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The Repack: Chiefs drop Packers 13-7 in one of ...
Amari Rodgers: wtf
53 min
Intercepted: Previewing the Chiefs with Stephen...
This is one long reverse jinx.
54 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Aaron Rodgers posi...
6 min
Reporting as Eligible - Streaking Through The Q...
The guys discuss the Aaron Rodgers news, the brilliant win against Arizona, and Kansas City's weaknesses.
124 min
UnPack Pod: Is Kansas City not good?
Zach, Alex, and Ben rap after an instant-classic Packers win over the Cardinals, and look ahead to Sunday's game against Kansas City, who, as it turns out, might be, not that good?
36 min
I Love Gold: Rasul Douglas Revenge Game
J.J. Watt eat your heart out.
45 min
The Repack: Packers beat Cardinals 24-21 in a w...
What the hell was that?
34 min
Reporting as Eligible - Kings Bury The Diseased
What's going to happen on a Covid-ravaged Thursday night?
84 min
UnPack Pod: TNF Preview - Packers @ Cardinals
Justis Mosqueda joins Zach and Ben to help preview the Packers TNF match against the Cardinals.
44 min
I Love Gold: Joe Barry and Davante Adams out
Not great!
39 min
The Repack: Packers' red zone defense steps up ...
Washington had 195 rushing yards! 195!
39 min
Intercepted: Previewing the Football Team with ...
APC goes international this week.
53 min
Reporting as Eligible - Owning the Bears Means ...
Soldier Field is located poorly, like a Justin Fields pass.
80 min
UnPack Pod: Aaron Rodgers, the poet
Zach, Alex, and Ben talk about owning the Bears, Aaron Rodgers the accidental poet, and what exactly is Russell Wilson's deal? No, like seriously.
37 min
I Love Gold: Never Mock the Belt
"I'm ready for some 69."
46 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Aaron Rodgers wins...
2 min
The Repack: Aaron Rodgers owns Chicago 24-14
I still own you.
48 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: How worried should...
7 min
Intercepted: Previewing the Bears with Robert M...
Chicago's trending up, but is it enough?
59 min
Reporting as Eligible - Mo Worse Special Teams
Special teams has almost cost the Packers two wins. When will it finally bite them, and what can be done?
69 min
UnPack Pod: Another totally normal, not stressf...
Zach, Alex, and Ben give notable nuggets, news, and haikus following the Green Bay Packers 25-22 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
38 min
I Love Gold: The Davante Adams Game
Not the last time Davante goes for 200?
43 min
The Repack: Packers go 4-1 after Crosby's 5 of ...
The special teams vibes are off.
44 min
Intercepted: Breaking down Packers-Bengals with...
No Bengals fan this week. The universe wouldn't allow it.
53 min
Reporting as Eligible - Ben Over, Burrow Head
Ben's worst throw ever somehow hurt Jaire.
74 min
UnPack Pod: Romo rides the Burlington party bus
Zach, Alex, and Ben In A Car regroup after the Packers home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. There was rain, there was terrible officiating, there was a possibly sauced Tony Romo. It was a good time.
38 min
I Love Gold: Panning for Gold
No one can match Reggie White's hump move.
41 min
The Repack: Packers get lucky on special teams,...
Ben Roethlisberger is late-stage Eli Manning.
39 min
Intercepted: Why can't they put a chip in the b...
"They're a really good high school football team."
35 min
From Behind The Steel Curtain: Paul Noonan Prev...
Our own Paul Noonan joins BTSC hosts Michael Beck and Geoffrey Benedict to preview the upcoming game between the Packers and Steelers
32 min
Reporting as Eligible - Shanahanadingdong
The student defeats the teacher in a last second thriller.
86 min
UnPack Pod: the defense lives!
Zach and Justis tackle Packers news and haikus after a thrilling win over the 49ers.
38 min
I Love Gold: A return, a sub, and an announcement
Does APC need an injury report?
41 min
The Repack: Green Bay's offensive line holds up...
Eric Stokes: Start the kid.
40 min
Intercepted: Previewing the 49ers with Kyle Pos...
Loser reads their worst takes on the SB Nation NFL Show.
