What Happened When

From Starrcade '83 to March 26, 2001, Tony Schiavone was the voice of professional wrestling below the Mason-Dixon Line. Though the Monday Night Wars may be over you can still relive the memories of Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling. Hear for yourself why What Happened When with Tony Schiavone is a hilarious trip down professional wrestlings memory lane. Join Tony and Conrad every Wednesday morning at 6am ET exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network.

90: Episode 90: WCW Monday Nitro 09-25-2000 Ru...
This is one of those shows. One that many said helped kill WCW. Tony says BULLSHIT; that WCW was dead long before that. Anyway, join the guys as they look back at the time Vince Russo became the WCW Champion. It happened on WCW Monday Nitro and this is...
108 min
89: Episode 89: WCW Monday Nitro 07-31-2000
Less than one year before WCW was sold to WWE and closed the doors forever, a WCW Monday Nitro full of sex and craziness hit TNT. It was complete with a "Viagra on a Pole Match" between Kidman and Shane Douglas; a "Straight-Jacket Match" between Big Se...
106 min
88: Episode 88: WCW Saturday Night 09-24-1988
Thirty years ago, Jim Crockett Promotions was in its final months; tensions were high and the wrestling quality was down. In the days leading up to the sale to Turner Broadcast everyone was wondering what was next for the "NWA?" Tony and Conrad take yo...
73 min
87: Episode 87: Fall Brawl 1998
Yes, this WCW Pay Per View had a little of everything: Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Silver King (WTF?), Raven, Saturn, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, DDP. And it had a LOT of nothing: no sense, no good finishes, nothing-happening announcing, and no one w...
178 min
86: Episode 86: WCW Monday Nitro 09-14-1998
Here it is! Conrad and Tony watch along with one of the most memorable moments in the run of WCW Monday Nitro. The return of Ric Flair to WCW and the re-formation of the Four Horsemen. But that's not all! Goldberg vs Sting. The silly Hogan and Ultimate...
156 min
85: Episode 85: WHW at Starrcast 2018
One of the big parts of the WHW Starrcast experience during "All In" weekend was fans being able to do "wrestling style" interviews with Tony Schiavone. Additionally, the WHW LIVE was a smash hit because of a few surprise guests. One of those guest did...
83 min
84: Episode 84: Spring Stampede '99
Relive the moments of one of the very good PPV's from the WCW era: Spring Stampede '99. From the incredible ability of Blitzkrieg, to Hardcore Hak, to an completely out-of-control Scott Steiner to Diamond Dallas Page becoming the WCW World Heavyweight ...
209 min
83: Episode 83: SummerSlam '89
In 1989, Vince McMahon hired this 31-year-old redneck named Tony Schiavone away from WCW and put him on the big stage with Jesse "The Body" Venture as the announce team for SummerSlam 1989. So, sit back, open up your can of Potted Meat and/or Vienna Sa...
169 min
82: Episode 82: Thunder 51 February 18-1999
Strap yourself in, Slapdicks, and get ready for an episode of Thunder chocked full of...stuff. Like Ric Flair getting beat up in a field, Eric Bischoff as a limo driver, Ralphus in drag, Torrie Wilson in a hotel room and Raven's mom!  It's Thunder...an...
110 min
81: Episode 81: WHW Mailbag-August, 2018
They've been doing it since January 2017! Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson answer your questions from social media. They have to. Conrad is the only one of the two that can read, so he delivers the inquiries to Tony. Enjoy... Support us on Patreon, g...
108 min
80: Episode 80: ECW Heat Wave 1998
Some call it the best ECW Pay Per View ever, and it truly was an unforgettable event. From the Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible opener to the wild six man match at the end, watch along with Tony and Conrad as they look back on the event from Dayton, Ohio....
172 min
79: Episode 79: Clash of the Champions 24 08-1...
The unforgettable appearance of the Shockmaster at the Clash of the Champions XXIV from 1993. It was on a segment of "Flair for the Gold" and was, without a doubt, capsuled what was wrong with WCW. Find out how they came up with the costume and how the...
111 min
78: Episode 78: Bash at the Beach 1995
Outside. Southern California. Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage. Hulk Hogan vs. Vader. Sting in the opening match. What is not to love? Well, the PPV also had the Renegade, Dave Sullivan and Kamala. So, surfs' up, DUDE! Support us on Patreon, get this show ea...
