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Discussing the 2000 Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous one minute at a time. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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Minute 69 - Stress Boners
The sixty-ninth minute starts with Ben offering a thousand more words and ends with William taking the laundry.
61 min
Minute 68 - I'm Singing about What I'm Saying
The sixty-eighth minute starts with sleepy and sexy “hello"s and ends with Ben liking what we're saying.
45 min
Minute 67 - Posed at His Desk
The sixty-seventh minute starts with the second half of the deflowering and ends with Ben Fong-Tores calling from Rolling Stone.
52 min
Minute 66 - Troglodytic Way of Thinking
The sixty-sixth minute starts with William talking with Penny in the bathroom and ends with the start of his deflowering.
35 min
Minute 65 - Mom on Tour with the Rock Band
The sixty-fifth minute starts with William writing in the bathtub and ends with Penny making plans with William.
29 min
Minute 64 - Dick Dale Concert in Utero
The sixty-fourth minute starts with Elaine telling her class that her son has been kidnapped and ends with William in the bathtub.
38 min
Minute 63 - Writing It All Down
The sixty-third minute starts with Doris heading down the road and ends with Elaine not being able to concentrate.
28 min
Minute 62 - That's What Buses Are For
The sixty-second minute starts with Ed drumming his leg and ends with everyone except Russell singing.
31 min
Minute 61 - Build Down and Pay Off
The sixty-first minute starts with Russell rejoining the band on the bus and ends with the bus leaving Topeka.
28 min
Minute 60 - Big Knobs
The sixtieth minute starts with Dick trying to convince Russell to rejoin the band and ends with Dick guiding Russell back to the bus.
31 min
Minute 59 - Worried about the Keg Industry
The fifty-ninth minute starts with William and Russell working on his last words and ends with Russell wanting to stay with his new family.
39 min
Minute 58 - Choke on a Leaf
The fifty-eighth minute starts with Russell finishing drinking a beer with acid in it and ends with the partiers cheering for Russell.
48 min
Minute 57 - Poofier Hair
The fifty-seventh minute starts with Russell talking about real things again and ends with Russell drinking from a red cup that has beer and acid in it.
59 min
Minute 56 - Channeling His Inner Mom
The fifty-sixth minute starts with an invitation to a party and ends with Russell and the teens waving to William.
54 min
Minute 55 - Amazing Party Wagon
The fifty-fifth minute starts with Russell telling William that he is real and ends with a van of teenagers pulling up and one of them saying that/asking if he is Russell, from Stillwater.
40 min
Minute 54 - Fake Friendly Pat on the Back
The fifty-fourth minute starts with Jeff explaining the roles in the band and ends with Russell telling William he's only interested in "real".
39 min
Minute 53 - Cop Out Answer
The fifty-third minute starts with Jeff explaining the roles in the band and ends with Jeff continuing the argument.
41 min
Minute 52 - Ouch
The fifty-second minute starts with everyone's initial non-verbal reactions to the t-shirt and ends with the "t-shirt argument" continuing.
38 min
Minute 51 - It's Not All Happening
The fifty-first minute starts with a possibly misconstrued "I love you" and ends with the unveiling of the first t-shirt.
34 min
Minute 50 - She'll Always Be Beth from Denver
The fiftieth minute starts with William telling his mom names of cities and ends with Beth from Denver yelling "Your aura is purple!"
33 min
Minute 49 - So Snack Focused
The forty-ninth minute starts with William telling Penny about needing to do his interview with Russell before Greenville and ends with Elaine telling William what he told her.
39 min
Minute 48 - Crossed Her Limit of Allowed Absences
The forty-eighth minute starts with Larry telling Russell to wake up and ends with Penny asking William if he's going to Cleveland.
36 min
Minute 47 - Reverb in a Concrete Tunnel
The forty-seventh minute starts with Marc Maron still yelling and ends with the bus driving toward the sun.
43 min
Minute 46 - Ding Dongs in the Way
The forty-sixth minute starts with Russell getting electrocuted and ends with Marc Maron yelling at the band.
44 min
Minute 45 - Slightly More Loud
The forty-fifth minute starts with Russell telling secrets to the one guy you don't tell secrets to and ends with Russell holding the microphone, but not singing.
32 min