Beg to Differ with Mona Charen

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker, who writes "Notes from the Middleground," to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

News Commentary
Cheney: Too Honest for the GOP
David French helps the panel diagnose the GOP's sickness. The group also talks about voter ID and the Biden daycare plan.
70 min
FDR Redux?
E.J. Dionne helps the panel unpack Biden's first 100 days, plus, racial and class messaging.
65 min
Reading the Riot Act
Eugene Volokh (The Volokh Conspiracy) joins to discuss the anti-riot laws in several states, whether libel law should be upended, and the Chauvin verdict.
68 min
Don’t Pack the Court
AEI’s Norm Ornstein joins to discuss police violence, court packing, and Afghanistan.
65 min
Manchin's Ultimatum
On this week’s Beg to Differ, Sarah Longwell sits in for Mona Charen, and discusses with the panel the future of the filibuster, GOP fundraising tactics and their new embrace of boycott culture, H.R. 1 and election law, and China and the Olympics.
63 min
Will Biden Bucks Defeat Culture Wars?
Bret Stephens joins to consider the latest multi-trillion dollar spending bill, the GOP workers' party strategy, and the decline in church membership.
63 min
Report Card
George F. Will joins to discuss lessons of the pandemic, whether Biden is creating a new New Deal, and how to handle China.
60 min
Build Biden Better
The Niskanen Center's Samuel Hammond joins to discuss improving Biden's child allowance and border policies. Plus: eliminate the filibuster?
69 min
Is There a Trapdoor in the Recovery Plan?
AEI's Desmond Lachman analyzes the inflation risk in our gargantuan spending and loose money policies. The panel then considers the border crisis and the GOP's outreach to the working class.
69 min
2020 Warnings for Democrats
AEI’s Kori Schake joins to discuss Biden’s Iran policy, non-white voters’ move right, and whether HR1 can solve the Democratic party’s geography problem.
64 min
Is the Stimulus a Clunker?
Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget offers her insights. The group also discusses prospects for a Jan 6 commission, and Europe's response to Biden.
58 min
Powerless Texas
Slate's Will Saletan returns to consider the McConnell/Trump GOP, Texas's woes, and Limbaugh's legacy.
66 min
Convict Him
Jay Nordlinger joins to discuss the impeachment trial, the Romney plan for families, and the firing of Don McNeill from the NYTimes.
61 min
Is Compromise Alive?
Tom Nichols joins to consider the state of governance and GOP self-policing.
70 min
Can We Live Together in Peace?
Anne Applebaum joins to discuss options for reconciliation. Also, brave Navalny and cowardly Republicans.
61 min
EPPC's Peter Wehner joins this week to review the inauguration and look forward to the first priorities of the Biden administration. Also impeachment 2.0.
70 min
The Biggest Lie
Jonathan V. Last and Catherine Rampell join the group to discuss impeachment 2.0, deplatforming (pro and con), and prospects for Biden.
68 min
Eric Edelman joins to discuss the Trump mob’s storming of the Capitol.
65 min
Farewell to All That
A.B. Stoddard joins the group on New Year's Eve to discuss the lows (many) and highs (there were some) of 2020.
78 min
Are Things Normal Yet? No.
Bulwark founder Sarah Longwell joins the group to discuss Trump’s sabotage of the relief bill, reforms to Trump-proof the presidency, and recommendations for holiday viewing/listening.
68 min
GOP Crack-Up
Charles Lane joins this week to discuss how Biden is doing. Is GOP terminally Trumpy? A look at the Georgia run-off. Plus, is huge gov’t debt actually ok?
66 min
Beg to Agree
Author and foreign correspondent Michael J. Totten joins the group to discuss conspiracy thinking at home and abroad, the Biden cabinet so far, and Stop the Steal.
64 min
Can Normal Elbow Out Crazy?
Bill Kristol joins B2D to discuss the normal (!) congressional Covid compromise, Biden’s cabinet so far, and the insanity on the Trump right.
69 min
Nearly There
Jon Fasman of The Economist joins all of the regulars to discuss what we know and what we don’t about the election. Deep breaths.
61 min
Welcome to Beg to Differ!
Charlie Sykes and Mona Charen introduce Beg to Differ, a new podcast from The Bulwark.
10 min