Adulthood Made Easy
<p>If you feel lost in a new city, overwhelmed by your taxes, frustrated by dating, or scared to switch jobs, tune in weekly to Adulthood Made Easy, where twenty-something host Sam Zabell works through listeners’ problems and questions about the sometimes-scary “real world.” Along the way, she addresses many of her own struggles with adulthood, resulting in a show any college graduate (and beyond) can relate to.</p>
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Adulthood Made Easy: Sam's Soliloquy
24 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Your Favorite Moments
22 min
Adulthood Made Easy: On Balancing with Ashley Ford
44 min
Adulthood Made Easy: There's Really an Adulting...
18 min
Adulthood Made Easy: It's a Small World
33 min
Adulthood Made Easy: A Roach You Might Just Love
16 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Developing Your "Cooking H...
22 min
Adulthood Made Easy: 30 Under 30's Rhonesha Byng
29 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Confronting the Kitchen
39 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Becoming a "Financial Grow...
22 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Getting Your Sh*t Together...
35 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Gilmore Girls Revival
38 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Tackling Modern Dating wit...
34 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Mara Wilson, Star of Matil...
34 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Nelufar Hedayat on "The Tr...
38 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Thanksgiving Orphans
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Abbi Jacobson on Coloring,...
19 min
Adulthood Made Easy: How to Find (And Use) Your...
34 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Sometimes You Don’t Have a...
28 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Landlord Nightmares
35 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Breaking Through Your Quar...
26 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Going Back to School to Pu...
22 min
Why You Need a Feminist Fight Club
38 min
Adulthood Made Easy: The Roommate(s) From Hell
30 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Smart Money Moves You Shou...
32 min
Adulthood Made Easy: It’s More Than Just “Sad”
37 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Taking Your Relationship L...
Sam's boyfriend recently moved hundreds of miles away to attend graduate school.
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Moving to a New City After...
A nomadic listener shares her story and tips for feeling at home anywhere/
23 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Things I Wish My Mother Ha...
Do you ever wish you could go into adulthood with a full guidebook created by your mom?
30 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Getting Engaged, Then Chan...
Jessica Pasko talks about getting engaged and breaking it off before the wedding.
23 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Sam, Like Most Millennials...
63% of millennials do not have a credit card.
22 min
Adulthood Made Easy: From Theatre Major to Busi...
Sam's friend Maddy, who studied theatre and psychology as an undergrad, talks about uprooting her New York life to pursue business school in London.
32 min
Adulthood Made Easy: The High School Reunion
Making the most of your high school reunion.
26 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Moving Back In With The Pa...
When your parents are suddenly your roommates, again.
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: The Art of Reinvention
How to move beyond what you were in high school or college.
28 min
Adulthood Made Easy: We Should Start Thinking A...
Anne-Marie Slaughter offers some advice to grads on planning for the future.
21 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Where Dating Comes From
Moira Weigel, author of the new book Labor of Love, sheds light on the history of dating.
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: I Just Graduated… Now What?
Katherine Schwarzenegger talks about how she spent her first year after college.
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Finding Humor In Loss
Nora McInerny Purmort is the author of "It's Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too).
33 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Dr. Meg Jay on Why Your Tw...
Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now.
35 min
Adulthood Made Easy: The Career Codes You Need ...
What all new graduates need to know before they format their resume.
29 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Real Artists Have Day Jobs
Comedian and author Sara Benincasa schools starving artist wannabes.
37 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Finding Fame on the Internet
Actors Rebecca Blaine Carlton and Kira McCarthy tell Sam about what it’s like to produce a web series with little-to-no budget.
31 min
Adulthood Made Easy: The Face of the Zoodle
From reporting to Trump, to being her own boss.
27 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Netflix and Chill? There’s...
Your quarter-life crisis, in rhyme
23 min
Adulthood Made Easy: When Your Day Job and Pass...
Sam's Side Hustle series continues.
26 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Balancing Your Side Hustle...
Jessica Knoll on how she became a bestselling author while working as a magazine editor.
24 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Why Are We Getting Burnt O...
