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News Commentary
Bill Kristol: Trumpism Is on the Ballot
The list of election deniers on the ballot keeps growing, and now includes the GOP nominee for governor of Maryland. Plus, Trump is still trying to win Wisconsin in 2020, and the Dems' shrewd move on same-sex marriage. Bill Kristol's back with Charlie Sykes.
38 min
Michael Steele: Fighting the GOP Crazification
From Supreme Court rulings, to the candidate crazification, and the impact of the Jan 6 hearings, Republicans have handed Democrats a real chance in the fall. Plus, the case for why Trump may not run. Michael Steele joins Charlie Sykes on today's pod.
42 min
Will Saletan: Are Democrats Going to Fight?
The base is in a fighting mood ahead of the midterms, but the party may get in the way. Plus, the Secret Service's deleted texts and the potential benefits of Biden's Saudi trip. Amanda Carpenter and Will Saletan are back for Summer Mondays.
57 min
David Jolly: DeSantis Has the Hottest Hand in P...
Of course Trump's grift is driving him to run again — and DeSantis is the only one who's got a shot. Plus, the political class gets a pass on crime, and the millions of voters who don't identify as pro-choice, but are pro-Roe. David Jolly joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod.
44 min
Bart Gellman: What the Hell Happened to Michael...
How did Flynn go from a successful military career to a conspiracy theorist talking about Italian satellites switching votes from Trump to Biden? Bart Gellman joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Bill Kristol: This Is Why We Were Never-Trump
When Trump refused to accept the outcome of the election, he cooked up a scheme to keep himself in office, unleashed the mob, and proved how dangerous an unprincipled demagogue in the White House can be. Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
44 min
Mark Leibovich: The Parasitic Suck-Ups of the T...
If there were more Liz Cheneys, we wouldn't have to deal with Trump anymore. But Lindsey Graham has no life aside from the Senate and Kevin McCarthy "needs" to be Speaker, so we get potted plants and continued threats to our democracy. Mark Leibovich joins Charlie Sykes today.
49 min
Will Saletan: Biden Is Right - The Activists Ar...
When the Supreme Court ended Roe, it handed voters, not Biden, an issue to resolve. Plus, the Jan. 6 committee broke Bannon, the day Team Crazy took over operation Big Lie, and the GOP thinks inflation alone will do the work for them. Amanda Carpenter and Will Saletan are back for Summer Mondays.
51 min
Addicted to Rage Juice (with Tim Miller)
Tim's back with Charlie for the weekend pod.
57 min
Boris Johnson Is More Bill Clinton, Less Donald...
Boris Johnson is a charming and self-indulgent character, but fundamentally not sinister — he didn't attack the British constitutional order.
40 min
A.B. Stoddard: This Is a Different Election Now
When it comes to coups, guns, and abortion, Republicans have shown us just what they do when they have power.
42 min
Adam White: A Generational Turning Point at the...
The Supreme Court revealed itself as an aggressive, confident, and conservative court.
38 min
Tom Nichols: You Don't Know What You're Talking...
We don't need to hear from any more tough guys talking about making babies have babies. Plus, Tom Nichols gets personal about a pre-Roe abortion, and compares the Cassidy Hutchinson testimony to a peek inside the Soviet archives. Your holiday weekend podcast from Charlie Sykes.
47 min
Tim O'Brien: Trump Has Always Been a Drama Queen
Trump doesn't care that Jan 6 was an assault on democracy and the Constitution. He was only irked that his own staff thwarted his made-for-TV coup. Plus, Liz Cheney's speech, SCOTUS' impact on the midterms, and the Democrats' missing street fighting gene. Tim O'Brien joins Charlie Sykes today.
43 min
David Priess: A Damning Witness
A White House insider straight out of central casting took congressional testimony to a whole new level. It's no longer 'what did the president know and when did he know it?' It's now 'how many weapons was he directing to the Capitol for a coup?' David Priess joins Charlie Sykes.
44 min
Tim Miller: Mea culpa. Really.
"America never would have gotten into this mess if it weren't for me and my friends," Tim Miller writes in his new book. He joins Charlie Sykes today to discuss the GOP political culture that set the stage for Trump — a culture that was all about the thrill of winning at all costs.
43 min
The Post-Roe World Is Now
Amanda Carpenter and Will Saletan are back for Summer Monday to discuss the new post-Roe political landscape in America. They analyze the uncomfortable questions about abortion Republicans must now confront, Democratic messaging, and where we go from here.
