Talk Is Jericho

He’s a multiple world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy, and a New York Times best-selling author. Listen in as Chris Jericho interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, entertainment, comedy, and the paranormal. Don’t miss his unique, engaging, weekly take on all things pop culture.

TIJ - EP18 - Rob Van Dam pt 1
It's part 1 of Chris' conversation with the WWE's Rob Van Dam. How'd he get his name? What about the two-thumb self-salute? Plus, hear about RVD's time training with The Sheik, wrestling in Japan, and his move to the...
77 min
TIJ - EP17 - Kaillie Humphries, 2X Olympic Gold...
2X Olympic Gold Medalist Bobsledder Kaillie Humphries is back from Sochi & talking to Chris! She's got Gold medal stories, Olympic village stories, and yes, she had a working toilet, shower & shower curtain in Sochi! Plus, hear...
67 min
TIJ - EP16 - Ghosthunter Jeff Belanger
Ghosthunter Jeff Belanger joins Chris to talk famous haunted landmarks, the real Amityville horror story, Jeff's first ghost sighting, and other things that go bump in the night!
78 min
TIJ - EP15 - WWE's Natalya Neidhart
WWE's Natalya Neidhart, star of Total Divas on the E! Channel, talks to Chris about growing up in the world of Hart Family wrestling, what it was really like at her grandfather Stu's house, training in the dungeon, being the first...
76 min
TIJ - EP14 - NHL's Darren McCarty
4-time Stanley Cup Champion & former Detroit Red Wing enforcer Darren McCarty talks hockey with Chris - fighting, turtling, locker room pranks, hardest-hitting players, and dominant scorers! Plus, how many beers does it take to fill...
66 min
TIJ - EP13 - Scott Ian from Anthrax
Anthrax frontman Scott Ian's in-studio with Chris and he's talking all about his father-in-law Meatloaf, self-proclaimed original "Jackass" Dimebag Darrell, the night Metallica bassist Cliff Burton was killed (Scott was...
78 min
TIJ - EP12 - Charlie Benante & Mike Portnoy
Beatlemania comes to "Talk Is Jericho!" Charlie Benante of Anthrax and Mike Portnoy from the Winery Dogs join Chris to talk about their favorite band, The Beatles! Favorite songs, favorite albums, favorite Beatle, stories about...
88 min
TIJ - EP11 - Chavo Guerrero Pt. 2
Chavo Guerrero shares the sad story of the final days of his friend & fellow wrestler Chris Benoit. Chavo was among the last to have contact with Chris before the tragic events, and speaks in-depth about it for the first time here on...
86 min
TIJ - EP10 - Chavo Guerrero Pt. 1
Chavo Guerrero opens up to Chris in this intimate interview about growing up in the famed Guerrero wrestling family, and the tragic loss of his uncle & tag team partner Eddie Guerrero. Plus, ghost stories, oranges, ribs, and a REAL...
70 min
TIJ - EP09 - M. Shadows of A7X
Avenged Sevenfold lead singer M. Shadows talks to Chris about the "Hail To The King: Deathbat" video game, new music, the song he still loves playing live, the song he never wants to play again, and what he misses most about Jimmy...
66 min
TIJ - EP08 - Ted Irvine
NHL great and the original Baby Faced Assassin, Ted Irvine, joins the show! Hear stories from his days with the New York Rangers, playing for Stanley Cup in 1972, and what Bobby Orr & Bobby Hull were really like on the ice.
84 min
TIJ - EP07 - Bret "The Hitman"Hart Pt2
Bret "The Hitman" Hart returns to talk about Hart Brothers Wrestling, Wrestlemania 10, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the great Curt Hennig, and the infamous Montreal Screwjob!
59 min
TIJ - EP06 - Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Bret "The Hitman" Hart has plenty to say about Stampede Wrestling, his dad Stu Hart, the WWE, his freezing cold childhood in Calgary, and the real reason the Hart family loves cats.
66 min
TIJ - EP05 - Eddie Trunk
KISS is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Eddie Trunk, host of That Metal Show, is here to explain how that finally happened! Chris and Eddie get into the inner workings of the Rock Hall, former snubs, and which KISS members may...
63 min
TIJ - EP04 - Edge Pt 2
Adam Copeland aka WWE Superstar Edge is back for more with Chris Jericho! Hear about the greatest tag team that never was - "Adorable Adam & Sensual Sean," why Adam regrets the name "Edge," and the story behind the 5-second...
72 min
TIJ - EP03 - Edge Pt 1
Adam Copeland aka WWE Superstar Edge joins Chris. Are you watching "Haven" on SyFy? You will after you hear this! Plus, the one essay that changed Edge's life, and more stories from the squared circle.
71 min
TIJ - EP02 - Steve Austin Pt 2
Here we go - round 2 with Steve Austin! It's the ascension of "Stone Cold," his final days in the WWE, and tag team talk! Plus...who the heck are Fang McFrost and Ice Dagger?
82 min
TIJ - EP01 - Steve Austin Pt 1
Steve Austin and Chris Jericho talk sibling rivalry, wrestling, music, reality TV, and antique shopping in this killer debut episode.
69 min