How to deal with twentysomething job burnout.
30 min
Adulthood Made Easy: This Comic Book Artist Has...
She turned reluctant adulthood into comic book gold.
25 min
Adulthood Made Easy: What Happens When You Move...
And how do you know you're ready to?
43 min
What’s the Secret to a Lasting Friendship?
Making friendships work in adult life
37 min
Navigating the Weird World of Dating
The state of dating in 2016.
24 min
Being a Bridesmaid Will Cost You
How to cope with the emotional and financial costs of being a bridesmaid
33 min
Learning to Spot Gender Bias
Gender bias in the workplace, and what to do about it
20 min
Need A Friend? There's An App For That.
A new Tinder-like app helps women find women friends.
26 min
The Psychology of Ghosting
Why do people "ghost" each other?
30 min
Don’t Let Technology Run (or Ruin) Your Life
Two editors from the Huffington Post embarked on bold challenges to reduce tech disturbances: turning off notifications and only speaking to people “IRL.” Sam finds out how well these challenges went, and what the rest of us can...
34 min
How to Break Free From Your Email
Sam talks to Lindsey Stanberry, of Refinery29, to find out how she was able to unplug from her email for an entire week.
25 min
The Myth of Wanderlust
Sam talks to writer Caroline Beaton about why traveling didn't solve all of her problems - and what she learned.
24 min
What You Won't See On My Instagram
Sam talks to the co-founders of Cropped, a new essay and photo project that will make you revisit your relationship with social media.
24 min
New Year's Career Resolutions
Sam gleans some tips on how to achieve those lofty career goals from her colleague and friend of the show Bucky Keady, the Senior Vice President of Talent Management at Time Inc.
23 min
New Year's Money Resolutions
Sam learns some financial tips for the new year from two writers - Senior Writer Donna Rosato and Social Media Editor Alicia Adamczyk.
28 min
Acting Like Your Old Self
We go home for the holidays and immediately revert to our angsty teenage selves. How can we halt the regression?
20 min
How to Do a "Spending Fast"
Whether you want to cut Seamless out of your life cold-turkey, or just want to figure out how to cut back on your expenses, Anna Newell Jones, author and finance expert, has a few easy ideas.
25 min
Hosting Your First Holiday
Thanksgiving in your first tiny apartment
21 min
How to Turn (Multiple) Failures into a Major Su...
Sam talks to writer, illustrator, and designer Emily McDowell on careers that bombed, social media pressures, and how to become the CEO of your own company.     Add a personalized touch to your greeting cards this holiday season with...
36 min
Your Non-Scary Guide to Open Enrollment
If you’ve recently received an email about open enrollment season—don’t panic. Sam talks to Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of PolicyGenius, to demystify the process.
26 min
How Am I Supposed to Make Friends?
Sam and Rachel W. Miller, Senior Lifestyle Editor at BuzzFeed, discuss finding BFFs as an adult, and the need for a service like Tinder—but for making new friends.
21 min
How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive
Stephanie Sisco, home editor at Real Simple, shares DIYs, shopping secrets, and style advice for decorating your apartment on a budget. 
19 min
Job-Hopping: Good Move or Bad Move?
Sam talks to Bucky Keady, VP Talent at Time Inc and Maxie McCoy of Levo League to find out whether or not you really need to stay at a job for an entire year.
26 min
Quitting Without a Plan
How do you know when it’s time to leave your job—and what you’re supposed to do next? Sam talks to Tess Vigeland to find out what happened when she decided to leave her 11-year career.
38 min
How to Negotiate a Raise As a 20-Something
Sam speaks to Professor Margaret Neale at Stanford University about how to negotiate a raise. For more from Professor Margaret Neale, visit her website
23 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Fast Decisions
Sam speaks to her best friend Carly about a major career decision she made (very quickly!) 
18 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Finding (and Following) Yo...
Sam talks to Elle Luna, whose essay “The Crossroads of Should and Must” touched millions of people
25 min
The Quarter Life Crisis
  What do you do when you suddenly realize you're not in the right place or at the right job?