153 min
77: Episode 77: Bash at the Beach 2000
Join Conrad and Tony and special idiot...er...guest Casio Kid as they relive the moments from 2000 when Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo were part of one of the most famous moments in WCW lore.   But before we get there, you have to suffer thro...
179 min
76: Episode 76: Nitro 147 Goldberg vs Hogan 07...
Here it is gang! Goldberg vs Hulk Hogan at the Georgia Dome in front of an announced crowd of 39,919 on July 6, 1998. It was the beginning of the Goldberg WCW World Title reign and the night of memorable moments like.....uh.....like Tokyo Magnum dancin...
152 min
75: Episode 75: NWA-WCW (06/25/88)
As Jim Crockett Promotions headed to the Great American Bash 1988, they were pulling out all the stops (good and bad) to set up Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger for the NWA World Heavyweight Title at the Baltimore Arena. It would be the final year of JCP, as w...
81 min
74: Episode 74: NWA-WCW (06/13/87)
Join Conrad and Tony as they watch World Championship Wrestling's June 13, 1987 Episode.  It was only one hour on TBS that week, but it was loaded with great interviews and action.  Watch Dusty Rhodes and Tully Blanchard battle for the NWA World TV Tit...
71 min
73: Episode 73: Clash of the Champions II (June...
Brad Armstrong is in the opener against Barry Windham, Sting & Dusty team up against the Horsemen on top, and along the way we see Lex Luger get ambushed and left a bloody mess. The silliness that was the triple cage concept can't be topped with the or...
119 min
72: Episode 72: NWA TV (06/07/86)
Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes, a Rock N Roll Express Dream Date contest, Jimmy Valiant in a hair feud, a Flair promo with the front row dressed in suits, Ole Anderson returning to attack Dusty and cut a legendary promo, Dusty responding with a promo that ...
105 min
71: Episode 71: 5/27/96 Nitro (Scott Hall Debut)
If you had to trace the "boom" in popularity in professional wrestling in the late 90s back to a single point, it was the May 27, 1996, Monday Nitro when Scott Hall showed up on Nitro and started what would become the hottest angle in history, the nWo....
113 min
70: Episode 70: Slamboree 1993
Slamboree '93 was the Legends Reunion and there has never been a show like this before... thankfully! Tony loved it but Conrad maybe not so much. WCW is hitting the panic button based on poor houses and they're doubling down on nostalgia. If you haven'...
181 min
69: Episode 69: Capital Combat
Ole Anderson has taken over for the booking committee, Tony Schiavone is back from the WWF, Terry Funk quit, the Road Warriors are leaving for the WWF, Luger gets one more shot at the World Title, but who we really need to get over is... Robocop! Yes, ...
181 min
68: Episode 68: Slamboree 1998
Tony and Conrad break down WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WCW finally started to trail the WWF in the ratings. Kevin Greene, Dennis Rodman, bringing Flair back, signing the Ultimate Warrior, and even challenging Vince McMahon to a fight?! What wouldn't WCW try to ...
180 min
67: Episode 67: WCW Saturday Night 5/9/92
Tony and Conrad are joined by Casio Kid once again for a hilarious watch-along of WCW Saturday Night from May 9, 1992! This is when WCW was "trying things" like a celebrity guest host in Alabama's Randy Owen, plus we learn that Ricky Steamboat has been...
89 min
66: Episode 66: Spring Stampede 1994
The most brutal match in WCW history, a four star Bunkhouse Buck match, Rude’s last major WCW match, and Flair-Steamboat IV, all in front of a record-setting Chicago crowd! Follow the show on Twitter: @WHWMonday Buy a shirt and Tony will call you (ev...
179 min
65: Episode 65: ECW Barely Legal
E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! Tony has NEVER seen Extreme Championship Wrestling until now! Conrad doesn't tell him who anyone is and Tony just freestyles who everyone is and why they're here. You don't want to miss this off-the-rails silliness that includes a ...
178 min
64: Episode 64: Spring Stampede 1997
Spring Stampede 1997 was the night Randy Savage "made" Diamond Dallas Page and the night that Booker T gave what is perhaps the most infamous interview in WCW history! Plus a four way match that's really just a tag match, Scott Hall is nowhere to be fo...
183 min
63: Episode 63: Clash of the Champions VI: Ragi...
