with and talking to Penny.
29 min
Minute 91 - A Groupie Heart
The ninety-first minute starts with William helping Penny get up and ends with Penny asking about love.
35 min
Minute 90 - Running Like a Maniac
The ninetieth minute starts with Penny explaining that she's no good at goodbyes and ends with William half lying on the phone.
39 min
Minute 89 - Sheepishly Smiling
The eighty-ninth minute starts with Leslie smiling at everyone except Russell and ends with William finding Penny in the hotel room.
32 min
Minute 88 - A Hard Truth
The eighty-eighth minute starts with Leslie learning the truth and ends with Penny, then William leaving.
37 min
Minute 87 - I Should Be on Star Wars Minute
The eighty-seventh minute starts with the band clapping for their success and ends with Leslie asking who is that girl.
68 min
Minute 86 - Priceless
The eighty-sixth minute starts with Jann telling William it will be a cover story and ends with the band being nearly silenced by William's news.
49 min
Minute 85 - Squeakquelverse as Punishment
The eighty-fifth minute starts with Leslie walking toward the band and ends with an urgent call from Jann Wenner.
52 min
Minute 84 - So Many Brown Jackets
The eighty-fourth minute starts with the plane flying to New York and ends with the band getting out of the limo.
37 min
Minute 83 - Persona Crumble
The eighty-third minute starts with William yelling that he is the enemy and ends with Penny asking "What kind of beer?"
29 min
Minute 82 - Normal Boring Mean Boy
The eighty-second minute starts with William playing coy with Penny and ends with yelling at Penny about being sweet.
33 min
Minute 81 - Let's Say She's Turning 19
The eighty-first minute starts with William looking at Russell like that and ends with Penny telling her plans to William.
52 min
Minute 80 - Complete Lack of Agency
The eightieth minute starts with Dick gambling away Penny and ends with Russell explaining that to William.
60 min
Minute 79 - Decrepit Bus
The seventy-ninth minute starts with William looking back at the bus and ends with the road managers playing poker.
65 min
Minute 78 - Audience Loves the Rooster
The seventy-eighth minute starts with Dennis talking about Mick Jagger and ends with the band and entourage walking from the bus to the plane.
52 min
Minute 77 - Big Logistical Specialist Flex
The seventy-seventh minute starts with Dennis giving an example and ends with Dennis asking rhetorical questions.
53 min
Minute 76 - Straddle
The seventy-sixth minute starts with finishing a song on stage and the band backstage and ends with Dennis talking about roots.
51 min
Minute 75 - Phil Coulson Moment
The seventy-fifth minute starts with the band on stage mostly in the dark and ends with the band playing an uptempo song.
55 min
Minute 74 - What did Dick know and when did he ...
The seventy-fourth minute starts with a pre-concert Stillwater huddle and ends with Jeff singing and playing keyboard.
56 min
Minute 73 - Mom Energy
The seventy-third minute starts with Elaine threatening Russell and ends with a Stillwater huddle.
31 min
Minute 72 - Now Russell Knows
The seventy-second minute starts with William and Russell fighting over the phone and ends with Elaine telling Russell about her son.
32 min
Minute 71 - Bassist from Cream and Drummer from...
The seventy-first minute starts with William sitting in a chair in the hotel hallway and ends with William telling his mom about his plans.
40 min
Minute 70 - Shushing Him
The seventieth minute starts with William waving to Beth from Denver and ends with William crying in the hallway.
26 min