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Stocks Soar, Investors Await Fed Chair Powell
Weekend Edition for February 24-25: Worries about inflation and higher interest rates subsided Friday, and stocks soared. The Wall Street Journal's Michael Wursthorn says investors are awaiting new Fed chair Jerome Powell's congressional testimony on Tuesday.
4 min
Gates Pleads Guilty; Amid Debate, Some Teachers...
P.M. Edition for February 23rd: Former Trump advisor Richard Gates has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring against the U.S. Plus, school districts in at least eight states already allow educators to carry guns. But is that making schools safer? The Wall Street Journal's Tawnell Hobbs has more.
8 min
Michael Dell Pays Over $100 Million for NYC Pen...
A.M. Edition for February 23rd: Who paid a record $100 million-plus for a New York City penthouse? It was Michael Dell, the billionaire CEO of Dell Technologies. Wall Street Journal Mansion reporter Katherine Clarke fills us in.
7 min
Toys 'R' Us Will Close 200 More Stores
P.M. Edition for February 22nd: Toys "R" Us, currently in bankruptcy protection, plans to close another 200 stores. This would cut nearly in half the number of stores the toy retailer had before its bankruptcy filing last fall.
7 min
Can a New Premium Coffee Perk Up the Folgers Br...
A.M. Edition for February 22: Folgers has been losing out to niche brands selling premium coffee. So it's introducing its own high-end brand called 1850. The Wall Street Journal's Annie Gasparro has details.
7 min
Fed Raises Growth, Inflation Outlooks at Januar...
P.M. Edition for February 21st: Minutes from the Fed's January policy meeting showed officials marked up their growth and inflation forecasts for this year. How will this affect the pace of interest rate hikes? We talk with the Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos.
8 min
Facebook Takes New Heat Following U.S. Indictments
A.M. Edition for February 21st: After Russian companies and individuals were indicted over alleged meddling in U.S. elections, it prompted a series of tweets from a Facebook executive. And his comments prompted thousands of angry responses on Twitter.
9 min
Trump Backs Plan to Strengthen Gun Background C...
P.M. Edition for February 20th: Following the shooting that killed 17 students at a Florida high school, President Trump says he supports a proposal that would toughen background checks for gun purchases. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Bykowicz has more.
8 min
New Economic Reports, Amid Fears of Inflation
A.M. Edition for February 20: A shortened work week brings a lighter economic calendar. But there's still a lot to review, amid fears of inflation. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Chaney has more.
7 min
From Coffee, to Beer: Sam Adams Hires New CEO
A.M. Edition for Monday, February 19: Sam Adams' new CEO, Dave Burwick, has plenty of experience in the beverage industry. But will he be able to help the company boost sales? The Wall Street Journal's Maria Armental has more.
6 min
Stocks Rebound for Best Week in Years
Weekend Edition for February 17-18: Stocks recovered this past week from a bruising selloff earlier in the month. The Nasdaq had its best week in years. Plus, the Wall Street Journal's Ben Eisen talks about the influence that Apple has on the broader market.
6 min
China Seeks to Grow Movie Imprint in the U.S.
P.M. Edition for February 16th: With the start of the Lunar New Year, four Chinese movies are debuting in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal's Erich Schwartzel says it signals China's ambitions to become a global movie-making force.
7 min
GOP Shows Support for Proposals That Shore Up ACA
A.M. Edition for February 16: Some Republicans are willing to make more concessions when it comes to healthcare, as they work to lower premiums, and eye the midterm elections in November. The Wall Street Journal's Stephanie Armour explains.
7 min
Trump on the Florida Shooting; Peter Thiel Relo...
P.M. Edition for February 15th: President Trump expressed condolences to victims and their families in the wake of the mass shooting at a high school in south Florida. Plus, billionaire investor Peter Thiel is moving from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles.
9 min
Can Infrastructure Asset Recycling Work in the ...
A.M. Edition for February 15: President Trump's infrastructure plan left many with one big question: Who's paying for it? A group of investors have an idea known as infrastructure asset recycling. The Wall Street Journal's Cezary Podkul explains.
8 min
Inflation Jumps, Spending Slumps
P.M. Edition for February 14th: More signs of a rise in inflation, as the Consumer Price Index rose half a percent last month. We'll talk about this with the Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry. In a separate report, retail sales fell in January.
