Beg to Differ with Mona Charen

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker of The Week to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

News Commentary
Does NATO Want Ukraine to Win the War?
The George W. Bush Institute's David Kramer joins B2D to consider the decision (at last) to send tanks to Ukraine. What does the dithering say about the Western alliance? Also, the regulars discuss Florida's rejection of an AP African American studies curriculum.
49 min
The Marjorie Taylor Greene Majority
The Atlantic's Ron Brownstein joins the group to discuss Kevin McCarthy giving the crazies the keys. Plus, Biden's attempt to pivot on immigration, and will Ukraine get the tanks it needs?
64 min
Classified Shmasified
Arc Digital's Nick Grossman joins the group to discuss Biden's classified documents mess, the GOP majority's foreign policy confusion, free speech on campuses (and in Florida) — and more.
59 min
McCarthy Sells His Soul for Nothing
Charlie Sykes joins B2D to discuss the House soap opera — from the comical to the consequential.
58 min
How to Disempower the Extremists
Katherine Gehl — the originator of Alaska's Ranked Choice Voting system — discusses progress on reforming our primary elections. The group then weighs in on Zelensky's historic visit, Elon's fate, Trump's taxes, and the immigration stalemate.
65 min
Bad Science; Good Science
Jesse Singal joins to discuss the fraught discourse on trans treatment. The group then turns to Ron De Santis's possible big blunder embracing anti-vaxers and a great scientific breakthrough (and its detractors).
53 min
Bibi is Back
Amir Tibon of Haaretz joins to explain how Netanyahu won again and what his new coalition means for Israel, for US/Israel relations, and possibly, for Ukraine. Also, the shape of American politics after Georgia's runoff.
58 min
Boy Troubles
Richard Reeves discusses his book Of Boys and Men.
57 min
Righting the Ship
Bret Stephens joins the group to share reflections on Trump's prospects, lessons for both parties from the midterms, and changing your mind in public.
62 min
The Biggest Loser
Sarah Longwell joins the group to evaluate the momentous midterms.
52 min
Moral Illness
Ruy Teixeira joins the panel to evaluate the coming election, the attack on Paul Pelosi, and the argument that both Biden and Harris should stand down.
61 min
It's the Center That Is Strong and Principled
The Washington Post's Charles Lane joins the panel along with Benjamin Wittes.
58 min
The Weakness of Strongmen
Kori Schake of AEI joins the group to discuss Ukraine and some of the world's most malign actors: Russia, China, and Iran. Plus, the panelists' favorite books this year.
55 min
Is a Utah Senate Upset in the Cards? (with Evan...
Senatorial candidate Evan McMullin joins the panel to discuss his race against Mike Lee. Also, should Biden be talking about Armageddon? The panel begs to differ.
61 min
Courting Trouble? (with Prof. Steve Vladeck)
Prof. Steve Vladeck joins the group (plus Bill Kristol) to consider how far the Supreme Court will go this term on matters of race and elections.
63 min
Our Unchristian Churches (with Peter Wehner)
Peter Wehner joins the group to discuss the crisis in evangelical churches
63 min
Trump and Putin Both Had a Bad Week (with Benja...
Benjamin Wittes joins the panel (including Will Saletan) to discuss Trump's triple legal woes, Putin's nuclear saber rattling, and Electoral Count Act reform finally happening.
57 min
Imagining Victory (with Noah Smith)
Noah Smith joins the group to consider Ukraine’s stunning counterattack, as well as inflation and DeSantis' stunt with asylum seekers.
61 min
Reading Midterm Tea Leaves (with Josh Barro)
Josh Barro joins the group to interpret the current status of the midterms.
65 min
He Is a Sucking Black Hole of Disaster (with Me...
Republicans know the 'Trump magic' isn't working, so when is the party going to get rid of him?
60 min
How to Defeat Putin . . . and Trump (with Eric ...
Eric Edelman joins the panel to discuss how to help Ukraine win.
65 min
I'm Sorry, That's Classified
Former CIA officer David Priess joins the group to consider Trump's secrets squirreled away in Mar-a-Lago, the "woke" FBI, the Democrats' prospects in the midterms, and much more. And Cathy Young sits in for Linda Chavez.
57 min
GOP vs. Rule of Law (with Ted Nordhaus)
Ted Nordhaus of the Breakthrough Institute answers doubts about nuclear energy.
