Two of the advertising industry’s most innovative and thought-provoking voices provide an unfiltered perspective on the signals in the noise -- exclusively on the iHeartPodcast Network.Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon host conversations with the advertising industry’s best practitioners on the new and next in marketing, media, and creativity every other Tuesday. Each episode, Laura and Alexa spot marketplace trends, introduce inspiring talent, and debate ideas and business models - providing listeners with actionable perspectives to bring back to everything from brainstorms to boardrooms.Adlandia is a practitioner's podcast where critical thinking meets creativity, and pitch points, talk tracks, and the “way it’s been done before” aren’t allowed.Follow the show on Twitter @adlandiapodcast and please subscribe for future episodes. #iHeartAdlandia 

Marketing & Comms Talent Goes Flexible with Lar...
38 min
A Web3 Primer with Jarrod Dicker
76 min
Marketing for Longevity, Not Leasing, with Mich...
60 min
Getting Specific with Monica Padman of Armchair...
53 min
Building and Scaling Niche with Morning Brew
55 min
You Said, We Did with Dara Treseder
On this episode we're catching up with Peloton's SVP of Global Marketing and Communications, Dara Tresder, to talk all things Peloton - from brand access to programming to influence and beyond. Dara gives us insight into Peloton's data-driven "you said, we did" approach to supporting members as well as a look into the brand's communications framework. Plus, the power of community and Dara's thoughts on creative effectiveness and brand authenticity. See you on the leaderboard, Adlandia!
41 min
Are we there yet? The Audio Expanse with Steve ...
In his podcast debut, Steve Wilson, a staple name in podcasting, stops by Adlandia to talk about where podcasts are going next, creating scripted fiction in audio, the opportunities that exist for brands in the space, and why he is excited about his new role as Chief Strategy Officer at podcast studio, QCODE. Plus Alexa and Laura talk about innovation in the podcast industry and where we could see new audio experiences emerge.
51 min
Beyond Brand Purpose with Alain Sylvain
37 min
Intentional Words with Rakia Reynolds
36 min
The Power of Connection with Jolie Hunt
38 min
The Future of Work is (We Are) Rosie with Steph...
62 min
The Hitmaker Formula with Bob Pittman
67 min
In a Marketing World that is Known
54 min
MVPs & Mindfulness on Election Day 2020
50 min
Speed Over Perfection with Lisa Sherman
39 min
ADLANDIA Returns with Malcolm Gladwell
39 min
Entrepreneur #EEEEEATS: Lessons in Building (Th...
Alexa & Laura chat with The Infatuation's Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal
42 min
Take Back the Customer: Social Commerce in 2019
Alexa & Laura chat with MikMak Founder and CEO Rachel Tipograph
34 min
Content Marketing as a Service
Alexa & Laura talk to Citia Founder & CEO, Linda Holliday
30 min
A New York (Mag) State of Mind
Alexa & Laura chat with New York Media CEO Pam Wasserstein
24 min
A Thanksgiving Special Served up with Sara Fischer
Alexa & Laura chat with Axios media reporter Sara Fischer
24 min
TLDR: Communications [and courage] in 2018
Alexa & Laura chat with reputation consultant Deirdre Latour
21 min
Start with the Headline
22 min
The Now & Next in Podcasting
27 min
Breaking Down the Blockchain
Alexa & Laura talk to CEO Jerrod Dicker about blockchain
32 min
The Agency of Others
Alexa & Laura chat with industry renegade Cindy Gallop
29 min
A Supreme Collaboration: Media and Local Culture
Alexa & Laura talk to Shannon Toumey & Tory Shobe of Post Studios
15 min
Sink or Swim: An Agency Model Revolution
Alexa & Laura chat with agency sherpa Nancy Hill
30 min
Data Back, Insights Forward
Alexa & Laura talk to Knotch CEO & Co-founder Anda Gansca
28 min
The Changing Face(s) of Cannes
Alexa & Laura chat with folks from HP's #MoreLikeME program, and with Lindsey Slaby of Sunday Dinner
32 min
Summer of Media Mergers w/ Sara Fischer
Alexa and Laura talk to Sara Fischer of Axios
27 min
Should curiosity be a new metric for leadership?
Alexa and Laura talk to Zeitguide founder, Brad Grossman
18 min
Innovation is Stuck Inside a Cube
Alexa and Laura talk to young guns Michael Tonge and Cody Levine.