7 min
Former Federal Prosecutors Hit the Campaign Trail
A.M. Edition for February 14: Six former federal prosecutors are running for seats in the House, as Democrats. The Wall Street Journal's Aruna Viswanatha has more on what's driving them to run for political office.
7 min
The Rise of Malls in Mexico
P.M. Edition for February 13th: It's no secret that malls in the U.S. are on the decline. But malls in Mexico are booming, and that has U.S. investors looking south. The Wall Street Journal's Robbie Whelan has more.
7 min
Should Office Romance Be Banned?
A.M. Edition for February 13: In the era of #MeToo, companies are facing new questions when it comes to setting the rules for office romance. Beth Zoller, legal editor at XpertHR, talks about how companies should navigate office romances.
8 min
Trump Unveils $200 Billion Infrastructure Plan,...
P.M. Edition for February 12: President Trump's long-awaited infrastructure plan is part of the 2019 fiscal year budget. But many questions remain, including where the funding for the plan will come from. The Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann explains.
7 min
Consumer, Housing Data on Tap This Week
A.M. Edition for February 12th: This week brings a busy economic calendar, including the consumer price index, consumer sentiment data, retail sales, and housing data. The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry runs down the week in economic news.
6 min
Wall Street Suffers its Worst Week in Two Years
Weekend Edition for February 10-11: Fears of higher inflation and rising interest rates battered the markets in volatile trading this week. The Wall Street Journal's Akane Otani reminds us that we'd gotten used to a low interest rate environment for a long time.
6 min
Amazon to Roll Out New Delivery Service
P.M. Edition for February 9: Amazon.com is launching a delivery service for businesses. "Shipping with Amazon" will compete directly with FedEx and UPS. Wall Street Journal San Francisco reporter Laura Stevens has the details.
5 min
An Olympic Overhaul Could Be in the Works
A.M. Edition for February 9: The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Bachman is there and she tells us that the Olympics could be in for some changes after these games end.
8 min
Dow, S&P 500 in Correction Territory; Twitter P...
P.M. Edition for February 8: After a volatile day of trading, the Dow and the S&P 500 entered correction territory on Thursday. Plus, Twitter posts its first profit since becoming a publicly-traded company. The Wall Street Journal's Georgia Wells has more.
7 min
Democrats Ramp Up Fundraising
A.M. Edition for February 8: Democrats are setting their sights on House seats held by Republicans. And so far, they've raised more money than GOP incumbents in key districts. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Bykowicz has more.
7 min
Apple, Goldman May Tie Up on Loans for iPhone P...
P.M. Edition for February 7: Goldman Sachs is in talks with Apple to offer financing to consumers who buy iPhones and other Apple gadgets. The Wall Street Journal's Peter Rudegeair and Liz Hoffman explain.
10 min
How the Tax Overhaul Could Impact Fed Decisions
A.M. Edition for February 7: Investors are concerned about just how much the Federal Reserve might tighten policy this year. The Wall Street Journal's Justin Lahart explains how the tax overhaul could further complicate matters.
7 min
After Stock Market Shock, Should You Ask 'Why?'
P.M. Edition: The Dow's loss of more than 1,100 points on Monday left most investors with one burning question: Why? But The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig from The Intelligent Investor column says there is no answer - and it might be futile to try to find one.
7 min
Stocks Suffer Big Losses; Banks Close More Bran...
A.M. Edition for February 6: After a strong start to 2018, stocks have reversed course. The Dow plunged more than 1,100 points on Monday. Plus, The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Louise Ensign explains why banks are closing more branches.
7 min
Dow Plunges 1,100 Points; Lawmakers Aim for Imm...
P.M. Edition for February 5: The Dow suffered its worst one-day point drop ever on Monday. Plus, lawmakers are hoping to gain consensus on a bipartisan immigration bill to prevent a government shutdown on Friday. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler has more.
6 min
The Rise of the Tech Sector
A.M. Edition for February 5: Tech companies are seeing a meteoric rise. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google's parent company, Alphabet, all reported record sales in the fourth quarter. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens has more.
6 min
Rising Yields Clobber Stocks; Job Openings in F...
Weekend Edition for February 3-4: A surge in Treasury yields led to an enormous selloff for stocks on Friday. Plus: on the heels of strong employment data, we'll get a report on job openings in the new week.