46 min
Ben Wittes: Roe/Coups/Guns
The Supreme Court reoriented our understanding of fundamental rights today. Now come the fights over the right to travel, and access to FDA-approved drugs. Plus, the former president tried to get the Department of Justice to commit fraud. Ben Wittes joins Charlie for the weekend pod.
53 min
Bill Kristol: Why We Were Alarmed
Ron Johnson has no good explanation for why his staff tried to hand fake electors to Pence. Plus, the Jan 6 hearings' trickle down effect on Trump's standing, racial prejudice in today's conservatism, and Dem candidates decoupling from Biden. Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes today
48 min
Greg Lukianoff: Democracy Can Handle Free Speech
Roughly 700 professors have been targeted for firing in recent years for something they said - an historic high. Yet, critics still say there's no such thing as cancel culture. Do Americans just have to shut up to keep their jobs? FIRE's Greg Lukianoff joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
54 min
Denver Riggleman: How the 1/6 Committee could s...
The Qanon election conspiracy runs deep and wide, and the Jan 6 committee will succeed if it can wrest a small percentage of voters from Trump's grasp. Plus, the rising threat of domestic terrorism, and Ginni Thomas bragging about her access. Former Rep. Denver Riggleman joins Charlie today.
38 min
Will Saletan: A More Clever Autocrat Would Keep...
Trump is only proving the January 6 committee's point. And Mike Pence put his own life in danger by not speaking up sooner. Will Saletan joins guest host Amanda Carpenter on today's podcast.
57 min
Tim Miller: Mike Pence Must Testify
Mike Pence: Your career is over anyway. Put a stake in the heart of the guy who left you for dead — Trump sure sounds like he knows how bad the hearings are for him. Plus: Biden, moral clarity, and the Saudis. Tim Miller's back with Charlie Sykes.
52 min
Jennifer Senior: Bannon Is Loathsome — and Cons...
Steve Bannon's show may have a low budget Wayne's World quality, but he is working to get Trumpists in control of state election infrastructure — so that the system that barely held together in 2020 will come undone in 2024. Jennifer Senior joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
51 min
Will Saletan: Big Liars Are Winning All over th...
Even more election deniers won in Tuesday's primaries, Mastriano is too close for comfort in PA, Trump's ego was the only thing that stopped a coup in the DOJ, and White House staff need to let Biden be Middle Class Joe. Will Saletan's back with Charlie Sykes.
57 min
Katy Tur: We're Not a Final Draft 'til We're Si...
The sensationalized journalism Katy Tur's parents created has led her to some soul searching in her new book about the way the news is covered today. Plus, the shock of watching Trump associates under oath speaking truth instead of spin. She joins Charlie Sykes today.
42 min
Jamie Kirchick: When Homosexuality Was a Nation...
Washington is a city run on secrets, and between WWII and the end of the Cold War, no secret was more deadly to a political career than homosexuality. Jamie Kirchick joins guest host Tim Miller to discuss his book, "Secret City." Plus — gay bigotry's past in today's politics.
58 min
This Is What Democracy Looks Like
Liz Cheney and company rekindled our rage at Republicans: They knew Trump was lying, subverting the law, and inciting the mob — and 147 of them went along anyway. Bulwark all-stars Sarah Longwell, Tim Miller, and Bill Kristol join Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
58 min
Karen Tumulty: The Country Owes Mike Pence
Everything would be different if Mike Pence had not counted the votes. He showed courage and faced real potential physical danger. Plus, Biden on Kimmel, Jared & Ivanka's reputation laundering, and Abbott's flip-flop on guns. Karen Tumulty joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
48 min
David French: America Is Exceptionally Violent
America has a violent heart, even going back to the colonial era. But our gun culture is shifting from self-defense to defiance — where guns are about threats and intimidation, not saving lives. David French joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
49 min
Jonathan Allen: Trump 2024 May Start Earlier th...
Trump is totally bored, but he's also got Ron DeSantis nipping at his heels, which means he may start his 2024 campaign this summer — even if that could hurt Republicans in the midterms. Jonathan Allen joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
49 min
Will Saletan: Biden’s Return to Realpolitik
The Jan 6 committee has brought in a TV pro for this week's prime-time hearing, and Republicans sound worried it could be a blockbuster. Plus, the prospects for a gun bill, and the moral gray area of a Biden visit to Saudi Arabia. Will Saletan's back for Charlie and Will Monday.
