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AP Ground Game: Inside The Poll Numbers
14 min
AP Ground Game: Inside The Ripple Effect
11 min
AP Ground Game: Inside Madrid, Spain
14 min
AP Ground Game: Inside The Epicenter
12 min
Once and Future Baseball
32 min
Bonus: AP Ground Game: Inside The Outbreak - In...
12 min
The Russophile
29 min
Thinking About Travel in a Time of Quarantine
25 min
The Romance of the Seine
26 min
(Don't) Get Outta Here? Travel and COVID-19
22 min
The Film Festival Experience
29 min
Slavery Tourism
24 min
A Can't-Miss Birding Expedition
28 min
Painters' Paradise in Mexico
28 min
Travels with Charley(s)
26 min
Miami: Back in the Super Bowl Spotlight
31 min
Vacation in Middle Earth
29 min
The Ukrainian Vienna
24 min
Revisit: Scorpion Hunt!
23 min
Beaches, Tea and Buddha's Tooth
27 min
Gift Guide
26 min
Revisit: Montgomery's Slavery Museum and Lynchi...
12 min
The Show Behind the Show
28 min
Going to Hong Kong?
23 min
Going Solo in Barcelona
24 min
Visiting Cuba Today
20 min
The Last Flight of Thomas Cook
27 min
Have Camera Will Travel
26 min
Thailand Away From the Crowds
Discovering Thailand off the beaten track
20 min
Country Music: The Ken Burns Tour
Touring the Country of Country Music
22 min
Scorpion Hunt!
(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Scorpions, on a Hunt in the Arizona Desert
24 min
We Can Travel. Can We Breathe?
An Air Pollution World Tour
24 min
Cruising the Fjords
A trip to the Arctic Circle, hiking Norway's fjords, with as much or as little exertion as you'd like
28 min
A Visit to the Primaries
Presidential primary tourism: it's a real thing
28 min
No Snow? No Problem!
Ski resorts make themselves into summer destinations. Plus: The Mongol Rally
28 min
The Wound at the Center of Paris
Notre Dame is fenced off, but 14 million visitors have to go somewhere
31 min
Summer at the Music Festivals
AP entertainment writer Kristin Hall sorts through the plethora of outdoor music festivals this summer
22 min
A Trip to Bicycle Heaven
Quebec jumps into bicycling with both wheels
20 min
Revisit: Across the U.S. by Train
A journalist and novelist takes us around the country by train
12 min
Revisit: Montgomery, Alabama's lynching memoria...
A new memorial to lynching victims has opened in Montgomery, Alabama, a city that was central to the 19th century slave trade and to the 20th century civil rights movement
13 min
150 Years of Tabasco Sauce on Avery Island, Lou...
Tabasco sauce was invented 150 years ago in Louisiana on Avery Island. It's still made there today.
18 min
All 50 states as a travel goal
How many states have you been to? Turns out lots of us travelers are on a quest to see all 50.
25 min
Becoming a better tourist
This week, we talk about getting out of our comfort zone, meeting authentic people and understanding the way they live.
21 min
Low-cost airlines: Are they worth it?
They can save you tons of money, but only if you know how to play the game.
23 min
Taking the slow road: a guide to bike vacations
Bike vacations offer travelers a chance to explore a region in-depth
21 min
Rediscovering Travel: Ignore online reviews and...
Have better vacations by learning to ignore the online chatter and let serendipity guide you
27 min
TWA Hotel: A taste of travel’s golden age
Eero Saarinen’s vacant TWA Flight Center at JFK is being converted into a hotel
27 min
Thomas Jefferson’s slaves at Monticello
Visitors to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello now learn more about his relationship with slavery
24 min
Holiday travel survival guide
Tips for surviving holiday travel
15 min
Staying fit while traveling: Tips from Flywheel...
Finding the right workout on the road can be a challenge but doable
16 min
Zooey Deschanel and purposeful travel
Zooey Deschanel talks about traveling with purpose - and with kids
16 min
The best places to visit in 2019
Lonely Planet just released its new list of best travel destinations for next year
20 min
Surviving air travel: tips for today’s flyers
Flying today isn’t just about the journey but about navigating a maze of rules.