9 min
WSJ Poll: The NFL is Losing Its Core Audience
P.M. Edition for February 2: A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll finds the National Football League is losing its core audience of adult men. Joining us to talk about the poll is WSJ's Jared Diamond, who's in Minneapolis for this Sunday's Super Bowl.
10 min
Cracking the Code of Code-Sharing
A.M. Edition for February 2: Another positive jobs report. Also, airlines are working to fix what's known as code-sharing. That's when one airline puts its name on a flight actually operated by another carrier - and it's causing a lot of confusion for travelers. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney shares some tips.
9 min
High-Interest Lenders Get Boost from Deregulation
P.M. Edition for February 1: The Wall Street Journal's Yuka Hayashi talks about how companies that offer high-interest loans have benefited from the Trump administration's deregulatory push.
7 min
Second Amazon HQ Has Rival Companies Worried
A.M. Edition for February 1: As Amazon.com considers where to build its second headquarters, other businesses hope Amazon doesn't choose their city. The Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber talks about why companies worry about having Amazon as a neighbor.
8 min
The Battles Ahead, After the State of the Union
P.M. Edition for January 31: President Trump delivered the State of the Union address on Tuesday, and now the real work begins, as lawmakers try to build consensus on contentious issues like immigration and infrastructure spending. The Wall Street Journal's Louise Radnofsky breaks down the potential battles that may lie ahead. Plus, Janet Yellen's last policy meeting as chair of the Federal Reserve.
9 min
Trump's State of the Union; Tesla's Trade Secrets
A.M. Edition for January 31: We have highlights from President Trump's State of the Union address. And Tesla is attracting rivals who would pay big bucks for its trade secrets.
9 min
Apple Scales Back iPhone X Production
P.M. Edition for January 30: Apple is facing less demand than anticipated for its iPhone X, and is reducing production through March. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle explains what that means for the company and its supply chain.
5 min
Trump Expected to Strike Softer Tone for State ...
A.M. Edition for January 30: President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night. The Wall Street Journal's Peter Nicholas has more on what we can expect.
7 min
Can Apple Maintain Its 'Supercycle' of iPhone S...
Wall Street will be eyeing Apple's iPhone sales projections when it reports quarterly earnings this week. Plus, FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is stepping down effective immediately. Also, 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' coming up short for Disney.
8 min
Why 2017 Was the Safest Year to Fly
A.M. Edition for January 29: Technical improvements and new regulations were among factors that made last year the safest for air travel. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney explains.
8 min
Another Record Week for Stocks
Weekend Edition for January 27-28: Stocks soared to new heights Friday, continuing their 2018 rally. Plus, we preview the upcoming January jobs report.
9 min
GDP Grew 2.6% in Final Quarter of 2017
P.M. Edition for January 26: The nation's GDP grew slightly less than economists expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, at a 2.6% annual rate. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf explains what that could mean for 2018.
7 min
Talking Tech - and Its Dangers - at Davos
A.M. Edition for January 26: Global leaders are voicing their concerns about the effects of technology. The Wall Street Journal's Sam Schechner explains what he sees as a shift in tone during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
9 min
Apple Rolls Out 911 Location Feature, But Not i...
P.M. Edition for January 25: Apple is adding an emergency location feature to its iPhones in a new update. But for the time being, it isn't available in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal's Ryan Knutson explains why.
9 min
Should Coffee Be Labeled Carcinogenic?
A.M. Edition for January 25: A judge in California is expected to rule in the next few months on whether coffee should have a warning label. The Wall Street Journal's Sara Randazzo explains why coffee is now under the microscope.
8 min
Teamsters to UPS: No Drones
P.M. Edition for January 24: The Teamsters Union has begun collective bargaining talks on a new contract with shipper UPS. In an opening salvo, the union wants to prohibit UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles to deliver packages.
8 min
Tesla Ups CEO Elon Musk's Compensation
A.M. Edition for January 24: Tesla is offering CEO Elon Musk a new 10-year compensation package, with a goal of achieving a $650 billion valuation. The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins explains what that means for the future of the company, and for Musk.
8 min
Netflix User Growth Explodes, Despite Rising Pr...
P.M. Edition for January 23: Netflix added a record 8.3 million new subscribers in its latest quarter. The Wall Street Journal's Austen Hufford said the growth came even in the face of higher prices and rising competition.
