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Stocks Edge Higher Going Into Memorial Day
Stocks were basically flat, but the Nasdaq and S&P 500 edged higher to new records. Overall, the major averages posted strong gains. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch says any worries about political turmoil are being Trumped by earnings.
6 min
First Quarter GDP Revised Up to 1.2%
First quarter economic growth was stronger than previously thought, at 1.2 percent. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf points out that it's slower than the fourth quarter, and talks about why first quarter GDP has been traditionally weaker than the rest of the year.
7 min
Gillette Faces New Attack From an Old Razor Rival
Schick is the latest brand to start its own online shave club. The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep joins us in the studio with a look at what it means for Procter & Gamble's Gillette.
5 min
Millennials Want to Buy Homes but Aren't Saving...
Less than 30% of 25- to 34-year-olds can save enough for a 10% down payment in next three years, according to a new study. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto joins us from the Washington newsroom with the details.
5 min
What House GOP Health Bill Means for Deficit, P...
The health-overhaul bill approved by House Republicans would leave more people uninsured while reducing the cumulative federal deficit in the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. WSJ's Kristina Peterson reports from Washington.
6 min
How Realistic is Trump's 3% Growth Target?
President Donald Trump has set an ambitious goal of three percent economic growth. But the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says Mr. Trump has no rigorous plan to back it up.
7 min
Corporate Profits Rise at Quickest Pace Since 2011
Something to make investors happy: quarterly corporate earnings are seen rising at the fastest rate in nearly six years. The Wall Street Journal's Akane Otani says ten of the 11 sectors in the S&P 500 are set to post profit growth in the first quarter.
6 min
At Least Three More Arrests in Manchester Bombing
Police have arrested at least three more in connection with the bombing in Manchester England. This, as authorities probe a possible network linked to the attack. An update from the Wall Street Journal's Robert Wall in London.
5 min
Many Summer Jobs for Teens, Few of Them at Malls
Plenty of teens will be working this summer, though few will work at malls because of thousands of store closures. The Wall Street Journal's Imani Moise says that for teens, this means getting more creative with the job search, or staying unemployed.
4 min
Donald Trump's Budget Plan
The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson talks about President Trump's budget proposal, which seeks to cut spending by four and a half billion dollars over a decade.
7 min
Manchester Attack: Desperate Tweets for Loved Ones
Joining us from London, the Wall Street Journal's Alistair MacDonald talks about people tweeting for information on loved ones who went to the concert in Manchester, England.
5 min
Move to Cities Blamed for Housing Shortage
Why is there a housing shortage? Studies find that as more people, especially millennials, move to cities, less construction is taking place in suburbs. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto explains.
6 min
White House Tries to Focus on the Budget
With President Trump overseas and Congressional investigations heating up, the Wall Street Journal's Bryon Tau says the White House is trying to shift the focus to passing a budget.
7 min
Ford Replaces its CEO
Ford announced a shakeup at the top, ousting CEO Mark Fields and replacing him with industry outsider Jim Hackett. The Wall Street Journal's John Stoll says Ford felt that Hackett was better able to energize and steer the automaker toward new technologies.
7 min
Never Mind the Ferrari Showroom, Bank Regulator...
Bank branches in business districts are given low-income designation by a quirk in federal law. The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Louise Ensign joins us in the studio with the details.
5 min
Week Ahead: Housing, the Fed, GDP
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from the Washington newsroom to look at what to watch this week with the economy.
5 min
Stocks Wipe Out Most of Midweek Tumble
The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the market this week, plus what to watch in the week ahead.
5 min
Trump Aims to Balance Budget With Deep Cuts, Bu...
President Donald Trump will propose the U.S. can balance the federal budget with substantial cuts to safety-net programs, combined with a tax and regulatory overhaul to speed up the nation's economy. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos reports.
6 min
U.S. Examines Russia's Grip on Citgo Assets
Financial authorities are concerned that Rosneft, a major creditor to Citgo's parent firm, could end up owning key energy infrastructure in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal's Jay Solomon joins us from Washington.
6 min
GM Will Stop Selling Vehicles in India
General Motors says it will stop selling vehicles in India, although it will continue to build them there. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Colias says GM wants to focus on selling in more lucrative markets like China and Brazil.
6 min
A Retail Sales Slump? Not at Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart's quarterly same-store sales rose 1.4 percent, bucking a slump in the retail industry. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer says Wal-Mart benefited from increased foot traffic at stores and investments in its e-commerce business.
6 min
Trump Turmoil Reverberates Across Global Markets
From London, Wall Street Journal markets reporter Riva Gold tells us that overseas markets followed Wall Street lower in the wake of ongoing political turmoil in Washington.
5 min
Disney Chief Iger Isn't About to Step Aside
Speculation has persisted in recent years about when Robert Iger would finally step down as Walt Disney's chairman and CEO. The answer is, not anytime soon, according to Wall Street Journal Los Angeles reporter Ben Fritz.
7 min
Tumbling Stocks Suffer Biggest Declines of 2017
U.S. stocks plummeted Wednesday as more turbulence in Washington led to a big selloff. Art Hogan of Wunderlich Securities said the turmoil surrounding President Trump will likely push enactment of his economic agenda into next year.
7 min
Target Rethinks Online Strategy
Target's stock rose Tuesday after quarterly results topped estimates. But its sales fell, and the Wall Street Journal's Khadeeja Safdar says the retailer is revamping its digital strategy.
6 min
Home Sales at Highest Level in a Decade
The housing market has been on fire, with used home sales at a 10-year high and home prices up seven percent from a year ago. But Laura Kusisto of the Wall Street Journal says affordability could be a growing problem if prices and mortgage rates keep rising.
6 min
Trump Defends His Sharing of Intel with Russia
President Donald Trump Tuesday tweeted that he had the "absolute right" to share sensitive counterterrorism intelligence with top Russian officials. We get an update on the story from the Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris.
6 min
Ford Aims to Cut Global Workforce by Around 10%
Sources say Ford is planning to cut its global workforce by about 10 percent in a bid to boost profits. Wall Street Journal reporter Christina Rogers says the cuts would largely target salaried employees.
6 min
Police Get Creative to Nab Texting Drivers
It's often difficult to catch people in the act of texting while driving, which is illegal in most states. The Wall Street Journal's Adrienne Roberts on some of the more creative methods police have employed to nab offenders.
6 min
Trump Poll Numbers Stable Despite Comey Firing
President Trump's firing last week of FBI Director James Comey generated a lot of strong feelings across party lines. But Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Zitner says Trump's approval ratings haven't changed much, according to a new WSJ poll.
7 min
An Update on the Global Cyberattack
On Monday, governments and companies reported more infected computers stemming from a global cyberattack. But the Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo, reporting from London, said the ransomware attack was spreading at a slower rate.
6 min
Salaries Soar for Class of 2017
A study finds that average pay for this year's college grads neared 50 thousand dollars. The Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee says that's the highest in at least a decade.
6 min
Week Ahead: Are Home Builders Staying Busy?
On this week's economic calendar, expect updates on housing starts and industrial production. Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Chaney has a preview from Washington.
5 min
Stocks Suffer First Weekly Loss in Almost a Month
Stocks closed mostly lower Friday, with the Dow and S&P posting their first weekly declines in almost a month. But the week's losses were mild, and Wall Street Journal markets editor Corrie Driebusch says earnings are continuing to support the markets.
7 min
McDonald's Serves Up More Money for Upgrades
McDonald's tells franchisees that it will assume a greater share of the costs for upgrading restaurants. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon says it's contingent on franchisees getting behind a new ad campaign.
5 min
April Retail Sales Strongest in Three Months
The government said retail sales improved in April, rising four-tenths of a percent. But Ken Perkins at Retail Metrics says companies are poised to report their second worst earnings quarter since the Great Recession.
6 min
Help! My Fancy New Car Won't Stop Beeping
Touchy touch screens, buggy software and mystery sounds baffle drivers, forcing some to enroll in two-hour tech seminars. The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rogers reports from Detroit.
5 min
Economists Say President Trump's Agenda Would B...
The Wall Street Journal's monthly survey of economists gauges the impact of a fully implemented Trump plan for the economy. WSJ's Josh Zumbrun joins us from Washington with what we learned.
5 min
Snap's First Quarter Results: A Huge Earnings M...
The Wall Street Journal's Miriam Gottfried breaks down Snap's first quarter of results as a public company and explains why competition from Facebook may be taking its toll on user and revenue growth.
5 min
Meet the King of College Trading: Baruch
Wall Street Journal reporter Akane Otani tells us about the trading club at New York's Baruch College. The students pulled off upsets by dominating several college trading competitions that featured higher-profile business schools.
6 min
Trump Fires Back at Criticism of Comey Firing
President Donald Trump fired up his Twitter account to respond to criticism of his firing of FBI Director James Comey. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Bender reports from Washington on the head-spinning series of events.
6 min
Comey Firing: Impact on D.C., Tax Cuts, Health-...
The Wall Street Journal's Gerald Seib looks at FBI director James Comey's firing and its fallout in Washington. Plus, University of Maryland business professor Peter Morici sizes up the impact on tax cuts and health-care reform.
7 min
Business Schools Challenge Rankings
Business schools are taking a stand against academic rankings published by media outlets. The B-schools are urging other schools not to participate in the process which they say is flawed, according to the Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee.
6 min
Big Messaging Fight over GOP Health Bill
Republicans face a backlash over the health reform bill that now moves to the Senate. The Wall Street Journal's Stephanie Armour says Republicans and Democrats are in a big messaging battle that could help shape the bill.
5 min
Southwest Upgrades Reservations System
Beginning today, Southwest Airlines is upgrading its reservations system. The Wall Street Journal's Susan Carey, reporting from Chicago, says the migration to a new technology platform will cost 500 million dollars and is expected to be completed by year's end.
6 min
Warren Buffett Speaks: Five Takeaways
Berkshire Hathaway chief Warren Buffett covered lots of ground at the company's annual meeting this past weekend. The Wall Street Journal's Erik Holm says topics ranged from trade and taxes to investing and insurance.
6 min
Disney Investors Will Watch TV
Walt Disney reports quarterly earnings after Tuesday's market close. Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz says investors await an update on Disney's TV business.
5 min
Turnover at Warren Buffett's Berkshire Units
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns around 60 subsidiaries. There's been an unusually high CEO turnover rate, according to the Wall Street Journal's Nicole Friedman, who attended Berkshire's annual meeting this weekend.
7 min
Wal-Mart's Patent Filing for Delivery Technology
The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer reports on a new patent filing by Wal-Mart for automatic delivery technology. The company is considering new sensor technology to track, for example, how much detergent a family has used or when milk is about to expire.
5 min
Week Ahead: Fed Speeches, Retail Sales in Focus
We're watching what Fed officials say about rates in speeches during the new week. Also in the spotlight? April retail sales. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun has a preview from Washington.
6 min
Wall Street Recap: Nasdaq, S&P End at Record Highs
Stocks ended higher Friday as the major averages racked up another winning week. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 ended at record highs. Wall Street Journal reporter Corrie Driebusch explains what is driving the markets.
6 min
Now It's the Senate's Turn to Tackle Healthcare
The healthcare overhaul bill passed by the House now moves to the Senate, which will likely amend the measure. Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Michelle Hackman talks about key GOP senators who will play key roles in shaping legislation.
8 min
Faucher: Best Unemployment Rate in Almost Decade
The U.S. economy added 211,000 jobs last month with unemployment falling to 4.4%. John Wordock examines the robust report with Gus Faucher, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group.
6 min
Scoring a Prime Seat at Buffett's Big Party Req...
Die-hard fans of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway employ elaborate strategies, from memorizing floor plans to sprinting up staircases, to secure good views of the company's annual meeting. The Wall Street Journal's Erik Holm joins us in studio.
6 min
GOP Approves Bill to Replace Most of Affordable...
House Republicans approved legislation to replace most of the Affordable Care Act, giving new life to a bill that had faltered at many stages. The Wall Street Journal's Louise Radnofsky reports from the White House.
4 min
What to Watch on Friday: April Jobs Report
Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect the report will show nonfarm payrolls increased a seasonally adjusted 188,000 last month after growing by just 98,000 in March. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath joins us from Washington.
6 min
How Young Execs Can Win Over Older Peers
It can be difficult for millennial executives to supervise older, skeptical colleagues. The Wall Street Journal's Joann Lublin says the challenge for young execs is to admit what they don't know and to seek advice from older workers.
6 min
The Federal Reserve Holds Interest Rates Steady
Fed policymakers, as expected, kept rates steady and indicated two more rate hikes this year. According to the Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry, the Fed said it was looking past recent weak growth and expecting the economy to grow with some momentum.
7 min
Apple's Stock Dips on Earnings Report
Apple's quarterly profit topped estimates, while revenue and iPhone shipments fell short. Its stock fell, but the Wall Street Journal's Dan Gallagher says that Apple's shares had been rising in anticipation of the new iPhone coming out this fall.
7 min
The Rise of Robots: Winners and Losers
Robotics are expected to replace millions of jobs over the next decade. John Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas on which occupations will and won't be affected.
6 min
Trump Gambles on Health-Care Win
The White House made concessions on a spending bill while aggressively pushing a health-care measure. Do Republicans have the votes to pass a health-care overhaul? Wall Street Journal congressional reporter Natalie Andrews fills us in from Washington.
7 min
Auto Sales Cool in April
Fewer Americans bought cars and trucks last month, in a bigger-than-expected sales slowdown. Michelle Krebs of AutoTrader.com says sales had been expected to tail off, but points out that sales of trucks and SUVs remain strong.
5 min
Jared Kushner Didn't Disclose Startup Stake
Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor, failed to disclose a stake in a real-estate financial startup. The Wall Street Journal's David Enrich says that's one of many omissions by Kushner on a federal financial disclosure form.
7 min
Colleges Ramp Up Online Classes
Do the math: 36 million U.S. adults have some college but no degree. The Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn says universities and colleges are catering to this huge market by offering more Web-based classes.