Tony's not leaving! But we are covering an NWA show from when Tony DID leave, it's Part II of the Flair-Steamboat Trilogy from 1989! This was the Clash of the Champions from the Superdome in New Orleans that went head-to-head from WrestleMania V! The m...
140 min
62: Episode 62: The Schiavone Wedding (The Fina...
Well, this is it! The big day for the Schiavone Family is finally here, Tony's only daughter is getting married! But does this mean the end of WHAT HAPPENED WHEN? Join Conrad as he makes the trek from Huntsville to Marietta in attempt to get Tony to ch...
84 min
61: Episode 61: Uncensored 96, The Alliance to ...
As our beloved show comes to it's supposed eventual end, Conrad and Tony are in rare form again as they cover Uncensored 96; featuring the The Alliance to end Hulkamania vs. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the former MegaPowers in a triple cage of doom or...
173 min
60: Episode 60: Spring Break Nitro 1997
Conrad and Tony are back with one of their most outrageous watch alongs yet, as the countdown continues toward the end of our beloved institution. It's 1997 in WCW so things are coming to a peak in the most exciting way, and yet, terrible things are h...
130 min
59: Episode 59: Uncensored 1997
Because of the upcoming wedding, there are only a few shows left, and in this one, Tony and Conrad talk about Uncensored 1997 in one of our most hilarious shows yet. Mortal Kombat talk (and singing), american males talk (and singing), and much more o...
111 min
58: Episode 58: WrestleWar 1991
A company that held a Pay Per View with several of wrestling's future stars, a deep talent roster and a five star match... Is this a rib? No, it is the bipolar early 90's WCW, as Tony and Conrad cover WrestleWar 1991 featuring what many consider the be...
122 min
57: Episode57: Superbrawl 1998
Coming off of their biggest Pay Per View ever, WCW begins the process of unravelling. But first, an interest worthy PPV in early 1998. Lots going on here including the Scott Steiner turn, dissension in the NWO, Booker T's coming out party makes this ...
173 min
56: Episode 56: Superbrawl III
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in WCW. Some of the greatest wrestlers, silliest gimmicks, and Wrestlecrap worthy promotional films. Join Tony as he revisits an interesting time in WCW history on another fun watch along with Conra...
189 min
55: Episode 55: Clash of Champions X
"You're out! You're no longer a horseman!" were the words spoken on the outset of this show in a perfectly executed angle that could only be ruined by a cataclysmic injury happening on the same show 2 hours later....and it did. Clash of Champions had i...
124 min
54: Episode 54: The 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede
Crockett era fans (and even those later WCW fans who want to learn more of their wrestling history) can rejoice as Tony and Conrad dive into one of the most crucial events in wrestling history, the 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede. You have Flair vs. Hawk, Eato...
88 min
53: Episode 53: Tony Answers YOUR Questions!
Back by popular demand is Tony Schiavone answering YOUR questions! Conrad has a record of picking legendary questions that will give us some unforgettable answers as Tony fields questions like: What match does he wish he called, what current wrestlers...
85 min
52: Episode 52: Souled out 1998
Souled out 1998 may be one of the best shows in the post Starrcade 97 era of WCW, and there is a lot to like about this show, so it's no wonder why. Flair vs. Hart, Giant vs. Nash Debacle, 8 man luchadore extravaganza, Rey vs. Jericho, and so much more...
170 min
51: Episode 51: WCW Thunder
Join Tony and Conrad as they reveal never before heard behind the scenes stories about the creation of and life and death of wrestling's most maligned show of all time WCW THUNDER! Not only that, but be entertained as Tony and Conrad put this abysmal ...
139 min
50: Episode 50: The History of What Happened Wh...
Tony Schiavone was out of wrestling. Conrad Thompson had an idea for a podcast. This unique podcast documentary on WHW with Tony Schiavone takes you through the twists, turns, success, and evolution of one of the most unique podcasts in the world. Fr...
198 min
49: Episode 49: Starrcade 1997
Join Tony Schiavone as he re-visits the 20 Year Anniversary of the biggest show in the history of our great sport, Starrcade 1997! After a 17 month build, the nWo storyline had all built to this. It would be biggest financial success in WCW history b...
185 min
48: Episode 48: Nitro 12/22/97 - Starrcade 97 G...