10 min
Coca-Cola Unveils New Diet Flavors
A.M. Edition for January 23: Coca-Cola is betting big on its diet brand, by releasing four new flavors. But will the plan work to revive sluggish sales? The Wall Street Journal's Cara Lombardo has the details.
8 min
Big Carriers Resume Service at Smaller Airports
P.M. Edition for January 22: The major U.S. airlines have expanded service between major hubs and smaller airports, resuming a practice they had largely abandoned. The Wall Street Journal's Doug Cameron explains why carriers are once again serving small and mid-sized cities.
9 min
The Changing Face of Unions
A.M. Edition for January 22: A case before the Supreme Court could change the face of union membership, which is increasingly trending toward the public sector. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath explains.
6 min
The Trump Effect on Stocks
Weekend Edition for January 20-21: All three major indexes have hit new records so far this year. But how much of that has to do with President Trump? The Wall Street Journal's Chelsey Dulaney and Ben Eisen explain.
7 min
Trump Lawyer Hid Identity in Paying Hush Money ...
Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Rothfield explains how President Trump's attorney set up a private company to facilitate hush funds to a former adult film star. Also, the Journal analyzes nearly 2,300 Trump tweets from his first year in office. Plus, Delta Airlines is making it more difficult to bring animals on flights.
6 min
Colleges Prepare for New Endowment Tax
A.M. Edition for January 19: A new tax on endowments has some colleges worried about budgeting. And it turns out some smaller colleges may end up paying more in the short-term. The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin explains.
7 min
Amazon's Second Headquarters List: A Few Surprises
Amazing cuts the list of candidate cities for its second headquarters to 20. Plus, the Senate renews a controversial spying program. Also, streaming services have a cord-cutting problem of their own.
8 min
YouTube Will Review its Most Popular Content
A.M. Edition for January 18: YouTube has announced plans to more carefully police its preferred content, by having reviewers watch it. The Wall Street Journal's Jack Nicas explains what's behind the move, and what it means for advertisers and content creators.
8 min
North and South Korea Reach Agreement on Winter...
P.M. Edition for January 17: South Korea and North Korea have agreed to march under one flag at next month's Winter Olympics. The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Cheng reports from Seoul. Plus, WSJ's Gerald Seib on Congress's efforts to avoid a government shutdown.
10 min
Trump's Relationship with Business Leaders
A.M. Edition for January 17: Business leaders have welcomed many of President Trump's policies, especially the new tax law. But other issues, including trade, may prove trickier to navigate while keeping the support of CEOs. The Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann explains.
7 min
Pentagon Calls for New Nuclear Weapons
P.M. Edition for January 16: The Pentagon is planning to develop two new sea-based nuclear weapons to counter China and Russia's growing nuclear capabilities. This has ignited a debate over future U.S. nuclear strategy, says the Wall Street Journal's Michael Gordon.
10 min
WSJ's Best and Worst Airlines List of 2017
A.M. Edition for January 16: 2017 wasn't the best year for air travelers. But, several big airlines still made significant improvements. The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney breaks down The Journal's annual Best and Worst Airlines list.
8 min
Facebook Plans Changes to News Feed
A.M. Edition for January 15: Facebook is considering prioritizing posts from users' friends in their feeds. And, down the line, the company is thinking about prioritizing posts from organizations deemed credible. The Wall Street Journal's Lukas Alpert explains what's in store.
8 min
Stocks Set Closing Records; The Fed Releases La...
Weekend Edition for January 13-14: Stocks close up another strong week. Plus, the Federal Reserve releases its January Beige Book on the nation's economic conditions on Wednesday.
7 min
Trump Lawyer Arranged Payment for Adult-Film St...
P.M. Edition for January 12th: A lawyer for President Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to a former adult-film star to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump. Also, later this year most shoppers who use Visa won't have to sign their name when making purchases.
10 min
Economists Rate President Trump
A.M. Edition for January 12: Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal say the president's had a positive effect on economic growth, hiring, and stock performance. WSJ Reporter Ben Leubsdorf explains which policies they credit with boosting the economy.
8 min
Wal-Mart Raises Starting Wages to $11 an Hour
P.M. Edition for January 11: Wal-Mart is raising wages for new employees to $11 an hour, as competition for workers is growing between retailers and e-commerce. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer explains what's behind Wal-Mart's latest move.