7 min
Stumbling Blocks Remain on Healthcare Bill
Despite a White House push on healthcare overhaul, significant differences remain among Republicans on what a final bill would look like. Wall Street Journal reporter Louise Radnofsky gives us an update from Washington.
6 min
Spending Flat for Second Straight Month
The government said March consumer spending was flat yet again. Another report indicated slower manufacturing growth. Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell takes a closer look from Washington.
6 min
Why Airlines Will Continue to Overbook Passengers
Southwest Airlines says it'll stop overbooking passengers, in the wake of the United passenger dragging incident. But the Wall Street Journal's Susan Carey says the practice of overbooking is not going away.
6 min
Week Ahead: April Jobs Report, Fed Meeting
This week's economic schedule is packed, highlighted by the April jobs report. Wall Street Journal reporter Eric Morath explains whether we should expect a rebound in job growth. He's also closely watching the Fed's interest rate policy meeting.
7 min
April Showers Gains on U.S. Stocks
A slight pullback for stocks Friday, but the major averages enjoyed a strong week and a strong month. Wall Street Journal markets reporter Corrie Driebusch says earnings were a big market driver during April.
6 min
SUVs, Pickups Drive GM's Profit Gain
General Motors said first quarter profit rose 34 percent, as sales and earnings were better than expected. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Colias said that pickup trucks and SUVs were once again the main drivers for GM's growth.
7 min
U.S. Economy Barely Grew in First Quarter. Why?
The gross domestic product rose 0.7% during the first quarter. Wall Street Journal reporter Jeffrey Sparshott joins John Wordock in Washington with a closer look.
6 min
Tax Plan Targets a Blue-State Deduction
The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin says the Trump tax cut proposal would kill a big tax deduction that's popular in Democratic-controlled blue states.
5 min
Pentagon Probes Mike Flynn's Foreign Payments
The Pentagon's internal watchdog has opened a probe into whether former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn broke the law when he took payments linked to foreign governments. We get details from Wall Street Journal congressional reporter Byron Tau.
5 min
Gerald Seib on a President's First 100 Days
Donald Trump is approaching the 100-day point of his presidency. Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib says a president's first 100 days means less from a grades standpoint than what he learns about how best to operate.
6 min
Pentagon Ramps Up Space Combat Effort
Defense Department leaders are calling for faster development of offensive weapons to protect U.S. spy satellites. The Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor says this breaks with a decades-long policy.
6 min
Trump's Plan Calls for Big Cuts in Business Taxes
President Donald Trump Wednesday called for deep cuts in business taxes and big changes to the individual tax system. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos says the plan faces budgetary and political hurdles.
7 min
In a Surprise, Tech Sector Thrives Under Trump
Silicon Valley was not happy when Donald Trump was elected president, since they saw his policies as likely to hurt the technology industry. But the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says the tech sector has flourished under a Trump administration.
7 min
More People Eat a Second Breakfast
A yogurt when we wake up, then something more substantial during mid-morning. The Wall Street Journal's Ellen Bryon says more Americans are eating a second breakfast. Food companies, restaurants - and Weight Watchers - are all taking note of this trend.
6 min
Firms Are Hiring; Do College Grads Make the Grade?
A new survey finds that companies plan to increase their hiring of college grads for the eighth straight year. But the Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee says a separate survey finds that many college seniors are ill-prepared for the job hunt.
6 min
U.S. Plans to Slap 20% Tariff on Canadian Lumber
The Trump administration plans to impose a 20 percent tariff on imports of Canadian softwood lumber. The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin reports from Washington on the dispute, which goes back decades.
7 min
Big Tobacco is On Fire, Helped by Higher Prices
The tobacco industry is booming today, after it was thought to be close to getting snuffed out. The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Maloney says Big Tobacco has been boosted in part by higher cigarette prices.
4 min
Trump to Aides: Draft Plan to Cut Corporate Taxes
The Wall Street Journal's Mike Bender says President Donald Trump has told aides to draft a plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent. The president wants it done in time to announce a plan on Wednesday.
6 min
Trump's Border Wall Push a Hurdle in Budget Talks
Wall Street Journal Capitol Hill reporter Kristina Petersen says the White House wants any budget deal to include funds for a border wall. That last-minute push is muddying congressional talks to reach a spending agreement that would avoid a government shutdown.
6 min
Wal-Mart Brings Price War to Groceries, Boostin...
Wal-Mart's fight to defend its low-cost reputation is helping to extend the longest food-price decline in decades. The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon joins us from Chicago.
6 min
Week Ahead: Housing, Consumers, GDP
Expect several highly-anticipated updates this week on the economy. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Mitchell joins us from the Washington newsroom with a preview.
6 min
U.S. Stocks Show Gain for Week, Helped by Earni...
The Dow edged lower Friday, weighed down by the energy sector as oil prices extend losses. However, a batch of encouraging earnings reports lifted the S&P 500 to its first weekly gain of the month. WSJ's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio.
6 min
Tesla Recalls Model S and Model X Vehicles
Tesla is voluntarily recalling 53,000 Model S sedan and Model X sport-utility vehicles over an issue with electric-parking brakes that could prevent them from being released. The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins brings us the latest.
6 min
In 'Buy American' Push, Trump Is Starting in a ...
Trump's effort to force the federal government to "Buy American" will be a challenge. Foreign companies hauled in more money from federal contracts in the past three months than in any corresponding period in a decade. WSJ's Coulter Jones reports.
6 min
Emirates Cuts Flights Following Electronics Ban...
Emirates Airline, the world's biggest carrier by international traffic, is cutting flights to five U.S. cities after actions by the Trump administration slowed bookings from Middle Eastern countries. WSJ's Robert Wall joins us from London.
6 min
Exxon Seeks Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture
Exxon Mobil applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver from U.S. sanctions on Russia in a bid to resume its joint venture with state oil giant PAO Rosneft. The Wall Street Journal's Bradley Olson reports from Houston.
5 min
Bill O'Reilly Is Out. What's Next for Fox News?
Fox News is parting ways with Bill O'Reilly in the wake of a sexual-harassment scandal, bringing an end to the combative host's two-decade run. The Wall Street Journal's Joe Flint looks at what comes next from Los Angeles.
5 min
Hollywood's Success Depends on China
Hooray for China! The Wall Street Journal's Erich Schwartzel says the U.S. movie business has become reliant on Chinese investors and China's more than one billion moviegoers.
7 min
A Runoff Election for a House Seat in Georgia
Democrat Jon Ossoff fell short in a bid to claim an outright win over his GOP challenger for a U.S. House seat in Georgia. There will be a runoff election in June. The Wall Street Journal's Cameron McWhirter reports from Atlanta on this closely-watched race.
6 min
The Carl Vinson Wasn't Headed to North Korea
The Navy confirmed it didn't send the USS Carl Vinson straight to North Korea amid growing tensions in the region. This, despite contrary comments from the White House and defense officials. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Kesling on the communications snafu.
6 min
Trump Presidency Slows Growth of Family Business
Donald Trump's presidency has slowed the expansion of his family business. Son Eric Trump tells the Wall Street Journal's Peter Grant the company has passed on some deals due to worries about conflicts.
6 min
Bolstering 'Buy American' and 'Hire American'
President Trump will call for a government-wide review aimed at strengthening "Buy American" and "Hire American" mandates. Wall Street Journal White House reporter Eli Stokols joins us from Washington.
7 min
U.K. Prime Minister Calls for Early Election
British Prime Minister Theresa May wants an early general election in the U.K. The Wall Street Journal's Jenny Gross, reporting from London, says it's a bid to give May more leverage in upcoming exit negotiations with the E.U.
6 min
Economists Less Bullish on the Economy
The Wall Street Journal's latest monthly survey of economists finds that they've lowered their growth forecasts for the U.S. economy. WSJ's Josh Zumbrun says economists are more pessimistic because of doubts about Congress to pass hoped-for reforms.
7 min
Home Builders Remain Confident
Robert Dietz of the National Association of Home Builders says there's still a lot of optimism among builders about housing market conditions. The NAHB's April sentiment index fell 3 points from March's level, which was an 11-year high.
4 min
Mike Pence Warns North Korea
In a visit to South Korea, Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea not to test the resolve of President Trump. This, amid concerns about North Korea pushing ahead with its missile program. The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Cheng reports from Seoul.
7 min
Apple Secures Permit to Test Autonomous Vehicle...
Apple's secretive self-driving car project is on course for a public debut. The tech giant secured a permit for autonomous-vehicle testing in California. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle reports from San Francisco.
4 min
Week Ahead: Housing, IMF, Industrial Production
Most eyes will focus on housing this week. But there's also fresh industrial production data, the IMF meetings and more to consider. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us with what to watch.
5 min
Big Solar Companies Worry as Panels Become More...
Solar panels are becoming more affordable than ever for U.S. homeowners. The Wall Street Journal's Cassandra Sweet discusses why that's bad news for Elon Musk's SolarCity and the heavy hitters in the industry.
5 min
Donald Trump's Recent Policy Reversals Reflect ...
Donald Trump's reliance on former and current executives helps lead to a shift away from hard-line positions on China, Ex-Im Bank and NATO. The Wall Street Journal's Eli Stokols reports.
6 min
U.S., Afghan Forces Assess Damage to ISIS From ...
The nearly 22,000-pound bomb targeted a militant cave-and-tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan. The Wall Street Journal's Jessica Donati joins us from Kabul with the latest details.
5 min
Marathons Can Be Dangerous for the Elderly-Who ...
Research suggests road closures and delays on marathon days may put some older patients at greater risk of death. The Wall Street Journal's Melanie Evans joins us in the studio with the details.
5 min
Trump WSJ Interview: North Korea, Obamacare, Ex...
Analysis from our wide-ranging interview with President Trump. Executive Washington Editor Jerry Seib on North Korea. Trump in his own words on where things stand on a healthcare overhaul, plus White House Reporter Michael Bender on the Ex-Im Bank.
6 min
Donald Trump: Health Revamp Still Top Priority
President Donald Trump says a healthcare overhaul still takes priority over tax reform. WSJ's Richard Rubin has details from Washington.
6 min
President Trump's WSJ Interview: Highlights
President Donald Trump offers China better trade terms in exchange for help on North Korea. He also says the dollar is "getting too strong" and he presses Democrats on a health bill. The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender joins us from Washington.
9 min
Big Bank Earnings: What to Watch
Several major banks report quarterly earnings Thursday. Peter Rudegeair of the Wall Street Journal says results should be much improved over a year ago. But analysts are restrained in their forecasts, given the absence of any regulatory reform.
6 min
United CEO Cites 'System Failure' in Flier Debacle
United Continental's CEO blamed what he called a system failure following a passenger being forcibly removed from a flight. The Wall Street Journal's Doug Cameron reports from Chicago on the continuing fallout from the incident and United's response.
6 min
Why is Bank Loan Growth Tailing Off?
It's a mystery: business and consumer confidence is up, yet the growth in bank lending is slowing down. Wall Street Journal Heard on the Street columnist Aaron Back offers some possible reasons.
6 min
Rex Tillerson Heads to Moscow for Syria Talks
Felicia Schwartz joins us from Moscow as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds high-level talks there with Russian officials. Tillerson had harsh words for both Syria and Russia in the wake of Syria's recent chemical attack.
6 min
Trump to Aides: Stop Fighting, Start Touting
President Trump's first 100 days in office have been marketed by staff infighting and divisions within the GOP. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Bender says Trump has told aides to stop feuding among themselves and start promoting his agenda.
6 min
NASA Cuts Orion Costs Before the First Test Flight
NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin are partnering on the new Orion space vehicle. But the Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor says that, early in the program, there are already plans to cut costs. One reason: a rival project by Elon Musk's Space X.
6 min
How Goldman Sachs Profits from Your Credit Score
One of Goldman Sachs's most successful investments as of late has been in credit reporting bureau TransUnion. The Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman explains why.
6 min
Bipartisan Deal on Tax Overhaul a Long Shot
The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin says it looks unlikely that Republicans and Democrats can come together to pass legislation on tax reform. Republicans themselves are badly split on their priorities for tax overhaul.
7 min
Why You Probably Work for a Giant Company
Americans, in a generational reversal, are now more likely to work for a large employer than a small one, a shift that's rippling through the economy. The Wall Street Journal's Theo Francis joins us from Washington.
5 min
Week Ahead: Retail, Consumer Prices, Inflation
This week brings fresh data about consumers, retailers, inflation and more. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Mitchell joins us from Washington with what to watch this week with the economy.
5 min
U.S. Stocks Steady After Airstrike
Investors bought up shares of defense companies and oil prices rose after the U.S. launched a strike against a Syrian air base. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week on Wall Street.
5 min
General Electric Wants Out of the Lightbulb Bus...
The sale of the business that once defined General Electric, co-founded by Thomas Edison, could fetch $500 million. The Wall Street Journal's Dana Mattioli joins us in the studio with a look at why this is on the table.
5 min
What the U.S. Strike Against a Syrian Air Base ...
For the first time the U.S. is deliberately targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What does it mean for the fight against ISIS, or the relationship with Russia? The Wall Street Journal's Dion Nissenbaum reports from the Pentagon.
7 min
Weak March Jobs Report: What You Need to Know
The U.S. economy added only 98,000 jobs in March. Vincent Reinhart, chief economist at Standish Mellon Asset Management, picks apart the disappointing data and puts the news in perspective.
6 min
Amazon Adds 30,000 Part-Time Jobs
The internet giant will nearly double it's part-time labor force over the next year, hiring warehouse and customer-service workers to keep up with business. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens joins us from the newsroom in San Francisco.
5 min
Senate Eliminates Filibuster for Supreme Court ...
A GOP-led effort paves the way for Judge Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The Wall Street Journal's Naftali Bendavid joins us from the Washington newsroom with context for what this change means going forward.
5 min
What to Watch With Friday's Jobs Report
The Labor Department releases its monthly employment report on Friday. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us from Washington with a preview.
