Beg to Differ with Mona Charen

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker, who writes "Notes from the Middleground," to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

News Commentary
DeSantis Is No Trump Slayer
Tom Nichols joins the panel to consider the botched DeSantis announcement, the primary campaign so far, and Biden's debt limit dilemma.
58 min
Durham Got Bupkis
Will Saletan joins to talk about his special project on The Corruption of Lindsey Graham. The panel also tackles the Durham Report and Comer's damp squib, as well as high and low points of Biden's presidency.
60 min
Demonic Charisma
Eric Edelman and Benjamin Wittes join to discuss Ukraine's coming offensive, the end of Title 42 and a looming immigration crisis, and the 30-car pile up that was CNN's town hall with Donald Trump.
55 min
Trump Biden Redux?
Sarah Longwell joins the panel to discuss debt ceiling brinksmanship, possible indictments, and the contours of the 2024 race —as of now.
54 min
Tucker's Unique Malevolence
Jill Lawrence joins the show to discuss Biden's 2024 announcement, Kamala's rehabilitation, Tucker's tumble, E. Jean Carroll's testimony, and Disney's counterattack on DeSantis.
53 min
DeSantis Fights Off a Rapid Unscheduled Disasse...
Fox avoided one embarrassing trial, but the truth and lies are plain for all to see. Plus, DeSantis is even more charmless than Nixon, and the panelists share their current TV viewing recommendations. Guest host Sonny Bunch takes over the director's chair on this week's episode.
49 min
Why a Third Party Is a Threat
Matt Bennett joins the team to discuss the ill-considered No Labels third party gambit. The group then turns to Trump's return to Fox, Greg Abbott's proposed pardon of a murderer, and how abortion is roiling elections.
53 min
Are There Any Grown-Ups in Government?
Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget discusses our broken budget and the fiscal gridlock that is undermining America’s economic strength. Plus, why people are taking to the streets in Israel.
55 min
Is Accountability Dead?
Philip K. Howard joins the group to discuss his book on public sector unions. The panel — with special guest Cathy Young — also addresses Trump's possible indictment and looks back at the 20th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.
63 min
Bragging Rights
Ken White (Popehat) joins the panel to consider the wisdom of the Manhattan DA's Trump indictment, as well as DeSantis joining the surrender caucus, SVB, and a low moment at Stanford Law.
69 min
The Pro-Storming-the-Capitol Party
A.B. Stoddard joins the group to discuss the Fox News retcon of January 6, whether Biden should/will run again, and "messaging bills."
57 min
Chicago's Message
Axios's Josh Kraushaar helps analyze the lab leak story, the Chicago election results, and Trump v. DeSantis
55 min
The North Koreans Do a More Nuanced Show
Jill Lawrence joins B2D to discuss the revelations about Fox, Biden v. De Santis on Ukraine, and Marjorie Taylor Greene's national divorce talk.
64 min
Is Everyone Underestimating Nikki Haley?
Bill Kristol joins the group to consider Haley's possible hidden strengths. Also, Biden, the GOP, and the war in Ukraine.
55 min
State of Biden Is . . . Strong? But Kamala Harr...
New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait helps evaluate the SOTU: politics, visuals, and substance. The group then considers Kamala Harris's unprecedentedly terrible press.
58 min
What if DeSantis Can't Hack It?
The Atlantic's David Frum joins the panel to discuss the coming GOP nomination fight, the Democrats' white liberal problem, and problems with policing.
51 min
Does NATO Want Ukraine to Win the War?
The George W. Bush Institute's David Kramer joins B2D to consider the decision (at last) to send tanks to Ukraine. What does the dithering say about the Western alliance? Also, the regulars discuss Florida's rejection of an AP African American studies curriculum.
49 min
The Marjorie Taylor Greene Majority
The Atlantic's Ron Brownstein joins the group to discuss Kevin McCarthy giving the crazies the keys. Plus, Biden's attempt to pivot on immigration, and will Ukraine get the tanks it needs?
64 min
Classified Shmasified
Arc Digital's Nick Grossman joins the group to discuss Biden's classified documents mess, the GOP majority's foreign policy confusion, free speech on campuses (and in Florida) — and more.
59 min
McCarthy Sells His Soul for Nothing
Charlie Sykes joins B2D to discuss the House soap opera — from the comical to the consequential.
58 min
How to Disempower the Extremists
Katherine Gehl — the originator of Alaska's Ranked Choice Voting system — discusses progress on reforming our primary elections. The group then weighs in on Zelensky's historic visit, Elon's fate, Trump's taxes, and the immigration stalemate.
65 min
Bad Science; Good Science
Jesse Singal joins to discuss the fraught discourse on trans treatment. The group then turns to Ron De Santis's possible big blunder embracing anti-vaxers and a great scientific breakthrough (and its detractors).
53 min
Bibi is Back
Amir Tibon of Haaretz joins to explain how Netanyahu won again and what his new coalition means for Israel, for US/Israel relations, and possibly, for Ukraine. Also, the shape of American politics after Georgia's runoff.
58 min
Boy Troubles
Richard Reeves discusses his book Of Boys and Men.
57 min
Righting the Ship
Bret Stephens joins the group to share reflections on Trump's prospects, lessons for both parties from the midterms, and changing your mind in public.
62 min