39 min
Exclusive: APC's Justis Mosqueda talks to Aaron...
"I just wanted to take the time to share the places in my home that are meaningful to me."
9 min
Reporting as Eligible - Joe Barry, We've Had En...
Hold On, Hold On
69 min
UnPack Pod: Stoked on Stokes
Zach, Alex, and Ben connect after the Packers' 35-17 win over the Lions to talk Stokes and King, befuddlement at Barry, and more chatter about high-quality t-shirts and obscure New York electronics stores with Kosher candy.
35 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Justis Mosqueda on...
9 min
The Repack: Packers win home opener vs Lions
Jared Goff has small hands. Rain is an extra box defender.
45 min
Intercepted: Sports Info Solution's Bryce Rossl...
Jared Goff is good enough to stick on a 53-man roster.
41 min
Reporting as Eligible - The Manbun of Quarterbacks
Sometimes it's not strategy, or talent, or coaching. Sometimes it's just plain old bad. Plus also coaching, and some talent.
69 min
UnPack Pod: Packers tied for division lead
Zach, Alex, and Ben try to remain upbeat after a wholly disappointing open to the Green Bay Packers 2021 season.
38 min
I Love Gold: There's time for a few Packers pos...
Preston Smith! Pretty good game!
45 min
The Repack: How bad is this Saints loss?
The interception should have counted.
30 min
Intercepted: The Debut with Pro Football Focus'...
Another show on the feed? Another show on the feed!
52 min
UnPack Pod: Today's show: the Guy Draft
The APC Pod has a new name: the UnPack Pod! To kick off the 2021 season, Zach, Alex, Ben, and Tex conduct the official Packers "Guy" Draft.
43 min
TRAILER: The SB Nation NFL Show, Season 2
2 min
Reporting as Eligible: The Debut
The Packers are not playing in one of the most fun cities on earth, and are instead playing in Jacksonville, Fl.. Oof.
70 min
I Love Gold: The Debut
Welcome Tyler Brooke and Caleb Smyth to Acme Packing Co.
49 min
APC Pod: Cutdown 'cast
It's the least wonderful time of the year (for a bunch of players, anyway). Justis Mosqueda joins Zach Rapport and Alex Petakas to talk through the Green Bay Packers roster cuts following the final preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.
37 min
APC Pod: Packers Preseason Q&A with Tex Western
Tex Western joins to give us his takes on the latest Packers preseason news and to answer your listener questions. PLUS: Haikus!
37 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Reviewing Jordan L...
3 min
APC Pod: First look at Love and other Packers p...
The good and the bad of Jordan Love's first preseason action and other Packers observations with Justis Mosqueda
37 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: The drama is far f...
7 min
EXCLUSIVE: Donald Driver sits down with Justis ...
APC's Justis Mosqueda picks Packers hall-of-famer Donald Driver's brain about a variety of topics in this exclusive interview.
13 min
APC Pod: Packers (hypothetical) preseason primer
38 min
Audio nugget: Aaron Rodgers on leadership, lead...
Audio nugget: Aaron Rodgers on leadership, leading by example, and his relationship with Brian Gutekunst
9 min
APC Pod: What have we learned from Packers trai...
Early lessons from Packers training camp, Packers haikus, and more.
41 min
Let's hear from Randall Cobb
Randall Cobb addressed the media upon his return to the Green Bay Packers
21 min
Let's hear from Brian Gutekunst
Packers GM Brian Gutekunst addressed the media on Thursday.
21 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: What did Aaron Rod...
8 min
Let's hear from Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers addresses the media candidly and at length for the first time since reporting to training camp after a tumultuous offseason.
34 min
APC Pod: Rodgers has (not) left the building
Reactions to the return of Aaron Rodgers, and a general vibe check as training camp gets underway
47 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Aaron Rodgers plan...
5 min
5 Packers Questions w/ Justis Mosqueda
It's a midsummer mailbag as Justis Mosqueda answer five of your burning Packers questions.
21 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Packers v Rodgers ...
4 min
APC Pod: unpacking the Packers draft (and more ...
Unpacking the Packers draft (and more Rodgers drama, of course)
44 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Could Rodgers real...
5 min
Aaron Rodgers drama overshadows round one of th...