5 min
Costco Has Been Slow to Embrace E-Commerce
Costco Wholesale has built an empire selling products in bulk at its stores, so it's been slower than other retailers to embrace online sales. But Costco is feeling pressure from online rivals like Amazon, says Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Nassauer.
5 min
Oil Prices Expected to Stay Below $60 a Barrel
Oil prices are expected to remain under 60 dollars a barrel for a third straight year. Wall Street Journal London reporter Georgi Kantchev says OPEC faces tough choices as the cartel decides on whether to extend output cuts at next month's meeting.
6 min
Panera Bread Agrees to $7.1 Billion Sale
Panera Bread has agreed to be sold to JAB Holding for more than 7 billion dollars. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon talks about the sale of Panera, a pioneer in fast-casual dining.
5 min
Gillette Slashes Prices of Razors
The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep says Gillette is cutting prices on razors and focusing more on cheaper products. Gillette is feeling pressure from online startups like Harry's and Dollar Shave Club.
6 min
Trump Weighs Extreme Vetting for Foreign Visitors
Foreigners wishing to visit the U.S. could be subject to what President Donald Trump has called extreme vetting measures. What are they? We find out from Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Laura Meckler.
4 min
Staples is Exploring a Sale, After a Failed Merger
The Wall Street Journal's Matt Jarzemsky says Staples is in preliminary merger talks with a small number of possible private-equity bidders.
5 min
Teens May Find Bulk of the Jobs in Mid-Summer
With retailers scaling back, teens may find the bulk of this summer's jobs in unusual places or later in the summer. That's according to a new forecast from Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Here with details is Challenger CEO John Challenger.
6 min
The Maker of Veg-O-Matic is Going Public, Again
Ronco Brands, the company behind those Veg-O-Matic infomercials, is going public again in a bid to raise 30 million dollars. But wait - there's more! The Wall Street Journal's Ruth Simon explains.
7 min
Democrats: We Have the Votes to Filibuster Gorsuch
Senate Democrats say they have the votes to stall the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be Supreme Court justice. Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau updates us from Washington on the bitter Senate battle.
6 min
Rethinking the Fed's 2% Inflation Target
For quite some time, the Fed has adopted a two-percent inflation target when considering whether interest rates should rise. Now, as the Wall Street Journal's David Harrison reports from Washington, there are calls to let the target drift higher.
7 min
SpaceX: What Reusable Rockets Mean for Commerci...
First-of-its-kind feat by SpaceX represents major boost for expanding the commercial-space industry. The Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor reports from Los Angeles.
6 min
Week Ahead: Fed Minutes, Jobs, Manufacturing, T...
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us in studio to preview what to watch this week.
6 min
S&P 500 Posts Biggest Quarterly Gain Since 2015
A brightening economic outlook and rising confidence among businesses and consumers led to quarterly gains for the indexes. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us with some perspective on the quarter and the week for stocks.
4 min
New Executive Orders Take Aim at Trade
Two new executive orders signed by President Trump are modest compared with the dramatic changes in trade policy promised on the campaign trail. Wall Street Journal White House Reporter Peter Nicholas joins us with the details.
5 min
Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Im...
President Trump's former national security adviser tells the FBI, and the House and Senate intelligence committees, he's willing to be interviewed in exchange for a deal. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris joins us from Washington.
5 min
Scores of Builders Raise Their Hands to Design ...
Request for preliminary pitches draws interest from more than 200 companies. The Wall Street Journal's Dan Frosch analyzed the list and joins us with the details.
6 min
Years After 9/11 Chaos, a Wireless Network for ...
The Trump administration inked a $6.5 billion deal with AT&T to build a nationwide wireless broadband network for first responders. The Wall Street Journal's Ryan Knutson joins us in the studio.
6 min
Trump Administration Signals Mostly Modest Chan...
The Trump administration is signaling to Congress it will seek mostly modest changes to Nafta in upcoming negotiations with Mexico and Canada. The Wall Street Journal's Bob Davis reports from Washington.
5 min
Businesses Serving Immigrants Feel the Pinch
The Wall Street Journal's Cameron McWhirter says businesses that serve immigrant populations are being impacted by the Trump administration's stepped-up immigration enforcement policies. It's because many immigrants are afraid to come out in public.
6 min
No Rule Changes to the H-1B Visa Program
As a candidate, Donald Trump had vowed to change the H-1B visa program, which brings high-skilled foreign workers to the U.S. But the Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler says there will be no rule changes to this year's application lottery, which begins Monday.
4 min
U.K. Formally Begins Exit from the European Union
Britain has formally notified the European Union that it plans to exit the bloc. The Wall Street Journal's Jenny Gross says this opens a two-year window for exit negotiations between the U.K. and the E.U.
6 min
Medical Providers Set Up Shop in Malls
There's been an exodus of retailers from shopping malls. So, as the Wall Street Journal's Esther Fung reports, mall landlords have attracted medical and dental providers as new tenants.
5 min
Big Jumps in Consumer Confidence and Home Prices
Two separate reports find consumer confidence rose to a 16-year high and home prices rose at their fastest rate in more than two years. Gus Faucher of PNC Financial Services Group analyzes the data.
4 min
After Health Care, the Next Fight is Over Spending
Congress needs to pass a new spending bill by April 28th to keep the government running. Will there be squabbles among lawmakers, similar to what helped sink healthcare legislation? Details from Wall Street Journal reporter Kristina Peterson.
6 min
Sluggish Housing Takes Big Bite Out of the Economy
Why has the economic recovery been sluggish? A new study says a slow-recovering housing market is partly to blame. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto has details.
6 min
Movie Studios to Move Ahead with Premium VOD
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Fritz says Hollywood studios are set to move ahead by releasing movies for home viewing less than 45 days after they debut on the big screen. It's known as premium video-on-demand, something that cinema chains don't like.
6 min
James Woolsey: Flynn Discussed Covert Extradition
In a Wall Street Journal exclusive, ex-CIA director James Woolsey talks about a meeting he attended with Mike Flynn and Turkish officials. Woolsey says Flynn, the former NSA chief, discussed covert removal from the U.S. of an enemy to the Turkish president.
6 min
White House Opens Door to Democrats
Wall Street Journal reporter Siobhan Hughes says the White House is open to negotiating legislation with Democrats, in the wake of the Republicans' failure to pass the healthcare bill.
6 min
Wal-Mart Tries Selling to Hipsters With Niche S...
ModCloth and Moosejaw deals give the retail giant access to new groups of shoppers, but some balk at the change. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer joins us in the studio.
5 min
Week Ahead: Consumers, Trade Deficit, GDP
The week brings fresh data from around the globe, including a first look at the trade deficit. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath joins us from Washington with what to watch this week.
5 min
Stocks Suffer Biggest Weekly Decline in Months
The dayslong struggle to pass a health-care bill spurred the biggest weekly decline for major stocks indexes in months. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the market this week.
5 min
Does the Economy Need Legal Migrants?
Political leaders in both parties used to agree that the U.S. needs more legal immigrants to sustain its aging labor force. The Wall Street Journal's Chief Economics Commentator Greg Ip takes a closer look at a plan to reduce legal migration.
6 min
Ford Warns Higher Rates, Decline in Resale Valu...
Ford raised a caution flag for the auto industry, saying higher interest rates and a steady decline in used-car values will hurt affordability. The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rogers joins us from Detroit.
4 min
Retro 'Space Jam' Hit Fails to Solve Nike's Sal...
Nike said a sneaker homage to the cult classic film "Space Jam" was a smash hit, but the retro shoes were a rare highlight in otherwise troubling results for the world's largest athletic company. The Wall Street Journal's Sara Germano reports.
5 min
Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults
New research paints a bleak picture of the nation's largest-population group. Mortality is rising for white adults, starting at age 25, driven by troubles in a hard-hit working class. The Wall Street Journal's Betsy McKay reports.
5 min
Health-Care Overhaul Has Support in Trump Count...
The Wall Street Journal's Dante Chinni spent the day with Trump supporters in Pennsylvania talking about healthcare. He joins us from the Washington newsroom with what he heard.
6 min
New Trump Labor Pick Much More Low-Key
Donald Trump's new pick to be Labor Secretary testified at his confirmation hearing Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath says Alexander Acosta stands in sharp contrast to the first Labor nominee, Andrew Puzder.
6 min
Partisan Divide Grows over Trump-Russian Probe
The FBI has disclosed it's investigating ties between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris says that has deepened the partisanship between Democrats and Republicans.
7 min
Carmakers to Trump: Take a Harder Line on China
China is the world's largest car market, but Chinese trade barriers make it tough for foreign car rivals to gain access. The Wall Street Journal's Chester Dawson says U.S. carmakers want President Trump to take a harder line on China's trade regulations.
6 min
NYC Restaurant Serves Sushi for Breakfast
Anyone for sushi, first thing in the morning? The Wall Street Journal's Charles Passy says the Lobster Place, a Manhattan restaurant, has begun offering sushi as part of its breakfast menu.
5 min
Trump Pressures GOP on Healthcare Plan
President Trump paid a visit to House GOP members Tuesday to pressure them into supporting the Republicans' healthcare law. The Wall Street Journal's Siobhan Hughes talks about President Trump's efforts to close the deal.
6 min
U.S. Enacts Travel Ban on Some Electronic Devices
The U.S. has banned passengers from carrying most electronics bigger than a cellphone into the cabin on direct flights from some countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We get details from the Wall Street Journal's Susan Carey.
6 min
GM Explores On-Demand Access with Cadillac
General Motors is tinkering with the car ownership model. It's offering a Netflix-like monthly subscription service to customers for its Cadillac brand.
7 min
FBI'S Comey: No Evidence for Trump's Wiretap Claim
In front of a House committee, FBI Director James Comey denied Donald Trump's charge, made in a tweet, that President Obama had wiretapped him. Comey also confirmed the FBI is probing Russian efforts to intervene in the election.
6 min
The Stock Market Rises, and CEO Pay Rises With It
2016 was a great year to be a CEO. A Wall Street Journal analysis finds chief executive pay jumped nearly 7 percent in fiscal 2016, after falling the year before. WSJ special writer Theo Francis with details on the study.
6 min
One Beneficiary of GOP's Tax Bill: President Trump
The big tax cut moving through Congress as part of a health bill could potentially save the president millions. The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin joins us from the Washington newsroom.
5 min
Week Ahead: Housing, Fed Speeches, Durable Goods
Economy watchers this week will get housing data, more than a half dozen Fed speeches, and new durable goods data. Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Leubsdorf joins us from the Washington newsroom with details.
6 min
Stocks, Government Bonds Notch Weekly Gains
Investors poured money into government bonds and dividend-paying stocks, pushing major indexes to weekly gains. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week.
5 min
Spending Plan Calls for Stripping FAA's Authority
President Trump's proposal would convert the nation's air-traffic control system into an independent organization, a controversial step backed by much of the U.S. airline industry. The Wall Street Journal's Susan Carey reports from Chicago.
6 min
Pentagon Outlines Plans for Supplemental $30 Bi...
Trump's Department of Defense is requesting an additional $25 billion for its base budget and $5 billion for the fund that pays for ongoing wars. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Kesling reports from the Pentagon.
5 min
Trump Cabinet Learning How Hard It Is to Sell $...
Delays in disposing of illiquid investments leave some of President Trump's cabinet members facing possible restrictions on their work. The Wall Street Journal's Jean Eaglesham joins us in the studio with the details.
4 min
Trump Advisor Michael Flynn Paid by Other Russi...
President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Mike Flynn, was paid more than $50,000 by Russian companies shortly before he became an adviser to the then-candidate. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris joins us from Washington.
5 min
McDonald's Twitter Account Compromised
Twitter notified McDonald's that its corporate account was compromised after a message critical of President Donald Trump lit up the social media network. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon has the latest details from Los Angeles.
3 min
5 Things to Know About Rulings Blocking Trump's...
Two federal judges have blocked President Donald Trump's latest travel ban, which temporarily blocked travelers from six majority-Muslim countries. The Wall Journal's Ashby Jones joins us in the studio with a look at what it means.
5 min
Trump Orders Review of Car-Emissions Standards
President Trump met with auto workers and executives in Michigan Wednesday. It came as he ordered a review of vehicle-emissions standards previously set by the Obama administration. We have details from the Wall Street Journal's Mike Spector.
6 min
Fed Raises Rates, Still Sees Three Hikes This Year
As expected, Fed policymakers raised short-term interest rates a quarter percent, and stuck to their target of three hikes this year. The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison has details.
6 min
GOP Senators: House Health Bill Needs Changes
Republican senators say the House GOP health care plan won't pass unless changes are made to the bill. The Wall Street Journal's Louise Radnofsky said senators were alarmed by the CBO report showing the plan would leave millions without insurance.
6 min
Another Donald Trump Tax Return is Leaked
Another leaked tax return shows President Donald Trump paid around 38 million dollars in taxes in 2005. Wall Street Journal tax policy reporter Richard Rubin has details.
6 min
Shares of For-Profit Schools Riding High
For-profit college stocks have surged following the November election of Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Mitchell says the prospect of deregulation has created an upbeat mood among for-profit investors.
6 min
Exxon Mobil and Rex Tillerson's Email Alias
Former Exxon Mobil CEO and now Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used an email alias to discuss climate change at the company. That's part of a probe into Exxon by New York's attorney general. The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Matthews explains.
6 min
CBO Sees Millions More Without Insurance
The Congressional Budget Office says millions more Americans would be left without insurance under the proposed House GOP healthcare plan. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson on the CBO scoring of the bill.
6 min
Can We Expect a Pullback in February Retail Sales?
The Commerce Department will issue its February retail sales report on Wednesday. Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics thinks consumers may have spent at a slower rate than during January.
6 min
Markets Rise Despite Looming Fed Rate Hike
Financial markets usually are not thrilled at the prospect of higher interest rates. But the Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry says investors welcome the Fed's rate-tightening plans because it indicates a stronger economy.