25 min
The world’s longest flight
Imagine sitting on an airplane for 19 hours
21 min
Disney World challenge: One day, four parks, 49...
Some Disney World super fans try to tackle all 49 ride at the Florida resort in a single day
23 min
Road games: College football travel tips
Road games: Navigating a college football season travel with a veteran of press boxes and small towns
30 min
When should you hire a travel agent?
When to hire - and when to avoid - travel agents
22 min
Keep your family together on its next flight wi...
It’s getting harder and harder for families to sit together on airplanes without paying an extra fee.
18 min
Secrets from a hotel general manager
Getting a free room upgrade is nice. Avoiding the room next to the ice machine might be even nicer. Learn how.
37 min
Black culture and the hospitality industry: The...
Monique Greenwood's Akwaaba bed-and-breakfast inns carry on a tradition of hospitality for everyone while celebrating black culture.
32 min
How to Be a Better Tourist
A new book called "How to Be a Better Tourist" offers offbeat and inspiring tips like how to take an "alone day," what it means to "rent a German" and visiting the edges of cities.
26 min
Ask Me Anything! Reddit tries to stump Get Outt...
We recently hosted an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. Here's what happened.
40 min
Water, woods and lobster dinner on a Maine vaca...
Maine vacations offer something for everyone: beaches, lakes, hiking, shopping, the arts, and of course, a lobster dinner.
27 min
Little Women at 150: Visiting Louisa May Alcott...
The classic, beloved novel "Little Women" turns 150 this year. Orchard House, where "Little Women" author Louisa May Alcott lives, is open for tours and planning celebrations.
18 min
When is travel insurance a good idea, and when ...
These days every time you book a trip online, you get prompted to buy travel insurance. Wondering if it's worth it? Well, here are some situations where you won't need it.
29 min
Travel agents: What can they really do for you?
When you can book every aspect of your trip online in minutes, why on earth would you need a travel agent? Well, let's find out.
21 min
The real story behind Mount Rushmore, the Statu...
The real story behind Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty and other American icons: An interview with Geoffrey Baer, host of the PBS show "10 That Changed America" about his new episodes this summer
22 min
Pack like a pro with these tips from frequent f...
Pack like a pro with these tips from frequent flyers on how to pack light, how to avoid trouble with the TSA and how to manage packing once you have kids
17 min
New York City: New Frommer's guidebook offers t...
Pauline Frommer offers advice from the new Frommer's EasyGuide to New York City 2018 book for planning a trip to the Big Apple.
31 min
Synchronous fireflies: In a dark forest, tiny c...
In a dark Pennsylvania forest, synchronous fireflies flash in unison in a rhythmic display that lights up the night.
31 min
150 years of Tabasco sauce on Avery Island, Lou...
Tabasco sauce was invented 150 years ago in Louisiana on Avery Island. It's still made there today.
18 min
Get Outta Here! is now a travel book
If you like our "Get Outta Here!" travel podcast, you will love our "Get Outta Here!" travel book featuring experiences, adventures and destinations around the world
25 min
Inside Dr. Beach's best beach list and why so m...
Behind the scenes with Dr. Beach and his annual list of the 10 best beaches: How he creates the list and why so many beaches don't make the cut
24 min
Disney trip tips: Advice from Disney Parks Moms...
Are you stressing out about planning a Disney trip? The Disney Parks Moms Panel can help
26 min
Montgomery, Alabama's new lynching memorial, Le...
A new memorial to lynching victims has opened in Montgomery, Alabama, a city that was central to the 19th century slave trade and to the 20th century civil rights movement.
13 min
Episode 53: For royal wedding fans, a sightsee...
Are you a fan of the British royals? Here's a sightseeing itinerary to the royal wedding and more.
19 min
Episode 52: Birthright Israel turns 18: Bringin...
Birthright Israel, which has brought 600,000 young Jews on free trips to Israel, marks its 18th birthday this year. Here's a look at the program, its successes and controversies
27 min
Episode 51: Summer travel tips from Johnny Jet
Air travel expert Johnny Jet shares tips for summer travel, strategies for booking flights and getting the best deals.