6 min
U.S., French Officials Question Apple
A.M. Edition for January 11th: Apple is already facing heat from consumers over its iPhone battery slowdowns. Now, officials in the U.S. and France have some questions. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle has more.
9 min
Trump Says He's Optimistic on 'Dreamers' Deal
P.M. Edition for January 10: In a meeting with lawmakers, President Trump said he's optimistic that an agreement can be reached to protect Dreamer immigrants. But there are complications that could upend any deal, and the Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler takes us through them.
9 min
Why Air Cargo Space Is Getting Scarce
A.M. Edition for January 10: Cargo space on airplanes is in shorter supply, with more customers demanding speedy delivery at the same time economic growth is boosting demand for products traditionally transported by air. The Wall Street Journal's Doug Cameron explains.
8 min
The Road to Success for Self-Driving Cars
P.M. Edition for January 9: At the CES Show in Las Vegas, driverless car companies are plotting how to transform their business from demonstrating the technology to making it commercially successful. The Wall Street Journal's Tim Higgins joins us from CES.
11 min
Investors Lose Appetite for Meal Kit Companies
A.M. Edition for January 9: The once-popular investment opportunity is now facing waning interest, as some meal kit companies struggle to bring in and keep customers. The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon explains.
9 min
Two Big Activist Investors Target Apple
P.M. Edition for January 8th: Two activist investors, Jana Partners and Calstrs, are calling on Apple to do more to address the iPhone's negative effects on children, namely smartphone overuse and addiction. Plus, the Trump White House puts Salvadoran immigrants on notice.
8 min
Are 401(k) Plans Leading to More Debt?
Many employers automatically enroll their employees in 401(k) plans to encourage them to save for retirement. But a new study raises questions about the practice. The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen explains.
8 min
Stocks Start 2018 Strong; NY Fed Chief in Spotl...
Weekend Edition for January 6-7: Stocks reached record heights this week, with the Dow surpassing 25,000 for the first time ever. Plus, next week's economic calendar includes a speech from New York Fed Chief William Dudley.
9 min
Don't Confuse Dow 25000 With a Strong Economy
Wall Street Journal reporter James Mackintosh explains why investors should not solely rely on the current strength of the stock market to measure economic health. Also, the digital currency offered by Ripple has recently skyrocketed nearly 1,200% in value.
10 min
December Jobs Report; The Rise of Ghost Guns
A.M. Edition for January 5: The jobs report from December shows the economy added 148,000 jobs in December, and the unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent. Plus, untraceable weapons known as ghost guns are a growing problem on the black market. But because they don't have serial numbers, ghost guns are flying under the radar. The Wall Street Journal's Zusha Elinson has more.
11 min
Dow 25000: Full Steam or Pullback Ahead?
P.M. Edition for January 4th: After the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 25000 on Thursday, what factors could propel the blue-chip index even higher, and which could trigger a pullback? Also, this winter's frigid weather is driving up energy prices. Plus, CVS and Walgreens see some drug prices coming down.
9 min
Fed Releases December Minutes
A.M. Edition for January 4: The Federal Reserve has released the minutes from its final meeting of 2017, when it announced its third and final interest rate hike of the year. The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry explains what else the minutes can tell us about the Fed's view of the economy, as we begin the new year.
9 min
Top Lawmakers Hold Spending Talks
P.M. Edition for January 3: Congressional leaders and White House officials are holding talks on a new spending bill. They need to work out differences and pass a new spending measure by January 19th, when current government funding expires.
9 min
Sen. Orrin Hatch to Retire; Organic Milk Demand...
A.M. Edition for January 3: Utah Republican senator Orrin Hatch says he'll retire when his term ends. Plus, organic milk, long a staple in many consumers' diets, is awash in oversupply as demand falls.
9 min
How Will Doug Jones Fare in a Divided Senate?
P.M. Edition for January 2: Doug Jones is being sworn in Wednesday as Alabama's newest senator. As a moderate, will he try to reach a consensus with his GOP colleagues? And how will he get along with fellow Democrats who are in no mood to bargain with Republicans?
9 min
The People Who Police the Internet
A.M. Edition for January 2nd: Content moderators are playing a growing role in the tech industry. The Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber has more on the hazards of the job.
11 min
Accountants See a Surge in Popularity
A.M. Edition for January 1: The nation's tax overhaul is boosting the popularity of CPAs. The Wall Street Journal's Michael Rapoport has more.
