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Everything Under the Sun
"Everything Under the Sun" brings you fun and interesting weather stories like, weather history, weather in the movies, long range forecasting, hurricane outlook, shark migration and so much more. We talk to experts from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The Royal Meteorological Society, and our own AccuWeather experts including Storm Chaser - Reed Timmer. The perfect blend of science, history and storytelling. New episodes every Thursday: https://www.accuweather.com/podcast
Natural Sciences
News & Politics
2018 Year-End Holiday Travel Forecast
Travel during the year-end holidays is expected to break records! Join host Regina Miller as she speaks with Tamra Johnson from AAA about what you could expect when you’re traveling this holiday season.
15 min
Weather’s Impact on the Attack on Pearl Harbor
With the upcoming 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, host Regina Miller looks back and discusses with AccuWeather’s Chief Operating Officer Evan Myers, how weather played a key role in the Japanese bombing of the U.S. naval base.
17 min
Winter Weather and Vehicle Preparation
Updated look at the 2018-19 AccuWeather Winter Forecast, plus winter driving safety tips along with advice on how to properly winterize your vehicle before hitting the road.
24 min
AccuWeather Ready - Winterizing your Car and Dr...
Winterizing your Car and Driving Safety
14 min
Weather’s Impact on Hunting Season
This week, how does weather affect hunting season? Host Regina Miller is joined by AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Dombek and General Manager at Drury Outdoors and host of the 100% Wild Podcast, Matt Drury.
25 min
Weather’s Impact on This Year’s Macy’s Thanksgi...
Executive Producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Susan Tercero, joins AccuWeather Network’s Regina Miller to discuss the iconic holiday event and how weather ties into all the parade encompasses. Listen to learn more about the parade’s coordination and some of the familiar faces you might see this Thanksgiving morning.
27 min
Weather Folklore – Real or Ridiculous?
AccuWeather Meteorologists Bernie Rayno and Becky DePodwin join Regina Miller to put some old Weather Folklore to the test! Are these examples of Weather Folklore Real or Ridiculous?
36 min
Does Election Day weather affect voter turnout?
Does Election Day weather affect voter turnout? Political Science Professor, Mike Binder and AccuWeather's Evan Myers join the podcast to discuss.
30 min
Weather & the Paranormal
Does paranormal activity increase during weather events such as heat waves and thunderstorms?
41 min
On location at HackPSU
The AccuWeather Podcast is on location at HackPSU, Penn State's official 24-hour student run Hackathon!
29 min
In the path of Hurricane Michael
AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist, Reed Timmer discusses Hurricane Michael on-site in Panama City Beach, FL as the Category 4 storm quickly approached the Gulf Coast.
29 min
2018 Winter Outlook and the Impact of Weather o...
AccuWeather's US winter forecast for 2018-2019 season
30 min
Covering Hurricane Florence – Firsthand Experie...
AccuWeather Network's Reed Timmer and Jonathan Petramala tell us about their experiences on the ground when Hurricane Florence hit.
26 min
The Future is Now – Smart Technology and Weather
What is an API and how does it affect you? We talk to AccuWeather developers about API’s and Smart Technology and it’s impact on our daily lives.
27 min
When the Siren Went Silent – the story of Jopli...
When the Siren Went Silent – the story of Joplin, MO
30 min
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871
We talk to AccuWeather’s COO and resident weather historian Evan Myers about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
32 min
Hurricane Harvey - Survivor Stories
Hurricane Harvey – One year later, we get personal accounts from three Houstonians who lived through it plus advice from FEMA on how to prepare for a hurricane.
33 min
Forensic Meteorology and the aftermath of Hurri...
Forensic Meteorology and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with meteorologist Steve Wistar, and the work that went in to surveying damage and helping storm victims.
29 min
Weather's Impact on Sports
Weather's Impact on Sports
31 min
Weather Accuracy In The Movies 2
AccuWeather Podcast goes back to Hollywood for a second installment of “Weather in the Movies”
29 min
Weather behind Monsoon Season
Meteorologists Paul Pastelok and Jason Nicholls explain the weather behind monsoon season, flooding and how monsoons affect on the environment.
21 min
Dust Storms Past and Present
Dust Storms Past and Present
27 min
Ocean Temperatures impact on Shark Migration
Ocean Temperatures impact on Shark Migration with Dr. Stephen Kajiura
25 min
AccuWeather’s VP of Forecasting, Marshall Moss
AccuWeather’s Vice President of Forecasting, Marshall Moss
31 min
Mosquito & Bug Safety
Mosquito & Bug Safety Tips with Dr. Jim Fredericks of the National Pest Management Association
25 min
Storm Chasing with Reed Timmer
Storm Chaser and Extreme Meteorologist, Reed Timmer talks about the adventures and scientific investigation behind storm chasing.
21 min
Forensics With Dr Joe Sobel
Dew Process – how weather forensics helped solve …
31 min
The Great Galveston Hurricane
The Great Hurricane of 1900 that destroyed Galves…
32 min
Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria
This week the AccuWeather Podcast gets a personal…
34 min
Weather Accuracy In The Movies
This week we go Hollywood talking about weather a…
25 min
Royal Meteorological Society
This week we talk to Liz Bentley, Chief Executive…
25 min
AccuWeather Network’s Bernie Rayno And Laura Ve...
This week we meet the hosts of the AccuWeather Ne…
26 min
Long-Range Forecasting
This week we focus on long range forecasting with…
25 min
Hurricane Preparedness
This week we focus on Hurricane Preparedness with advice and tips from Daniel Brown...
32 min
AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist, Elliot Abrams
This week, Elliot Abrams, Senior Vice President a…
24 min