56 min
Tim Miller: Everything Is 20% More Annoying
Gun legislation shouldn't be hard — everyone knows how stupid it is that an 18-year-old can't buy a White Claw, but can get an AR-15. Plus, MAGA media shamelessness, a turning point in Putin's war, and Democrats: Do something about inflation. Tim Miller's back with Charlie Sykes.
53 min
Russell Moore: The Southern Baptist Apocalypse
America's largest Protestant denomination has lost more than a million members over the past three years. Meanwhile, many Evangelicals can't tell the difference between gospel and politics. Russell Moore joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
42 min
James Hohmann: Time for an Emmett Till Moment?
We couldn't understand the Holocaust without pictures — is it time to see what an AR-15 actually does to the human body, especially children? Plus, average people will have to step up to save democracy. James Hohmann joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
50 min
Ryan Busse: The NRA Created Our Paranoid, Consp...
The NRA is not in the gun rights business — It's in the culture war business. When will the responsible gun owners stand up and say "Enough?" Ryan Busse joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Tim Miller: Rage at the Carnage
The one door at Parkland didn't save the kids, and neither will teachers packing heat or good guys with guns — why exactly did police in Uvalde wait so long to go in? Plus, a sneak peak of Tim's new book! Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
50 min
Peter Wehner: Christianity’s Generational Catas...
Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, and slandered and vilified the victims. No atheist has done this much damage to the faith. Peter Wehner joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
41 min
Lucy Caldwell: A Second Amendment Fetish
The fetish for weapons of war has no end, even when police officers are outgunned. Plus, Trump's bad day in Georgia and Alabama. Lucy Caldwell joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
49 min
Rick Hasen: Pushing Back against 'Cheap Speech'
Misinformation, disinformation and other 'cheap speech' has voters confused about truth and lies, and is threatening our democracy. Law professor and author Rick Hasen joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
41 min
Will Saletan: The GOP Has a Racism Problem
Evangelicals are moving from saving souls to pushing a political uprising, Trump's got a reckoning in Georgia, and the party that complained about Democrats not saying 'radical Islamic terrorism' won't condemn white nationalist terror. Will Saletan's back for Charlie and Will Monday.
50 min
Tim Miller: The GOP Has Gone Soft on Terrorism
When 200+ Republicans nix a domestic terror bill, maybe it's time to point out they aren't the party of law & order. Plus, CPAC in Hungary, Dems have golden tickets they're not using — and Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad? Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
52 min
Kim Wehle: A Deep Dive on Roe
Roe has been vulnerable because it's been about individual rights, and not the scope of government power — which was the focus of the Framers. Law professor Kim Wehle makes the case for keeping the government out of certain spheres of life. Today's podcast with Charlie Sykes.
42 min
Philip Bump: When Support for Jan 6 Is a Politi...
Doug Mastriano won because he made clear he's ready to use the power of the state to steal an election, Republicans find 'replacement theory' useful, and D'Souza admits he has no evidence. Philip Bump joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Tim Alberta: The Poisoning of the Evangelical C...
Conspiracy politics are turning evangelicals against each other as the Church becomes increasingly radicalized — an unraveling that went into overdrive during the shutdown. Tim Alberta joins Charlie Sykes today to discuss the war for the soul of the Church.
44 min
Will Saletan: White Nationalism Is the No. 1 Te...
The replacement theory has become a mainstream Republican talking point while the party also preps for no-exception abortion bans. Plus, the invasion of Ukraine is the biggest geopolitical disaster since 1939. Will Saletan is back for Charlie and Will Monday.
52 min
Tom Nichols: This Isn't Therapy, It's Politics
Democrats are wrapped up in emotion in a post-Roe world, pushing facepalm-inducing messaging and a loser bill. We're here to help. Plus, Esper, Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly failed in their duty. Tom Nichols joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
44 min
Nick Confessore: Why Tucker Has the Most Racist...
Tucker has become the high priest of Trumpism, but he's also the host of what may be the most racist show in the history of television. He teaches fear and loathing every single night. Nick Confessore joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
53 min
Dana Milbank: Color Me Skeptical About McConnel...
McConnell's long history of deception means his promise to not end the filibuster to pass a national abortion ban is worthless. Plus, the potential SCOTUS ruling is such an earthquake, it'd be beyond the Democrats' ability to screw it up. Dana Milbank joins Charlie Sykes today.
