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A conversation fueled by analysis and activism, all in pursuit of getting our hands dirty to achieve social liberation. We believe in the work of social healing and we believe that there needs to be a diversity of tactics to achieve social healing. We hope the Activist Theology Podcast will be one way that we can explore the work of liberation and healing justice.

Society & Culture
Bodily Autonomy Is a Distant Memory
On the Reversal of Roe
59 min
Gun Violence & Community Care
47 min
Recovering Racists - A Conversation with Idelet...
62 min
Death Row and Humanity's Radical Desire to Kill...
53 min
We Are Over-Programmed
47 min
Queering the American Dream - A Conversation wi...
47 min
Book Banning Is Just the Beginning
46 min
Overdose & Trauma
47 min
A Realization: Activist Theology Is Also For Us
43 min
Fortune - A Conversation with Lisa Sharon Harper
44 min
What Does a Gimmick From the Pulpit Gain You?
46 min
Welcome to Season 3! Wait, What? Season 3??!!
47 min
The Big Lie
43 min
Violent White Men Are the Threat to Beloved Com...
46 min
Christians Against Christianity - A Conversatio...
41 min
Justice Is a Way of Life - A Conversation with ...
50 min
The Immigration Crisis - Live from McAllen, Texas
58 min
The Crash of Facebook and Instagram – Are We Th...
56 min
Will Sunday Church Ever Be a Thing Again?
51 min
The Brain-Based Enneagram - A Live Conversation...
55 min
Spiritual Trauma
48 min
Relationships are Hard – Ours Is No Different
55 min
How One Bishop Has Change the Face of the Mainl...
A Conversation with Megan Rohrer
60 min
On Being Fugitives and Displacing Power - A Con...
54 min
Olympic Games – Racism, Sexism, Queerphobia and...
51 min
Why Don't We Give A Sh!t About Each Other?
Delta Variant Is Wreaking Havoc – Are We Being Honest?
49 min
Rupture Is Essential For Liberation – A Conver...
50 min
Navigating the Creator Economy - A Conversation...
AND - Our Big Announcement
68 min
Introducing Abolitionist Sanctuary
60 min
This Season of Pride and Spirituality - A Conve...
55 min
White Rage
54 min
Palestine & Israel: Navigating the Conflict
58 min
We Belong to One Another - A Conversation with ...
Black Coffee With a White and Latinx Friend
67 min
What is Family? A Conversation with Dr. Nikki Y...
57 min
Rest Is Political, But Not Always Easy
46 min
Murder, War, Guns, Sex Work & Trans Rights: A B...
What the F%ck Is Happening In This Country?
52 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
Confronting Shame and Violence
57 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
56 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
51 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
47 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
57 min
Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings:...
63 min
Judas & the Black Messiah - What We Thought
53 min
Navigating Love & Legislature – A Conversation ...
Continuing Our Texas Exchange
61 min
The Disaster in Texas
51 min
Unconditional Basic Income - A Conversation wit...
Making a Liberation-Focused Case for UBI
55 min
The Problem With the Middle
56 min
Mutual Aid During Untenable Times - A Conversat...
Caring for Community & One Another
50 min
Praying With Our Feet - A Conversation With Lin...
Abolishing Systems of Houselessness and Poverty
55 min
Fascism & Abolition – A Conversation with Jeann...
The Insurgency at the Capital Was Not the First and Not the Last
55 min
How Did We Get Here? The Insurrection At The Ca...
Recorded Live at the Q Christian Fellowship Conference
53 min
Here We Go! Season Two
48 min
Season One - Best Of the Activist Theology Podcast
60 min
Sex & Supremacy Culture - A Conversation with T...
69 min
Our Interconnectedness is Theological - A Conve...
What Are the Theological Implications of This Time?
55 min
Mental Health In the Movement - A Conversation ...
Activist Theology Podcasts Continues Their Conversation on Mental Health
61 min
When COVID-19 Came to Dinner
Illness and Post-Election Musings
58 min
A Pre-Election Conversation on Empathy & Justice
The United States election is a short few days away.
39 min
A Conversation on Mental Health
Mental health. Both Dr. Robyn and Anna deal with mental illness, using medication to help balance their brains. In this important conversation, the first of several, they will explore their own stories around depression and anxiety, hoping to bridge the ...
42 min
A Conversation on SCOTUS and the Urgency of You...
Dr. Robyn and Anna explore the hearings of SCOTUS nominee, Amy Coney Barrett and help us all understand why even your down-ballot vote is as critical now as it ever was.  To support this podcast, please visit follow...
69 min
One of Us Is Coming Out - National Coming Out D...
In this special Sunday edition of the Activist Theology Podcast, Anna and Robyn highlight National Coming Out Day and share some important life updates.  To support this podcast, please visit follow Activist Theolog...
41 min
Activism & Solidarity Work in the South - A Con...
Angela Henderson is an abolitionist-minded, saxophone-playing socialist, and lifelong student of Black radical traditions hoping to live the life she plays about. Growing up in the suburbs of Nashville, TN, classism, miseducation, and isolation character...