6 min
Greg Ip: Returning to a More Normal World
Fed policymakers are expected to raise interest rates at their meeting this week. The Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip tells us why a rate hike would signal a return to a more normal world.
7 min
GOP Health Overhaul Would Hit Rural Areas Hard
A study by a consulting firm finds House Republican's proposed health care plan would hit many rural areas particularly hard. The Wall Street Journal's Anna Mathews says in some extreme cases, a consumer's health care costs might exceed annual income.
6 min
You Could Soon See Your Credit Score Rise
Millions of consumers could soon see an improvement in their credit scores. The Wall Street Journal's AnnaMaria Andriotis says major credit reporting firms are removing certain negative information from people's credit reports.
6 min
How Will the Job Market Influence Fed Thinking?
A stronger than expected jobs report cleared the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this week. How many hikes might we see this year? When might the next one happen? WSJ's Steven Russolillo joins us with insights.
6 min
Economic Preview: Interest Rates, Inflation, Re...
All eyes are on interest rates ahead of the Fed meeting. We also get new retail sales, inflation and housing data. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us with what to watch this week with the economy.
5 min
Stocks Rise on Jobs Report After Mostly Flat Week
The S&P 500 rose after the jobs report showed robust hiring but the index notched its first weekly decline since January. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us with some context.
5 min
Facebook Scores Soccer Streaming Deal
Facebook is stepping up efforts to acquire rights to stream professional sporting events, as that content becomes a key element of its strategy to grow its video business. The Wall Street Journal's Deepa Seetharaman reports from San Francisco.
5 min
Jobs: Who's to Blame for the Trucker Shortage?
Help wanted: America needs truck drivers. In 2015, American Trucking Associations estimated that for-hire trucking companies had nearly 50,000 fewer drivers than they needed. The Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber reports.
5 min
Gus Faucher: Jobs Report Paves Way for Fed Hike
The U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs last month, with unemployment falling to 4.7%. PNC deputy chief economist Gus Faucher explains how this news could impact next week's Federal Reserve meeting and future interest rate hikes.
5 min
Trump Begins to Map Out $1 Trillion Infrastruct...
President Trump suggests a 90-day deadline for states to start projects. He also expresses interest in high-speed rail and a spectrum auction. The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender reports from Washington.
5 min
Ivanka Trump's Landlord Is a Chilean Billionair...
President Trump's daughter and her husband, White House adviser Jared Kushner, live in a house owned by a Chilean business titan. His company is suing the U.S. over a Minnesota mine. The Wall Street Journal's James Grimaldi reports from Washington.
5 min
Opposition Mounts as GOP's Health Bill Undergoe...
Groups representing hospitals, doctors and seniors are urging House Republican leaders to put the brakes on their plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act. The Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman reports from Washington.
6 min
Should Trump Tout Post-Election Stock Rally?
President Donald Trump has not been shy about taking credit for the post-election stock rally. The Wall Street Journal's Steve Russolillo says Mr. Trump may want to dial back the celebrating.
7 min
Some Cautions for Investors on Corporate Tax Cuts
A corporate tax cut could give a big boost to companies' profits. But it may not be as big or come quite as soon as investors expect, says Justin Lahart of the Wall Street Journal.
6 min
WikiLeaks Releases Alleged CIA Hacking Tools
WikiLeaks has released thousands of documents and files that it says expose how the CIA hacks devices like smartphones and smart TV's. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris on the unauthorized disclosure.
7 min
Survey Finds Gen X Homebuying Slump Over
Generation X members have struggled to buy homes in recent years, partly due to the Great Recession. But a survey by the National Association of Realtors finds that slump over, says the trade group's Jessica Lautz.
6 min
Trump Delays Rules Covering For-Profit Colleges
The Trump administration says it's delaying enforcement of new rules that would punish for-profit colleges if they leave students with high debt and weak job prospects. Details from Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell.
6 min
Buy Your Groceries at the Shopping Mall
The Wall Street Journal's Esther Fung reports that struggling malls are looking to attract supermarkets to fill the void left by department store closings.
6 min
House GOP Issues Plan to Repeal, Replace Obamacare
The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Zitner on the House Republicans' new healthcare plan, which includes refundable tax credits.
7 min
Millennials Scoop Up Shares of Snap
Snapchat is a hit with millennials, and the Wall Street Journal's Ben Eisen says young people also love the parent company's stock.
6 min
Donald Trump's Revised Travel Ban Order
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday that scaled back his original immigration travel ban. The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Nasaw on the major changes in the new order.
5 min
Companies Battle to Develop New Cancer Drugs
Existing immunotherapy drugs have made great strides in boosting survival rates in cancer patients. Now companies are battling to develop new drugs that can work even better, says the Wall Street Journal's Peter Loftus.
6 min
Scott McCartney: Improving the Boarding Process
Everyone who flies knows what a headache boarding an airplane can be. Scott McCartney, the Wall Street Journal's Middle Seat columnist, says airlines are working to simplify the process.
7 min
Jobs Report Tops This Week's Economic Schedule
Can we expect strength in hiring to continue? The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf previews this week's economic calendar, which is topped by February employment data.
7 min
Wall Street Weekly Recap: Dow Holds Above 21,000
Stocks ended with small gains Friday. The Dow held onto 21,000 and the S&P is now on a six-week winning streak. Aaron Kuriloff at the Wall Street Journal explains what made this a winning week.
7 min
Fed's Yellen Signals Rate Hike Likely This Month
At a speech in Chicago, Fed chair Janet Yellen said the economy has essentially met the Fed's employment goals and is nearing its inflation target. The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry says that signals a rate hike is likely at this month's policy meeting.
6 min
A Typo Caused Amazon's Big Cloud Outage
The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens says a typo was responsible for Amazon.com's outage at its cloud-services unit Tuesday. An employee mistyped a command, knocking out many of Amazon's cloud services and disrupting U.S. Web traffic.
6 min
McDonald's Embraces Its Fast-Food Identity
After losing business over efforts to widen its customer base, McDonald's has decided to stick to basics as an affordable fast-food chain. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon says McDonald's is also also rolling out mobile ordering and payment.
6 min
Snap's Successful Debut; Stocks Fall
Wall Street Journal reporter Corrie Driebusch talks about the big trading debut of Snap and the stock market's retreat from record highs.
6 min
Market Hopes vs Washington Reality
Ben Leubsdorf of the Wall Street Journal says markets are quite optimistic that Washington will get tax and regulatory reforms enacted. Maybe too optimistic, given the typically slow pace of the legislative process.
7 min
Trump Trade Policy Would Shove Aside the WTO
The Trump Administration is developing a trade policy that would favor U.S law over the World Trade Organization. It's a way for the White House to take on countries it blames for unfair trading practices, says the Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin.
6 min
The Dow Cracks 21,000 for the First Time
Stocks blasted to new closing records in the wake of Donald Trump's speech to Congress. Two questions from Brad McMillan of Commonwealth Financial Network: how long can the rally last and how high can it go?
5 min
Amazon Cloud Snafu Snarls Web Traffic
An outage at Amazon Web Services disrupted Internet traffic across the U.S. Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal's Robert McMillan talks about the problem at AWS, the world's biggest cloud infrastructure provider.
5 min
Trump's Agenda Faces Hurdles in Congress
In his speech to Congress Tuesday, President Donald Trump asked Congress to come together and pass his policy priorities. But his wish list faces opposition from both parties, according to Byron Tau of the Wall Street Journal.
6 min
Trump is Slow to Fill Top Administrative Jobs
President Donald Trump needs people in key administration posts to help him enact his agenda. Hundreds require Senate approval. But only a handful of picks have been confirmed, according to Rebecca Ballhaus of the Wall Street Journal.
6 min
Employee Burnout is Getting Worse
Feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed are some of the factors that characterize employee burnout. Studies show the problem is getting worse, according to Rachel Feintzeig of the Wall Street Journal.
6 min
Home Prices Shoot Up Despite Rising Interest Rates
A new report finds home prices rose at the fastest pace in two and 1/2 years. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto says the five percent-plus growth has been occurring despite rising interest rates.
5 min
Trump Poll Finds Support from 'Critical Middle'
A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll on President Donald Trump finds a historically high negative approval rating for a new president. But WSJ reporter Mike Bender says Mr. Trump is getting support from a "critical middle" of voters.
7 min
The Shocking Oscar Blunder
Nothing like this had happened before in Academy Awards history. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Fritz talks about the Best Picture Oscar being presented to the wrong movie.
5 min
Donald Trump's Speech Tops the Economic Calendar
The Wall Street Journal's Ian Talley says President Trump's speech to Congress highlights this week's global economic calendar. Speeches by Fed governor Lael Brainard and Fed chair Janet Yellen will also be closely watched.
6 min
The Rise and Fall of Nasty Gal
The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Chaney tells us about the rise and fall of Nasty Gal, an online fashion retailer that went from rapid growth to bankruptcy.
6 min
Tween Girls are Cookin' Up Some Slime for Sale
Apparently, it's a product few adolescent girls can go without: slime. The Wall Street Journal's Ellen Byron says tweens are earning a pretty penny making and selling the stuff.
6 min
Can Nascar Reverse Its TV Troubles? Part 2 of 2
Nascar is facing a steady decline in TV viewership and other troubles. Wrapping up a two-part discussion, Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle looks at possible fixes.
6 min
Can Nascar Survive in the Age of Uber? Part 1 of 2
Once hot, Nascar is cooling off, running into many troubles. In a two-part series, Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle describes Nascar's demographic and cultural challenges.
5 min
11 Straight Record Closes for the Dow
Stocks rallied in late trading Friday; the Dow Jones Industrials rebounded in the final minutes to end up 11 points at its eleventh straight record finish. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch runs down trading for Friday and the week.
6 min
New Home Sales Rise, Thanks to Strong Demand
Sales of new homes rose 3.7 percent in January from December, boosted by strong demand. And February consumer sentiment remained high, though off a 13-year high in January. Both are solid reports, says Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors.
6 min
Corporate America's Deregulation Wish List
The Business Roundtable, a corporate trade group, delivered a letter to President Trump outlining regulations they want repealed or changed. Manufacturing executives also met with Mr. Trump on Thursday. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos has details.
7 min
The FCC Opens Airwaves for New Wireless Devices
The FCC has opened unlicensed airwaves for new 4G LTE wireless devices. The Wall Street Journal's John McKinnon says it's a part of the spectrum now used largely for Wi-Fi.
6 min
Warren Buffett's $1 Million Bet
In 2007, billionaire investor Warren Buffett bet that his index fund would outperform an asset manager's hedge fund over a decade. The Wall Street Journal's Nicole Friedman tells us how both investments have fared in this one million dollar bet.
5 min
Carmakers Ask EPA for Fuel-Economy Rollback
Automakers have written new EPA chief Scott Pruitt, asking the agency to reverse decisions locking in fuel-economy and emissions standards. An update from Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Spector.
7 min
Fed Minutes: Interest Rate Hikes 'Fairly Soon'
Minutes from the latest Fed policy meeting found that the central bank anticipated raising interest rates "fairly soon." Jim Awad of Plimsoll Mark Capital said the minutes boosted chances a rate hike could come in March, but only "slightly."
6 min
Used Home Sales Hit a 10-Year High
January existing-home sales rose to their highest level in ten years, according to the National Association of Realtors. NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun says home demand remains brisk despite tight inventories.
5 min
Trump Tightens Rules on Illegal Immigration
The Department of Homeland Security has issued new memos that implement executive orders signed by President Trump on immigration. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler tells us the memos say nearly anybody living in the U.S. is now subject to deportation.
6 min
U.S. Organic Farmers Cry Foul Over Imports
Booming U.S. demand for organic food has prompted a big jump in imported grain. The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Bunge says U.S. organic farmers charge their foreign rivals face less strict requirements when certifying their imports as organic.
7 min
Sales Rise at Wal-Mart, Home Depot
Both Wal-Mart and Home Depot reported strong fourth quarter sales. Macy's sales fell, though its profit topped estimates. All three retailers are well-positioned against their chief competitors, says Burt Flickinger of Strategic Resource Group.
7 min
Imports Surge at U.S. Ports
The Wall Street Journal's Erica Phillips says shipments into U.S. ports surged in January. Reasons include rising consumer confidence and a strong dollar.
7 min
Economy This Week: Fed Minutes, Home Sales, Japan
This week we get the latest Fed minutes, manufacturing, the global economy and home sales. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Mitchell joins us from the Washington newsroom with what to watch.
6 min
Major Retailers to Take Earnings Stage This Week
Ken Perkins previews what to watch this week from Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Macy's and TJX. The president of Retail Metrics joins John Wordock.
6 min
Nix Nafta? Beware of the 'Chicken Tax'
If President Trump drops the North American Free Trade Agreement, pickup trucks made in Mexico would be subject to the decades-old "chicken tax." The Wall Street Journal's Robbie Whelan tells us about this hefty import duty.
6 min
Will Trump's Resume' Lead to Economic Growth?
Wall Street is cheering President Trump's business resume. But will that bolster U.S. economic growth? Greg Ip, chief economics commentator for the Wall Street Journal, takes a closer look.
6 min
New Highs For Stocks Thanks to Apple, Kraft Heinz
U.S. stocks rose to new records Friday, with a big week for Apple and news of a Kraft Heinz-Unilever merge driving up the market. The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Kuriloff breaks it down.
5 min
Trump Assails Critics as Russia Questions Mount
The White House faces a mushrooming number of investigations and inquiries on Capitol Hill, where some Republicans are demanding more information about contacts with Russian officials. The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender reports.
7 min
Online Market for Recycled Apparel is Booming
Young consumers, many of them teens, are flocking to reselling sites to recycle their clothing. The Wall Street Journal's Khadeeja Safdar says this online apparel sector has become a more-than two billion dollar business.
6 min
A Harsh Reality for the Housing Market
The Wall Street Journal's Steve Russolillo says higher interest rates are already impacting the housing market on a number of fronts at the start of the new year. He cites higher mortgage rates and falling housing starts.
