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News Commentary
Tim Miller: Don't Buy Bill Barr's Book
So much to cover on this weekend's podcast!
53 min
Rachel Vindman: The GOP Enablers Brought Us to ...
44 min
Michael Steele: Biden Restores the Alliance
Biden has stitched NATO back together after Trump and Putin tried to tear it apart.
40 min
Clint Watts: What Is Putin's Offramp?
Putin lost the disinformation war in the West over Ukraine, but the man who laid waste to cities in Syria and Chechnya has a massive convoy heading to Kyiv.
40 min
Will Saletan: Courage Is Contagious
Ukraine's pushback against authoritarianism has lit a spark around the world.
47 min
Heath Mayo: Reimagining American Conservatism
While CPAC is mocking, meme-ing and owning the libs, a different summit —one for principled conservatives — is convening this weekend to reconceptualize the movement.
40 min
Tom Nichols: Putin, Unhinged and in a Bubble
How serious is Putin's nuke threat? How should the world react to the invasion of Ukraine? And thoughts on the GOP's entertainment wing.  Tom Nichols joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
40 min
Bill Kristol: MAGA Turns Anti Anti-Putin
In the middle of an international crisis, Trump is fawning over Putin, and the entertainment wing of the GOP loves it. But how will the elected wing respond? Is a pro-Putin party a bridge too far? Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Tim O'Brien: Trump Was Giving Putin Everything ...
Trump's child-like fascination with "tough guys" like Putin is part of the reason why we are where we are today. Many Republicans are now following his lead — allying themselves with a foreign power that sows dissent and division here. Tim O'Brien joins Charlie Sykes today.
38 min
Will Saletan: Surprise, Trump Was in It for the...
Voters said they wanted a businessman for president. Now, he's making clear he treated our country as a vehicle for his own profit. Will Saletan is back for 'Charlie and Will Mondays.'
47 min
David Frum: O Canada!
46 min
Karen Tumulty: At Least One Party Kicked the Ex...
Progressives revolted against progressives in San Francisco — and that could have national implications. Meanwhile, Republicans stand for only one thing, and they're shrinking their base. The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
42 min
Garry Kasparov: Putin Is a Merchant of Doubt
With Biden in the White House, Putin thought this was the time to deliver the final blow to NATO. But he has been surprised by the West's response to Ukraine. His game isn't chess, it's poker — and he may have overplayed his hand. Garry Kasparov joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
40 min
John Avlon: An Unconditional Surrender and a Ma...
In the last six weeks of his life, Abraham Lincoln sketched out a vision to win the peace after winning the war, principles that inspired future generations. CNN's John Avlon joins Charlie Sykes to share the story of Lincoln, the peacemaker.
42 min
Charlie and Will Monday
Sexual anarchy, trucker protests, rumors of war, and Trump’s feral ego. Will Saletan and Charlie Sykes hash it out on today's @BulwarkOnline podcast.
44 min
Tim Miller: The Worst and the Dumbest
Now that the Republican base is following the gazpacho soup lady, consider this Bulwark prediction for your Super Bowl weekend: Secession will be the next big thing in the MAGA-verse. Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes on the podcast.
46 min
Robert Draper: MAGA Martyr Michael Flynn
On the right-wing road show, Michael Flynn is the second-biggest draw after Trump — his "deep state" victimization is central to MAGA mythology. Oh, and he's still trying to steal the 2020 election. The New York Times Magazine's Robert Draper joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
40 min
Jeremy Peters: The GOP’s Ongoing Insurgency
From Pat Buchanan's culture war to Sarah Palin wearing her resentment on her sleeve, Trump's escalator ride was a long time coming. The New York Times' Jeremy Peters joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Adam Kinzinger: McCarthy Looks Like a Weak, Fec...
Adam Kinzinger joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
41 min
Will Saletan: It's Easy to Become an Authoritar...
You don't have to renounce democracy or reject the Constitution — all you have to do is be persuaded to believe a few lies. Will Saletan joins Charlie Sykes today for the launch of our new 'Charlie & Will Monday' on The Bulwark Podcast.
45 min
Tim Miller: China, Zucker, Schumer, SCOTUS, Cou...
On our weekend omnibus podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to vent about it all.
50 min
Scott MacFarlane: Jan. 6 Committee Is Connectin...
Congressional committee hearings can be a hot mess. But the Jan. 6 committee is moving with strategic steps and a unified message — it fits the moment. CBS News' Scott MacFarlane joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
42 min
George Packer: Afghanistan Was Biden's Saigon
Biden's empathy didn't extend to Afghan allies — like interpreters — who risked their lives for our troops. When the administration didn't plan for their exit, vets, soldiers, and others came together to save lives. The Atlantic's George Packer joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
42 min
Dana Milbank: The Right's Snowflakes
As Black History Month gets underway, teachers around the country are afraid to teach about civil rights or reconstruction. Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin's kids are learning all about CRT at their tony private schools. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
43 min
Will Saletan: We Are Too Politically Segregated
Don't only talk to people you agree with politically. Break free from the echo chamber, and help cure our tribalism. Will Saletan officially joins The Bulwark — and Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.
46 min