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Almost Famous Minute
Discussing the 2000 Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous one minute at a time.
Film Reviews
Music Commentary
Music History
Minute 6 - Grant me the serenity, blah blah blah
The sixth minute starts with Elaine and Anita continuing their argument and ends with the end of the argument by Anita leaving and William repeating her by saying "feck".
20 min
Minute 5 - A Wannabe Chicken
The fifth minute starts with Anita entering the house and ends with Elaine and Anita arguing about Simon & Garfunkel and butter & sugar.
18 min
Minute 4 - What do Alvin & the Chipmunks sound ...
The fourth minute starts with more 60s California street scenes and ends with a conversation between William and Elaine while she's cooking a meal and a young woman looks in the window.
31 min
Minute 3 - Facts of Life or Growing Pains
The third minute starts with more concert memorabilia and writing and ends with Chipmunks singing about Christmas in 60s southern California.
23 min
Minute 2 - Nowadays, everything's a comic book ...
This second minute starts with "Almost Famous" written in pencil on yellow pad of paper and ends with "Noah Taylor" being written on the same pad.
25 min
Minute 1 - Our first glimpse of Stillwater
It's the first minute! It starts with a crescent moon in the water and ends with a lot of concert memorabilia.
20 min
Introduction and Trailer
An introductory episode where we meet our host Eric Nash and guest Aaron Stark and they discuss the trailer for the Cameron Crowe movie Almost Famous.
27 min