57 min
Kansas Shocker (with A.B. Stoddard)
A.B. Stoddard helps analyze this week's primary election results.
53 min
Indict Them All? (with Nicholas Grossman)
Arc Digital's Nicholas Grossman joins Beg to Differ to debate prosecuting Trump.
68 min
Did the January 6 Committee Make a Difference? ...
Tom Nichols joins the group (plus Jon Ward) to discuss the committee's work.
56 min
A Patchwork Nation on Abortion (with Frances Ki...
Two biggest issues right now are interstate travel and pregnancy-terminating pills.
51 min
Can Democrats do Politics? (with Ruy Teixeira)
Democrats can't seem to find the sweet spot.
67 min
The End of Roe and Trump's Pathology (with Pete...
​The Atlantic's Peter Wehner joins the group (plus Ted Johnson) to discuss the reasoning and implications of the Dobbs decision.
53 min
“Wintry realism.” (with David Frum)
The Atlantic’s David Frum joins the group to discuss the January 6 committee’s purpose and the prospects for a non-Trump in 2024.
58 min
Republicans are Dangerous; Democrats are Ineffe...
Charlie Sykes joins the group to discuss the January 6 hearings, Biden's record, and inflation (we warned about it!)
72 min
Is Biden Too Old for a Second Term? (with Matt...
Third Way's Matt Bennett help dissect the primaries so far, the January 6 hearings, and the question of who will be the Democrats' 2024 nominee.
64 min
Is Gun Control Futile? (with David French)
David French joins the group this week to consider gun control efforts, the gun culture, and the state of the war in Ukraine.
63 min
Drowning in Guns under Minority Rule (with A.B....
Guest host A.B. Stoddard joins guests Tom Nichols, Yahoo News' Jon Ward, and regular Linda Chavez.
63 min
The Challenge of Diversity (with Yascha Mounk)
Yascha Mounk joins the panel to talk about the optimistic case for diverse democracies -- and primary results.
60 min
Voting Rights and Abortion Rights (with Ben Gin...
Election law expert Ben Ginsberg offers insight on threats to confidence in elections.
71 min
Abortion and Climate. Can We Get More Contentio...
MIT’s Robert Pindyck shares wisdom on climate and joins the discussion of the Roe draft opinion.
70 min
A Macron Moment in the US? (with guest host Jos...
Guest Host Josh Barro and the panel discuss the French elections, and the possibility of a centrist third party in the US. Plus, corporate free speech — and will Musk break Twitter?
65 min
Jared vs. Hunter
Arc Digital's Nicholas Grossman joins the group to consider the mask mandate, the corruption of presidential relatives, and James Carville's advice about "weird Republicans."
67 min
The Inflation Monster (with Noah Smith)
Noah Smith joins to consider whether inflation is really as bad as it looks and whether we can ever have a sensible immigration policy in our divided country.
73 min
Putin's American Friends (with Eric Edelman)
Eric Edelman joins to discuss war crimes, defense spending, and Putinists abroad and at home.
60 min
Lock Him Up?
The Atlantic’s Jonathan Rauch joins the group (including Cathy Young) to consider whether a federal judge saying Trump is a likely criminal should spur DOJ?
65 min
Monsters and Jackasses
The Washington Post's Charles Lane joins the group to mull whether Putin is intimidating the West with nuclear threats and if so, how to respond? Also, the KBJ hearings reveal a GOP deep into "jackassery."
59 min
Ukraine and the West Surprise Putin . . . and O...
Ukraine's brave stand against Russia has united Americans behind them. Will this new found bipartisanship mute extremists on the right and left?
61 min
Ukrainians Dodge Missiles. Can We Dodge Involve...
Attorney George Conway joins to discuss how war has changed America already. Also, the legal and political case for prosecuting Trump.
57 min
A Week Where Decades Happened (with Kori Schake)
60 min
Hinge Moment of History
AEI's Adam White joins the group to consider whether the invasion of Ukraine will shake the US from its decline into imbecility. Also whither the Supreme Court?
54 min
San Francisco Sends Democrats a Message
George Will joins to discuss the San Francisco warning, the Republicans' drift, and the inflation danger.
60 min
Open Everything?
Tom Nichols joins the panel to discuss whether it's time to end Covid restrictions, Ukraine and democracy, and "legitimate political discourse."