The "go home show" for Starrcade 97, This Nitro features the final build up for the long awaited Sting vs. Hogan and Bischoff vs. Zbysko matches the following Sunday, and also features the much talked about "NWO Nitro" segments which was universally ha...
154 min
47: Episode 47: Starrcade 1999
Tony and Conrad return for another of their hilarious watch alongs, and this time they are watching Starrcade 1999! All of you Monday night war era fans are going to love this one, and Tony and Conrad really cut loose and have a good time, and you wil...
188 min
46: Episode 46: Starrcade 1991
It's Starrcade 1991, The Lethal Lottery! Find out what happens when Conrad and Tony cover what they discovered may be the worst WCW PPV of all time. But no worries, you are still in for a hilarious time as the guys poke fun at and examine the the misc...
187 min
45: Episode 45: Starrcade 1990 (The Black Scorp...
Tony and Conrad are back with commentary on one of the most infamous PPV's featuring one of the most infamous angles of all time; Starrcade 1990 featuring the "reveal" of the Black Scorpion! Who was the Black Scorpion supposed to be initially? What wa...
194 min
44: Episode 44: Starrcade 1987
Your new Thanksgiving tradition begins right now! It's the return of big time wrestling taking place after your favorite meal of the year! We start with one of the most memorable Starrcades of all time, but was it memorable for the right reasons? Is...
169 min
43: Episode 43: World War 3 1997
After a year of peace it is time again for World War 3. Obviously the last one had a lasting impact. Listen (or watch and listen) with Conrad and Tony as they offer insight and background on the third "World War 3" (not to be confused with World War ...
188 min
42: Episode 42: Clash of the Champions 29
It's time to fire up the WWE Network, press mute, and relive the... well... the not so good days of WCW in 1994. When you think of WCW don't you always think of Brutus Beefcake, the Honky Tonk Man, Hacksaw, and Earthquake? Me either. Well they're here ...
117 min
41: Episode 41: WrestleWar 1992
Tony and Conrad watch along to a great PPV from a low point in WCW history. The greatest talent in the world was there, but they would leave WCW before they reached their peak. Even though they are watching something good for a change, this episode ha...
190 min
40: Episode 40: Halloween Havoc 1995
If you liked last weeks show you will LOVE what you will hear this week in perhaps the most hilarious, entertaining. and controversial episode to date. Conrad and Tony are doing the real time running commentary/mocking/unbelievable tangents on one of t...
172 min
39: Episode 39: Halloween Havoc 1997
Tony and Conrad return to their very popular commentary format which is just as fun to watch along and listen as it to just listen to them make sense of all the crazy goings on in this PPV in WCW in 1997. From the 'Age in the Cage', To Tony being unde...
182 min
38: Episode 38: "Stunning" Steve Austin in WCW
On this very special episode of What Happened When, make sure to stay till the very end, because that is where the news making story of the year is! But don't fast forward because in the meantime, there is over two hours of Tony and Conrad running thr...
138 min
37: Episode 37: Ready to Rumble
Tony and Conrad are "At the Movies" this week, doing alternate commentary on the "classic" WCW engulfed movie: Ready to Rumble! Learn all the insight from a star of that movie Tony Schiavone as they watch it with you and give their own take on the "Mys...
132 min
36: Episode 36: September 28 1998 Nitro
Tony and Conrad return to do their very popular live commentary on this episode of What Happened When Mondays with Tony Schiavone. This week they will cover a Nitro where it seemed EVERYTHING was going on! You had the Wolfpack, The Ultimate Warrior, ...
146 min
35: Episode 35: My Year in the WWF
What Happened When Tony Schiavone left Turner to move north and work for Vince McMahon. On today's episode you'll learn more details about the WWF studios, the differences in working for Crockett or McMahon, etc than you've ever heard!
132 min
34: Episode 34: The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
WOOOOO!!! The tip of the glistening iceburg that is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's career, in and out of the ring, is the subject of this episode of What Happened When Mondays! Learn how Ric is responsible for Tony's career in wrestling, Ric's early world ti...
107 min
33: Episode 33: Fall Brawl 1996
This week Tony and Conrad cover Fall Brawl 1996, which captured the hearts and minds of many, including a young Conrad Thompson who made this his very first PPV purchase. How did they change the setup to accommodate two Stings? What does an Ice Train a...
