All Things Private Practice Podcast

All Things Private Practice Podcast is where we dive deep into the gritty, unfiltered world of being a mental health entrepreneur and a private practice therapist. Join us as we explore the emotional roller coaster of this wild journey, tackling the raw and unapologetic aspects that often go unspoken. In each episode, we fearlessly dissect self-doubt, resilience, impostor syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism.

Patrick Casale is an Autistic ADHD licensed clinical mental health therapist, group practice owner, coach, consultant, speaker, retreat host, and entrepreneur. He interviews industry experts to share their stories of resilience, and to offer "how-tos" to help support their entrepreneurial journeys.

There is no sugar-coating here. This is where we get down and dirty, exposing the messy reality that comes with building your own mental health private practices. Hosted in an interview-style format, we bring you authentic conversations with entrepreneurs who have wrestled with their challenges and emerged victorious. We delve into their stories of triumph, failure, and everything in between. Prepare yourself for unfiltered tales of blood, sweat, and tears, as our guests share their journeys of self-discovery and growth.

It's time to strip away the glossy facade and embrace the rawness that lies beneath the surface. We challenge societal norms, smash through glass ceilings, and unapologetically question the status quo. Brace yourself for a podcast that isn't afraid to confront the messy reality head-on. Tune in every Saturday as we release new episodes, igniting your entrepreneurial fire and propelling you forward on your private practice odyssey.

This is the All Things Private Practice Podcast, where authenticity meets audacity, and the road to success is paved with resilience.

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Episode 105: Building Neurodivergent Friendly C...
Want to learn how to create a more neurodivergent affirmative classroom for your kids? During this episode, we do a deep dive into how to make the classroom a more sensory-friendly space.
37 min
Episode 104: Mastering Social Media Marketing a...
The main message of this episode is that creating content for social media can be challenging for mental health professionals, but tools like Syllabi, an AI marketing tool, can help streamline the process by generating video scripts based on customer search questions and even providing a digital avatar to read the script if professionals are uncomfortable being on camera, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency. The episode emphasizes the importance of consistent content creation to build a brand and reach potential clients who may be in need of mental health services, especially in the current post-pandemic landscape.
25 min
Episode 103: Breaking Barriers: Addressing Able...
Internalized Ableism: Many mental health professionals may struggle with their own internalized ableism, consciously or unconsciously perpetuating harmful beliefs and practices. This episode addresses the importance of recognizing and challenging these biases, providing insights and perspectives from someone who has gone through their own journey of self-discovery and disability advocacy.
36 min
Episode 102: Rethinking HR: Unconventional Stra...
n this compelling episode of "All Things Private Practice" we explore innovative and unconventional strategies for building extraordinary teams. Join us as we dive into the world of recruitment, challenging traditional hiring norms to uncover fresh perspectives on finding and retaining top talent. Get ready to rethink your approach to staffing and unleash the power of hiring differently for remarkable organizational success.
32 min
Episode 101: Clinical Case Consultation & Commu...
During Episode 101 Jeanene Wolfe and I talk about the importance of ongoing case consultation, building your clinical community, and how to ethically refer clients to other providers.
33 min
Episode 100: Private Practice Lessons From The ...
Impostor Syndrome, Small Business Startup Fears, And All Things Private Practice. This episode touches on all of these things and more.
44 min
Episode 99: How To Become A Published Author [f...
31 min
Episode 98: Create Captivating Content: "Sticky...
33 min
Episode 97: Lead With Curiosity to Effect Chang...
34 min
Episode 96: Web Design Demystified: Clear, Cont...
29 min
Episode 95: Survival Mode... Entrepreneurship i...
26 min
Episode 94: The Dope Black Therapist: Creative ...
33 min
Episode 93: Breaking Down Billing Barriers: Ins...
34 min
Episode 92: Optimize & Fortify Your Private Pra...
39 min
Episode 91: Create Something New: Organic Growt...
28 min
Episode 90: Business Partnerships: The Good, Th...
30 min
Episode 89: Pushing Boundaries Through Liberato...
50 min
Episode 88: Living & Working Abroad Through Imp...
31 min
Episode 87: Entrepreneurial Burnout... Thank Yo...
27 min
Episode 86: Don't Talk About Struggle? Fuck Tha...
46 min
Episode 85: Tearing Down The Mental Health Indu...
41 min
Episode 84: "Scared Money Don't Make Money" [fe...
35 min
Episode 83: Success + Never-Ending Impostor Syn...
41 min
Episode 82: The Benefits of Putting People Over...
28 min
Episode 81: Balancing Impostor Syndrome With Su...
39 min