65 min
A Canceling We Will Go
Peter Wehner joins the group, which includes Bill Kristol this week, to discuss the Whoopi Goldberg and other cancel controversies, as well as Trump's acknowledgement of attempting a coup. nd who's really abandoning democracy, Republicans or Democrats?
56 min
Putin Wants to Turn Back the Clock
Stanford" Francis Fukuyama joins the group to discuss Ukraine and the impact of a new Supreme Court justice on politics and jurisprudence.
52 min
Do's and Don'ts of Democracy Protection
CATO's Walter Olson brings his libertarian insight to a discussion of voting rights and wrongs — and Biden's first year.
55 min
Biden's Nadir Week?
A.B. Stoddard and Ben Parker join the group to discuss Biden's kamikaze voting rights push and Putin's threats to Ukraine.
55 min
The Death of the Conservative Party
NY Times columnist Bret Stephens joins the panel, including Norm Ornstein, to discuss the GOP in the wake of Jan 6 and whether the Democrats are missing the boat on ECA and voting reform.
59 min
Were the Clintonites Right after All?
The centrist wing of the democratic party is making a bit of a comeback. With Joe Manchin calling the shots on BBB — and cultural issues like "defund the police" not winning even among Black and Hispanic voters — is it time for the Democratic leadership to stand up to the progressives? The Atlantic's Ron Brownstein is this week's special guest.
59 min
Was January 6 a Coup Attempt?
The Washington Post's Dan Balz joins the panel to discuss the January 6 committee, whether Biden will/should seek reelection, and how the pandemic has affected work/family balance.
69 min
Resentful Animosities
Peter Wehner joins the group to discuss threats to democracy, the GOP's gun fetish, and more.
61 min
If Roe Goes
Slate's Will Saletan joins the group, including Bill Kristol, to discuss the implications of a possible reversal of Roe and Biden's opportunities to recover.
53 min
How Scary Is Inflation?
Noah Smith helps the panel diagnose the inflation threat as well as the political peril for Democrats.
69 min
The DeSantis Temptation
The Atlantic’s David Frum joins to discuss inflation, the economy, immigration, and the call to back Ron DeSantis in 2024.
59 min
A Whiff of Maoism
NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait joins, along with the Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter, to discuss the BBB deal (if there is one) and cancel culture.
61 min
The Democrats’ Sinking Poll Numbers
Eric Edelman helps unpack China’s new missile, Democrats’ decline, and McAuliffe’s tone deafness.
56 min
Why You Can't Bracket Trump
Protect Democracy's Ian Bassin joins to discuss how he's working to counter threats. Also the VA governor's race.
61 min
“I Resent Being Called Cheerful."
George F. Will joins B2D panel to discuss his new book, and also whether Facebook should be regulated, and the Democrats' hopes for social welfare.
74 min
Democrats are Divided. Republicans are United ...
A.B. Stoddard joins to discuss why we can't have nice things in America.
70 min
Republicans are Dangerous. Can the Democrats Su...
Sarah Longwell sits in for Linda and Tom Nichols joins to discuss the Democrats' divisions, Haitians at the border, and Biden's foreign policy.
72 min
Insurrectionist Republicans, reflections on a s...
Heath Mayo, founder of Principles First, joins the regular panel to discuss abortion, insurrection, and whether the global war on terror was a mistake.
70 min
Can We Avoid Another January 6?
Greg Sargent joins to talk about vote counting reform, not vote casting reform. The group (including Tim Miller) then discuss refugees and Biden's sinking popularity.
66 min
Afghanistan: Not a mistake?
David Frum joins to shed light on the Afghanistan withdrawal and Congress's budget fandango.
69 min
Is the Country Calming Down?
Charlie Sykes joins the group to discuss the infrastructure Rubik's cube, the Republican governors' war on public health, and whether the big strife is past.
70 min
Whoa, those Cuomo woes.
The Washington Post's Megan McArdle returns to B2D to discuss Cuomo, the eviction moratorium, and whether the left's power in the Democratic party exceeds its grass roots popularity.
64 min
Back to January 6
Elliott Abrams joins to discuss Cuba. The gang then address the January 6 committee, vaccine wars, and the infrastructure bill.
71 min
Talking About Race Respectfully
Ted Johnson joins the panel to talk about his book: "When the Stars Begin to Fall: Overcoming Racism and Renewing the Promise of America." Is racism structural? Is it an existential threat?
72 min
How Bad Was CPAC?
Guest host Sarah Longwell joins the group this week to discuss CPAC, Trump's speech, anti-vaxxers, and Biden's voting rights agenda.
