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UnPack Pod: Aaron Rodgers, the poet
Zach, Alex, and Ben talk about owning the Bears, Aaron Rodgers the accidental poet, and what exactly is Russell Wilson's deal? No, like seriously.
37 min
I Love Gold: Never Mock the Belt
"I'm ready for some 69."
46 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Aaron Rodgers wins...
2 min
The Repack: Aaron Rodgers owns Chicago 24-14
I still own you.
48 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: How worried should...
7 min
Intercepted: Previewing the Bears with Robert M...
Chicago's trending up, but is it enough?
59 min
Reporting as Eligible - Mo Worse Special Teams
Special teams has almost cost the Packers two wins. When will it finally bite them, and what can be done?
69 min
UnPack Pod: Another totally normal, not stressf...
Zach, Alex, and Ben give notable nuggets, news, and haikus following the Green Bay Packers 25-22 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
38 min
I Love Gold: The Davante Adams Game
Not the last time Davante goes for 200?
43 min
The Repack: Packers go 4-1 after Crosby's 5 of ...
The special teams vibes are off.
44 min
Intercepted: Breaking down Packers-Bengals with...
No Bengals fan this week. The universe wouldn't allow it.
53 min
Reporting as Eligible - Ben Over, Burrow Head
Ben's worst throw ever somehow hurt Jaire.
74 min
UnPack Pod: Romo rides the Burlington party bus
Zach, Alex, and Ben In A Car regroup after the Packers home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. There was rain, there was terrible officiating, there was a possibly sauced Tony Romo. It was a good time.
38 min
I Love Gold: Panning for Gold
No one can match Reggie White's hump move.
41 min
The Repack: Packers get lucky on special teams,...
Ben Roethlisberger is late-stage Eli Manning.
39 min
Intercepted: Why can't they put a chip in the b...
"They're a really good high school football team."
35 min
From Behind The Steel Curtain: Paul Noonan Prev...
Our own Paul Noonan joins BTSC hosts Michael Beck and Geoffrey Benedict to preview the upcoming game between the Packers and Steelers
32 min
Reporting as Eligible - Shanahanadingdong
The student defeats the teacher in a last second thriller.
86 min
UnPack Pod: the defense lives!
Zach and Justis tackle Packers news and haikus after a thrilling win over the 49ers.
38 min
I Love Gold: A return, a sub, and an announcement
Does APC need an injury report?
41 min
The Repack: Green Bay's offensive line holds up...
Eric Stokes: Start the kid.
40 min
Intercepted: Previewing the 49ers with Kyle Pos...
Loser reads their worst takes on the SB Nation NFL Show.
39 min
Exclusive: APC's Justis Mosqueda talks to Aaron...
"I just wanted to take the time to share the places in my home that are meaningful to me."
9 min
Reporting as Eligible - Joe Barry, We've Had En...
Hold On, Hold On
69 min
UnPack Pod: Stoked on Stokes
Zach, Alex, and Ben connect after the Packers' 35-17 win over the Lions to talk Stokes and King, befuddlement at Barry, and more chatter about high-quality t-shirts and obscure New York electronics stores with Kosher candy.
35 min