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Spawn On Me with Kahlief Adams is the internet’s definitive video game podcast featuring and spotlighting gamers of color. Brought to you directly from Brookago brings you gaming news, previews, and reviews while simultaneously looking at how games affect the world. Humor, insight and some of the most important people in the gaming world can be found in only one place…the Spawn On Me podcast!

Video Games
This week we talk all about Sony showing us the first look at the PS5's UI. Their new policy which lets you snitch on your friends. Why Spider-Man's bodega cat friend is the best and we debut our newest segment called "AKA" Ask Kah Anything!!
57 min
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59 min
We talk all about Sony's PS5 Showcase and what hit or missed. We also share some good news with Brookago
71 min
3 out of 10 is a 10 out of 10 in our hearts!
Our interview with Creative Director Joe Mirabello of Terrible Posture Studio
45 min
Exploring the Diverse History of Video Games w/...
Melissa Wood, Director and Ex. Producer of the Netflix's "High Score", talks about how the docuseries went about spotlighting some lesser known stories from the early days of Video Games history.
80 min
A Lesson In Blackness - The Reunion
We come back three months later after our initial conversation around Blackness in America to check in with our amazing guests Blessing Adeoye Jr. Parris Lilly, Pikachulita, Cameron Hawkins and Zombaekillz see how their experiences have changed....
113 min
Harmonix's Fuser is the next evolution of music...
This week Zoe Schneider of Harmonix joins us to talk all about their newest music game Fuser. We talk about Battletoads in what we've been playing. Hit the news with 505's botching of next-gen upgrades, Ghosts of Tsushima's adding multiplayer and new...
90 min
Content Creation is Hard - DaPurpleSharpie shar...
This week we bring on Co-Creator of Combo Queens, DaPurpleSharpie to talk about some ways content creators can find better strategies to stay authentic while trying to grow their brand. We wrap up the show with some thoughts on the Apple vs Epic Games...
79 min
This week Erin Ashley Simon joins us to talk about her jump to Venn TV. Her background in the gaming industry and much more. Then in What We've Been Playing, we talk about how Marvel's Avengers needs more time to cook and our excitement about EA's UFC4
79 min
This week we talk about Halo Infinite's multiplayer going free to play, Sony sharing that we'll get no new news in their State of Play. Marvel's Avengers will get SpiderMan on PS5 and Susanna Pollack, President of Games For Change joins us for an...
51 min
Black Women Magic - Ladies of the FGC
This week Junae Benne takes over our show and snags some amazing guests to talk all about their experiences as Black women in the fighting game community.
55 min
Xbox's Game Showcase is a huge win for Microsof...
This week we jump right in with our Xbox First Party Showcase recap. Which games made us the most excited? Did Halo Infinite really not look next-gen? We talk about all that and more and then wrap the episode with a fantastic interview with Xbox's...
67 min
We talk to Adam Sessler about the future of Xbo...
The amazing Adam Sessler comes back to Brookago after a 5-year absence. We talked about his predictions of what we'll see during the Xbox first-party showcase next week. What we should see from PlayStation before the year is out and what he's been...
79 min
Twitch Botches BLM, Sony Buys into Epic Games a...
This week we talk about Twitch's botched Black Lives Matter message. If Sony buying a stake in Epic Games gives them an advantage and if the Army is too soft to be on Twitch.
42 min
This week we dig deep into the news and talk about EVO getting canceled, give our impressions on Ubisoft's new Battle Royale Hyperscape and talk about NBA 2K21 getting a price hike for next-gen.
52 min
Sara Dietschy Interview - Making content during...
This week we bring on one our favorite content creators "That Creative Life's" own Sara Dietschy to talk about her Youtube journey. How COVID-19 has hampered making content and how active listening made her a better podcast host. We of course had to...
59 min
SPAWN ON ME 339 - Disintegration's Marcus Lehto...
This week we have an exclusive interview with V1 Interactive's Marcus Lehto talking all about their new game Disintegration. We go all in on Sony's PS5 reveal and we wrap by talking about Valve's silence on Black Lives Matter.
50 min
Activism, Blackness and next steps in the #Blac...
Last week we spoke with members of the gaming community to discuss how we are dealing with the death of #GeorgeFloyd. This week we come back with a stellar team from the activism space to talk about what steps are next in the fight for justice. Check...
74 min
A Lesson In Blackness
This week on the heels of George Floyd's murder, we gather up some of our favorite content creators to talk about being Black in America, how the gaming industry is failing Black creators and folks get real about the state of the world. We're joined...