51 min
As If Words Could Heal the Wounds - A Conversat...
Australian born singer-songwriter Ben Grace’s debut album “As If Words Could Heal the Wounds” is a hopeful cross-country Americana road trip for the end of a quarantined summer. Recorded in five different states, with production by Sheryl Crow guitarist ...
70 min
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Future of the Supre...
Robyn and Anna take some time this week to honor the life of the incomparable Ruther Bader Ginsburg.To support this podcast, please visit follow Activist Theology on Twitter: @activistheologyTo follow Activist Theolo...
53 min
Equity In the Church During Times That Test Com...
Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons is a fellow with the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at American Progress. His work focuses on a wide range of issues related to the role of religion in American public life, including promoting a progressive vision of ...
54 min
Can the Religious Left Impact In the Election? ...
Jack is an award-winning journalist and national reporter for the Religion News Service. He covers religion. Also politics. Usually both.He's also the author of the book American Prophets: The Religious Roots of Progressive Politics and the Ongoing Fight...
55 min
Muslim & Running For Office – The Urgency of t...
Dr. Robyn and Anna invite candidate for the 1st District House Seat in Virginia, Qasim Rashid, to join their conversation this week around policy, voting suppression, and supremacy culture in today's context. A devout Muslim, Qasim brings a perspective...
54 min
An Honest Conversation on Policing & Protesting
This week, Robyn and Anna dive into the violence that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin and how their understanding of the police state must be reimagined. Is it possible to work through defunding in stages? Or is full abolition necessary? To support this ...
47 min
How the Streets Provide a New Political Imagina...
Dr. Robyn and Anna dig deep into the politics of today with Dan Hodge, noted theologian and author. With 20 years of academic work experience, Daniel White Hodge, PhD, is a recognized Hip Hop culture expert & cultural literacy communications scholar. Dr...
61 min
From the Streets to the Pulpit & Back Again - A...
Dr. Robyn and Rev. Anna share this conversation with the remarkable Brittany Packnett. Brittany joins us from the intersection of activism and faith – and this episode takes us to the streets and the church all in the same hour.Brittany Packnett Cunning...
62 min
Grasping Racism In Today's Context - A Conversa...
Robyn and Anna invite Tim Wise to today's episode and break down racism in today's context. If race is the background noise to everything, we have to understand our role in the work. Are we educator or student? Tim Wise suggests we must be both.Tim Wise...
64 min
Activism, Science, and the Church - A Conversat...
Robyn and Anna chat about the pandemic, the church, and social justice with Latinx visionary Lisbeth Melendez-Rivera. Her perspective is formed by her Puerto Rican roots, her background in the medical field, and the unashamed presence in queer liberation...
69 min
Abuela Theology in the Movement - A Conversatio...
Robyn and Anna are joined this week by Kat Armas, Cuban theologian and practitioner on the concept of "Abuela theology." Her understanding of the role our ancestors play in our understanding of past, present and Divine has led to her upcoming first book,...
55 min
The Trouble We're Seeing in These Days - A Conv...
This week Robyn and Anna welcome author, theology professor, church anti-racism leader, and social change practitioner, Drew G.I. Hart. Drew has a Christian Century hosted blog entitled ‘Taking Jesus Seriously’ while also writing occasionally for The Men...
69 min
From Evangelicalism to Fullness of Self - A Con...
Matt Nightingale is a teacher, pastor, musician and spiritual director who left the evangelical church in 2016 when he moved into authenticity and chose to live as an out, gay man. Join us this week as he shares his story of faith, his journey with God t...
62 min
Understanding Woundedness, Belonging and Onenes...
Kevin Garcia is a digital pastor, creative mystic, public theologian and intuitive soul coach based in Atlanta, GA. After coming out in the fall of 2015 as a queer Christian, Kevin has reached thousands of individuals across the globe with messages of Go...
57 min
The Church, Queer Liberation & PRIDE - A Conver...
We are thrilled to engage in a conversation this week with Myles Markham (him/their). Myles is a community organizer and advocate who understands how to navigate and interpret the conservative American religious landscape, especially as it pertains to LG...
56 min
White Performativity Versus True Allyship Durin...
As more white people show up in the streets in a search for justice for black and brown bodies, their presence is oftentimes both welcomed and problematic.Stacey Patton reminds us that "while there is a long history of white participation in black freed...
49 min
Black Movements & Civil Resistance - A Conversa...
This week Dr. Robyn and Anna dig deep into the work of the movement with activist Andre Henry. Andre is the program manager for the Racial Justice Institute at Evangelicals for Social Action and holds a B.A. in Practical Theology and an M.A. in Theology ...
52 min
The Complexities of Our Being & Our Work - A Co...
As we begin PRIDE month, we will be having conversations with queer folx who are doing liberation work in the world. We open this month with a conversation with activist, diversity trainer, and inclusion officer, Jessica Halem. Jessica is the LGBTQ Outre...