6 min
The Bulls Stormed Wall Street in 2017; Awaiting...
Weekend Edition for December 30-31: Stocks had their best year since 2013. What can we expect for 2018? Plus, the December jobs report tops the economic calendar for the first week of the new year.
14 min
Goldman's Tax Bill Hit; Traders Miss Out on Mar...
P.M. Edition for December 29: The Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman says Goldman Sachs will take a short-term hit from the newly-enacted tax reform bill. Plus, she talks about how 2017 was a big year for financial markets, but not for Wall Street traders.
10 min
Can Apple's Stock Continue its Amazing Run?
A.M. Edition for December 29: Apple's stock has had its best annual performance since 2010, thanks to anticipation for the new iPhone. The Wall Street Journal's Dan Gallagher on whether the stock can continue its big runup in 2018.
11 min
Insurers Eyeing Price Hikes After Hurricanes, F...
P.M. Edition for December 28: The Wall Street Journal's Leslie Scism says some insurance companies are poised to raise prices, something that hasn't happened in years. It follows a string of costly hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes.
10 min
3M, PPG Betting on Electric and Self-Driving Cars
A.M. Edition for December 28: Some old line industrial companies like 3M and PPG Industries are hoping to become suppliers for the vehicles of the future: electric and self-driving cars. Wall Street Journal's Andrew Tangel explains.
8 min
Filers Rush to Prepay Taxes for 2018
P.M. Edition for December 27: The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison talks about U.S. taxpayers rushing to pay their 2018 property taxes before the Republican tax bill takes effect January 1st.
8 min
Retailer Returns; Opioid Crisis Hits the Workplace
A.M. Edition for December 27: Retailers such as Amazon.com and Wal-Mart have put strategies in place to prepare for holiday gift returns. Plus, the Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry talks about how the nation's opioid epidemic is impacting the workplace.
9 min
College-Educated Women Shifting Away from Repub...
P.M. Edition for December 26: New polling shows women with a four-year college degree prefer Democrats over Republicans by a wide margin. The Wall Street Journal's Dante Chinni says it's still early, but the results are bad news for the GOP ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections.
9 min
Final Trading Week of 2017; The Fate of the Ame...
A.M. Edition for Tuesday, December 26th: The final trading week of the year brings a light economic calendar. Plus, what the death of a midwestern mall can tell us about retail trends across the nation.
11 min
Trump and the GOP; Seib's Stories to Watch for ...
A.M. Edition for December 25: The Wall Street Journal's Louise Radnofsky on how the relationship between President Trump and Republican lawmakers evolved. Plus, Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib on stories to watch for in 2018.
8 min
A Pre-Christmas Dip; Consumer Confidence on Tap
Weekend Edition for December 23-24: U.S. stocks edge lower in quite pre-holiday trading. Plus, consumer confidence tops a very light economic calendar for the new week.
11 min
Trump Signs Tax Bill; The Battle for Last-Minut...
P.M. Edition for December 22: President Donald Trump signed both the tax overhaul measure and the spending bill into law Friday. Plus, traditional stores may have a rare advantage over online retailers in the battle for last-minute shoppers.
7 min
Wal-Mart Suspends Shoplifting Punishment Program
A.M. Edition for December 22: Wal-Mart has suspended programs that offered first-time shoplifters protection from prosecution if they paid a fee. The Wall Street Journal's Joe Palazzolo explains why.
9 min
Federal Agencies Race to Comply With the New Ta...
P.M. Edition for December 21: Many provisions of the new tax reform bill take effect January 1st. That leaves little time for the IRS, Treasury Department and other agencies to adjust to the changes. The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson explains.
8 min
AT&T Promises Bonuses; How Businesses Fare Unde...
A.M. Edition for December 21: AT&T says it'll give $1,000 bonuses to more than 200,000 employees - if the president signs the tax bill. Plus, which industries stand to gain the most under the tax plan, and which will need to make up some ground.
10 min
GOP Tax Reform Bill Passes Congress
P.M. Edition for December 20: The House, in a second vote Wednesday, passed the most sweeping tax code reform in decades. The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin talks about some of the tax bill's winners and losers.
10 min
Employers Are Boosting Benefits and Perks
A.M. Edition for December 20: The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath says employers are spending more on vacation perks and retirement contributions. That's helped boost the growth of workers' average hourly compensation.