116 min
StoryModeBae makes her way to Brookago
This week Twitch Ambassador StoryModeBae comes to Brookago to share about her streaming journey and why lifting up Blackness in your content is important. We also talk about Summit1G's weird emote take and dig into some thoughts about Twitch's Safety...
49 min
The Future Is Now!
This week we bring on Gamespot's own Michael Higham to talk about his journey in the gaming industry. In the 411 we hit Unreal Engine 5 showing us next-gen graphics, Loba being added to Apex Legends and Ghost of Tsushima.
93 min
Xbox 2020, Mortal Kombat Aftermath & Ahmaud Arbery
*TRIGGER WARNING* Alongside us going over some of the high and lowlights of Microsoft's Xbox 2020 showcase, we dig into Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath and end the show with some feelings shared around the death of Ahmaud Arbery
34 min
WNBA Champion Aerial Powers comes to Brookago
This week WNBA Champion Aerial Powers makes her way to Brookago to talk about her journey to the WNBA, her championship run with the Washington Mystics, and how her love of gaming has gotten her into joining Twitch as a streamer.
53 min
Stop Spoiling Games For People
We dig into the the wackness that are the leaks around The Last of Us 2 and Alinity finally getting banned from Twitch. In "What We've Been Playing" we talk about Streets of Rage, Predator Hunting Grounds and Gears Tactics.
40 min
The Best Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode On the ...
This week, Cameron Hawkins of Dualshockers joins me to talk all about Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We also dig into where we think Jason Schreier formerly of Kotaku will go next. *EDITOR NOTE* THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THE SHOW, we preface those parts of the...
82 min
Cloud Strife is a SIMP!
This week we dig into lots of news this week: New PS5 controllers, Disintegration Single Player and Valorant doing big numbers on Twitch. In "What We've Been Playing? we dig into Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Resident Evil 7 and Bleeding Edge. Make sure...
54 min
The Glow Up is Real!!!
This week we bring on Mitu Khandaker and Latoya Peterson to talk about their new studio Glow Up Games and their first project which is based in and around the world of HBO's hit show Insecure.
53 min
Terraflops and Coronavirus
This week we chat about all the new console hardware specs. Division 2's new DLC in What We've Been Playing and we give some love to the first responders keeping us safe from the coronavirus.
57 min
A Career in Games and Disappointing Your Ethnic...
There’s nothing quite like NOT becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant and dishonoring your entire family. But now you’re interested in…. GAMES? IN A VOLATILE INDUSTRY? Living in a Western culture with non-Western parents has its own set of...
61 min
Tre And J are now our favorite Twitch Streamers
Two of the most dynamic Call of Duty streamers we've seen in a long time come to Brookago this week. Tre and J share thoughts on how they got into content creation. How being brothers informs their brand and how to use the grind to your advantage....
88 min
BlackGamerMonth creator Marvin Bing comes to Br...
#BlackGamerMonth creator Marvin Bing comes to Brookago to talk about his transition from social justice activism to activism and awareness building in the gaming industry. How do you build coalitions? What does it mean to have a seat at the table?...
72 min
SOM MORE THOUGHTS #3 - Reflections on Dice Summ...
30 min
We roll the DICE with Stanley Pierre-Louis of t...
This week we come to you directly from Las Vegas and the #Dice2020 conference. We have an exclusive interview with President and CEO of the ESA Stanley Pierre-Louis and talk about the health of E3, where the show is going and chat about security after...
75 min
Apex Legends Season 4, Mortal Kombat 11 snubs a...
This week on the heels of the Dice conference we hit the ground running talking all about Apex Legends season 4. Mortal Kombat 11 getting kicked out of EVO 2020 and Atomic Heart pops back up on our radar. We talk about playing Dead Cells, Overwatch,...
43 min
Crux is the future of Black Storytelling in XR ...
We are joined this week by Lauren Ruffin, Co-Founder of Crux to talk about their new company that is looking to give Black storytellers a way to tell their stories in XR, VR and MR spaces.
50 min
The Current State of Streaming with Lightstream...
Lightstream's Stu Grubbs joins me this week to talk all about the current and future state of streaming. Their amazing influencer tool and much more.
61 min
DICE drama, Cyberpunk Delays and More Sony game...
We start this week's episode with a call for clarity when it comes to bad tweets and mishandlings. We then jump into the conversation around why Cyberpunk 2077 delay might be even worse for their devs. We wrap up the show with a look at why Horizon...
56 min
Team Booty, Alienware makes their Switch & 2020...