119 min
32: Episode 32: Wargames 2000
On this episode of What Happens When Mondays, Conrad and Tony provide commentary and insight alongside a viewing of Wargames 2000 which actually occurs on a NITRO on September 4th, 2000. Did the three tiered cage work? Did Russo work with a concussion?...
128 min
31: Episode 31: The Greatest Q and A in the His...
Fans took to Facebook and Twitter and asked Tony every question imaginable, and Tony answers them all! Join Conrad and Tony on this episode where Tony chooses "his" Horsemen, gives his opinion on Vince Russo, finally answers how he felt about giving aw...
97 min
30: Episode 30: Arn Anderson
This week, Conrad and Tony talk about everyone's "Mount Rushmore" wrestler, The Enforcer" Arn Anderson. Hear the story of Arns career from the very beginning of his days at Crockett all the way up to his famous "my spot" retirement speech. Hear the fun...
120 min
29: Episode 29: Hog Wild 1996
An outdoor PPV on a Saturday with free tickets. Who booked this?! What if rained? Was Bobby drunk? Did the fans throw rocks at the Harlem Heat? Who dressed Tony like a member of the Village People? What's your favorite Ice Train story? All of this and...
109 min
28: Episode 28: August 4 1997 Nitro
Conrad and Tony provide real time commentary and insight on on one of the most pivotal Nitros of all time: The night Lugar defeated the NWO and Hulk Hogan for the Big Gold Belt. Also, the mystery of the Villanos name finally explained, theme music for ...
159 min
27: Episode 27: Working with Bobby Heenan
What REALLY happened? Why did Bobby bury Tony in his book, his shoot interview, and everywhere else for more than 15 years? Did Tony really have a problem with Bobby paying tribute Gorilla? Did Tony demand his chair be higher than Bobby's? Tony sets th...
105 min
26: Episode 26: Randy Savage's 1995
What Happened When Randy Savage left the WWF? Tony weighs in on the Stephanie rumor, the divorce, the heat with Hogan, the feud with Flair, and why Savage REALLY won the World Title at WW3 1995. Enjoy over two hours of the "Macho Man" in his first year...
136 min
25: Episode 25: Beach Blast 1993
What Happened When Col. Parker wanted Sid and Vader to win so badly that he hired a dwarf wearing an eye patch to disguise himself as a shark in order to place a bomb on Sting and Davey Boy Smith's boat when they were on an island for a charity volleyb...
114 min
24: Episode 24: Q&A with Tony Schiavone
Nearly two hours of Tony Schiavone answering all of your questions! Follow @WHWMonday on Twitter to get involved in the conversation next time. For now, enjoy everything from Tony discussing Bobby Heenan to playing FMK and more!
116 min
23: Episode 23: Bash at the Beach 1996
"Hulk Hogan, you can go straight to hell!" What Happened When Hulk Hogan shocked the wrestling world and turned heel to form the nWo? Who knew and when? What was the backup plan? What was the reaction backstage? Did Heenan have heat for his line? Does ...
142 min
22: Episode 22: The Four Horsemen, Part II
Ole and Luger are out so what's next for the Horsemen? How did Arn & Tully's departure go down? Kendall Windham, Butch Reed, Hiro Matsuda, the Yamazaki Corporation?! "What's causin' all this?" Find out in two more hours of Tony talking about the Four ...
119 min
21: Episode 21: The Four Horsemen
Journey back to the 1980s as Tony and Conrad look at the Four Horsemen!
158 min
20: Episode 20: Greed 2001
What Happened When WCW ran their very last Pay Per View? The company would run their final show just eight days after this. Was it "too little, too late" for WCW? Finishes for every match, Luger & Buff going into business for themselves, lots of bloo...
115 min
19: Episode 19: Slamboree 2000
What Happened When David Arquette defended his World Title in a triple cage, Shane Douglas finally got Ric Flair in the ring, Sunny was stripped on PPV, Hugh G Rection was born, Hogan wrestled Kidman on PPV, and Mike Awesome threw Kanyon off of the cag...
108 min
18: Episode 18: Mayhem 1999
What Happened When the Vince Russo era WCW held a tournament to crown a new World Champion in Toronto? Bret Hart, David Flair, Filthy Animals, Revolution, Screamin Norman Smiley, Oklahoma, Berlyn, and so much more crazy '99 WCW to discuss with Tony Sch...
