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News Commentary
Kara Swisher: Our Careless Oligarchs
Those billionaires who text Elon Musk don't care what they break, Musk is tweeting about Ukraine because he loves attention, Peter Thiel doesn't care that he's a hypocrite, and Christian Walker needs a hug. Kara Swisher joins Charlie Sykes today.
45 min
BONUS EPISODE: The Focus Group with Sarah Longw...
America's Dairyland is becoming America's Election Land. Wisconsin has major races for governor and for U.S. Senate...and how are the Trump-to-Biden voters that delivered Wisconsin for Joe Biden feeling about them? The Bulwark's own Charlie Sykes joins Sarah Longwell to talk about what the voters (and Charlie) are thinking. Listen to the end for the most laugh-out-loud funny moment Sarah's ever heard in a focus group.
43 min
Will Saletan: Shrugging in the Face of Threats ...
Trump makes an apparent death threat against McConnell and Marjorie Taylor Greene incites violence at one of his rallies. Official GOP response? Crickets. Meanwhile, CPAC goes full RT and Russia stumbles in Ukraine. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
45 min
Tim Miller: Why Lizzo Triggers Ben
Kevin McCarthy tries/fails to argue he's not a spineless suck-up, the [Blame] America First crowd goes full Alex Jones, and the fake mad get tied in knots over Lizzo and the flute. Plus, Trump really had the USS John McCain moved out of sight. Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod.
62 min
Susan Glasser & Peter Baker: A History and a Wa...
The history of the Trump presidency is also a warning of a Trump 2.0 — this time, he would know how to pull the levers of power to get what he wanted, and there would be no John Kelly or Jim Mattis looking out for our democracy. Peter Baker and Susan Glasser join Charlie Sykes.
34 min
Tom Nichols: Clowns with Flame Throwers
Roger Stone, Tucker Carlson, and other clowns rile people up only to stand back and let violent political tourists do the actual fighting — and jail time. Plus, the nuclear threat from Russia. Tom Nichols joins Charlie Sykes today.
46 min
A.B. Stoddard: The Super Kooks
Oz is critiquing Fetterman's clothing style, Obama supporter and liar Kari Lake is a contender, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been normalized — and Elise Stefanik is trying to stay in her good graces. Plus, progressives may be in for a reckoning. A.B. Stoddard joins Charlie Sykes.
53 min
Tim O'Brien: For Trump, It's Always about the $$$
Letitia James aims to shut down the Trump family operation in New York, which means he'd have to unload his skyscrapers in a fire sale. Plus, Trump will sell anything — he's sold underwear, water, and steaks. Why wouldn't he monetize nuclear secrets? Tim O'Brien joins Charlie Sykes.
38 min
Tim Miller: Can We Indict Him Just by Thinking ...
Judge Dearie is not the kind of master Trump wanted, Hannity is like a North Korea propagandist, DeSantis has thoughts about history, and Turning Point welcomes Alex Jones. And from TribFest, Charlie Sykes and Tim Miller debate immigration deep in the heart of Texas. Your weekend pod.
48 min
Jonathan Lemire: How Do You Cover an Insurrecti...
The media had to learn never to quote Trump verbatim because of the lies, and it fact-checked him on steroids. Is it up to the task of covering him again? Plus, is the Big Lie just a pretext for not letting the other side win? Jonathan Lemire joins Charlie Sykes today.
43 min
Stephanie Slade: The NatCons’ Will to Power
Elements on both the left and right are tracking in the same illiberal direction on economic regulation, the First Amendment, and on radical rhetoric. Plus, the NatCons’ plan to get the country to go full Trump. Stephanie Slade joins Charlie Sykes today.
47 min
Dylan Byers: What's Going On at CNN?
It's a new era at CNN. Don Lemon's moving to mornings, and some of the more outspoken anchors and correspondents, like Brian Stelter, have been cleared out. Plus, the goings-on at Politico, Semafor and Puck. Dylan Byers joins Charlie Sykes today.
43 min
Will Saletan: Nice Little Democracy You Got There
Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
48 min
Tim Miller: LOLs in DeSantis-Stan
Refugees escaping communist Venezuela are pawns in a big joke, but isn't it brilliant political theater? -> Charlie Sykes and Tim Miller do an epic takedown of the "Nothing Matters" crowd. Plus, weird Blake Masters, putting Kemp on the spot, and Republicans: Put up or shut up on same-sex marriage.
50 min
Catherine Rampell: The Economy Is Weird Right Now
Too few workers, too much inflation — these are confusing times for our economy. Plus, the myth of a manufacturing comeback, and the slow-moving employment crisis among teachers, cops, and other public servants. Catherine Rampell joins Charlie Sykes.
37 min
General Mark Hertling: Russia’s Awful Army
Ukraine's advances are due to Western weapons, and also American training during the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. But Ukraine can also credit the Russian Army, which has been debased and corrupted by senior officers and political leaders. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (Ret.) joins Charlie Sykes today.
44 min
David Corn: How the GOP Unleashed the Furies
Establishment Republicans let the kooks out of the basement, and now they're dominant. But this didn't start with Trump. David Corn argues it started 70 years ago when Dwight D. Eisenhower surrendered to Joseph McCarthy on a train. Today's podcast with Charlie Sykes.
50 min
Will Saletan: A Tribute to Ukraine
Zelensky continues to rally his country and the world, Trump planned to never leave, and Republicans splinter on culture war issues. After a summer holiday, Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
57 min
Bill Kristol: The Intersection of Trump and Roe
In recent midterms, the right bet was against the incumbent party. But those elections didn't have an overturning of a popular SCOTUS precedent and an ex-POTUS who tried to stage a coup on the ballot. Plus, an appreciation of the queen. The weekend pod with Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol.
52 min
David Priess: Why Trump Did It
Sure, Trump could have kept top secret docs for blackmail or profit. Or maybe he was simply collecting classified intel on what other countries said about him — in much the same way he collects magazine covers featuring his face. David Priess joins Charlie Sykes on today's pod.
50 min
Mike Murphy: Democrats Should Run like They're ...
August polling is not a guarantor of November results. And in a nation of grumpy voters, why are Dems not running offense on the CHIPS act? It's bringing good-paying manufacturing jobs and a new plant to Ohio, and most Republicans voted against it. Mike Murphy joins Charlie Sykes today.
47 min
Amanda Carpenter: Need to Know
Trump has stayed on message from the start: The people who stormed the Capitol did nothing wrong. This once-radical idea has since become mainstream MAGA. Amanda Carpenter drills down on how the movement to pardon the rioters took off — on the latest installment of "Need to Know."
29 min
Mitch Daniels: Raised Four Wonderful Daughters ...
Purdue President Mitch Daniels joins guest host Mona Charen to talk about loan forgiveness, negative campaigning, threats to democracy, and making government work well.
38 min
James Carville: Better Constipated than Evil
Come for the West Wing fantasy politics, stay for the Carville-isms, like: "Really stupid voters produce stupid candidates," "MAGA runs the show," and "If you're going to look at something 150 times a day, it might as well be pretty." James Carville joins guest host JVL today.
48 min
Bakari Sellers & Lis Smith: Can Dems Do Better ...
Enough unforced errors, Democrats: 1. Get mayors to talk up the infrastructure & inflation bills. 2. Be like Warnock, Shapiro, and Kelly —> cut into GOP margins in red areas. Plus, Trump lawyer missteps and staying honest in your writing. Bakari Sellers and Lis Smith join guest host Tim Miller.
60 min