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News Commentary
Barbara Slavin: Fire Under the Ashes
Women's rights and hijab rules are at the center of widespread protests in Iran, but the demonstrations quickly evolved and are now the most serious threat to the regime in decades. Barbara Slavin joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Will Saletan: Only One God-King at a Time
DeSantis flew too close to the sun, Kellyanne tried out her take on denialism, and Musk — the man who once talked of colonizing Mars — showed in the space of one week how much of a nasty, thin-skinned putz he is. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
48 min
Bill Kristol: Be Alarmed
Republican rhetoric is like rightwing Mad Libs — it's also emboldening Putin over aid for Ukraine. Plus, Kari Lake juniors are surely coming our way, and Trump could get so antsy, he'll announce on Election Day. Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod.
41 min
Bart Gellman: The Impeachment of Joe Biden
If Republicans win the House, MAGA voters will expect Republicans to impeach Biden, and Trump will demand it. The rationale won't even matter — and other administration officials are likely to be impeached as well. Bart Gellman joins Charlie Sykes today.
35 min
Elizabeth Williamson: It Started with Sandy Hook
The conspiracies and lies around the mass shooting at Sandy Hook were not a one-off — they laid the foundation for the age of disinformation and misinformation we live in. Elizabeth Williamson joins Charlie Sykes today.
36 min
Charlie Warzel: Elon's Disastrous Weekend
Musk may build rockets and electric cars, but he is ignorant about content moderation on social media. And Twitter is not a game - it’s a platform that is central to our political discourse. We need an adult at the helm. Charlie Warzel joins Charlie Sykes today.
40 min
Will Saletan: Elon Musk’s Hellscape
Twitter's new owner couldn't resist jumping into the toxic disinformation campaign against Paul Pelosi, Stephen Miller's running an ad claiming Biden is racist against white people, and Obama returns to the campaign trail. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie & Will Monday.
49 min
Maggie Haberman: A Character Study of Trump — a...
Trump is fascinated with violence, and his damaging childhood has impacted him ever since. And the man who was more interested in winning in 2016 than being president, now really wants the title and the power again— along with the payback. Maggie Haberman joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod.
33 min
Karen Tumulty: Are the Pundits Getting It Wrong?
Was John Fetterman's debate performance a fatal error — or will it inspire voters with empathy and admiration? And did the Jan 6 committee hearings actually change people's minds? Karen Tumulty joins Charlie Sykes today.
47 min
Robert Draper: Weapons of Mass Delusion
The GOP has become a host body for some of the most radical voices in America, who spread disinformation and use increasingly violent rhetoric. And the party's enablers don't say a word. How are the Republicans going to get this to stop? Robert Draper joins Charlie Sykes.
43 min
Franklin Foer: Donald Trump Will Be Indicted
It will be a terrible spectacle, there may be violence, and the country could be torn apart, but Trump's autocratic, undemocratic behavior cannot go unchallenged. Franklin Foer joins Charlie Sykes to make the case that Trump's indictment is inevitable.
47 min
Will Saletan: Liars and Fraudsters Can Still Win
Walker and Oz are still in the running, Kari Lake is getting fact-checked and she's not happy, and Will shares his theory on why the national Democrats aren't pouring money into Ohio to help Tim Ryan. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
37 min
The Bulwark Live, with Michael Fanone
At our first live show, Michael Fanone shared his thoughts about Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pence, Fox News, and the battle for the American soul.
48 min
Adam Hochschild: American Midnight
An American president doesn't have to be a loud showman to be an aspiring autocrat. The genteel Woodrow Wilson censored the media and threw his political enemies in jail. The years 1917-1921 were some of the darkest days of our democracy. Adam Hochschild joins Charlie Sykes today.
40 min
Jake Sherman: What McCarthy Told Me
If the Republicans win back the House, a more absolutist caucus is likely to refuse to raise the debt limit unless Democrats agree to spending cuts. And Kevin McCarthy is likely to oppose more military aid for Ukraine. Jake Sherman joins Charlie Sykes today.
39 min
Will Saletan: Why Aren't People Voting on Democ...
Americans are worried about democracy, but not enough to vote about it. Plus, Tim Ryan dusted off the hits against JD Vance, Evan McMullin called out Mike Lee, Tulsi goes MAGA, and surprise, Eric "50 Bucks" Trump is a liar. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes.
55 min
Adam Kinzinger: Unplugged
The J6 member sounds off on Ukraine, Iran, Trump, MTG, the Secret Service, Mike Lee, Katie Hobbs, boiling frogs, media exhaustion, and SNL.
39 min
Denver Riggleman: Why I Wrote It
Among the pile of phone and message data to mine is Roger Stone's organizing strategy, Jason Miller's false flag op and the White House phone numbers attached to riot planners. Denver Riggleman joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
50 min
Dana Milbank: The Alien Lizard Party
Both parties could have waves, the new crop of House GOP nominees make Jim Jordan and Paul Gosar look sane, and MAGA Musk may lose his urban, coastal Tesla-buyers.
35 min
Lucy Caldwell: Fetterman Should Have Dropped Out
Fetterman's stroke was always going to be THE big story, and now the moment's arrived. Plus, Herschel Walker's talk of redemption without confession, Mastriano's antisemitism, and abortion v crime overshadows democracy in the midterms. Lucy Caldwell joins Charlie Sykes.
44 min
David Frum: Biden's Blurt Problem
Putin's left-wing supporters may be voluble on social media, but his supporters on the right are a political force. Plus, America's crushing labor shortage, asylum laws, and the border problem. David Frum joins Charlie Sykes today.
41 min
Julian Zelizer: Living with Fear of Nuclear Wea...
Since Ronald Reagan signed the INF nuclear arms reduction treaty, all presidents have worked to limit nuclear proliferation — except Trump, who pulled the US out of arms control deals. The nukes are still here, and we're depending on Putin to be rational. Julian Zelizer joins Charlie Sykes.
39 min
Bill Kristol: Degeneracy Is the Norm
Just five years ago, Republicans disavowed Roy Moore. Now, they're all in with Herschel Walker's lies. Plus, a shifting electorate, the prospects for ticket-splitting in the midterms, and Biden's warning about nukes. The weekend podcast with Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol.
44 min
Major Garrett & David Becker: How a Second Civi...
Most GOP nominees running in the midterms are election deniers. Would it be all that surprising if one political party refused to accept a state's election results in November? Major Garrett and David Becker join Charlie Sykes to discuss the potential fracturing of democracy — and America.
43 min
Ruy Teixeira: Some Tough Love for the Democrats
Normie voters hate crime and want a secure border, but Democrats don't project toughness because they're scared of their base. And the party's quasi-religious belief in wind and solar also makes Democrats less competitive. Ruy Teixeira joins Charlie Sykes today.
50 min