128 min
17: Episode 17: Halloween Havoc 1998
What Happened When WCW booked Hogan-Warrior II in a match Meltzer gave "-******"? With the Steiners facing each other, Hall vs. Nash, Bret vs. Sting, Hogan vs. Warrior, Goldberg-DDP how could this show miss?! Well it could go too long, folks miss the...
120 min
16: Episode 16: Fall Brawl 1997
What Happened When the nWo "killed" the Horsemen in 1997? The famous Horsemen "spot" segments, never-before-told Arn Anderson stories, Steiner Brother stories you need to hear, and a Klondike Bill story you'll wish you hadn't heard! Stay tuned to the ...
107 min
Episode 15: World War 3 '96
What happened when... 60 men slogged through 3 rings, WCW had some intergender wrestling action, Chris Jericho fought a ref, Ultimo Dragon battled Rey Mysterio Jr. and Hulk Hogan got paid a ton to do paperwork? It's the 1996 edition of WCW World War 3!
97 min
Episode 14: Uncensored 95
It's 1995 and WCW decides to get extreme with a pay-per-view marketed as Uncensored. What happened when WCW booked a King of the Road match, Ric Flair goes extreme in drag, Hulkamania with a man teased as the Ultimate Warrior (but not really) battles B...
119 min
Episode 13: Bash at the Beach '94
Finally Hulk Hogan faces Ric Flair for the World Title! Steve Austin battles with Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat for the WCW U.S. Championship and much more! It's the first-ever Bash at the Beach!
116 min
Episode 12: Halloween Havoc 1993
111 min
Episode 11: Halloween Havoc 92
What happened when WCW booked Spin The Wheel Make The Deal in 1992? It’s a very strange edition of Halloween Havoc and Tony and Conrad fearlessly look back at it on this episode sponsored by BlueApron.com!
119 min
Episode 10: Ask Tony #1
Fire up the podcast and listen to uncle Tony and Conrad take on your questions!
95 min
Episode 9: 1991 Great American Bash
In the summer of 1991, WCW head honcho Jim Herd plays hardball with Ric Flair... and the consequences forever change WCW and ground zero was the 91 Great American Bash. Tony and Conrad guide you through a very strange night in Baltimore.
155 min
Episode 8: WCW Halloween Havoc 1990
Sting vs. Sid Vicious! The Black Scorpion strikes! Steiners and the Nasty Boys tear it up! What is up with Little Richard Marley and the Fabulous Freebirds? DOOM vs. The Horsemen! It's a can't miss episode with Tony and Conrad, slapdicks!
126 min
Episode 7: The Last WCW Monday Nitro
Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson talk about the historic and tragic final WCW Monday Nitro from March 2001.
116 min
Episode 6: Diamond Dallas Page
BANG! What happened when DDP unleashed the Diamond Cutter on WCW and defied age and the odds to become a top star in the company? Let's find out with Tony and Conrad!
123 min
Episode 5: The Great American Bash '88
What happened when Jim Crockett Promotions produced its first ever live Pay-Per-View featuring Lex Luger chasing Ric Flair for his coveted NWA World Championship belt?
94 min
Episode 4: Clash of the Champions I
What happened when Jim Crockett Promotions went head to head with the WWF's WrestleMania IV with a free live cable broadcast called Clash of the Champions? Sting vs. Flair! The Road Warriors! Dusty Rhodes! Barbed wire! The Midnight Express and more! To...
120 min
Episode 3: The first episode of WCW Monday Nitro
What happened when Ted Turner gave the green light to fight the WWF with an expanded operating budget to bulk up the roster AND a live Monday night series? Find out as Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson take you behind the scenes of the first-ever epis...
127 min
Episode 2: WCW/nWo Souled Out 97
What happened when the New World Order was so on fire, WCW decided to produce a nWo PPV in 1997? Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson brave what would be a strange PPV experiment for Turner Broadcasting.
105 min
Episode 1: Goldberg
Fire up the superstation of podcasts for it's premiere episode as the Voice of WCW Tony Schiavone and his podcasting tag team partner Conrad Thompson look back at Bill Goldberg's run in WCW.
172 min
Premieres Monday January 30, 2017 on the MLW Ra...
From Starrcade '83 to March 26, 2001, Tony Schiavone was the voice of professional wrestling below the Mason-Dixon Line. Though the Monday Night Wars may be over you can still relive the memories of Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestl...
6 min