6 min
Spies Keep Intel From Trump on Leak Concerns
The decision to withhold information underscores the deep mistrust between the intelligence community and the president over his team's contacts with the Russian government. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris reports.
6 min
GM Looking to Ditch Opel in Profit Drive
General Motors is weighing a sale of its German-based Opel unit. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Colias says it's part of GM CEO Mary Barra's preference for profitability over size.
5 min
Focus on Waistline Boosts PepsiCo's Top Line
The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Maloney says PepsiCo's emphasis on healthier products boosted revenue and earnings. But its guidance for 2017 was weak.
5 min
Retail Sales Stronger Than Expected in January
Americans opened up their wallets last month. The Commerce Department said retail sales rose four tenths percent. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf said the gains were across the board except for the auto sector, which had a weak month.
6 min
Malls and Their Stores Duke It Out over Revamps
Shopping mall owners are trying to revamp their aging properties. But the Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner says anchor stores often use previously-signed agreements to prevent malls from performing modifications.
5 min
March Interest Rate Hike Still on the Table
Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen testified on the economy and interest rates in front of a Senate panel Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson says Yellen left the door open for a possible rate hike next month.
7 min
Apple Stock Hits New High. What Next?
Apple's stock has been on a roll, hitting a new closing high on Monday. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle says investors are bullish on Apple ahead of the next iPhone.
6 min
The Battle over Prince's Estate
Pop superstar Prince died last April, but the Wall Street Journal's Hannah Karp says two advisors who were close to Prince are battling for control over what happens to his estate.
7 min
Trump's Infrastructure Plan Faces Speed Limits
There's really no argument that America's roads, bridges and tunnels are in need of repair. The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison details the roadblocks that President Trump's one trillion dollar infrastructure plan faces.
6 min
Trump, Trudeau Talk Trade and Border Issues
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting President Trump to discuss trade, immigration and energy. The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin says the meeting will likely provide a glimpse of how Trump would seek to overhaul the NAFTA trade deal.
7 min
Economic Preview: Yellen, Consumer, Housing
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen addresses Congress, plus we see new retail, consumer and housing data this week. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us with a look at what economists will be watching.
6 min
Plowed Under: The Next American Farm Bust
A shrinking role in the global grain market coupled with a strong dollar and higher costs for seeds is driving U.S. farmers out of business. The Wall Street Journal's Jesse Newman reports from Chicago.
6 min
Stocks Rise to New Records
Major U.S. stock indexes ended the week at fresh records, buoyed by corporate earnings as well as the prospect of tax cuts and relaxed regulation. The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Kuriloff joins us in the studio.
6 min
What to Watch at the Grammys
Adele vs. Beyoncé, a tribute to Prince and what will James Corden say about the president? The 59th annual Grammy Awards arrive Sunday in Los Angeles. The Wall Street Journal's Neil Shah joins us in the studio with a look at what to watch.
6 min
What's Next for President Trump's Travel Ban
A federal appeals court ruled unanimously against President Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees, saying such a travel ban shouldn't go into effect while courts consider whether it goes too far. WSJ's Brent Kendall has the details.
6 min
Uber Riders Climbing Into Random Cars
Owners of some late-model sedans say confused Uber and Lyft customers have been piling into their back seats-prompting some awkward exchanges. The Wall Street Journal's Chris Kirkham reports from Los Angeles.
6 min
Even Donald Trump Can't Save Twitter
If Twitter can't materially benefit from a phenomenon like Trump, Wall Street Journal columnist Steven Russolillo thinks it probably won't benefit from anything else either.
6 min
Ethics Concerns Over Foreign Visit to Trump Resort
Depending on who pays, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's stay at Mar-a-Lago may lead to a violation of a constitutional provision according to ethics experts. The Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Ballhaus reports from the White House.
5 min
Trump Fixes Flaw in Post-Crisis Regulation
Since the financial crisis began the regulatory pendulum has moved in the direction of tougher restrictions on finance. Trump's order reverses the direction but WSJ's Greg Ip says there's little sign he wants it back where it was in 2007.
5 min
Firms Move to Mexico, Despite Trump Pressure
Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs and taxes on companies planning to move operations to Mexico. But the Wall Street Journal's Andrew Tangel says companies are plowing ahead with their planned moves, despite Trump's pressure.
6 min
Viacom to Focus on Six Key Cable Channels
Forget the big cable TV bundle. Viacom plans to narrow its focus to six key channel brands including MTV and Comedy Central. The Wall Street Journal's Keach Hagey says it's a bid by Viacom to improve relationships with distribution partners.
6 min
Trump's Cabinet Approval Rate Slower Than Normal
Senate confirmation of Donald Trump's cabinet nominees is moving at a snail's pace. We get reasons for why the approval rate has been so slow from the Wall Street Journal's Byron Tau.
6 min
College Giving Rises to a Record $41 Billion
Donations to U.S. colleges and universities rose to a record 41 billion dollars in fiscal 2016. But the Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn says the increase was the smallest in six years, held back by lackluster stock returns.
5 min
Strong Dollar Boosts Foreign Booze Sales
It's getting crowded on U.S. liquor store shelves. The Wall Street Journal's Chelsey Dulaney says a strong dollar has boosted sales of wines, beers and liquors produced in other countries.
7 min
GM's Truck and SUV Sales Offset by Uncertainty
General Motors' fourth quarter operating profit was lifted by strong truck and SUV sales. But Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias says there are worries GM won't be able to achieve its bullish guidance for 2017.
7 min
Snapchat: A New Kind of Television
Snapchat parent Snap filed for an IPO last week. The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Mims says that Snapchat, a popular messaging app, is in many ways a new kind of TV.
6 min
Super Bowl Ads Featured Humor and Serious Topics
Advertisers rolled out their best commercials for the Super Bowl's 100 million-plus audience. The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Vranica says the ads were split between the funny and social/political themes.
7 min
Trump Will Attend NATO Summit in May
The Wall Street Journal's Julian Barnes says President Trump has committed to attending a NATO summit in Brussels in May. NATO officials had sought the meeting following Trump's criticism of the alliance.
7 min
Economic Preview: Trade, Interest Rates, Consumers
The consumer is back in the spotlight this week, along with trade and the ongoing hunt for clues about interest rates. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath joins us from Washington with what to watch with the economy.
6 min
Replica Super Bowl Stadiums Made of Snacks
As the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots square off at Houston's NRG Stadium, builders of 'snackadiums' will watch their party guests devour weeks of culinary architecture. The Wall Street Journal's Jim Carlton has the story.
6 min
Stocks Climb on Plans for Regulatory Rollback
The potential for regulatory rollbacks injected new enthusiasm for financial stocks, sending major indexes higher. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week for stocks.
5 min
Tax-Refund Delay Threatens Super-Bowl TV Purchases
Television, food and furniture sales typically spike around the Super Bowl as fans host game-day parties. Behind the scenes, there is an additional boost: Americans flush from early tax refunds. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer reports.
5 min
Beth Ann Bovino: Wages Disappointing in Jobs Data
The U.S. economy added 227,000 jobs in January. But wages barely grew. Beth Ann Bovino, U.S. chief economist at S&P Global Ratings, joins John Wordock with insights on the latest employment data.
5 min
Trump Dominates Earnings Calls at Many Firms
From Apple to Exxon, conversations between executives and investors about earnings have made room for questions about the new president. The Wall Street Journal's Theo Francis joins us with the details.
6 min
Exception Made to Sanctions on Russia's Spy Agency
The Treasury Department adjusted sanctions against the Russian intelligence service. It's a story that got folks talking, but what does it actually mean? The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Reporter Samuel Rubenfeld joins us in the studio.
5 min
Amazon Earnings: What to Watch
Amazon is scheduled to announce its fourth-quarter earnings after the market closes. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens joins us from San Francisco with a look at what investors expect to see and what you need to know.
5 min
Preview: January Jobs Report
Friday morning will bring us the year's first major snapshot of the labor market. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Mitchell tells us what to watch.
6 min
Trump and the Democrats Dig In for Battle
Donald Trump's aggressive behavior during his debut as president is igniting a war with Democrats. The Wall Street Journal's Reid Epstein says Senate Democrats are threatening to fight against legislation and nominees that they find objectionable.
6 min
No Fed Rate Hike. No Hints or Clues Either.
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged Wednesday and dropped no hints about its next move. LPL chief economic strategist John Canally sketches out where the Fed could go from here.
6 min
Is Apple Getting Its Mojo Back Thanks to iPhone 7?
Apple has snapped its revenue losing streak. Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle joins John Wordock to discuss the ever-important role of the iPhone 7.
6 min
Supreme Court Pick is an Admirer of Antonin Scalia
The Wall Street Journal's Brent Kendall talks about Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee for Supreme Court justice.
7 min
Two Mattress Firms Will Sleep in Separate Beds
Mattress maker Temper Sealy will no longer sell its brands at stores operated by retailer Mattress Firm. This, after contract negotiations broke down. The Wall Street Journal's Austen Hufford has details.
5 min
Trump's Travel Ban Gets Corporate Thumbs-Down
The Wall Street Journal's Spencer Jakab says President Trump's travel ban has drawn criticism from companies whose operations and profits could be directly affected.
7 min
No Slowdown in Home Price Growth
The growth in home prices shows no signs of slowing down. David Blitzer of S&P Dow Jones Indices says home prices rose a strong 5.6 percent in November.
5 min
David Harrison Previews This Week's Fed Meeting
Fed policymakers meet Tuesday and Wednesday, and no interest rate hike is expected. The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison is watching the Fed's end-of-meeting statement for updates on economic growth and inflation.
5 min
For Apple's iPhone, Extra Features Are a 'Plus'
Apple has faced slowing demand for its iPhone. But the Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle says consumers like the iPhone 7 Plus for its extra features, and that should give a boost to Apple's quarterly financial report, to be released Tuesday.
6 min
Business Travelers: What to Know about Travel Ban
How could the Trump travel ban impact those flying on business? Travel expert Joe Brancatelli from JoeSentMe.com joins John Wordock with tips for road warriors.
6 min
Bonuses Surge as Automotive Companies Post Gains
Workers at domestic car factories are reaping the benefits of America's increasing demand for high-margin pickups and sport-utility vehicles. Union employees are expected to take home among the biggest bonus checks ever, says WSJ's Christina Rogers.
5 min
Economic Preview: Jobs, Income, Inflation, Fed
We get new data on personal income, the January jobs report and the Federal Reserve has its first policy meeting since raising interest rates. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Mitchell joins us with a look at what to watch with the economy.
5 min
Small Business: Most Create Less Than a Job a Year
Employment growth is slow and unsteady at most small firms, with the median small business adding fewer than one full-time position a year, despite the sector's reputation as the engine of job growth. The Wall Street Journal's Ruth Simon reports.
5 min
Republicans Move to Kill Anti-Graft Rule
Should oil, gas and mining companies disclose the payments they make to foreign governments? One side calls it onerous. The other says it prevents bribes and corruption. The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Reporter Samuel Rubenfeld reports.
4 min
Stocks Steady as Investors Parse Policy, Earnings
The Dow and S&P slipped but notched gains for the week on stronger-than-expected earnings and fresh policy signals from the new administration. The Wall Street Journal's Paul Vigna joins us in the studio with some perspective.
6 min
Backlash Against Trump's Communication Clamp Down
A chaotic transition has led to confusion over what government websites can display, what employees are allowed to do with publicly funded work and growing social-media activism aimed at rebutting President Donald Trump. WSJ's Amy Harder reports.
5 min
Trump and Republicans Strain to Agree on Agenda
President Trump and congressional Republicans fell short of reaching agreement on complex policy issues involving taxes, trade and other pillars of the ambitious legislative agenda they hope to enact this year. WSJ's Kristina Peterson reports.
7 min
Stuart Hoffman: U.S. Economy Still in Slow Lane
The U.S. economy grew only 1.9% in the fourth quarter, weighed down by a wider trade deficit. Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services, tells John Wordock that President Trump's goal of 4% growth looks like a real stretch.
7 min
Who Will Build Trump's Wall?
President Donald Trump says construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border will start within months, raising questions about who will build it. The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Tangel joins us from Chicago with the latest.
6 min
UK's May Faces Tricky Balancing Act Talking Trade
Prime Minister Theresa May seeks further commitments on bilateral trade, but her leeway remains constrained as long as the UK remains a member of the EU. The Wall Street Journal's Jason Douglas joins us from the newsroom in London.
5 min
We're Already at Dow 30000. You Just Don't Know It
Is it time to ditch the Dow? The Wall Street Journal's James Mackintosh says the blue-chip index poorly measures what investors are doing. He joins us with the details from the London newsroom.
7 min
New Home Sales Drop Sharply
New home sales posted a steep decline in December, an indication that affordability challenges are beginning to cut into demand. Wells Fargo Managing Director and Senior Economist Mark Vitner joins us with some perspective.
5 min
More Women Taking Over the Role of CEO
A Challenger, Gray & Christmas study finds women are making more headway in the corporate suite. Almost 19% of new CEOs last year were women. That's the third straight annual rise, says John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
4 min
Jim Paulsen: More Gains Due to Solid Fundamentals
The Dow Industrials finally topped 20,000 with a strong rally, and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 also rose to fresh new highs. Jim Paulsen of Wells Capital Management thinks more gains lie ahead as the economy continues to strengthen.
6 min
Trump Actions Revive Two Pipeline Projects
President Donald Trump has signed executive actions reviving two controversial pipeline projects - the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects. Both had been blocked by the Obama administration. The Wall Street Journal's Amy Harder has details.
6 min
Trump Presidency Means Higher Profile for CEOs
The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Feintzeig says corporate chief executives' status is rising in Washington, thanks to the Trump administration. Proof of this lies in Trump's cabinet picks and his reaching out to business leaders.
6 min
The Norovirus: Flu-Like and Highly Contagious
The Wall Street Journal's Sumathi Reddy talks about the Norovirus, which is highly contagious with flu-like symptoms. It has sickened many families and shut down schools across the U.S. this winter.