We come back from our break hitting the ground running. We dig into why Xbox's Matt Booty is 100% right about Microsoft's cross-gen plans. We talk about Alienware's UFO concept handheld console. Disintegration from V1Interactive getting us hyped. In...
48 min
SOM Thoughts #2 - Multiple Next Gen Xbox's? & J...
This week I chat about Xbox having multiple SKU's for next-gen, the new Jesus game and I'm salty about Dr. Disrespect continuing to prosper.
29 min
We take it to the rack with Chris Manning from ...
This week we bring the three-time champ Chris Manning to talk all about what's new with NBA 2K.
58 min
We head to the bodega with Brass Lion and Corne...
This week we're joined with the team from Brass Lion Entertainment and talk to them about their new game Corner Wolves.
45 min
Exclusive Interview: Death Stranding's Die Hard...
Brookago was never lost on the chiral network but if we were Tommie Earl Jenkins would be sure to get us back online. Enjoy our exclusive interview with the actor behind the Death Stranding's standout character Die Hardman
52 min
SOM More Thoughts Episode 1 - Ninja Smoke Bombs...
In our first episode of SOM More Thoughts we dig into the idea that content creators are above responsibility thanks to Ninja
71 min
Stadia Launch Woes, X019 brings the heat & NFS ...
This week we dig into all the issues with the upcoming Stadia launch. The fantastic showing from Xbox at #X019. Star Wars: Fallen Order and NFS Heat on our "What We've Been Playing list. Did you know that we are sponsored by E-Win Gaming Ewinracing...
56 min
Rock-A-Bye BB
This week we give our highly anticipated Death Stranding review and talk a little bit about joy. Did you know that we are sponsored by E-Win Gaming Ewinracing Website: Use Code "spawnonme" for 30% Off Music: Mr. Postman...
67 min
Bethesda has lost their damn minds!
We talk about the Fallout 76 subscription service, WWE2k20 being broken and we dig into what we've been playing too!
74 min
"Taylor-Made" Marketing For Your Content
Taylor of Marketing For Creators joins us this week to talk all about how to maximize how you share your content with the world.
68 min
2019 Has So Many Games!
I recap TwitchCon, talk about the PS5, Fortnite goes dark and I chat about what I've been playing.
54 min
Dreams Do Come True
We snag Senior Principal Designer John Beech and Community Manager Tom Dent from Media Molecule to talk all about their creation wonderland Dreams
54 min
Josh Silverman has calibrated our systems!
This week we're rocking with Josh Silverman the host of the Constantly Calibrating podcast to talk about Twitch playing fashion police. The ESA revamping E3 for influencers and Hideo Kojima being REALLY honest about how long Death Stranding will take...
69 min
What a Pax!
Kah broadcasts from the middle of the ocean while sharing thoughts on Pax West 2019
52 min
MEGABOOTH Presents: Building Bridges & Breaking...
This biannual Indie MEGABOOTH and pals panel will bring together a new, diverse group of indie dev allies who are actively working in the video game space to help bridge cultural gaps and create positive communities. The panelists will share personal...
59 min
We act real "Patriotic" with Yussef Cole
This week we bring on award-winning writer and Design Director at Netflix's Patriot Act Yussef Cole to talk about their amazing episode around gaming industry unionization and much more.
65 min
Game Developers Are People Too
This week we talk about the Apex Legends community debacle and share our plans for TwitchCon 2019
61 min
Women deserve their time in the E-sports spotlight
This week we are joined by Steph who is the fighting game community lead at Console Gaming League. We talk about CGL Valkyries a fighting game tournament for women only. Steph shares thoughts on where that side of Esports is going and why women need...
86 min
Changes are a-coming
Kahlief shares some important changes coming to Spawn On Me
7 min
Betrayal, Disappointment & Anger - The Story of...
This week we talk about the negligence of the ESA leaking personal information of the press. Why eSports is keeping Black players out of their competitions. We round up our favorite moments from EVO 2019 and much more!
64 min
We discuss the new Yeezy Shackles with Greg Hay...
This week we bring on the amazing Greg Haynes from AbleGamers to talk about his work with the disabled gaming community and we did into the conversations around Overwatch's newest character Sigma.
61 min
GameStop changes course, What we've been playin...
This week we talk about Google Stadia possibly being pretty bare bones at launch. GameStop is looking to change the shopping experience and we talk about all the games we've been playing this past week.
53 min
NoClip made us cry, PlayStation goes Hardcore &...
We have feels about NoClip's fantastic E3 documentary. PlayStation might be missing the mark when it comes to the hardcore and we talk about why Dea Of Solitude needs to be on your game of the year list.