43 min
Will Hurd: Moderates Get Sh*t Done
Will Hurd thinks there are enough normal Republicans out there to back a presidential candidate who works in the middle and across party lines. The former congressman joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
41 min
Will Saletan: No One Is Ready for the Post-Roe Era
If abortion is really murder, there are no exceptions — that eventually will impact contraceptives and lead to women being held legally responsible. Meanwhile, protesting at justices' homes plays directly into the right's hands. Will Saletan is back for Charlie and Will Monday.
49 min
Bill Kristol: Esper, Pompeo, and Roe
No, letting states resolve abortion rights won't lower the temperature. Plus, Trump is strangely silent on the SCOTUS news, why didn't Esper say anything before the election, and what is Pompeo up to in the PA Senate race? Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend podcast.
44 min
Adam Kinzinger: Make Clear to Putin There Is a ...
Once Putin accepts he's losing, there's a real risk he'll use WMDs. Put him on notice that he would be crossing a red line, and can expect a response. Plus, drones are the future of warfare — the US must lead the world in that technology. Adam Kinzinger joins Charlie Sykes today.
42 min
A.B. Stoddard: Trump's Base Only Wants "Killers"
Republican voters are right where Trump is — they too want to see the judiciary undermined, and checks and balances ignored. And they only want politicians who hunger for the fight. Meanwhile, party leaders are on defense over Roe. A.B. Stoddard joins Charlie Sykes today.
52 min
Ben Wittes: Parsing Roe; Trolling Russia
The Supreme Court is poised to overrule Roe after reaffirming abortion rights for nearly 50 years. This would mean a free-for-all in the states, and a fresh election narrative for Democrats. Other privacy rights, like gay marriage, may be next. Ben Wittes joins Charlie Sykes today.
44 min
Will Saletan: Is the Crazy Dangerous Sedition H...
A new generic congressional ballot poll shows Republicans may be losing ground ahead of the midterms. Plus, Tucker Carlson's racism, JP Mandel, JD Mandel and the real guy, Vance, who's proud to campaign with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes for the Charlie and Will Monday podcast.
39 min
Anne Applebaum: Putin Has Created an Alternate ...
Russian media is deliberately undermining the truth, which helps explain the inhuman behavior of its troops in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Zelensky is the anti-Putin Everyman who's changing the image of Ukraine in the eyes of the world. Anne Applebaum joins Charlie Sykes on the weekend podcast.
37 min
Lucy Caldwell: Knives Out For McCarthy
Face it: Republicans are so much better at politics. Democrats stick to the moral high ground while Republicans focus on winning by any means necessary. Plus, Elon Musk is a crony capitalist, and the knives are out for Kevin McCarthy. Lucy Caldwell joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
52 min
David Frum: It's Not DeSantis v Disney — It's D...
DeSantis' anti-gay agenda is all about winning over the conservative entertainment wing, Musk paid the GDP of Paraguay for a company with the gross revenues of the Olive Garden, and we need to start planning the rebuilding of Ukraine now. David Frum joins Charlie Sykes today.
43 min
Will Saletan: Are We Living in an Age of Americ...
What's Musk going to do to Twitter? Plus, Greg Abbott's costly border performance, San Francisco's become too woke for Democrats, and Kevin McCarthy is not only groveling, he's denying he had a flash of decency. Will Saletan is back with Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
55 min
Chef José Andrés: Feeding the Soul of Ukraine
Chef Andrés' World Central Kitchen has set up a sprawling network of cafes and food distribution sites in and around Ukraine. En route to the outskirts of Mariupol, Andrés tells Charlie Sykes he sees the will of the Ukrainian people in every corner, and talks of his mission to make food an agent of change. Don't miss today's podcast.
30 min
Tim Miller: Cowardly Kevin
McCarthy thought he was rid of Trump after Jan 6, but he didn't have the backbone to stand up to him. And Mitch is just as guilty. Plus: JD Vance's post-constitutionalism, and calling DeSantis' Disney vengeance campaign for what it is: "Socialism." Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes on the weekend podcast.
50 min
Juliette Kayyem: Living in an Age of Disasters
Don't let your last words be, "I'm such an idiot." Plus, the Biden administration should better explain how we got to this Covid recovery period. Juliette Kayyem joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Yascha Mounk: The Most Dangerous Idea in Americ...
Both Democrats and Republicans agree on only one thing, but it isn't even true: that whites and people of color are splitting into two opposing voting blocs. It's driving panic on the right, and triumphalism on the left. Yascha Mounk joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
40 min
Yuval Levin: Trump's Strategic Error
By making so many endorsements, Donald Trump is turning himself into a factional leader rather a leader of his party
44 min
Will Saletan: Tucker’s Twisted Notions of Manli...
