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News Commentary
The Trump Trials
State and federal prosecutors may be closing in on Trump, so we've launched a new companion pod—in partnership with Lawfare—that will bring you up to speed on the big legal issues surrounding the former president, and key Trumpworld players.
42 min
Benjy Sarlin: The Bud Light Freak-Out
Conservatives surrendered on gay marriage, but kept their fear about societal change bottled up. And now a beer is a stand-in for transgender people they want to pretend don't exist. 
38 min
Brian Stelter: Tucker Thought He Was Invincible
Tucker Carlson's firing shocked the media world and Tucker himself. He thought he could say and do anything.
35 min
Will Saletan: How Many Coups Do You Have to Att...
Trump's negative poll numbers are not high enough, Alito couldn't get other justices to go off the cliff with him, and DeSantis can't stop bossing companies around.
41 min
Tim Miller: Our WWE Politics
Marco Rubio thinks he's in office just to send tweets, No Labels couldn't have picked a worse time for a third-party candidate, and DeSantis' war on woke knows no end.
54 min
Kara Swisher: Musk's Cry for a Giant Hug
Elon Musk says that running Twitter is very painful, but it's a pain he brought on himself with firings, stunts, and overpaying for the company.
49 min
Tina Nguyen: The Cost of Fox’s Lies
The unsettling Dominion settlement, DeSantis is not fooling MAGA, and the "Taliban 20"—who demanded ransom before Kevin McCarthy could become speaker—are now preparing to hold the whole country hostage over the debt ceiling.
45 min
Michael Steele: Confronting the Ugliness
Oklahoma sheriffs pining for lynching, Tennessee legislators trying to teach young Black men a lesson, and Stand Your Ground turning the innocent into victims: Things feel like they're spiraling out of control. Plus, even Trump is trolling DeSantis about his Disney flop. Michael Steele joins Charlie Sykes today.
47 min
Will Saletan: What Are You Grooming These Kids ...
At the annual NRA meeting, Kristi Noem bragged about her 2-year-old granddaughter's rifle, while other young kids handled guns.
49 min
Dylan Byers: The Media Trial of the Century?
Dominion v. Fox is not only about defamation—it's also about the erosion of truth at the network and its impact on our democracy.
41 min
Mark Hertling: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Gamer
The military runs on young soldiers, and sometimes, chatroom braggarts who want to share classified documents get recruited too.
40 min
John Harwood: Our Cartoonish Politics
Trump may excel at firing up resentment in the base, but the party is squandering support from an entire generation of young people.
40 min
Peter Wehner: A Grotesque Leader of a Grotesque...
Too many GOP leaders failed to grasp that going along with Trump would increase his hold on the party—and further radicalize the base.
43 min
Will Saletan: The GOP’s Abortion Quagmire
Republicans have boxed themselves in on abortion, Elon continues his petulance, the knives are out in the House GOP, and Lindsey Graham sheds tears for America's No. 1 TV addict. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for Charlie and Will Monday.
56 min
Tim Miller: Tennessee’s Idiocracy
The Tennessee GOP lives in such a bubble, they thought it was a good idea to expel two Black legislators, who've now become superstars.
54 min
Jeff Sharlet: Scenes from a Slow Civil War
In the parts of the country where Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, pastors glorify guns, and conspiracies thrive, the anticipation of some kind of civil war animates the far right.
56 min
Ben Wittes: The Trump Indictment Is Not Trivial
Trump's indictment may be tied to his hush money payments, but it's also bound up with democracy concerns. If one more shoe had dropped after Access Hollywood, there may have never been a President Trump.
56 min
Tim Alberta: Trump Has an Evangelical Problem
Trump threw the anti-abortion movement under the bus after losses in the midterms — which prompted a ferocious backlash among evangelicals.
46 min
Will Saletan: Individual 1 Gets His Day in Court
Trump always calls for his enemies to get prosecuted and now he's getting a taste of his own medicine. But will he get to skip the mugshot?
53 min
Special Indictment Podcast: Adam Kinzinger, Mon...
Trump faces a 34-count indictment in New York and more charges may be on the way. But will it hurt him politically, or propel him to the GOP nomination?
55 min
Tim Miller: DeSantis Whiffs on Disney
"Tiny D" thought he'd puff up his chest to go after Mickey Mouse — only to get outflanked.
52 min
Ruy Teixeira: More Tough Love for Democrats
While Republicans frequently overdo it on cultural issues, Democrats still are vulnerable on race, gender, and drag queen story hour.
46 min
Judge Michael Luttig: A Betrayal of America
Trump's incitement of Jan 6 and his call to terminate the constitution were treason-like. And the Republicans who won't renounce him have betrayed the sacred trust Americans have conferred on them.
43 min
Will Saletan: The Purest Distillation of Trump
Down in Waco, Trump was on double duty: Blowing up the DeSantis' campaign on the launch pad, and clearing up any ambiguity about who he really is.
47 min
Tim Miller: Ron DeSantis Is Scott Walker
DeSantis gets over his skis on Ukraine, 'Don't Say Gay' escalates, and it's not racist to criticize the CCP.
48 min