53 min
Dr. Disrespect Should Be In Jail.
This week we dig into the latest bad behavior from Dr. Disrespect and why Twitch needs to be tougher on bad actors. We discuss why Twitch's addition of Subscriber-only streams might not be a bad thing and we wrap up episode 301 talking about "Three...
56 min
We get unruly with Unrooolie
We come back from E3 hyped AF and bring on our newest Brookago resident Kenny "Unrooolie" O'Brien to talk about his wonderful work with the Yo Videogames crew. We chat about Kenny doing more solo projects, the current state of MK 11, give some newbie...
59 min
E3 2019 - Clint Hocking - Watch Dogs Legion Int...
We sit down with the legend Clint Hocking to talk about how Watch Dogs Legion is revolutionizing open world gameplay. We talk about how moving from San Francisco to London offers up new gameplay changes and much much more!!  
8 min
E3 2019 - Emil Daubon - Ghost Recon Breakpoint ...
We sit down with Writer and Techincal Advisor, Emil Daubon of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint team to talk about what new things you'll see in the game and how authenticity will bring you and your squad closer together. 
10 min
E3 2019 - Mike Williams's E3 Conference Breakdown
Mike Williams of joins us to break down all of E3's press conferences. 
44 min
We hang with Adriel Wallick of Indie Train Jam, Anya Combs from Kickstarter and Jarryd Huntley to talk about how the Indie space is changing and if E3 can continue to make that space grow. 
43 min
We snagged the amazing Tim Schafer to hang with us at #E32019 to talk all about #Psychonauts2, what it was like to follow Keanu Reeves at the @Xboxe3 conference. How joining Microsoft helps @DoubleFine & we might have gotten a new theme song.
27 min
We come back from E3 2019 with goodies in hand. Check out our exclusive interview with @aarongreenberg of the @Xbox team. We talk #ProjectScarlett, #XboxE3 Keanu Reeves and we ask the important question: "What Does Xbox body wash smell like?"
17 min
Bioshock Infinite Babies
This week we share some of our E3 coverage plans, dig into the trailerpalooza that happened this week in the form of Death Stranding and MLK 11 DLC. We also get a surprise announcement from our friends over at Amazon UK too. Before we wrap it up this...
57 min
We go all the way to Japan to talk about Bitsummit
John Davis, Co-Owner of the biggest indie gaming show in Japan BitSummit joins us to talk about the upcoming show. What it is like as a Black man integrating with Japanese culture. How the indie scenes are different in the East & West and much much...
70 min
E3 Predictions, and some exciting news!
Kahlief runs down the usual cast of characters attending E3 and shares some thoughts on what we might see from them at the show. We also talk about becoming Twitch Ambassadors and end out with a couple of games we've been playing! 
58 min
Can I speak to Community Management please?
Microsoft's Mike Robles joins us this week to talk about how got into the business. We talk about focusing on the good actors in your community and we dig into what he's been playing too. 
56 min
Folks are caping for Robert E. Lee?
We have the amazing John Phillips from the Super Deformed Gamescast on the show with us this week to talk about the amazing work they are doing with their podcast. How calling our Robert E. Lee can get you banned on Twitter and why Notch and PewDiePie...
62 min
This week we're joined with The Koalition's Tony Polanco to talk all about what we've been playing. Lots of MK 11 love, what Rick Fox's departure from Echo Fox could mean for eSports and we talk all about Days Gone (spoilers ahead)! 
63 min
ArtificialNext comes to Brookago
Creator of the ArtificialNext show and podcast Bernie Su joins us to talk about his amazing project that tells the story of an AI character come to life. We talk about how this innovative show came to life on Twitch and what it means for interactive...
58 min
Indie Mega Booth Building Bridges and Breaking ...
This biannual Indie MEGABOOTH and pals panel brings together a new diverse group of indie dev allies who are actively working in the indie game space to help bridge cultural gaps and create positive communities. Moderated by Allegra Frank...
71 min
The Mess That is Anthem
This week we dedicate the entire hour to the amazing Kotaku piece written this week by Jason Schreier talking all about the missteps and issues surrounding development on Bioware's game Anthem. 
71 min
Gaming Our Asses Off
Shareef and Cicero give you all the thoughts on grinding in Division 2. We share thoughts on the EA layoffs and talk about how excited we are about the No Man Sky expansion dropping this summer. 
59 min
Stadia Sade
Reef and Cee discuss the new Google Stadia and what it means for gaming. Are they doing too much? Will it even work as advertised? An Xbox and Switch partnership is in the works, what does this mean for both consoles? Also, the release date for the...