32 min
Episode 50: Retiring abroad: What you need to know
Everything you need to know about retiring outside the U.S. from NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston
19 min
Episode 49: Andy Steves talks travel for a new ...
You may be familiar with Rick Steves, travel guidebook writer, tour company operator and TV show host. His son Andy Steves is offering up his own brand of travel for a new generation.
33 min
Episode 48: A new way to plan trips using ViaHe...
It's a mash-up of old-school travel agents and online local experts: a new trip-planning service called ViaHero. Listen to the end of the podcast for a discount code.
23 min
Episode 47: MLK 50: Memphis marks 50 years sinc...
Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated 50 years ago in Memphis. The Lorraine Motel, where he was shot, has been preserved as part of the National Civil Rights Museum.
29 min
Episode 46: Real Wakanda
"Black Panther" fans who long to visit Wakanda will find glimpses of the futuristic fictional kingdom in many parts of Africa.
17 min
Episode 45: Oneika the Traveller
Oneika Raymond aka Oneika the Traveller talks about her blog, her videos for Travel Channel, what it takes to be an influencer and the particular challenges of traveling as a black woman, along with some tips for traveling on a budget and packing light.
31 min
Episode 44: FOMO at SXSW?
FOMO and SXSW: Everything you need to know about visiting Austin for South by Southwest
23 min
Episode 43: Beer culture around the world
The "Atlas of Beer" is a book about beer culture around the world, from Irish pubs to banana beer in Tanzania.
23 min
Episode 42: Make a scene? Real places from your...
There's a certain type of movie fan who gets a kick out of visiting the place where a favorite film was made. This year's Oscar-nominated films are connected to all kinds of interesting destinations, from a UNESCO World Heritage site in Ireland to an old movie theater in Canada.
17 min
Episode 41: Visiting Mexico for spring break: S...
Mexico is one of the most popular spring break destinations for Americans. Here's a look at some places to visit, along with insider tips and what you need to know about safety.
20 min
Episode 40: Romantic getaway tips from the worl...
They take the idea of a romantic getaway very seriously: Mike and Anne Howard took their honeymoon on the road to 7 continents for over 5 years
23 min
Bonus episode: Olympics destination South Korea...
The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Pyeongchang and two other locales in South Korea. Here’s everything you need to know about the host destination.
23 min
Episode 39: Cruises, part 2: Trends, insider ti...
Thinking about taking a cruise? Here's the second half of a discussion with experts on trends, issues and insider tips.
35 min
Bonus episode: Super Bowl destination Minneapol...
Minneapolis is the Super Bowl host city this year and locals are hoping visitors will embrace the Bold North with winter sports, a winter carnival and other cold weather fun.
18 min
Episode 38: Cruises: Trends, insider tips and more
Thinking about taking a cruise? Find out about trends and issues in cruising along with some great insider tips and advice.
31 min
Episode 37: Super Bowl destination Minneapolis:...
Minneapolis is the Super Bowl host city this year and locals are hoping visitors will embrace the Bold North with winter sports, a winter carnival and other cold weather fun.
18 min
Episode 36: Olympics destination South Korea ge...
The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Pyeongchang and two other locales in South Korea. Here’s everything you need to know about the host destination.
23 min
Episode 35: Samantha Brown’s new travel show on...
Samantha Brown has a new show on PBS, “Places to Love,” meeting with locals to share a destination's heart and soul
23 min
Episode 34: Where NOT to go in 2018: A list fro...
It’s that time of year when travel experts are telling you where to go in 2018. But the travel guidebook publisher Fodor’s has come up with a list of where NOT to go.
24 min
Episode 33: The Amazon: How to plan a trip, plu...
Everything you need to know about planning a trip to the Amazon, including the controversy over tours that include wildlife encounters.
18 min
Episode 32: Secrets of the Rockettes revealed
The Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall is a New York holiday tradition. We’re going to tell you some of their secrets.
21 min
Episode 31: Skift CEO Rafat Ali on travel in th...
The stress of traveling along with terror attacks around the globe have created a state of “permanxiety,” according to the travel media company Skift.
24 min