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Fox's Joe Marchese on Reinventing TV Ads
The Wall Street Journal's Amol Sharma and Suzanne Vranica talk with Fox's head of ad sales, Joe Marchese, about marketers' perception of TV ads versus digital ads and how he hopes to change the equation.
25 min
AwesomenessTV President Talks NewFronts
AwesomenessTV's Brett Bouttier joins the Wall Street Journal's Jack Marshall and Shalini Ramachandran to discuss digital content NewFronts, the evolution of online video networks and the future of TV.
20 min
O'Reilly's Exit and Google's Blocker
Wall Street Journal media editor Amol Sharma chats with reporter Joe Flint about Bill O'Reilly's exit from Fox News, while Jack Marshall weighs in on Google's ad blocking plans. Deputy media editor Sarah Rabil joins the roundtable.
15 min
Pepsi's Ad Controversy
The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Vranica, Jennifer Maloney, Sarah Rabil and Jack Marshall discuss Pepsi's decision to pull a new commercial that united liberals and conservatives in a backlash that swept across social media.
19 min
Google's Ad Placement Controversy
The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Vranica, Jack Marshall and Amol Sharma discuss the mounting controversy over Google's placement of ads on objectionable content like sites promoting terrorism, as a host of brands pull back spending with the tech giant.
16 min
Cable TV's Darwinian Moment
Media editor Amol Sharma chats with reporter Shalini Ramachandran and deputy editor Sarah Rabil about the cable bundle's future and why small channels are dying off.
19 min
Google's YouTube Gets Into TV
The Wall Street Journal's Mike Shields and Amol Sharma join Jack Marshall to discuss Google's new web-TV service YouTube TV, and what to expect from Snap Inc.'s upcoming IPO.
26 min
Time Inc.'s Jen Wong Talks Digital Transformation
Time Inc.'s chief operating officer discusses branded content, the rise of Snapchat and distributed media, and the company's bets on advertising technology.
28 min
Super Bowl Ads: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Branding expert Allen Adamson joins the Wall Street Journal's Jack Marshall and Michael Shields to decode the best and worst ads from the 2017 Super Bowl.
22 min
Snapchat's Pre-IPO Ad Sales Offensive
The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Vranica and Jack Marshall join media editor Amol Sharma to discuss Snapchat's talks with big media buyers for ad spending commitments in the range of $100 million to $200 million, and marketers' desire for an alternative to Google and Facebook.
16 min
Investor Jeremy Liew on Digital Media's New Era
Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners chats with WSJ media editor Amol Sharma and reporter Mike Shields about the future of ad-supported media, Facebook video, streaming TV and how he became Snapchat's first investor.
31 min
Why Quartz Wants to Be a 'Big Niche' Publisher
Jay Lauf, president and publisher of Quartz, talks about why the business publication is focused on ads over subscriptions, how it's betting on branded content and why it doesn't need an audience of 100 million to be successful.
27 min
How CNN Plans To Cover the Trump Administration
Andrew Morse, executive vice president of editorial for CNN U.S. and general manager of CNN Digital, talks about the "fake news" phenomenon, how the network is investing in new digital properties and how it thinks about platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.
36 min
Breaking Down the Biggest Media Stories of 2016
Wall Street Journal advertising editor Suzanne Vranica joins Jack Marshall and Steven Perlberg to talk about ad agency transparency. Then, Jack and Steven discuss the biggest advertising and media stories of the year, from Facebook's power to "fake news" to Gawker's fall.
35 min
NPR CEO Bets on Podcasts
NPR CEO Jarl Mohn talks about the future of the podcast industry, why terrestrial radio isn't dying and the role of public media in the news business.
32 min
Redstones Scrap All Plans for Viacom, CBS Merger
The Wall Street Journal's Keach Hagey and Amol Sharma join Steve Perlberg to break down what's behind Viacom's latest move to drop all plans to merge with CBS.
15 min
Marketers Can Learn From Trump, Says Jason Stein
Laundry Service CEO Jason Stein talks about how Donald Trump ran a better marketing campaign than most brands, how advertising and media are converging and why Snapchat poses an existential threat to Facebook.
33 min
Bloomberg CEO Justin Smith Talks Fake News Problem
Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith discusses Facebook's fake news problem during the election, why publishers have been ceding power to tech platforms and how Bloomberg is betting big on sponsored content.
29 min
Tony Haile on Digital Media's Biggest Challenges
Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile talks about the messy business of measuring digital media, how Facebook and Google have assumed the role of media companies in every way except creating content, and the vision for his new digital media startup Scroll.
30 min
Banker Terry Kawaja Talks Ad Tech's Shakeout
Media and advertising investment banker Terry Kawaja discusses how new buyers like AT&T and Verizon have entered into the M&A space, the growing dominance of Facebook and Google and why ad tech companies have had a rough time in the public markets.
36 min
Former Facebook Insider Dishes on Silicon Valley
Antonio Garcia Martinez, former Facebook product manager and author of "Chaos Monkeys," talks about why media companies should be wary of Facebook's intentions and the pitfalls of Silicon Valley's startup culture.
28 min
Media Mix Extra: Inside the AT&T-Time Warner Deal
Wall Street Journal media and marketing bureau chief Amol Sharma and WSJ reporter Keach Hagey join Steven Perlberg to break down AT&T's $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner.
24 min
Why The Daily Beast Won't Worship Facebook, Google
Mike Dyer, president and publisher of the Daily Beast, talks about why the news and entertainment outlet wants readers to come to its site directly and why it's betting big on sponsored content.
31 min
Refinery29 Co-CEO Talks Facebook and Snapchat
Philippe Von Borries, co-founder and Co-CEO of women's lifestyle publisher Refinery29, discusses why the digital company is increasingly interested in television and what the growing influence of Facebook and Snapchat means for the media business.