Tucker Carlson's hyper-masculinity flex, Mike Lee's coup scheming texts, and the Biden administration's chill on Covid. Plus, Will Saletan and Charlie Sykes have a radical disagreement about how much we're arming Ukraine. Today's edition of Charlie and Will Monday.
52 min
Robert Tracinski: The Birchers Are Back - And W...
There's a secret cabal that's trying to control us — they're lying to you, and they're communists. Sound familiar?
49 min
Amanda Carpenter: The Senate Is the World's Gre...
Some of Dianne Feinstein's colleagues say she's no longer fit to serve. Meanwhile, McConnell's backing a candidate in Georgia who's not prepared to take a major vote in the Senate. Plus: Ukraine, Biden, and the PA governors' race. Amanda Carpenter joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
35 min
Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Fascism 2.0
Like Hitler and Mussolini before him, Putin's acting with hubris and arrogance because he's been in power for too long. And to save face, he'll likely escalate his terror tactics in Ukraine. Today, the amorality of strongmen — including Trump. Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins Charlie Sykes.
42 min
Jonathan Chait: More MAGA than MAGA
The parts of the Republican Party that see Trump as a political liability are setting Ron DeSantis up as a MAGA alternative. And that includes the Murdoch empire, which is cranking out DeSantis propaganda night and day. Jonathan Chait joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Will Saletan: Who Will Get Lindseyed Next?
Trump couldn't resist endorsing fellow TV huckster Dr. Oz, despite PA Senate candidate David McCormick pulling a Lindsey Graham knee-bend. Plus, the potential danger of political clowns, and the two kinds of war crimes in Ukraine. Will Saletan's back for Charlie and Will Mondays.
46 min
Tim Miller: Mitch McConnell Has No Moral Red Lines
McConnell calling out Trump for January 6 had nothing to do with morals. Also on the weekend podcast: Republicans are corruptly aiding Trump's latest failed business, and widening their campaign to demonize gay people. Plus, Tim Miller and Charlie Sykes have book recs!
52 min
Tom Nichols: Where Putin Might Use Nukes
When one-third of the House GOP is voting against NATO, McCarthy's lost control. Meanwhile CPAC will meet in Budapest, in an SNL skit come-to-life. Plus, how to stop Putin — and "globo-homo' lands in the lexicon. Tom Nichols joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
52 min
Josh Kraushaar: Democrats Are Bracing for a Rep...
The Democrats are the more sane party, but their self-inflicted wounds have created the most favorable Republican environment since 2010. National Journal's Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
50 min
Lis Smith: Why Democrats Should Go on Fox News
Polls show independents think Democrats are condescending and out of touch. The best way to blow up the caricature? Go on Fox News and talk to them. Pete Buttigieg campaign alum Lis Smith joins Charlie Sykes today with some advice for the midterms.
50 min
Bill Kristol: Biden Was Right — Putin Must Be R...
After Bucha, Russia has to be defeated, and Putin's removal from power has to be a part of it. Plus, paleo-cons on Orbán, the return of Palin, and the war on Disney. Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
48 min
Tim Miller: I'd Like to Smack DeSantis ... But ...
"Don't Say Gay" is giving panhandle Karens permission to spout anti-gay and anti-transgender rhetoric, and kids are feeling afraid. Plus, the media's fail on Hunter's laptop and Trump's aid and comfort to a military foe. Tim Miller's back with Charlie Sykes on this weekend's podcast.
54 min
Greg Bluestein: Was Georgia's Flip to Purple Fi...
Georgia is the new epicenter of American politics after flipping the Senate and helping give Biden the White House. Have Georgia Democrats figured out a winning formula? Greg Bluestein joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Adam White: The Court Needs to Maintain Its Leg...
The Supreme Court's recusal standard isn't just for a concrete conflict of interest. It's also for the appearance of a conflict, and Justice Thomas is clearly in that zone. Plus, the never-ending story of the people who won't tell Trump "No." Adam White joins Charlie Sykes today.
37 min
Francis Fukuyama: The End of Complacency
Francis Fukuyama joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
42 min
Will Saletan: Putin Is a Terrorist
The world's bloodiest terrorist is angling for concessions in exchange for not killing more Ukrainians civilians, Biden's real and honest moment was undercut by his own advisers, and Elise Stefanik's lack of principle is her biggest asset. Will Saletan is back for Charlie and Will Mondays.