8 min
House to Revote on Tax Plan; Tax Overhaul Impac...
P.M. Edition for December 19: The House will likely have to revote on the tax plan it approved Tuesday, due to minor provisions not meeting Senate rules. Plus, how the plan could boost GDP and shrink the trade deficit.
9 min
Will Tax Bill Lead to Exodus from High-Tax States?
A.M. Edition for December 19: High-income earners in high-tax states will be hurt by the GOP tax provision that rolls back a popular deduction. But that doesn't mean these people will flee to low-tax states. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf explains.
8 min
Deadly Amtrak Derailment; Consumers Ignore Airb...
P.M. Edition for December 18th: Authorities say there are multiple fatalities following an Amtrak derailment in Washington. Plus, there's a massive recall on airbags, but carmakers are struggling to get consumers to pay attention.
9 min
GOP Releases Tax Reform Bill; A Big Bet on Shop...
A.M. Edition for December 18: Republicans released their final version of the tax reform bill. Its chances for passage got a boost from a couple of GOP senate holdouts. Plus, a European company is buying a big shopping mall operator.
8 min
Stocks Close at New Highs; Revised GDP Estimate...
Weekend Edition for December 16-17: Stocks closed at new record highs after more GOP senators switched their votes to yes on tax reform. Plus, in the new week, we'll get the final revised estimate of third quarter economic growth.
12 min
GOP Ups Child Tax Credit; How Net Neutrality Wi...
P.M. Edition for December 15th: Republicans make changes to the child tax credit. Plus, what does the repeal of net neutrality mean for you?
12 min
Bye Bye, Net Neutrality; Tax Bill Winners and L...
A.M. Edition for December 15: The FCC voted Thursday to undo net neutrality rules enacted during the Obama administration. Plus, the Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin looks at the proposed tax reform bill's likely winners and losers.
7 min
FCC Rolls Back Net Neutrality; Disney Buys Fox ...
P.M. Edition for December 14th: The FCC has voted to roll back net neutrality rules approved under the Obama Administration. Plus, Disney will pay $52.4 billion to buy assets from 21st Century Fox.
10 min
Five Years Since Sandy Hook; An Investigation i...
A.M. Edition for December 14th: Thursday marks five years since the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Plus, a Wall Street Journal investigation into public comments on federal agency websites exposes thousands of fakes.
11 min
A Tax Overhaul Deal; Fed Hikes Interest Rates
P.M. Edition for December 13th: House and Senate Republicans reached an agreement on the tax overhaul bill Wednesday, clearing the way for a final vote next week. Meanwhile, Democrats are hoping to delay that vote, until Senate-elect Doug Jones of Alabama is sworn in.
6 min
Fed to Reveal Rate Decision; Surprise Win for D...
A.M. Edition for December 13th: The Fed wraps up its two-day policy meeting on Wednesday. A surprise win for Democrats in Alabama. Plus, a slate of natural disasters could mean big losses for insurance companies.
7 min
How Shopping on Amazon Can Influence the Fed
P.M. Edition for December 12th: Online shoppers have a sizeable influence on inflation. Plus, President Trump and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand spar over sexual misconduct allegations against him. Also, Nintendo aims to win the smartphone game.
8 min
Fed's Final Meeting; Retail's Markdown Math
A.M. Edition for December 12th: The Federal Reserve holds its final policy meeting of the year. Plus, retailers are decluttering discounts by doing more markdown math.
5 min
NYC Mayor: Explosion Was 'Attempted Terrorist A...
P.M. Edition for Monday, December 11th: New York City arrested a Bangladeshi immigrant who allegedly set off an explosion Monday morning at a major transit hub. Also, why small investors could be in for a hefty tax bill under the Senate version of the GOP tax bill.
10 min
Will Welfare Programs Survive Tax Reform?
A.M. Edition for Monday, December 11th: Welfare programs could be in the crosshairs as lawmakers push the GOP tax plan forward. Plus, 750,000 people in the U.S. have already come down with flu-like illnesses this season.
9 min
Jobs Report Lifts Stocks; Fed Likely to Hike Rates
Weekend Edition for December 9-10: A strong November jobs report pushes stocks to a higher close. Plus, investors anticipate a third interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.
11 min
Wildfires Rage in CA; Fed Likely to Raise Inter...
