The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood

Sonny Bunch hosts The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood, a new podcast featuring interviews with folks who have their finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry during this dynamic—and difficult—time.

TV & Film
Film Interviews
Tribeca and the Evolution of the Film Festival
Cara Cusumano on the modernization of the multimedia festival.
35 min
The Data that Determines What We Watch
The Entertainment Strategy Guy goes deep on streaming data.
49 min
How Much Free Work Do Writers Do to Get Paid Work?
Colby Day on a working screenwriter's path to getting work.
36 min
Is the Superhero Boom Officially Over?
Scott Mendelson on the state of the box office.
41 min
How Do You Bring the (Fake) Real Pete Davidson ...
Judah Miller on his and Davidson's new PeacockTV show, 'Bupkis.'
24 min
What's to Come in 'The Streaming Wars'
Former Amazon Studios exec Matthew Ball on the past, present, and future of 'The Streaming Wars.'
40 min
Going to the Movies: Still the Best Value Around
David Herrin of The Quorum on the value proposition of theaters and why tracking is ticking upward.
29 min
Summer Box Office Preview
Frank Pallotta is back to talk about the story of the summer.
45 min
Will the WWE-UFC Merger Amp Up the Streaming Ar...
The Ankler's Sean McNulty on the wild world of streaming sports rights.
42 min
Are Video Games the New Comic Books?
The Washington Post's Gene Park on the oncoming video game boom.
45 min
How Theatrical Exhibition Helps Stave Off Piracy
Cinema Foundation Jackie Brenneman on the state of movie theaters.
40 min
Can the Drive-In Survive?
April Wright, director of 'Back to the Drive-In,' on the family-friendly big-screen experience.
33 min
The Best Stunts of 2022, Rewarded
Bilge Ebiri and Brandon Streussnig on Vulture's first annual stunt awards.
50 min
The Drama Behind Hollywood's Biggest Night
Michael Schulman talks 'Oscar Wars.'
42 min
Will the WGA Strike? Can It Afford Not To?
Richard Rushfield on the potential—and potentially necessary—catastrophe looming over Hollywood.
32 min
David Thomson on the Magic of Acting
How the legendary critic and author explains what he sees. Plus: Some Oscar picks!
40 min
Theater: You Can Get Rich, But Making a Living ...
Julian Schlossberg on a life in entertainment.
47 min
Shawn Ryan on Past WGA Negotiations and the Evo...
Creator of 'The Shield' and showrunner of 'S.W.A.T.' on the state of play.
43 min
Producer Dean Devlin Goes (Back) to Space
Dean Devlin on his new SyFy show 'The Ark' and the evolving business of showbiz.
27 min
PaleyFest's Secret Weapon: Love
Rene Reyes on programming the year's most fun celebration of television.
39 min
Scientifically Measuring Movie Love
Kevin Goetz on how studios determine what will play in movie theaters.
50 min
The Science of High Frame Rate, Explained
Tony Davis rejoins the show to talk about the movie magic behind 'Avatar: The Way of Water.'
50 min
The Ten Biggest Hollywood Fiascoes of 2022
The LA Times's Ryan Faughnder on the stories that defined the year.
36 min
How Spider-Man Conquered Hollywood
Sean O'Connell on the perfect book for the Spider-fan in your life.
34 min
Disney's Parks Make Tons of Money — But Are The...
WSJ's Robbie Whelan on drama within Disney's most profitable sector.
38 min