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We’re all looking to live smarter in a world that won't slow down. So take a deep breath, and listen to Airplane Mode. Each week, host Clay Skipper interviews the most thoughtful people we know—business geniuses, writers, fashion designers, comedians, pro athletes, artists, and beyond—and steals their secrets to creativity, success, surviving tech, and staying sane. Brought to you by GQ.

Health & Fitness
Introducing "Smarter Better Faster Stronger"
The new GQ Sports podcast that goes inside athletes' brains...and comes back with winning advice.
1 min
Superstar Whisperer Steve Stoute on Making it B...
As a longtime music and advertising executive, Steve Stoute has spent a career working creatively alongside some of the biggest names in sports, music, and business. Here, he shares what he learned about confidence and relentless work ethic from Beyonce, Kobe Bryant, and Jimmy Iovine, among others.
33 min
How to Bet on Yourself with Shea Serrano, Teach...
Shea Serrano became a writer when, as a teacher in need of some extra money, he did a Google search for jobs you can do from home. Three New York Times bestsellers, a staff writing job at The Ringer, and a massive, engaged Twitter following later, he has some advice on how to bet on yourself—and win big.
45 min
Confidence Lessons from a Stand-Up Comic with J...
Even though, at 31, Joel Kim Booster has been doing stand-up and performing jokes for nearly a decade, he says he's only felt confident for part of that time. he unpacks how he got comfortable being in front of a crowd, what comedy and humor have done for his confidence offstage, and why, of all the places he performs, cruise ships are the most nerve-wracking.
41 min
The Tool that Helps High Performance Athletes U...
Michael Gervais is a sports psychologist whose clients include the Seattle Seahawks (who he helped win a Super Bowl in 2014) and skydiver Felix Baumgartner (who he helped free fall from 130,000 feet in 2012). He explains why success (and thus confidence) is dependent on your ability to respond constructively to the present moment, and to calmly manage your inner world against outside stress.
46 min
The "Queen of Pain" and Ultra Endurance Athlete...
With a legendary resume that includes everything from rock climbing to whitewater rafting to marathon mountain biking, Rebecca Rusch isn't just an ultra endurance icon—she has also been dubbed adventure sports' "Queen of Pain." And yet she's always doubted her abilities and felt like she has more to learn—and cites that sense of self-doubt as the source of her success.
51 min
How to Overcome Insecurity, According to Hollyw...
Dr. Barry Michels has spent decades helping his clients in the entertainment industry overcome self-doubt. Drawing on his experience as a psychotherapist, he shares the tools he uses to help Hollywood's A-listers beat that insecurity, find their confidence, and unlock their potential.
56 min
Musician Lauv on How to Quiet the Negative Voic...
Even after making it big in the pop world, Lauv didn't think he was good enough. Now, after years of struggling with self-doubt (and armed with a debut album set to drop in March) the musician and producer shares some keys to positive self-belief, and getting out of your head and into the world.
22 min
NBA Sharpshooter J.J. Redick on Keeping Your Co...
After years of taking thousands of clutch and difficult shots, NBA sharpshooter J.J. Redick shares some secrets on never psyching yourself out, and staying confident under immense pressure or through any slump.
45 min
A Master Cave Diver's Secret to Overcoming Fear...
Jill Heinerth has spent more than 30 years scuba diving underneath glaciers and into dark caves, learning to navigate unexpected underwater chaos and returning with some lessons that’ll help you live more confidently on dry land.
47 min
Jalen Rose on How He Developed "Irrational Conf...
The ESPN host and retired hooper talks to Clay Skipper about how he's always maintained his self-trust, leaving behind NBA money, and his biggest regret after that 1993 NCAA championship loss.
30 min
Season 2 Trailer: It's All About Confidence
Airplane Mode is coming back for another season, with 10 episodes all about confidence: how to get it, how to keep it, and what to do if you lose it.
1 min
Chuck Klosterman on How to Handle Criticism [Ep...
33 min
Dr. BJ Miller on What Death Can Teach You About...
The co-author of 'A Beginner's Guide to the End" has found value—and inspiration—in confronting grief and death.
41 min
A$AP Ferg on Protecting His Mental Health and t...
The rapper opens up about therapy, A$AP Yams' death, re-thinking mental health, and more.
28 min
Author Mark Manson on the Difficulties of Succe...
The man behind 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck' explains the difficulty of doing great work...and then doing it all again.
39 min
Director Bing Liu on Why Everyone Keeps Ghosti...
A conversation on ghosting, Millennial love, and the secret to being more honest with your partner.
22 min
Dealing With Anxiety, Shrooms, and Self-Trust w...
A deep, funny convo filled with thoughtful advice from Raphael Bob-Waksberg.
38 min
Steven Johnson on Making Long-Term Decisions Yo...
Professional de-mystifier Steven Johnson explains the science behind smarter choices.
38 min
Pete Holmes on "Having Sex With Everything That...
Comedian Pete Holmes has some advice for finding joy in life...and Knicks games.
40 min
Aminatou Sow on How to Build a Personal Brand W...
Influencer-for-good Aminatou Sow on how to be your best self where it matters most: the Internet
30 min
Annie Duke on How to Benefit From Being Wrong [...
Former pro poker player and author Annie Duke on how being wrong can be good for you.
48 min
Airplane Mode: The Trailer
GQ's new podcast all about stealing the secrets to living smarter, from the people who've (sorta) figured it out.
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