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News Commentary
Shelby Talcott: DeSantis Sticks His Toe in the ...
Ron DeSantis threw a couple of very small rocks at Trump this week, and he's angling to get to the right of Trump on Covid, and perhaps on abortion as well.
44 min
Michael Steele: Trump Punked Everybody
Using a page from his well-worn playbook, Trump framed the narrative about the Manhattan grand jury case on his terms.
39 min
Dana Milbank: It’s the Trump Show Again
The Republican Party had been showing signs it was beginning to move on from Trump, but now it's wrapping itself around him once again — because attention of any kind is Trump's fuel.
36 min
Susan Glasser: Trump 2024 Is Scarier than Trump...
Trump's rhetoric is more apocalyptic and more confrontational, and the party still can't renounce its addiction to the man.
34 min
Tim Miller: Be Alarmed
Trump is crystal clear that he wants retribution against the people who wouldn't let him remain in office — and he'll pull us out of NATO too.
45 min
Philip Bump: The Baby Boom Generation Is Windin...
America has long responded to the needs of Baby Boomers, and the generation reshaped the country as it grew older. But now, its grip on the direction of America is starting to lessen, and that's creating inter-generational tensions.
41 min
Tom Nichols: Our Fatal Complacency
Pence warned us about the threat to our democracy, and we shrugged.
49 min
James Hohmann: DeSantis Joins the Surrender Caucus
Ron DeSantis chose to pander to Tucker Carlson on Ukraine and shows himself as unserious on one of the biggest issues of our time.
38 min
Will Saletan: Pence’s Profile in Half-Courage
Mike Pence is trying win over the DC press corps but still refuses to do his part to hold Trump accountable for January 6.
49 min
Tim Miller: Be Happy, Make Babies
People not having kids because of climate change anxiety are not thinking about a future with Josh Hawley having 100 babies.
48 min
Adrienne LaFrance: The New Anarchy
The biggest threat of extremist violence right now is coming from the rightwing. But 100 years ago, it came from the left.
39 min
Matt Gertz: Tucker's Trump Derangement Syndrome
Tucker has been dining out on how much the media supposedly despises Donald Trump — when by his own admission, he hates Trump with a passion.
45 min
Tucker’s Latest Lies
Tucker's attempting to white-wash Jan 6, Trump and DeSantis have a thing against prosecutors, Kari says we'll have world peace again with Trump capitulating to Putin, and Michael Knowles intentionally used eliminationist rhetoric about transgenderism.
52 min
Amb. John Bolton: I Thought Trump Would Be Disc...
John Bolton thought he could create a coherent foreign policy for Trump, but now sees he was naive.
45 min
Rick Wilson: Why Would MAGA Want Trump-Lite?
The base wants the sugar, the fat, and the salt — not someone afraid to say how they're different from Trump.
55 min
Mehdi Hasan: How to Win Any Argument
Master interlocutor Mehdi Hasan says come to a debate prepared — bring receipts and know the other side's best argument better than they do.
34 min
Jennifer Senior: How Old Are You in Your Head?
People over 40 tend to see themselves as about 20% younger than their actual age.
47 min
My Conversation With Paul Ryan
The former Speaker of the House tells Charlie Sykes a Reagan 2.0 candidate would have a shot in '24.
65 min
Will Saletan: Dilbert, Free Speech, and Racism
Scott Adams has the right to carry on about white victimhood, and newspapers have the free speech right to drop him.
54 min
Tim Miller: Here's Why You Need to Shut Up
The Georgia jury forewoman needs to stop talking, Norma Desmond took a break from Mar-a-Lago, Charlie and Tim disagree on Roald Dahl, and DeSantis lectures New Yorkers on law & order while the big cities in Florida have a higher crime rate. Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod.
47 min
Brian Rosenwald: Fox Is Afraid of Its Audience
Fox isn't news, and it isn't propaganda. It's about getting the biggest audience it can, to make the most money it possibly can.
51 min
Bill Lueders: Wisconsin's High Stakes Supreme C...
With abortion and election integrity on the line, Democrats got the opponent they wanted for the most consequential election of 2023.
44 min
Will Sommer: The Power of QAnon
Conspiracy theories had been gaining ground in the GOP before Trump, but after he became conspiracy-theorist-in chief, many of his fans dove into conspiracies too.
46 min
Biden’s Kyiv Moment
Biden went to an active war zone, Lindsey Graham shows his old McCain-sidekick self, DeSantis weighs in on Ukraine, the Michigan GOP disconnects from reality, and MTG takes the leap from sedition to secession.
53 min
David Frum: The GOP’s Obnoxiousness Problem
The text messages in the Dominion case show that Fox was intentionally pushing lies about 2020 — lies that led to violence.
49 min