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Discussing the 2000 Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous one minute at a time. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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Minute 44 - Most Humiliating Wave
The forty-fourth minute starts with Russell telling William about what he's worried about and ends with Russell telling William about responsibilities.
23 min
Minute 43 - Mic Blocked by Penny
The forty-third minute starts with Sapphire telling Elaine about William and ends with William assuring Russell about the article.
60 min
Minute 42 - Spunk and Moxie
The forty-second minute starts with Penny closing the door and ends with Sapphire telling Elaine about William's respect for women.
69 min
Minute 41 - What's the Frequency?
The forty-first minute starts with band members, Band-Aids, and William hanging out in the hotel lobby, but separately, and ends with Penny suggesting to William to attend the radio interview.
37 min
Minute 40 - Such a Made Up Place
The fortieth minute starts with Dick handing out room keys to the band members and ends with Jeff warning Russell about William and Rolling Stone magazine.
33 min
Minute 39 - All Wearing Sunglasses
The thirty-ninth minute starts with the front of the "Almost Famous-Tour 73" bus and ends with Russell reassuring William.
36 min
Minute 38 - Lester is Jiminy Cricket?
The thirty-eighth minute starts with Lester encouraging William afterall and ends with William hugging his mom and her saying "this is a mistake".
34 min
Minute 37 - John Hughes References
The thirty-seventh minute starts with Ben making a deal with William and ends with Lester trying to discourage William.
31 min
Minute 36 - Probably Will Story
The thirty-sixth minute starts with William watching Penny and Russell leaving the room and ends with William and Ben Fong-Torres discussing Stillwater.
34 min
Minute 35 - Heavy Handed
The thirty-fifth minute starts with everyone clapping for Penny's performance and ends with Penny declaring she needs ice.
33 min
Minute 34 - Subtle Hints
The thirty-fourth minute starts with a big group walk through the hotel corridor and peeking in rooms and ends with Penny pretending to be a flight attendant.
22 min
Minute 33 - The Farewell Tour, Again
The thirty-third minute starts with William running to Penny's car and ends with Vic freaking out about his shirt.
32 min
Minute 32 - Militant Mom
The thirty-second minute starts with Penny walking back down the ramp and William running to the car and ends with William running down the street.
17 min
Minute 31 - Any door she wants
The thirty-first minute starts with William and Penny talking about the world and ends with William running away.
16 min
Minute 30 - Dime from Costa Mesa
The thirtieth minute starts with William looking sheepish and ends with William and Penny back on the ramp.
37 min
Minute 29 - Uncool Judas Kiss
The twenty-ninth minute starts with Russell asking William if he wants to come to the Riot House and ends with Sapphire kissing Opie.
28 min
Minute 28 - All Sorts of Fever Dogs
The twenty-eighth minute starts with the intro to "Fever Dog" and ends with Russell playing a solo.
33 min
Minute 27 - Pearl Jam Huddle
The twenty-seventh minute starts with the crowd screaming their heads off and ends with the band starting to play.
35 min
Minute 26 - Russell, this is Sgt. Pepper
The twenty-sixth minute starts with William asking Penny what her real name is and ends with Dick preparing to bring the band onto the stage.
40 min
Minute 25 - "Now you're mysterious"
The twenty-fifth minute starts with Penny offering William a pass and ends with William revealing his real age.
33 min
Minute 24 - Fairly certain the tape did not wor...
The twenty-fourth minute starts with Jeff pontificating about Rock and Roll and ends with William getting distracted.
16 min
Minute 23 - Out of Allman Brothers references
The twenty-third minute starts with William continuing his praise and ends with William backstage recording Jeff pontificate about Rock and Roll.
32 min
Minute 22 - The guitar is supposed to be muddy
The twenty-second minute starts with the bus door opening and a band streaming out and ends with William praising the band.
65 min
Minute 21 - The Black Sabbath Away Mission
The twenty-first minute starts with the Band-Aids hugging and ends with a bus pulling in at the top of the ramp.
40 min
Minute 20 - Marc Bolan broke her heart
The twentieth minute starts with Estrella asking William what band he is with and ends with "It's all happening!"
32 min