Aaron Rodgers drama overshadows round one of the Packers draft
20 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Aaron Rodgers on t...
3 min
4 min
APC Podcast: Packers casual draft observance guide
Zach is joined by Tex Western and Justis Mosqueda to have a reasonable, digestible, Packers pre-draft conversation
46 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: As easy money bet ...
5 min
APC Pod: Packers Free Agency Updates
Catching up with Packers free agency news
32 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Packers must do mo...
3 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: JJ Watt should sig...
4 min
Talking coordinators, fiancés, and... the econo...
After a long hiatus, Ben rejoins our airwaves. We play catchup and talk about what's kept him off the show, and eventually talk about the Green Bay Packers too. Like 17 minutes in. So fast forward if that's really what you're here for.
46 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Reviewing Rodgers'...
3 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Packers-Bucs talki...
4 min
Sigh of the Times: Recapping the Packers loss t...
Zach, Alex, and Tex gather to regroup after the Packers lose a heartbreaker in the NFC Championship Game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
37 min
NFC Championship Game Preview: Packers vs. Bucc...
Zach and Alex close the book on last weekend's sweet, sweet victory over the Rams before chatting with Paul "Badger" Noonan about the upcoming NFC Championship Game. How can the Green Bay Packers ensure a different outcome this time around against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers?
37 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Recapping Packers-...
4 min
Packers beat Rams, head to NFC Championship
Zach and Tex recap the Green Bay Packers' victory over the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The Packers are now set to host the NFC Championship game.
34 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Which Quarterback ...
5 min
Wildcard recap & Packers-Rams preview
Zach and Alex recap super-de-duper wildcard mega fun weekend and look ahead to the Packers home playoff matchup against the LA Rams.
44 min
2020 Packers: owning our incorrect predictions
Zach and Alex reflect on a special regular season for the Packers and revisit some preseason predictions, owning up to what they got wrong
43 min
Packers tame Bears, earn coveted first-round bye
Zach and Tex raise a glass of bourbon and debrief after the Green Bay Packers' first-round-bye-clinching victory over the rival Chicago Bears to end the 2020 regular season.
32 min
Packers leave Titans tundra-struck
Zach, Tex, and Matub cut loose after the Packers thorough dismantling of the Tennessee Titans at a snowy Lambeau Field
31 min
Packers push past persistent Panthers
Zach, Tex, and Matub raise a glass and break down a "disappointing win" for the Packers, as they beat the Panthers 24-16.
27 min
Rapid Recap: North champs again, Packers now to...
Zach and Tex bask in a Packers victory over the Lions, another division crown, and another MVP-worthy season from Aaron Rodgers
26 min
Rapid Recap: Mitch Trubisky is the gift that ke...
Zach and Jon recap Sunday Night Football after the Packers belittle the Bears
15 min
Rapid Recap: Packers out-choke the Colts, lose ...
Tex and Matub give their reactions after the Packers lose a frustrating game to the Colts in overtime.
17 min
MVS = Maybe Very Serviceable?
Zach and Alex take one last look at the Packers squeaker win over the Jaguars, including a maybe-he's-turning-a-corner performance from MVS.
30 min
Rapid Recap: Packers eke out sloppy, frustratin...
Zach and Tex regroup after a grueling, mistake-filled victory for the Packers over the Jaguars
22 min
Rapid Recap: Aaron Rodgers sails, Nick Mullins ...
Zach and Alex chat immediately following the Packers easy win over the depleted 49ers.
25 min
Rapid Recap: Dalvin cooks porous Pettine defense
Zach and Alex give their rapid reactions to the Packers frustrating home loss to the Minnesota Vikings.
33 min
Week 8 preview: Packers host vulnerable Vikings
Previewing the Packers upcoming game against the Vikings with the Athletic's Arif Hasan
26 min
Packers top the NFC - sizing up the competition
Zach and Alex take one last look at the Green Bay Packers win over the Houston Texans before turning their attention to the conference standings. With the Packers at the top of the pile, what other teams worry you?
37 min
Rapid Recap: Packers pound Texans
Zach and Tex react to the Green Bay Packers' bounce-back win over the Houston Texans
22 min