Beg to Differ with Mona Charen

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker, who writes "Notes from the Middleground," to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

News Commentary
How Scary Is Inflation?
Noah Smith helps the panel diagnose the inflation threat as well as the political peril for Democrats.
69 min
The DeSantis Temptation
The Atlantic’s David Frum joins to discuss inflation, the economy, immigration, and the call to back Ron DeSantis in 2024.
59 min
A Whiff of Maoism
NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait joins, along with the Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter, to discuss the BBB deal (if there is one) and cancel culture.
61 min
The Democrats’ Sinking Poll Numbers
Eric Edelman helps unpack China’s new missile, Democrats’ decline, and McAuliffe’s tone deafness.
56 min
Why You Can't Bracket Trump
Protect Democracy's Ian Bassin joins to discuss how he's working to counter threats. Also the VA governor's race.
61 min
“I Resent Being Called Cheerful."
George F. Will joins B2D panel to discuss his new book, and also whether Facebook should be regulated, and the Democrats' hopes for social welfare.
74 min
Democrats are Divided. Republicans are United ...
A.B. Stoddard joins to discuss why we can't have nice things in America.
70 min
Republicans are Dangerous. Can the Democrats Su...
Sarah Longwell sits in for Linda and Tom Nichols joins to discuss the Democrats' divisions, Haitians at the border, and Biden's foreign policy.
72 min
Insurrectionist Republicans, reflections on a s...
Heath Mayo, founder of Principles First, joins the regular panel to discuss abortion, insurrection, and whether the global war on terror was a mistake.
70 min
Can We Avoid Another January 6?
Greg Sargent joins to talk about vote counting reform, not vote casting reform. The group (including Tim Miller) then discuss refugees and Biden's sinking popularity.
66 min
Afghanistan: Not a mistake?
David Frum joins to shed light on the Afghanistan withdrawal and Congress's budget fandango.
69 min
Is the Country Calming Down?
Charlie Sykes joins the group to discuss the infrastructure Rubik's cube, the Republican governors' war on public health, and whether the big strife is past.
70 min
Whoa, those Cuomo woes.
The Washington Post's Megan McArdle returns to B2D to discuss Cuomo, the eviction moratorium, and whether the left's power in the Democratic party exceeds its grass roots popularity.
64 min
Back to January 6
Elliott Abrams joins to discuss Cuba. The gang then address the January 6 committee, vaccine wars, and the infrastructure bill.
71 min
Talking About Race Respectfully
Ted Johnson joins the panel to talk about his book: "When the Stars Begin to Fall: Overcoming Racism and Renewing the Promise of America." Is racism structural? Is it an existential threat?
72 min
How Bad Was CPAC?
Guest host Sarah Longwell joins the group this week to discuss CPAC, Trump's speech, anti-vaxxers, and Biden's voting rights agenda.
58 min
Will This Reform Save Our Democracy?
Katherine Gehl joins the panel for a meaty discussion of voting reform.
59 min
Lock Him Up?
Ron Radosh joins the panel (which includes Will Saletan sitting in for Damon) to discuss the Trump Co. indictments, the January 6 committee, and the brain behind Steven Miller.
56 min
Why Can't Democrats Take Yes for an Answer?
NY Times columnist Thomas Edsall joins the group to consider voting rights, the infrastructure negotiations, crime, and critical race theory.
62 min
Putin's MAGA Talking Points
Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes joins to discuss Biden's European trip, whether Garland is going soft on Trump, and the NY mayoral race.
66 min
Vaccinate the World
Eric Edelman joins to discuss Biden's trip, the ProPublica tax story, and the Democrats' Manchin mistake.
63 min
Labs, Cults, and Votes
NY Times contributor Peter Wehner joins the group to discuss the coronavirus lab leak theory, Qanon's status as a new religion, and voting rights and wrongs.
64 min
How Do We Know What's True?
Jonathan Rauch discusses his new book The Constitution of Knowledge and joins for a discussion of the threat of crime to Democrats' political health.
57 min
Three Cheers for Moderation
Brink Lindsey discusses his essay on the importance of moderation. The group also addresses the January 6 commission and the Gaza conflict.
66 min
Cheney Out; Births Down; Ranked Choice Voting In?
A.B. Stoddard returns to talk about hope for reducing our political dysfunction. Group also addresses the birth dearth and Liz Cheney's fate.
69 min