6 min
Donald Trump's Fender-Bender with Automakers
U.S. automakers' top preoccupation is with President Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rogers says Mr. Trump has put carmakers on the defensive about their commitment to U.S. jobs and production.
6 min
Realtors: Housing Inventory Lowest Since 1999
Existing-home sales in 2016 were the best in a decade. But total housing inventory slipped to its lowest level in almost two decades. Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, shares details with John Wordock.
6 min
Trump Puts Outsourcing Companies on Guard
Donald Trump has repeatedly blasted companies for offshoring production and IT operations. The Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber says companies worried about possible tariffs are weighing U.S.-based alternatives to outsourcing.
6 min
Krebs: Auto Industry Sees Trump as Great Unknown
AutoTrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs joins John Wordock to discuss all the pressures on the auto industry, from President Trump to whether 2017 can be another record year for sales.
6 min
McDonald's U.S. Sales Fall More Than One Percent.
McDonald's global sales rose 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter. But Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Jargon said U.S. sales fell 1.3 percent as demand for McDonald's all-day breakfast leveled off.
6 min
An Early Priority for Trump: Revising Trade Deals
Wall Street Journal reporter Will Mauldin says that on the agenda in President Trump's first week are renegotiation of NAFTA and a bi-lateral trade deal with the UK.
7 min
Economic Preview: GDP, Housing, Eurozone
We share our list of the economic data to watch this week, including new GDP numbers plus manufacturing and housing data. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us from Washington with the details.
5 min
Parks Mull Naming Rights as Tax Support Evaporates
​Wisconsin's is one of a number of state-park systems looking for new ways to pay for operations as lawmakers reduce funding despite record numbers of visitors. The Wall Street Journal's Will Connors reports from Chicago.
5 min
J.C. Penney Blazes a Trail in Real Estate, Again
The Wall Street Journal's Peter Grant reports that J.C. Penney has once again become a real estate trailblazer. With the sale of its headquarters, Penney is sparking the redevelopment of the suburban corporate campus into a more urbanized setting.
6 min
Dow Gains Nearly 100 Points in Choppy Trading
President Trump pledges his administration will 'buy American and hire American' in a populist inaugural speech. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebush joins us to unpack market reaction.
6 min
Analyzing Trump Factor in Companies' Jobs Pledges
A dozen major companies have touted the creation of about 130,000 U.S. jobs since Donald Trump was elected president, vowing to keep jobs in America. How many of those come from Mr. Trump's pressure? The Wall Street Journal's Theo Francis reports.
6 min
Survey: Job Seekers Unsure About Trump's Impact
Trump may have won partly on his promise to revitalize struggling industries, but a survey of job seekers suggests the majority of them are unsure about his ability to do so. Challenger Gray & Christmas's John Challenger joins us with the details.
5 min
President Obama's Economic Legacy
President Obama leaves office with stocks near record highs and 75 straight months of job creation but the economy is also plagued by slow wage growth and low productivity. WSJ's Josh Zumbrun joins us with a look at Obama's economic legacy.
6 min
Netflix Focuses on Growth, Shares Hit Highs
Netflix shares hit all-time highs after the media company reported fourth-quarter earnings that easily topped Wall Street expectations. The Wall Street Journal's Miriam Gottfried joins us in the studio.
4 min
Can the Housing Starts Surge Continue in 2017?
Housing starts rose 11.3% in December. But with higher interest rates on the horizon, can this surge continue? Economist Joel Naroff discusses the housing market, Fed rate hikes and housing under a President Trump.
6 min
Commerce Nominee Offers Preview of Trade Policy
Donald Trump's pick for commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, stresses stricter enforcement of trade rules as way to confront China and other countries. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf has the details.
6 min
Bud Light Revamps Ad Approach for Super Bowl
Anheuser-Busch InBev is reworking its Bud Light advertising and will use the Super Bowl to show off its new creative direction. Bud Light has suffered shrinking market share and sales. The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Vranica joins us in the studio.
6 min
Trump Least Popular New President in a Generation
A growing share of Americans disapprove of how Trump has handled his transition to the White House, with 48% viewing him in a negative light. The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Zitner joins us from Washington with the latest WSJ / NBC News poll results.
7 min
Homebuilder Sentiment Slips, but Remains High
The National Association of Home Builders sentiment index slipped two points in January. But that followed December's level, which was an 11-year high. The NAHB's Paul Emrath notes builders remain confident, but rising mortgage rates are a concern.
5 min
GM confirms $1 Billion U.S. Investment Plan
General Motors has confirmed a plan to invest an extra one billion dollars in U.S. manufacturing. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Colias says it followed mounting pressure by President-elect Donald Trump.
7 min
U.S. Growth Forecast Gets a Trump-Inspired Boost
The International Monetary Fund has upgraded its U.S. economic growth forecasts for this year and next, according to the Wall Street Journal's Ian Talley. The IMF cited President-elect Donald Trump's plan to cut taxes and boost infrastructure spending.
6 min
Wal-Mart Touts Plan to Create Thousands of Jobs
Wal-Mart announced a plan to create around ten thousand jobs this year. Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Nassauer says the jobs will come from previously planned store openings, store expansion and e-commerce.
5 min
Fed and Housing: What to Watch With the Economy
It's a holiday shortened week capped by the inauguration of a new president but it's still a busy one for the economy with lots going on with the Federal Reserve, plus consumer prices and housing data. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun reports.
6 min
'Drain the Swamp' vs. Let the Lobbying Begin
Wall Street Journal reporter Brody Mullins says lobbyists from a broad swath of industries have launched a push to advance their agendas. They're hoping for a friendly reception from Donald Trump, despite his past vow to "drain the swamp" in Washington.
7 min
As Crisis That Vexed Obama Fades, Trump to Benefit
President-elect Donald Trump could preside over longest economic recovery since World War II. The Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip joins us with his perspective from the Washington newsroom.
5 min
Market Wrap: Banks, Drugs, Autos, Trump
Financial stocks rose as the start of banks' earnings season reignited buying in the sector, plus auto stocks come under renewed selling pressure. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio.
6 min
Reaction to Earnings at Big Banks
The outlook for top U.S. banks is brightening but Wells Fargo is losing its title as the highest returning big bank and results at Bank of America are just lukewarm. The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Grocer joins us in the studio.
5 min
What Republicans Are Doing With the Health Law
Republican leaders say one of their top priorities is to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now, the Republicans are moving forward, and the outcome could bring big changes to the health system. The WSJ's Stephanie Armour reports.
5 min
Gus Faucher: Holiday Retail Sales Okay, Not Great
Retail sales in December rose 0.6% mainly due to healthy auto sales. What does this say about consumers and the U.S. economy? Gus Faucher, deputy chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group, sizes up the news.
5 min
Probe Into FBI's Handling of Clinton Email Case
The Justice Department's inspector general will investigate whether the FBI's top leaders followed policies and procedures during the presidential race. The Wall Street Journal's Devlin Barrett has the details from Washington.
6 min
Apple's Plans for Original Content
Apple is planning to build a significant new business in original television shows and movies. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle says it's a move that could offset slowing sales of iPhones and iPads.
5 min
George Soros Lost Nearly $1 Billion After Election
Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump's surprise presidential election. The Wall Street Journal's Gregory Zuckerman has the details.
5 min
Retail Sector Update: More Job Cuts at Wal-Mart
As we learn how the retail sector fared over the holidays the world's largest retailer plans a thousand job cuts. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer has those details, plus a look at Amazon, Jet and how brick and mortar stores are evolving.
6 min
What to Know About Rex Tillerson's Ties to Russia
The confirmation process continues for Trump's nominee for secretary of state. Much of the focus is on Rex Tillerson's business ties to Russia and his personal relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. WSJ's Bradley Olson reports.
6 min
Takeaways From Trump's Press Conference
President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference with reporters in several months covering issues including plans to handle any conflicts of interest, Russian hacking, Obamacare, and the Mexican border. WSJ's Shane Harris has the latest.
7 min
Russia Denies Dossier on Donald Trump
Russia has denied that it has compromising material on Donald Trump, calling a dossier of unsubstantiated claims an absolute fabrication. Laura Mills of the Wall Street Journal has the story from Moscow.
6 min
Higher Gas Prices Don't Worry Automakers
The Wall Street Journal's Chester Dawson says automakers are playing down concerns about rising gas prices and they're rolling out more profitable SUV's and pickups.
6 min
No Honeymoon for Donald Trump
Newly-elected Presidents traditionally enjoyed a honeymoon period, during which even their opponents cut them some slack. But Donald Trump isn't getting one, and the Wall Street Journal's Janet Hook tells why.
6 min
The Limited: Latest Victim of a Changing Industry
Limited Stores is closing all of its stores as it looks for a buyer. The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner says that like other apparel retailers, Limited struggled to adapt to a changing industry.
6 min
Small Business Owners Optimistic About Trump
A survey by the National Federation of Independent Business finds small business owners are the most optimistic they've been in 12 years. Bill Dunkelberg of the NFIB says respondents have high hopes that a Trump presidency will improve their business.
6 min
President Obama's Labor Market Record is Mixed
Wall Street Journal reporter Eric Morath says President Obama will leave office with a mixed legacy on the labor market. For example: millions of jobs created but mostly anemic wage growth.
7 min
Uber Agrees to Disclose Ridership Data
Uber has battled cities around the globe to keep its ridership data private. Greg Bensinger of the Wall Street Journal says the ride-sharing company has now agreed to make some of that data freely available on the Internet.
5 min
Fiat Chrysler Expands U.S. Investments
Ahead of the North American Auto Show, Fiat Chrysler announced plans to invest one billion dollars in two existing U.S. plants. The Wall Street Journal's John Stoll says this comes amid rising political pressure from Donald Trump.
6 min
Ford Rolls Out New F-150 Pickup
Ford is unveiling a slew of electric and hybrid vehicles at the North American Auto Show. Seven electrified vehicles will be released by 2020. Joe Hinrichs, Ford's President of the Americas, says Ford's also unveiling an upgraded F-150 pickup.
6 min
Economic Preview: Focus on Consumers and Retail
We get our first look at how the holiday shopping season went with new retail sales and consumer sentiment figures. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf provides context for the week ahead.
6 min
The Middle Seat: Expect Change in the Air in 2017
Wall Street Journal Middle Seat columnist Scott McCartney says 2017 will offer big changes. He highlights what air travelers should expect.
6 min
Dow Flirts With 20,000 But Falls Short
The Dow came within a whisker of 20,000 on Friday, fueled by a solid jobs report showing wage growth. The S&P and Nasdaq notched fresh records. The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Kuriloff joins us in studio to look at the week.
6 min
Automakers Showcase Cars With Virtual Assistants
First there was connecting the car to the smartphone. Now automakers are rushing to make the car talk back. We look at the race to bring virtual assistants into our daily lives with The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins and Geoffrey Fowler at CES.
6 min
Job Growth Slows; Wage Growth Picks Up
December job growth was a slower-than-expected 156 thousand jobs. But wage growth, at 2.9 percent year-over-year, was the strongest since 2009. Mark Vitner of Wells Fargo says the labor market is tightening to the point where wages are being bid up.
5 min
Battle With Trump Puts GM in Tough Spot
The president-elect's criticism of the auto maker's Mexican imports, leveled in a tweet, comes as it plans to lay off thousands of workers in two states pivotal to the Republican's November victory, reports The Wall Street Journal's Mike Colias.
5 min
Pro-Business Stance Doesn't Guarantee Growth
Stock-market rally suggests renewed confidence, but how business acumen is applied is what matters in government says The Wall Street Journal's Chief Economics Commentator Greg Ip.
6 min
Top Intelligence Officials Testify on Capitol Hill
Top intelligence officials take part in the first public hearing about suspected Moscow interference in the 2016 U.S. election. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris has the latest on this and Trump's plans to reorganize the nation's spy agencies.
5 min
Five Things to Watch in Friday's Jobs Report
Eric Morath is covering Friday's employment report for the Wall Street Journal. He has five items you need to watch in the December jobs data.
6 min
What Are Best And Worst Cities for Finding a Job?
Looking for a job? WalletHub's Jill Gonzalez shares a new survey that weighs such factors as employment growth, job opportunities and starting wages.
5 min
Rex Tillerson Gets Big Retirement Package
Exxon Mobil awarded ex-CEO Rex Tillerson a $180 million retirement package, according to the Wall Street Journal's Bradley Olson. Tillerson is President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state.
6 min
Macy's Reveals Plans for Job Cuts, Store Closings
Macy's says it plans to close some five-dozen department stores this spring, cutting almost 4,000 jobs. Just how bad is Macy's condition? Retail consultant Burt Flickinger at Strategic Resource Group joins John Wordock.
6 min
Fed Minutes: 'Considerable Uncertainty' Over Trump
Wall Street Journal reporter Kate Davidson fills us in on the latest Fed policy minutes. The Fed expressed "considerable uncertainty" about the effect that the incoming Trump administration could have on the economy.
6 min
Carmakers On Track for Another Record Sales Year
U.S. automakers rolled out stronger-than-expected sales for December, thanks to big demand for trucks and year-end incentives. Michelle Krebs of AutoTrader thinks it was another record year for auto sales.
6 min
Stocks' Best Friend: Earnings
Wall Street Journal reporter Akane Otani says continued earnings growth will provide the biggest boost to U.S. stocks in 2017, regardless of Washington policies.
5 min
Trump's New Trade Rep in Line With President-Elect
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Representative. The Wall Street Journal's William Mauldin says Lighthizer is a veteran trade lawyer who's spent decades fighting for punitive tariffs on U.S. firms' overseas rivals.
6 min
A Donald Trump Tweet Targets General Motors
Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias talks about General Motors being the target of a Donald Trump tweet. Trump took aim at GM over its small cars being imported to the U.S. from Mexico.
6 min
Can Urban 'Experiential' Stores Aid Retail Sector?