59 min
Google Stadia Thoughts and Impressions
After watching the announcement of the Google Stadia, our captain gives his impressions of what the tech giant is proposing for gaming. 
16 min
The incomparable Andrea Rene of What's Good Games makes her debut in Brookago this week. We talk all about her gaming origin story and a bunch about The Division 2.  Make sure to check out the second half of our conversation over on Patreon as well. ...
57 min
Frank Cifaldi is saving our history...literally
We bring on the founder of the Video Game History Foundation, Frank Cifaldi to talk about how important it is to archive digital media and games. We also connect him to SouljaBoy, Indiana Jones and Sharknado!
59 min
A week of highs and lows
This week we talk about the controversy of the Rape Day game and Valve's response, NBA 2K drafting its first woman into the 2K League, Xbox going disc-less and EA ditching their press conference at E3
59 min
277 - Charles is definitely in charge
We bring on Charles Singletary from Shacknews to share his story of how he got into the industry. We dig into why Apex Legends is so great. Ask the question of if Anthem can get out of its own way and chat about a bunch more of what we've been playing. 
59 min
276 - Gabi Michel shares the story of the Xbox ...
Gabi Michel from the Microsoft Devices Team joins us this to share her story and give us the origin story of the transformative Xbox Adaptive Controller.  *We stripped out a section of the show where Gabi goes into depth about how the Adaptive...
54 min
275 - Agent Tinsley reporting for duty!
Industry veteran Stephanie Tinsley-Fitzwilliam, president of Tinsley PR is making her Brookago debut this week and dropped GEMS on all of us. We dig into how public relations has changed in the age of social media. What is the new normal when it comes...
76 min
274 - We Ride The Lightning with Ryan McCaffrey
IGN's own Ryan McCaffrey joins us this week to talk about how his career has changed and grown over the years. Why journalistic integrity still matters and we chat about the art of conducting a good interview. 
88 min
273 - Ebony and Harmon-y
We bring O'Dell Harmon of the Game Fanatics and the Full Circle podcast on the show this week to talk about his rise in the gaming industry.  We talk about Kingdom Hearts and Anthem expectations too! 
83 min
The Spawnies 2018 pt 2.
We wrap up our Spawnies awards with part 2! We share thoughts on our favorite mobile, emotional and game of the year!  Thank you all so much for listening, we had a blast! 
88 min
The Spawnies 2018 - pt 1.
With the beginning of 2019 here and kicking we drop our 2018 GOTY contenders and winners for all our Brookago residents!  Be sure to check out this episode and our finale tomorrow! 
54 min
271 - Activision has no Bungie Cord
Kah and Reef dedicate a WHOLE episode to the conversation around the Activision and Bungie breakup. How will this affect Destiny 2? Is it a good move for Bungie? We ask and answer all the questions!  We also dig into how dope Awesome Games Done Quick...
71 min
270 - The SouljaDollar Market Crash
We come back with a vengeance this week to talk about Rami Ismail's newest collaborative project called Meditations. We discuss the wild west that is Twitch moderation after a domestic abuser gets his banned channel back. Soulja Boy gets snatched by...
71 min
269 - Dance Carlton Dance
In our first episode of 2019 we chat about Epic getting sued again for dance stealing. Epic bringing the ill-fated TellTale Walking Dead game to their store. The ESRB getting a nod from Congress and we dig into how shooting games are changing. 
76 min
268 - Paul Tamayo's Dopeness Is Not Optional
Kotaku's Paul Tamayo joins us this week to talk about his fantastic podcast The Optional. What it's like to make a name in the gaming industry. We talk about how the gaming community has grown and changed in New York. 
71 min
267 - Nut Punching Riot
Reef and Cee are manning the ship and that means you get some more impressions of games that were announced on around The Game Awards 2018! We then talk about the nonsense that is the corporate culture at Riot Games as well as if it’s ‘personnel’...
93 min
266 - The Game Awards
Cicero and Shareef break down their thoughts on The Game Awards while Kahlief attends the show. 
22 min
This week we tag and bag more Fallout 76 mess, share some of our experiences finding people to play with online with "Looking For Group" gaming services and wrap up episode 265 with what we've been playing!
71 min
264 - Vaseline Hadouken
Shareef and Kah revisit the Thanksgiving gaming lineups of the last five years and declare a victor.
55 min
263: Brookago Buyer's Guide 2018
Shareef and Cicero talk about the future of E3 without Sony, the Game Awards nominees, and the Brookago Buyer's Guide for your holiday console purchases.
85 min