38 min
Girlboss Gang: Creating IP with the Community
From entrepreneur to media founder, Sophia Amoruso dishes on life as THE millennial girlboss.
41 min
While you were Away: DTC Playbook
Jetsetting Jen Rubio of Away on how brand might be more important than physical product.
50 min
Broadly Speaking: Nothing Starts with No
We check in with Ari Wengroff of Vice's Broadly about how female-led content is taking main stage.
35 min
Ditch the Pitch
Guest Josh Sternberg, tech editor of AdWeek dishes on the trade media
34 min
Stuntin' on SXSW: How Westworld IRL Changed the...
Laura and Alexa talk to the creators of the SXSW Westworld activation
38 min
Content or Commercial: Inside Content Studios
We're joined by our first creative this week, Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer of Turner's Courageous Studio
37 min
Getting into the data-ing game
Alexa and Laura sit down with OkCupid CMO, Melissa Hobley
29 min
Playing for the Championship
Alexa and Laura talk to Ross Martin, Founder & CEO of Blackbird
35 min
Stop trying to grow fast... grow smart
28 min
Infatuated with Unlikely Pairings
Alexa and Laura kick off the new year with a conversation with Andrew Steinthal, Co-Founder of The Infatuation
29 min
Don't Delegate Your Story with Beth Comstock
41 min
Moving at the Speed of Culture
Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK stops by Adlandia
27 min
EXCLUSIVE: Why It's Time for Change with Linda ...
Linda Yaccarino from NBCUniversal gives listeners an exclusive on the eve of a huge industry forum
43 min
Mobile Collapsed the Marketing Funnel, now what?
Alexa and Laura are joined by Rachel Tipograph, Founder & CEO of MikMak
31 min
Experience: The New Retail Transaction
L&A talk to Amanda Latifi, CEO & Co-founder of Hafta Have
24 min
Golden Age of Audio (+ Sugar Monsters)
This week ADLANDIA hangs with audio veteran + Panoply's Chief Content Officer, Andy Bowers
35 min
VICE Gold Rings + Provocative Media Things
This week we kick it with VICE's SVP of Sales, Ben Dietz
41 min
It Ain't Over, Here Comes the Take Over
L&A talk to Andrew Essex, CEO of TriBeCa Enterprises and author of End of Advertising
35 min
Summer Rewind
Laura and Alexa bring you a lost interview with Brad Haugen from ATTN.
36 min
Sleep Does a Body (and Brand) Good
The marketing therapy gets real on this episode with Thrive Global Chief Content Officer, Callie Schweitzer.
28 min
Lose Yourself in the Moment with Linda Boff
Laura and Alexa jam with GE CMO Linda Boff
37 min
Is It Magic Tuesday Yet?
L&A chat with Bloomberg Media CRO, Keith Grossman, about what it would be like to live in a world without banner ads.
33 min
A little meta, a little Mama
L&A talk to Corbin Brown from Giant Spoon, plus a phone call one of their favorite Italian Grandmas
31 min
Focus on the D(evelopment)
Coming off Cannes, Laura and Alexa sit down with Jarrod Dicker of The Washington Post
37 min
Missed Connections
Laura and Alexa chat with Andrea Silenzi, host of Why Oh Why
38 min
The (NY) Times, They Are A Changin'
L+A talk to Meredith Kopit Levien, CRO of The New York Times!
34 min
Mammas Don't Lie
In a Mother's Day special, Laura and Alexa call their moms to talk about brands they love!
25 min
The Power of Partnerships with Lena Dunham and ...
L&A chat with the founders of Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner
38 min
No Winners in the Long Lines
L&A answer a listener's question from the Twitterverse and then sit down with Carlos Watson of
41 min
BONUS: Crushing on Mika Brzezinski
Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, talks to Laura & Alexa about how she found her value through the highs and lows of the newsroom.
24 min
Experience as Media
David Plotz, co-host of Political Gabfest and CEO of Atlas Obscura, joins Adlandia to talk about experience as media, falcon tours, and secret forts in DC.
38 min
Spicy Margs To Go: WP Next to SXSW
LIVE from WP Next
36 min
Consultants: The New Conduits of Chemistry
ADLANDIA is back with #girlboss guests Lindsay Slaby and Melanie Altarescu.
29 min
Trumping Your Values
On our first episode of ADLANDIA, we explore the balance between politics and values for both media companies and brands in a world where fake news has taken center stage.
35 min
ADLANDIA: Coming Feb. 21st
ADLANDIA: Coming Feb. 21st
0 min