The Wall Street Journal's Keiko Morris talks how landlords in urban retail scenes like Times Square are emphasizing the need to rent to "experiential" businesses with flashy offerings -- a move that could boost a retail sector suffering from falling rents.
7 min
Jobs, Fed Minutes on Tap for First Week of 2017
Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Leubsdorf previews the economic calendar for the first week of 2017. The week is topped by December job figures and minutes from the last Fed policy meeting.
8 min
A Top New Year's Resolution: Finding a New Job
A new CareerBuilder survey finds more than one in five workers are planning to change jobs in the new year. Ladan Nikravan of CareerBuilder says another top New Year's resolution among workers is to save more of their pay.
6 min
The Best and Worst Calls for 2016
Wall Street Journal Ahead of the Tape columnist Steve Russolillo on his best and worst calls regarding the year's top corporate, financial and economic stories.
9 min
Minimum Wages to Rise in Many States in 2017
The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath says around 4.4 million low-wage workers are set to get a pay hike in 2017.
9 min
U.S. Factories Work Now. The Workers? Not So Much.
While U.S. factories have managed to show signs of life again, returning jobs aren't following suit. The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Tangel talks the tough road ahead for employment in the industrial heartland.
7 min
Not Everyone Shops on Amazon. Who Knew?
Amazon.com is the world's largest online retailer. But millions of Americans still don't shop on Amazon, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Stevens.
6 min
Ford Pitches a Year-End Tax Break
Ford Motor has emailed an ad to small business owners. According to John Stoll of the Wall Street Journal, Ford is urging prospective customers to buy a work vehicle before the end of the year to take advantage of tax breaks.
7 min
Retailers on Pace for Best Holiday Season in Years
Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Ziobro says research is pointing to the fastest holiday sales growth for retailers in recent years. He adds that online orders and last-minute shoppers have aided retailers.
7 min
A Change in the Makeup of the FOMC
Next year, there will be four new officials on the Fed's policymaking board and, in a departure from the norm, three of them are not economists. The Wall Street Journal's Shayndi Raice on what it might mean for the Fed and interest rates.
8 min
Rising Copper Prices Stoke Worries About Theft
Wall Street Journal reporter Stephanie Yang says copper prices are on the rise again, and that's put many businesses on alert for copper theft.
7 min
Home-Flipping Makes a Comeback
The number of home-flippers, those investors that buy and sell homes in a short time period, has returned to pre-crisis levels. Kirsten Grind of the Wall Street Journal says home-flipping has been helped by rising home prices and low inventories.
5 min
P&G's Millennial Issue Starts With Fabric Softener
As millennials opt out of using fabric softener, Procter & Gamble looks to fix this with a marketing push aimed at reversing a decade-long slide in the category. The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep has the latest.
7 min
Wells Fargo Tries to Fix a Rogue Account Scandal
The Wall Street Journal's Emily Glazer talks about Wells Fargo's attempts to fix a scandal; it involves compensating thousands of customers who the bank set up with accounts and credit cards without their knowledge.
9 min
The Real Truth Behind Rising Home Prices
The S&P Case-Shiller Index says home prices rose 5.6 percent in October, faster than the 5.4 percent gain in September. But the Wall Street Journal's Steve Russolillo says these price gains don't take inflation into account.
7 min
Detroit Automakers Idle Plants to Clear Inventory
Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias says U.S. car companies are idling production at factories for up to three weeks in January. The move is aimed at clearing a backlog of cars on dealer lots.
8 min
Peter Morici Gives the Economy a 'C'
Economist Peter Morici of the University of Maryland gives the U.S. economy a "C" grade. He says economic growth has averaged about two percent this year and will do so again next year unless Donald Trump can enact the policies he wants to put in place.
10 min
WSJ's Gerard Baker on Fake News
Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker discusses the rise of fake news with Jason Gay and Joanna Stern.
9 min
Best Gift Card Exchanges for Buyers and Sellers
If you're looking to unload some unused gift cards or you want to find a good deal on a card, a gift card exchange could be the answer. WalletHub's John Kiernan runs down the best gift card exchanges for buyers and sellers.
9 min
Retailers' Eleventh-Hour Holiday Sales Push
Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Nassauer says traditional retailers are making an 11th-hour push to attract holiday shoppers. They're using deeper discounts, same-day delivery and round-the-clock hours in the run-up to Christmas.
6 min
How the Internet Can Ruin Christmas
The Internet makes it so easy to shop. But Laura Stevens of the Wall Street Journal says things like cookies, browsing histories and thumbprint passwords increase the chance of ruining the surprise.
7 min
Scott McCartney: New Shuttle Price War
Wall Street Journal Middle Seat columnist Scott McCartney talks about a new shuttle price battle brewing between airlines and passenger railroads. He says JetBlue's discounts are really heating up competition in the New York/Boston corridor.
9 min
A Link Between Hacks of DNC and Ukraine Military
A computer security firm has determined there's a link between the computer hacks of the Democratic National Committee and Ukraine's military. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Shane Harris, it bolsters charges the Russians were behind the DNC hacks.
10 min
Icahn, Navarro Join Trump's Economic Team
Wall Street Journal reporter Nick Timiraos says two new appointments to Donald Trump's economic team could jolt regulation and trade. The two are billionaire investor Carl Icahn and economist Peter Navarro, an ardent critic of trade with China.
11 min
Nearly 40% of Young Adults Live with Parents
A study finds nearly 40 percent of young adults live with parents or another family member, the highest percentage in 75 years. It's happening despite a rebounding economy and recent job growth, says Wall Street Journal reporter Chris Kirkham.
10 min
A Mild Rise in Holiday Spending
Did holiday shoppers shop? Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics says December spending is seen rising 1.2 percent. He adds that Super Saturday in-store traffic improved but still looked soft, while online spending remained robust.
9 min
Investor Caution Amid Higher Global Markets
Wall Street Journal reporter Riva Gold says European markets have generally been higher along with US markets since the presidential election. But she adds that investor caution has been mixed in with optimism over a Trump presidency.
7 min
Workers Get Overtime Pay Despite Court Ruling
A Texas judge recently halted an Obama Administration rule that would have made millions of workers eligible for overtime pay. The Wall Street Journal's Ruth Simon says some companies are sticking to promises to give workers pay increases.
6 min
The Younger Boss/Older Worker Dynamic
A German study has found that companies in which a younger boss leads older workers could suffer from poor performance. The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Emma Silverman on the reasons why.
6 min
Tulip Retail Helps Walk-In Stores Battle Amazon
Amid signs of another blowout holiday sales year for online retailers, Tulip Retail has a technology platform to help store-based retailers better serve customers. Tulip Retail's Mark Steele says the platform is built exclusively for store associates.
8 min
College Enrollment Falls Again
A new report says college enrollment fell this fall for the fifth straight year. Melissa Korn of the Wall Street Journal says reasons include fewer high school grads enrolling and more adults going back to work instead of continuing their education.
10 min
'Rogue One' Rakes In $155 Million in North America
Walt Disney's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" hit blockbuster status with light speed at the box office this weekend, collecting an estimated $155 million in the U.S. and Canada.The Wall Street Journal's Erich Schwartzel reports from Los Angeles.
7 min
What Trump's Win Could Mean for Housing
Before the election economists said the housing market would likely continue its steady recovery in 2017. Does the election of Donald Trump change anything? The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto has the story.
8 min
Week Ahead: Yellen Speaks, Data Dump
A preview of what economists are watching this week, from Fed Chair Janet Yellen's speech to a stack of data releases from the federal government ahead of the holidays. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from Washington.
11 min
NBC Bets Viewers Will Watch Olympics Year-Round
Comcast's NBCUniversal will launch an Olympic television channel next summer with the International and U.S. Olympic Committees. This launch comes during a fraught time for the pay TV market. The WSJ's Matthew Futterman joins us in the studio.
8 min
Poinsettias' Popularity Wilts
Poinsettias, the red-leafed plants second only to Christmas trees as floral symbols of the holiday season, saw wilting sales in recent years as growers' profit margins shrank. The Wall Street Journal's Kate King joins us in the studio.
8 min
Stocks Largely Steady, Bonds and Dollar Stable
U.S. stocks, bonds and the dollar were relatively calm at the end of a week when the Federal Reserve's latest signals on interest rates rippled around the world. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch has the latest.
8 min
RNC Security Foiled Russian Hackers
Russian hackers tried to penetrate the computer networks of the Republican National Committee, using the same techniques that allowed them to infiltrate its Democratic counterpart. The Wall Street Journal's Julian Barnes joins us with the latest.
9 min
'Star Wars' Faces New Test with 'Rogue One'
Walt Disney proved with its first "Star Wars" movie that the Force is strong. But is it sustainable? That's the question facing the world's largest entertainment company with the release of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" says WSJ's Erich Schwartzel.
8 min
Yellen and Trump on Same Page, for Now
A slow rise in Fed rates would be in sync with the president-elect's desire for growth and low unemployment, says The Wall Street Journal's Chief Economics Commentator Greg Ip in Washington.
8 min
Dow 20000: Where's the Party? Where Are the Hats?
The Dow is flirting with its first close above 20000 on a pace that would represent the fastest 1000-point jump in history. But where is the irrational exuberance? The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch explains.
8 min
Another Holiday Discount Dilemma For Retailers?
As shoppers keep holding out for big deals this holiday season, the Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner discusses how retailers across the board are forced to go even deeper into promotions.
7 min
Fed Hikes Rates, Signals More Aggressive Stance
As expected, Fed policymakers lifted short-term interest rates a quarter point at their final meeting of 2016. John Canally of LPL Financial said the big news was that the Fed signaled a faster pace of hikes for 2017 than had been previously forecast.
9 min
Thank Goldman Sachs for Dow 20,000
Wall Street Journal reporter John Carney says a Dow 20K milestone would have Goldman Sachs to thank. The banking giant has been the Dow Industrials' best performer since the election.
9 min
UPS, FedEx Struggle to Keep Up with Holiday Surge
Wall Street Journal reporter Erica Phillips says UPS and FedEx are straining to keep up with the surge in holiday shipping volumes. It's due to the millions of online orders placed since Thanksgiving.
10 min
Concerns With Rex Tillerson Nomination
GOP senator Marco Rubio is expressing concern over Rex Tillerson's nomination to be Secretary of State. Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau says there are worries about Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon-Mobil, and his past dealings with Russia.
7 min
Redstone Family Won't Pursue Viacom-CBS Merger
After initially supporting a tie-up, Sumner Redstone and daughter Shari Redstone have decided not to pursue a merger of Viacom and CBS. Wall Street Journal reporter Keach Hagey talks about the reasons for the about-face.
8 min
PepsiCo: Healthy Snacks Vs. Tasty, High-Fat Chips
PepsiCo is trying to boost its healthy snack business, and it's had some success. But Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Esterl says it's still the high-fat, high-salt standbys like Doritos chips and Cheetos puffs that pull in most of the revenue.
13 min
Exxon CEO Faces Dissent as Potential State Pick
Exxon Mobil Chief Rex Tillerson could be Trump's top choice for secretary of state but he faces bipartisan resistance in Congress over his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson reports.
6 min
Watching for a Rate Hike and the Dot Plots
Wall Street Journal reporter Harriet Torry says besides the expected rate hike at this week's Fed policy meeting, we should keep an eye on the Fed's "dot plots." Those are Fed projections of where it thinks interest rates will head in the months and years ahead.
8 min
Busy Week Ahead: Fed, Retail Sales, Housing
From the Fed to retail sales, housing starts to producer prices, join us for a look at this week's very busy economic calendar. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us from Washington.
13 min
Big Food Battles Meal-Kit Startups
Big-food companies are following startups into the meal-kit market, hunting for new ways to wrest back profit on ingredients that they already make. The Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee has the details.
9 min
Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent to Step Down
After an increasingly rocky eight-year run atop the world's biggest beverage company, Muhtar Kent will resign as chief executive of Coca-Cola and hand the keys to his top lieutenant. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Esterl reports from Atlanta.
9 min
Stocks Hit Fresh Records, Dow Edges Toward 20,000
U.S. stocks rose to fresh records, capping their best week since the presidential election with financials leading the way. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch has the latest details.
7 min
Aging Population, Productivity Challenge Growth
President-elect Donald Trump and his emerging team are confident tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks will spark a dramatic upswing in economic growth. WSJ's Ben Leubsdorf says an aging population and stagnant productivity will make that tough.
9 min
Number of Holiday Fliers Rising
A bit more than 45 million passengers are expected to fly globally on U.S. airlines during the holiday period from December 16th through January 5th. The Wall Street Journal's Susan Carey tells us what we need to know before we head to the airport.
8 min
CEOs Optimistic About Trump's Policies But Wary
Donald Trump's presidency raises optimism about the business environment, according to an influential group of chief executives, but the president-elect's approach to taking on individual companies is a concern. WSJ's Eric Morath reports.
7 min
Trump Taps EPA Critic As Leader
As the chief legal officer of a major oil and gas producing state Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt led legal fights against some of President Obama's most significant environmental rules. The Wall Street Journal's Amy Harder reports.
10 min
Tiny Collectible Toys Spur Repeat Business
Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Ziobro says toy retailers have found a way to win repeat business: selling tiny collectible toys. It helps solve the problem of how to get customers back in stores once the holidays are over.
9 min
Stocks Soar to Fresh Record Highs
Stocks soared to new record highs Wednesday, the biggest one-day rally since the election. Brian Battle of Performance Trust Capital Partners says the gains may have been inflated by a massive computer program order in S&P futures during the early afternoon.
9 min
The Best and Worst Companies for Brand Loyalty
Fidelum Partners is out with its 2016 ranking of Best and Worst companies for brand loyalty. The company with the best brand loyalty, according to Fidelum's Chris Malone, is Domino's.
12 min
Strong Dollar Has U.S. Exporters Worried
The dollar has risen sharply since Election Day. Wall Street Journal reporter Theo Francis says U.S. companies who sell a lot of goods abroad are worried about the dollar's effect on their bottom lines.
