Mamotaro and Kamekichi’s Journey Thro...
Mamotaro is an ocean-loving boy dog.  Kamekichi, who calls himself the Guardian of the Sea, is a turtle who has watched over the ocean for many years.  The two accidently meet on the beach and decide to stand up to protect the beautiful ocean.  However, unexpected events happen as they start out on a journey through beaches.  This is a series of audio dramas that gives you a little chuckle, but at the same time, lets you learn about various problems surrounding the sea.  Our catchword is “Change for the Blue!”  We hope you enjoy and support Mamotaro and Kamekichi and their efforts to clean up the ocean they love so much. Follow the podcast:  Apple Podcast  / Spotify  / Google Podcast  /  Amazon Music
The End of Adventure and a New Beginning
22 min
The Worst Crisis Ever? What Will Happen to Mam...
19 min
The Ultra Tong Reveals Its True Power
18 min
The Invasion of the Archnemesis CUMD?
20 min
Mamotaro Meets Kamekichi. A Fateful Encounter?
21 min