46 min
Mona Charen: A Time to Recuse, a Time to Testify
Ginni Thomas was all-in for a coup and locking Biden up at Gitmo. And after Trump’s back-stabbing, Mo Brooks now sounds like he’s ready to talk to the January 6 committee. It was a week of jackassery and jerkitude — Mona Charen joins Charlie Sykes on the weekend podcast to break it all down.
45 min
Josh Rogin: Xi and Putin Are in This Together
Not only is China a co-conspirator in the Russian scheme to blame the war in Ukraine on the US and the West, it's also underwriting it economically. The Washington Post's Josh Rogin joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
41 min
David Corn: Tucker Carlson, Useful Idiot
Why is Tucker Carlson siding with Putin? Is he just trolling Biden, or is it more ideological? Plus, it's hard to have a democracy when you can't agree on basic facts. David Corn joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
45 min
A.B. Stoddard: The Pipeline of Crazy Is Clogged
Melania prefers Dr. Oz, Greitens may have just enough shamelessness to win Trump's blessing, and Ohio GOP Senate candidates are on the cusp of a fistfight. A.B. Stoddard joins Charlie Sykes today to give an update on the midterms.
45 min
Will Saletan: What Is the Red Line?
The Russians have become the largest terrorist organization in the world. How will NATO respond if Putin resorts to chemical weapons? Plus, Charlie Sykes says Josh Hawley deserves to be canceled. Will Saletan is back for Charlie and Will Mondays.
53 min
Bill Kristol: Maybe War Crimes Are a Bridge Too...
Most elected Republicans and the base are moving in a different direction from the pro-Putin and anti-anti-Putin crowd. How far can Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn go without breaking the silo? Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes for this weekend's podcast.
44 min
Michael Weiss: Who Should You Believe about the...
Kyiv is not encircled, its air force is largely intact, and Russians soldiers keep abandoning their equipment. While Ukraine may have the momentum, Russian elites may be hunkering down in underground bunkers far from Moscow. Michael Weiss joins Charlie Sykes today to update the state of the battle.
45 min
David Priess: What Zelensky Needs
In a taste of what's to come, Lawfare's David Priess and Charlie Sykes have different takes on Zelensky's request for a no-fly zone. Also on the podcast, the Biden administration's use of intelligence to play with Putin's head.
43 min
Susan Glasser: Russia's New Iron Curtain
Putin has blown up Russia's 30-year relationship with the West, and his country has taken a North Korea-style turn. And those are good things in Putin's eyes. The New Yorker's Susan Glasser joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
47 min
Is Biden Deterring Putin?
We have made ourselves more nervous about what Putin might do than he is about what we might do. Will Saletan and Charlie Sykes have a  disagreement on today's Charlie and Will Monday.
45 min
Tim Miller: Trump Is the Leader of the Putin Wing
From Putin-phelia to homophobia to Trump's Zelensky-envy, Tim Miller's back with Charlie Sykes on this weekend's pod.
53 min
Amb. Eric Edelman: Why Are We Deterring Ourselves?
In addition to his other miscalculations, Putin has fathered modern Ukrainian nationalism, and made NATO stronger and more unified than it's been in years. Former Ambassador Eric Edelman joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
General Mark Hertling: Why the Russians Will Lose
Russia won't be able to take large Ukrainian cities. But that won't stop them from bombing them into rubble. Americans say 'make it end,' but it won't until Putin accepts defeat in a war he can't win. Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling, the former commanding general of U.S. Army Europe and 7th Army, joins Charlie Sykes today.
38 min
Kim Wehle: We Need To Learn How To Think
Whether it's the disinformation that's dividing Americans, or a hard problem in your own life, thinking more like a lawyer can actually help you sleep at night. Plus, Bill Barr's one and only breaking point. Kim Wehle explains on today's podcast with Charlie Sykes.
44 min
Will Saletan: A Failed Invasion
Putin can’t occupy Ukraine – an insurgency will bleed his forces. And Biden needs to use his bully pulpit to prepare the country for sacrifice if we embargo Russian oil. Will Saletan's back for Charlie and Will Mondays.
46 min
Tim Miller: Don't Buy Bill Barr's Book
So much to cover on this weekend's podcast!
53 min
Rachel Vindman: The GOP Enablers Brought Us to ...
44 min
Michael Steele: Biden Restores the Alliance
Biden has stitched NATO back together after Trump and Putin tried to tear it apart.
40 min
Clint Watts: What Is Putin's Offramp?
Putin lost the disinformation war in the West over Ukraine, but the man who laid waste to cities in Syria and Chechnya has a massive convoy heading to Kyiv.
40 min