24 min
How to Create the Career You Want
  Sam talks to Veronica Belmont, who has created a crazy, cool freelance career simply by following her passions.
24 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Turning One Cup of Coffee ...
Sam talks to Megan Gebhart, whose project “52 Cups of Coffee” taught her many things about telling stories and making connections. Want the Real Simple podcasts delivered straight to your inbox? Opt into our weekly newsletter here...
27 min
Adulthood Made Easy: Embracing Failure
Sam talks to Jessica Bacal, who talked to 25 successful women about their biggest career mistakes and what everyone can learn from them.  Want the Real Simple podcasts delivered straight to your inbox? Opt into our weekly newsletter here...
22 min
Coworkers--New Competition or New BFF?
Advice on how to establish good office friendships—without crossing any lines.
21 min
Finding a Doctor
This week, it’s all about finding a doctor, staying on top of your health, and not letting Web MD misdiagnose your symptoms.   Want the Real Simple podcasts delivered straight to your inbox? Opt into our weekly newsletter here (it’s...
20 min
Adulthood Made Easy: What I Wish I Knew After G...
Five recent (and not-as-recent) grads discuss the weird, scary, fun, exciting things they remember about the first year out of college.   Want the Real Simple podcasts delivered straight to your inbox? Opt into our weekly newsletter here...
33 min
Guide for Grads: Dating Then vs. Dating Now
Having a "boyfriend" looks a lot different in the real world than it did in college. Sam talks to her best friend and a dating expert to find out why.   Panoply’s conducting a survey. Click here to fill it out: By...
20 min
Guide for Grads: “I Have Nothing to Wear”
Not sure if your closet is office-appropriate? Bucky Keady, VP Talent at Time Inc., and Angela Matusik, Executive Editor at InStyle, share the fashion advice all young professionals need to know.   This episode is sponsored by Next Issue. Get...
25 min
Guide for Grads: Beginner’s Guide to Healthcare
Everything you wanted to know (but maybe were afraid to ask) about picking the perfect plan, plus, how to actually use it.
15 min
Guide for Grads Ep 9 - Bad Bosses
This episode is brought to you by Squarespace. Start building your website today at  Enter offer code RealSimple - that's one word - at checkout to get 10% off. Squarespace—Build it Beautiful.   This episode of...
24 min
Guide for Grads Episode 8: Let's Talk Money
Guide for Grads Episode 8: Let's Talk Money
22 min
Guide for Grads Episode 7: Game the Grocery Store
Game the Grocery Store
20 min
Guide for Grads Episode 6: What to Do on Day 1 ...
What to Do on Day 1 of Your New Job
22 min
Guide for Grads Episode 5: Ace the Interview
Guide for Grads Episode 5: Ace the Interview
27 min
Guide for Grads Episode 4: Moving Back Home
Guide for Grads Episode 4: Moving Back Home
21 min
Guide for Grads Episode 3: Hire Me, Please!
Guide for Grads Episode 3: Hire Me, Please!
20 min
Guide for Grads Episode 2: Feels (Sort of) Like...
Guide for Grads Episode 2: Feels (Sort of) Like Home
21 min
Guide for Grads Episode 1: Keep in Touch!
Guide for Grads Episode 1: Keep in Touch!
18 min
Adulthood Made Easy Episode 9: Find Your Perfec...
Adulthood Made Easy Episode 9: Find Your Perfect Apartment
16 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep. 8 - Get a Clean Apartme...
Adulthood Made Easy Ep. 8 - Get a Clean Apartment with Minimal Effort
23 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 7: No More Boxed Wine!
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 7: No More Boxed Wine!
18 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 6: Online Dating
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 6: Online Dating
18 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 5 : Finding a Mentor
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 5 : Finding a Mentor
13 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 4: Making a Budget (and ...
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 4: Making a Budget (and Sticking to It)
14 min
Adulthood Made Easy Ep 3: Taxes 101 or How to D...
Doing your taxes is a necessary, yet stressful, rite of passage. In this episode, Sam talks to tax expert Barbara Weltman to go over the process and what mistakes to avoid (it’s less boring than it sounds).
20 min