52 min
The Sin of Racism – On the Murder of George Floyd
Minneapolis is burning. Our black siblings are being murdered at rates that should mandate a systemic shift in collective thinking. And yet, racism remains the greatest sin of our generation and generations that have come before us. Dr. Robyn and Rev. An...
41 min
Because It Has To Be All About Love - A Convers...
"I’m a Christian mom with a gay kid living in Oklahoma saying enough is enough. If I don’t fight for my son (and his rights) like my hair is on fire, then who will? It’s time we celebrate our LGBTQ+ children. And I won’t stop until I no longer hear horro...
52 min
Storytelling As Resistance - A Conversation wit...
John Pavlovitz is a pastor, author, blogger, and truth-teller from Wake Forest, North Carolina.His blog Stuff That Needs To Be Said has reached a diverse worldwide audience. A 20-year veteran in the trenches of local church ministry, John is committed to...
52 min
Queer Affirmation In the Church – Why Is It Eve...
Much like the issue of slavery in the early 19th century, the issue of LGBTQ inclusion is splitting denominations across the United States. On opposite sides of the fault-line are those calling for inclusion and those engaging processes and crafting poli...
67 min
May Day - A Conversation on the Rights of Workers
Dr. Robyn and Anna dig into the rights of workers and how those rights are undermined, minimized, and capitulated in the elite's search for supremacy. 
48 min
How Does Supremacy Culture Breed Climate Injustice
This week the world celebrates Earth Day (4/22) and we collectively acknowledge our relationship to this planet we call home. Robyn and Anna look at climate justice issues and their correlation to supremacy culture in this week's episode.
52 min
It's the Little Things We Miss
What are you missing right now as you sit quarantined? We all have things that are missing – some serious, some quite ridiculous. Robyn and Anna chat about the things they are missing.
32 min
A Conversation on Privilege & Toxic Masculinity...
Robyn and Anna chat with Jeff Koetje, a friend who is quarantined in New York City and is experiencing the gamut of COVID-19 challenges. Having been furloughed, Jeff reflects on how he is contemplating next steps and shares about his own work in dismantl...
57 min
What Are Our Bodies Telling Us Right Now? A Som...
Dr. Robyn and Anna welcome to the podcast Erin Law, Curator of Embodiment Practice for the Activist Theology Project.
63 min
BONUS - COVID Bitchcast
You've heard of the podcast, but have you heard of the Bitchcast? Dr. Robyn and Rev. Anna are up to their noses in annoyance. Join them for this bonus episode of snark, complaining and eye-rolling.
31 min
White Supremacy & Ancestry - A Conversation wit...
LAYLA IS THE AUTHOR OF THE GROUND-BREAKING BOOK ME AND WHITE SUPREMACY (2020) AND THE HOST OF GOOD ANCESTOR PODCAST.As a widely read writer, a globally sought speaker and a popular podcast host, Layla is passionate about creating Inspiration, Education ...
62 min
Social Solidarity During Times of Physical Dist...
What does the current COVID-19 pandemic mean for us as humans? How do we maintain social solidarity with one another when we are asked to keep a physical distance? How do we sink deeper into community and our call for belonging during these disruptive an...
53 min
Tornados & Healthcare – What in the World Are W...
Dr. Robyn speaks of their experience during the Nashville and central Tennessee tornado and alongside Anna, dive into the COVID-19 and healthcare crisis our country currently faces.
48 min
A Conversation on Shame - With Guest Matthias R...
Robyn and Anna welcome our dear friend, Matthias Roberts from the Queerology podcast. Join us as we continue our conversation from last week and dig into our collective work around shame.
57 min
On Trauma & Privilege - A Conversation with Mik...
After Robyn and Anna share some frustrating and emotional things that happened in their week, they sit down with Mike McHargue (Science Mike) to chat about his new book, the work he has done to divest himself of his privilege and how white folx (men in p...
61 min
Our Bodies - As Canvas & Resistance
Dr. Robyn and Anna continue the narrative on our bodies. The share the stories around their tattoos and speak of the importance of sharing our stories as work against power and supremacy.
44 min
Our Bodies - On Health and Liberation
Dr. Robyn and Anna chat about recent health issues, the healthcare crisis the need for our bodies to work collectively in the fight for solidarity and liberation for all.
42 min
Genocide, the Super Bowl & a Conversation with ...
In this episode, Robyn and Anna share an impactful conversation with Native American activist and independent candidate for the Presidency, Mark Charles. In addition, we tackle the Super Bowl, Mark's campaign, Anna's latest adventure on the sea, and the ...
66 min
Becoming Anti-Violent in a World of Violence
This week is week three (3)! Rev. Anna Golladay and Dr. Robyn talk about violence! It's a good one!
43 min
002-Activist Theology Podcast
Rev. Anna Golladay and Dr. Robyn share some thoughts on the upcoming United States election and have a conversation with Doug Pagitt about the work of Vote Common Good. To support the podcast, visit  
53 min