8 min
What Will the Fed Signal After It Hikes Rates?
With Fed policymakers expected to raise rates next week, Wall Street Journal reporter Harriet Torry says the Fed will likely have a tougher time debating and signaling what comes afterward.
9 min
Starbucks Places a Bet on Luxury Coffee
Starbucks is planning to build up to 30 giant high-end coffee shops. Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Jargon says Starbucks is doing this partly because of a shrinking middle class with less discretionary spending power.
8 min
Tech Firms to Remove Terror Content from the Web
After a meeting with European Union officials, four tech giants say they'll use a shared database to speed up the removal of terror content from the Web. Wall Street Journal reporter Natalia Drozdiak says the companies are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.
10 min
Pop-Ups, the New Darling of Retail
Retailers are testing the waters in the priciest shopping districts with pop-ups, often at discounted rents. Landlords are using the temporary stores to show off the space to prospective long-term tenants, says the Wall Street Journal's Keiko Morris.
9 min
U.S. Service-Sector Activity Surges
U.S. service industries boosted production and hiring in November, the latest sign the economy is expanding at a solid pace after a weak first half of the year. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Mitchell reports from Washington.
8 min
Warren Buffett Is a Big Winner in Election Rally
Warren Buffett was one of Donald Trump's biggest critics during the final months of the presidential campaign. Now he's one of the biggest beneficiaries of a Trump-influenced market rally. The Wall Street Journal's Nicole Friedman has the story.
7 min
S&P Global's Bovino on What to Watch This Week
After Friday's jobs report, what should you monitor this coming week? Beth Ann Bovino, chief U.S. economist at S&P Global, sketches out the week ahead.
8 min
New at Nike: A $720 Self-Tying Sneaker
Nike has launched a $720 sneaker with self-tying laces. Wall Street Journal reporter Sara Germano says Nike will sell directly to consumers through its Nike+ app and at its new retail store in New York.
8 min
Market Headwind: Uncertainty over Trump's Policies
U.S. stocks bounced around to end narrowly mixed Friday. Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Kuriloff says markets must still grapple with uncertainty over many of President-elect Trump's policies.
7 min
Schultz: From Starbucks CEO to High-End Shops
Howard Schultz is stepping down as Starbucks CEO to focus on his next project for the company: building high-end coffee shops. Schultz remains Starbucks chairman. Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Jargon talks about the new venture.
7 min
More Millennials Left Out of Jobs Recovery
Millions of jobs have been created in the economic recovery. But the Wall Street Journal's Steve Russolillo says that millennials have had a tougher time finding work than baby boomers, even though younger adults now outnumber boomers.
7 min
Insights from Greg Ip on Jobs Report and the Fed
Unemployment fell to 4.6% in November, the lowest level in nine years. How will this influence the Federal Reserve's interest rate policy? Wall Street Journal chief economic commentator Greg Ip joins John Wordock in Washington.
8 min
Vincent Reinhart: November Jobs Report Mixed
Unemployment dropped to 4.6% in November with the economy adding 178,000 jobs. Vincent Reinhart, chief economist at Standish Mellon, dissects the report and discusses what this news means for a Fed rate hike this month.
9 min
Maine Employers Look to Immigrants
While refugee resettlement and immigration more broadly is a divisive issue in some states and cities, Maine business leaders are sending a different message: Please, take our jobs. The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Levitz reports.
8 min
Five Things to Watch in Friday's Jobs Report
Wall Street Journal reporter Jeffrey Sparshott checks off what you should watch in the November jobs report, due out at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Friday.
8 min
Krebs: Black Friday Helped November Auto Sales
Black Friday promotions helped automakers move vehicles off the lot in November. But Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at AutoTrader.com, says whether 2016 sets a sales record is "too close to call."
9 min
U.S. to Forgive Billions in Student Loan Debt
The federal government is on track to forgive more than $100 billion in student debt. Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell joins John Wordock with details.
8 min
OPEC Agrees to Cut Oil Production
OPEC has agreed to cut oil output by 1.2 million barrels a day. It's a bid to raise the price of oil and drain the oversupply of crude, says John Kilduff of Again Capital. He has doubts about whether non-OPEC countries, especially Russia, will stick to the deal.
7 min
Donald Trump's Pick for Treasury Secretary
Donald Trump's choice for Treasury Secretary is Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive. The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Schlesinger says Mnuchin has promised to strip back parts of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law enacted in the wake of the financial crisis.
9 min
Millennials Stoke Marlboro Black Cigarette Sales
Sorry Marlboro Man. Millennials are buying Marlboro Black, a cheaper cigarette. Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle talks to John Wordock.
8 min
U.S. Political Divide Reflected in Consumer Habits
In the 2016 election, voters in strongholds for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton differed greatly in their shopping, entertainment and lifestyle preferences. The Wall Street Journal's Dante Chinni has results of a study by Simmons Research.
10 min
Big-Name Investors in Theranos Take a Hit
Theranos is the blood-testing startup facing numerous lawsuits from investors and the government. The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Weaver says lots of high-profile investors could see their stakes wiped out due to the company's troubles.
9 min
Economy Grows at 3.2%, Strongest Pace Since 2014
Gross domestic product grew at a 3.2% pace in the third quarter, the fastest in more than two years. What drove growth? What does this mean for a Fed rate hike next month? LPL Financial chief economic strategist John Canally sizes up the news.
8 min
Landlords Offer New Perk for Tenants: Uber
Some property owners are cutting back on parking spaces so they're turning to ride-hailing company Uber as a perk for tenants. Wall Street Journal real estate reporter Esther Fung has details.
7 min
Companies Retool Lobbying Efforts Ahead of Trump
Companies are retooling their lobbying as the GOP prepares to take control of the White House, the Senate and the House. Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus says corporations hope to break the partisan logjam that has blocked the passage of legislation for six years.
6 min
Castro's Death Energizes Hard-Liners on Cuba
Conservative Cuban-Americans are giddy over Fidel Castro's death. It not only rids Cuba of a reviled dictator, but hard-liners also see a chance to reverse President Obama's diplomatic openings to Cuba. The Wall Street Journal's Arian Campo-Flores has details.
9 min
Jobs, GDP, Manufacturing: Economic Data to Watch
With the holiday weekend behind us, there's now plenty to consider on the economic calendar. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us with what to watch.
8 min
Nurses Are Again in Demand
After years of relative equilibrium, the job market for nurses is heating up in many markets, driving up wages and sign-on bonuses for the nation's fifth-largest occupation. The Wall Street Journal's Melanie Evans has the story.
7 min
Hate All the Noise at Work? One Firm's Fighting It
The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Feintzeig tells us about an enterprise software firm's bid to cut down on all the noise at work and boost productivity.
5 min
Retailers Vie for Black Friday Dollars
Retailers compete for black Friday dollars as bargain hunters hit the stores but keep their phones handy in order to comparison shop online. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens joins us with the details.
4 min
Stocks End in Record Territory on Black Friday
The Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 all closed higher in record territory in a Black Friday half session. Ernie Cecelia of Bryn Mawr Trust says the Senate staying in GOP hands gives President-elect Trump a better chance to enact pro-businesses policies.
6 min
It's Ready, Set, Shop Over Holiday Weekend
The National Retail Federation says over 137 million Americans will shop during the Thanksgiving weekend. The NRF's Ana Serafin Smith says Black Friday will remain the weekend's busiest shopping day.
3 min
Senator Elizabeth Warren on Trump's Mandate
At the recent Wall Street Journal CEO Council, Sen. Elizabeth Warren talked about President-elect Donald Trump's promise of change. She said his transition team was stacked with lobbyists, and that Americans don't want Wall Street to run the government.
5 min
How to Survive Thanksgiving Without a Blowup
The presidential campaign and Donald Trump's election have left Americans more divided than ever. There are also schisms between families. The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Bernstein on how to survive Thanksgiving with someone whose views you don't share.
8 min
Spending Thanksgiving with Your Co-Workers
More employees plan to spend Thanksgiving with co-workers this year, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder.com. Ladan Nikravan of CareerBuilder has the details.
3 min
Navigating Airport Crowds Over the Holidays
Worried about long lines at airports this holiday season? Wall Street Journal Middle Seat columnist Scott McCartney has six tips for air travelers to stay sane and survive the holiday rush.
10 min
Eli Lilly Alzheimer's Drug Fails Trial
An experimental Eli Lilly & Co. drug failed to significantly help Alzheimer's disease patients in a closely watched clinical trial. The WSJ's Peter Loftus says it's another blow to the pharmaceutical industry's long quest to find a better treatment.
6 min
Trump's Latest Picks for New Administration
The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender joins us from Washington with the latest details on all things transition, plus new questions about possible conflicts of interest as Trump indicates he's unlikely to fully disengage from his businesses.
12 min
Americans Are Keeping Cars Longer
The number of vehicles in operation hit a record as the average lifespan of cars and trucks continues to get longer, giving a boost to service providers and parts makers working to keep drivers on the road, says WSJ's Adrienne Roberts.
5 min
Dow Closes Above 19000 for First Time
The Dow finished above 19000 for the first time, continuing a streak of milestones for U.S. stock indexes. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch says the Dow is on track to post stronger yearly performance than the S&P for first time since 2011.
6 min
New Overtime Pay Rule Could Face Some Hurdles
The government's new overtime pay rule takes effect December 1st. It would make millions more American workers eligible for overtime. But the Wall Street Journal's Melanie Trottman says the rule could run afoul of the courts or the Trump administration.
9 min
Election a Wake-Up Call for Advertisers
The Wall Street Journal's Alexandra Bruell writes that Donald Trump's election win has made advertisers re-think their marketing strategies. A chief question is how better to reach the rural American voters who formed the core of Trump's support.
6 min
Insurance Could Be Banned From Asking Your Job
In most of America, your job can affect how much you pay for car insurance. Now, a state regulator is weighing whether to ban the practice. The Wall Street Journal's Leslie Scism explains.
10 min
GOP Tax Overhaul Picks Up Speed
After years of hard work and little progress, Republican efforts to overhaul the tax code now seem poised to pay off. The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin says efforts have picked up speed following the GOP's resounding election victories.
5 min
For Sale: The Remains of Johnny Cash's Home
Love Johnny Cash? The owner of the Tennessee property where a fire destroyed the singer's home in 2007 hopes a huge fan will make an offer. The Wall Street Journal's Candace Taylor joins us in the studio.
8 min
Prepaid Cards Play Bigger Role for 'Unbanked'
More households that don't have bank accounts are using prepaid cards for basic financial services, such as making purchases, receiving deposits and saving for the future, a government survey found. The Wall Street Journal's Yuka Hayashi reports.
9 min
Ford Won't Move Lincoln Production Out of Kentucky
Ford Chairman Bill Ford called Donald Trump to tell the president-elect the auto maker won't move production of Lincolns out of Kentucky, a sign the car company aims to work with a new administration, says The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rogers.
7 min
Dollar Hits New High; Stocks Retreat, End Week Up
The election-fueled stock rally moderated with major U.S. indexes retreating from near records Friday. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at stocks, the dollar, and the holiday week ahead.
10 min
Volkswagen Set to Slash Up to 30,000 Jobs
Volkswagen announced a sweeping restructuring of its VW passenger-car brand as part of efforts to boost profits in the wake of the damaging emissions-cheating scandal. The Wall Street Journal's William Boston reports from Berlin.
6 min
Which TSA Will Show Up This Holiday Season?
After a chaotic spring at big airports, the Transportation Security Administration says it's better prepared to handle a projected record number of passengers over Thanksgiving. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney says a new TSA command center will help.
8 min
Fed Nears First Rate Hike in Nearly a Year
Amid new signs of economic strength, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers Thursday an interest rate hike could come "relatively soon." It's widely believed a rate hike will come next month. An update from the Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson.
5 min
AT&T a Test Case of How Businesses Do Under Trump
Last month, Donald Trump pledged to block AT&T's planned merger with Time Warner. But he's also promised an era of deregulation. Tom Gryta of the Wall Street Journal says businesses are watching AT&T to see how they might fare under President Trump.
8 min
Self-Driving Car Proliferation is Decades Away
America's top federal highway safety regulator says it'll be decades before self-driving cars dominate U.S. roadways. The Wall Street Journal's Mike Spector points out that there are hundreds of millions of older vehicles on the road that need to be retired.
7 min
Car Designers Take Cues from Movie Special Effects
In a bid to enhance the driver experience, carmakers are working to put futuristic computer displays in vehicles. The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins says auto companies are getting their inspiration from movie special effects.
8 min
Facebook Finds More Miscalculated Metrics
Ad agencies count on Facebook to tell them how well their ads reach consumers. Facebook says it's uncovered several more miscalculated metrics tied to how consumers interact with publishers and marketers. Wall Street Journal senior editor Mike Shields provides an update.
4 min
Businesses See Two Different Donald Trumps
Is Donald Trump a populist railing against global trade and elites or a traditional Republican promising to overhaul regulation and taxes? He's made conflicting statements, and the Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos says businesses wonder which Donald Trump will govern.
11 min
Lack of Workers Leads to More Pre-Fab Homes
Because of a persistent shortage of workers, homebuilders are turning to pre-fab or modular construction. The Wall Street Journal's Chris Kirkham says companies like KB Home are building high-tech components off-site and trucking them on-site for assembly.
11 min
Fed Governor Tarullo on the Economy and Rate Hikes
At the WSJ CEO Council in Washington Wednesday, Federal Reserve Governer Daniel Tarullo talked about the economy's slow but steady growth. Tarullo also discussed Fed policy, both presently and under a Donald Trump administration.
6 min
WSJ Survey: Inflation, GDP, Rates Rise Under Trump
Economists think inflation, economic growth and interest rates could all rise under a President Trump. So finds a new survey. WSJ national economics correspondent Josh Zumbrun has details.
9 min
Trump Donors: Little-Known with Little Experience
Donald Trump's fundraisers are little known with no government experience. The Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Ballhaus they could all still be in line for top administration posts or an ambassadorship.
7 min