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Applying game theory to the budget battle
Northwestern University's Daniel Diermeier applies game theory to the financial drama in D.C.
7 min
J.D. Power on his legacy
James David "Dave" Power talks about the 45 years he spent changing the car and customer service industries.
5 min
Empty nesters revamp living space
Do you remodel what you've got or find a new home after the kids leave the house? Fred Ehle of Del Webb homes joins Jim Asendio.
6 min
CareerBuilder on which industries are hiring
Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, on the future of America's jobs.
5 min
Heavy student debt to delay retirement
Millennials may have to postpone their retirement until their mid-70s due to student loans, a study finds.
5 min
Super Bowl ad prices change the game
How do advertisers decide whether a commercial during the big game is worth the $4 million price tag?
7 min
Home monitoring gets more interactive
Mobile devices are making it easier to 'talk' to your home, according to LiveWatch Security's CEO.
4 min
Is it time for a retirement checkup?
Principal Financial senior V.P. Julia Lawler tells Adrienne Mitchell that most savers should check up on their retirement plans more often.
5 min
What to expect when you're expecting a nanny
Need a nanny? Stephanie Breedlove of HomePay tells Adrienne Mitchell there are many questions you should ask yourself and her.
6 min
Your estate plan may need a makeover
Attorney Steven Peck of the Law Offices of Steven H. Peck tells Adrienne Mitchell now is the time for a year-end estate planning checkup.
5 min
Thanksgiving fares rising but you can still save
It's too late for the best Thanksgiving air fares but's Rick Seaney tells Adrienne Mitchell there are still ways to save.
4 min
Americans think "retired" doesn't mean "old"
Emily Pachuta of UBS Financial Services tells Adrienne Mitchell most say "retired" doesn't mean "old" and that retirement has three phases.
7 min
Shady investment offers thrive, how to spot one
FINRA's Gerri Walsh tells Adrienne Mitchell that fraudulent investment offers are very common and has advice on how to spot one.
6 min
Don't take a test drive without these tips
Philip Reed of tells Adrienne Mitchell what to put on your test-drive checklist before you head to the dealership.
7 min
Median income, median price don't meet for many
Mike Sante of tells Adrienne Mitchell that median-income families can't afford a median-priced home in most major U.S. cities.
5 min
Help available for schools that want to go solar
Jay Orfield of the Natural Resources Defense Council tells Adrienne Mitchell how schools can find help setting up solar power systems.
5 min
Geek chic? BlackBerrys made over into chandeliers
Jim Asendio talks with the creator of crystal chandeliers made with old BlackBerry smartphones, Michael McHale.
5 min
The end of 'Will work for health care'?
A Northwestern economist says the Affordable Care Act could free workers who took jobs only for the health care benefits. But for that to happen, the exchanges have to work better than they are now, and soon.
8 min
U.S. sends a negative message to the world
America's image has been hurt by the debt fight, and that has economic consequences, says Ben Jones, formerly of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.
7 min
Debt debate takes heavy toll on housing rebound
Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research tells Jim Asendio that the debt-ceiling stalemate is hurting the housing market.
9 min
How we see retirement: 65+ and on the job
About half of working Americans aged 50 and up think they'll still be working at age 65 and up.
8 min
Stockbrokers struggle to attract young investors
Young adultss aren't so brash when it comes to investing. So Nicole Sherrod of TD Ameritrade says brokers must use new ways to reach them.
7 min
Doughnuts rise into next upscale food trend
Have doughnuts become the new cupcake? David Henkes of Technomic says the upscale doughnut fad could have more staying power.
6 min
Foreclosures in 'clean-up' phase
Bank repossessions jumped in 26 states in the third quarter. RealtyRac's Daren Blomquist says that's part of the "clean-up phase" of a recovering market.
9 min