58 min
Will This Reform Save Our Democracy?
Katherine Gehl joins the panel for a meaty discussion of voting reform.
59 min
Lock Him Up?
Ron Radosh joins the panel (which includes Will Saletan sitting in for Damon) to discuss the Trump Co. indictments, the January 6 committee, and the brain behind Steven Miller.
56 min
Why Can't Democrats Take Yes for an Answer?
NY Times columnist Thomas Edsall joins the group to consider voting rights, the infrastructure negotiations, crime, and critical race theory.
62 min
Putin's MAGA Talking Points
Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes joins to discuss Biden's European trip, whether Garland is going soft on Trump, and the NY mayoral race.
66 min
Vaccinate the World
Eric Edelman joins to discuss Biden's trip, the ProPublica tax story, and the Democrats' Manchin mistake.
63 min
Labs, Cults, and Votes
NY Times contributor Peter Wehner joins the group to discuss the coronavirus lab leak theory, Qanon's status as a new religion, and voting rights and wrongs.
64 min
How Do We Know What's True?
Jonathan Rauch discusses his new book The Constitution of Knowledge and joins for a discussion of the threat of crime to Democrats' political health.
57 min
Three Cheers for Moderation
Brink Lindsey discusses his essay on the importance of moderation. The group also addresses the January 6 commission and the Gaza conflict.
66 min
Cheney Out; Births Down; Ranked Choice Voting In?
A.B. Stoddard returns to talk about hope for reducing our political dysfunction. Group also addresses the birth dearth and Liz Cheney's fate.
69 min
Cheney: Too Honest for the GOP
David French helps the panel diagnose the GOP's sickness. The group also talks about voter ID and the Biden daycare plan.
70 min
FDR Redux?
E.J. Dionne helps the panel unpack Biden's first 100 days, plus, racial and class messaging.
65 min
Reading the Riot Act
Eugene Volokh (The Volokh Conspiracy) joins to discuss the anti-riot laws in several states, whether libel law should be upended, and the Chauvin verdict.
68 min
Don’t Pack the Court
AEI’s Norm Ornstein joins to discuss police violence, court packing, and Afghanistan.
65 min
Manchin's Ultimatum
On this week’s Beg to Differ, Sarah Longwell sits in for Mona Charen, and discusses with the panel the future of the filibuster, GOP fundraising tactics and their new embrace of boycott culture, H.R. 1 and election law, and China and the Olympics.
63 min
Will Biden Bucks Defeat Culture Wars?
Bret Stephens joins to consider the latest multi-trillion dollar spending bill, the GOP workers' party strategy, and the decline in church membership.
63 min
Report Card
George F. Will joins to discuss lessons of the pandemic, whether Biden is creating a new New Deal, and how to handle China.
60 min
Build Biden Better
The Niskanen Center's Samuel Hammond joins to discuss improving Biden's child allowance and border policies. Plus: eliminate the filibuster?
69 min
Is There a Trapdoor in the Recovery Plan?
AEI's Desmond Lachman analyzes the inflation risk in our gargantuan spending and loose money policies. The panel then considers the border crisis and the GOP's outreach to the working class.
69 min
2020 Warnings for Democrats
AEI’s Kori Schake joins to discuss Biden’s Iran policy, non-white voters’ move right, and whether HR1 can solve the Democratic party’s geography problem.
64 min
Is the Stimulus a Clunker?
Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget offers her insights. The group also discusses prospects for a Jan 6 commission, and Europe's response to Biden.
58 min
Powerless Texas
Slate's Will Saletan returns to consider the McConnell/Trump GOP, Texas's woes, and Limbaugh's legacy.
66 min
Convict Him
Jay Nordlinger joins to discuss the impeachment trial, the Romney plan for families, and the firing of Don McNeill from the NYTimes.
61 min
Is Compromise Alive?
Tom Nichols joins to consider the state of governance and GOP self-policing.
70 min
Can We Live Together in Peace?
Anne Applebaum joins to discuss options for reconciliation. Also, brave Navalny and cowardly Republicans.
61 min
EPPC's Peter Wehner joins this week to review the inauguration and look forward to the first priorities of the Biden administration. Also impeachment 2.0.
70 min
The Biggest Lie
Jonathan V. Last and Catherine Rampell join the group to discuss impeachment 2.0, deplatforming (pro and con), and prospects for Biden.
68 min