31 min
AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan Talks TV's Future
Josh Sapan, the CEO of AMC Networks, discusses how his company works to develop hits like "The Walking Dead," whether so-called skinny bundles will upend the TV business and how the election has affected ratings this year.
33 min
How Genius Wants To Annotate The Internet
Ilan Zechory, co-founder of startup Genius, talks about the company's origin as a rap music lyrics site, and why it now wants to help people "annotate" everything from news articles to poetry.
30 min
Heineken's Ron Amram Talks Ad Agency Transparency
Ron Amram, vice president of media marketing at Heineken USA, discusses what Facebook's video metric miscalculation means for advertisers, why brands are auditing their agencies and why marketers have put some money back into television.
28 min
Hulu Ad Sales Chief Talks TV's Shift to Digital
Peter Naylor, senior vice president of advertising sales at Hulu, discusses the streaming company's push into original series, why it introduced an ad-free model and how Hulu wants to put together a new skinny bundle.
30 min
Amazon Studios Chief Talks Emmy Hopes
Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, discusses why winning TV awards helps Amazon's core business and why the streaming service is expanding internationally in markets like Japan and India.
27 min
Eric Hippeau on the Great Digital Media Shakeout
Venture capitalist Eric Hippeau talks how he selects the many companies he invests in, and why it's a good time to be in digital media.
29 min
TYT's Cenk Uygur Thinks Cable News Is Toast
Cenk Uygur, the founder of political web show "The Young Turks," talks about Donald Trump's rise, how Facebook video has impacted the election and why cable news giants like MSNBC are toast.
38 min
Cindy Gallop Talks Ad Industry Diversity
Former advertising executive and public speaker Cindy Gallop discusses the diversity problem facing the ad industry, and how marketers and agencies' businesses are suffering as a result.
35 min
Thrillist's Ben Lerer on Digital Media's TV Hopes
Ben Lerer, CEO of Thrillist Media Group, talks about the challenges of mixing e-commerce with media, and why he wants to bring Thrillist to TV.
24 min
How The Dogist Built a Business Instagramming Dogs
Elias Weiss Friedman, the photographer behind the popular Instagram account "The Dogist," talks about how he grew his 2.1 million-strong following, how he decides which brands to work with, and why he wants to branch out into TV.
29 min
Erika Nardini Talks About Leading a Site For Bros
Barstool Sports' new female CEO discusses how the company wants to become the next Vice for men's lifestyle and how the site makes money from merchandise and events.
31 min
Why Hearst's Digital Chief Loves Snapchat
Troy Young, president of Hearst Magazines Digital Media, talks about why the company is betting on Snapchat and the power Facebook holds in the media business.
33 min
Samsung CMO Talks Apple Rivalry
Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America, talks about virtual reality, why celebrity endorsements are powerful and how Samsung's marketing takes on its biggest rival.
26 min
Jukin Media CEO Digs For Viral Video Gold
Jon Skogmo explains why millions of people have seen his company's videos, but probably never heard of his company, and how Jukin scours the web to find hot viral videos before its competitors.
25 min
Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer on Pokémon Go, Snapchat
Deep Focus CEO, Ian Schafer, weighs in on what marketers can learn from the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the power of Snapchat as an advertising platform, and the challenges publishers face when creating branded content for marketers.
32 min
40 CEO on Modernizing a 19-Year-Old Website Group CEO, Neil Vogel, explains why he's splitting the website into a series of standalone properties, and why it's risky for publishers to rely on partners such as Facebook and Google.
37 min
Little Things CEO Bets on 'Feel-Good' Media
Joe Speiser, CEO of Little Things, describes how he helped turn a dog food retailer into a digital media company, why building a brand online is harder than building an audience, and why dependence on Facebook doesn't keep him up at night.
33 min
360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter on the Changing Ad Model
Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of digital agency 360i, discusses how her agency hangs on to talent and promotes diversity within its ranks and how the advertising agency model is changing.
32 min
Forbes CEO Takes 100-Year-Old Magazine Digital
Forbes CEO Mike Perlis discusses the company's global expansion, new foreign ownership, and fight against ad blocking.
29 min
Bon Appetit Publisher Talks Food Media's Feast
Pamela Drucker Mann, the publisher and chief revenue officer of Bon Appetit magazine, discusses how traditional food magazines are taking on digital upstarts. Then Wall Street Journal advertising editor Suzanne Vranica explains a new bombshell report on ad companies' lack of transparency.
25 min
Gawker CEO Talks About Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel
Media Mix's Steven Perlberg and Jack Marshall talk with Gawker CEO Nick Denton about the company's battle with tech billionaire Peter Thiel and the invasion of privacy trial against Hulk Hogan.
29 min
Mic CEO Chris Altchek Bets on News For Millennials
Chris Altchek, the CEO and co-founder of Mic, discusses why young people need their own news, why sponsored content is here to stay, and how his company plans to become profitable in 18 months.
36 min
Turner President David Levy Talks Skinny Bundles
David Levy, the president of Turner, discusses if the TV industry is on the verge of the ideal "skinny bundle" and whether marketers overcommited when they shifted ad dollars to digital giants like Facebook.
31 min
Adblock Plus CEO Till Faida Talks 'Acceptable Ads'
Till Faida, the head of Adblock Plus, discusses why online ad blockers like his are growing more popular and whether it's fair for his company to take payments for allowing "acceptable ads."
31 min
CEO Jim Bankoff Talks Vox Media's Digital Empire
Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff sits down with Steven Perlberg and Jack Marshall to discuss whether media companies are slaves to Facebook, the rise of partner platforms, and how digital companies are proving their worth in the changing media world.
35 min
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