P.M. Edition for December 8: Wildfires continue burning in California. Plus, why the Fed is expected to lift rates for a third time this year.
6 min
U.S. Economy Adds Jobs in November; GE Slashes ...
A.M. Edition for December 8th: The U.S. economy added 228,000 jobs last month. Plus, GE says it misjudged demand and will cut 12,000 jobs.
8 min
Sen. Franken Announces Resignation; Trump Jr. K...
Senator Al Franken has announced his resignation, following allegations of sexual misconduct and pressure from his colleagues to step down. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. refuses to answer questions from lawmakers, about a conversation with his father.
8 min
Goldman, Barclays Back CVS; Some Law Schools Ac...
A.M. Edition for December 7: Goldman and Barclays are loaning $20 billion each to CVS to acquire Aetna. Plus, some law schools, including Harvard, are now accepting the LSAT or the GRE.
8 min
Trump Recognizes Jerusalem; Wal-Mart Changes Name
P.M. Edition for December 6: President Donald Trump says the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib has analysis on Trump's move. Plus, Wal-Mart is changing its name.
10 min
GOP Split Over Moore; How Corporate Tax Cuts Co...
A.M. Edition for December 6: Embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has President Trump's endorsement, but Republicans are still divided. Plus, could the corporate tax cut mean a wage windfall for workers?
8 min
UPS Warns of Holiday Shipping Delays
P.M. Edition for December 5: UPS, coping with a flood of online orders, warns of some delivery delays for the holidays. Plus, President Trump plans to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
8 min
New Tax Reform Bill Speeds Toward Enactment
A.M. Edition for December 5: The Wall Street Journal says planned CVS/Aetna healthcare merger wouldn't be built around doctors. Plus, WSJ's Siobhan Hughes talks about the speed with which the GOP tax overhaul has moved through Congress.
9 min
U.S., South Korea Conduct Military Drill; CVS t...
P.M. Edition for December 4: The U.S. and South Korea begin a multi-day military drill. Plus, how the merger between CVS and Aetna could change the healthcare landscape.
7 min
November Jobs Picture; Electricity's Changing L...
A.M. Edition for December 4th: The November jobs report highlights this week's economic calendar. Plus, electricity is getting cheaper.
8 min
Flynn-Fueled Volatility; November Jobs in the S...
Weekend Edition for November 2-3: Investor hopes for tax cuts were overtaken by word of a guilty plea deal for Mike Flynn. Plus, investors await the November employment report due this Friday.
12 min
Mike Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI
P.M. Edition for December 1: President Trump's former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russians. News that Flynn agreed to cooperate with investigators rattled U.S. stock markets.
9 min
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream; New Doubts About Senat...
AM Edition for December 1st: A new study finds the U.S. Senate tax plan won't pay for itself. Plus, why investors are diving in to Bitcoin, including gramma.
8 min
Kusher Interviewed by Special Counsel; Matt Lau...
P.M. Edition for November 30: Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, has been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team. Plus, what does Matt Lauer's firing mean for the "Today" show and NBC?
10 min
American Workers Dissatisfied; Rising Cobalt Pr...
A.M. Edition for November 30: A survey finds the majority of American workers are dissatisfied with their financial situation. Plus, could the rising price of cobalt signal bad news for electric car manufacturers?
9 min
North Korea's Missile Launch; Fed Chair Yellen'...
P.M. Edition for November 29: North Korea fired an ICBM missile Wednesday, its longest-range missile yet. Plus, Janet Yellen testified on the economy in front of the Joint Economic Committee.
9 min
Senators Signal Support for Tax Bill; Problems ...
A.M. Edition for November 29th: Two GOP Senators signal they'll now support the tax bill Republicans are hoping to pass by the end of the week. Plus, a closer look at problems along Interstate-95.
10 min
Democrats Skip Meeting with Trump; Senate GOP T...
P.M. Edition for November 28: Top Democrats pulled out of a planned meeting with President Trump on funding the government, following one of his tweets. Plus, the hurdles faced by GOP senators as they try to pass a tax reform bill.
8 min
Jerome Powell's Path to Fed Chair Nomination
A.M. Edition for November 28: The Senate is racing this week to vote on a tax reform bill. Plus, Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Zumbrun talks about Jerome Powell's path to his nomination as Fed chairman.
10 min
Why Retailers are Missing the Mark with Holiday...
P.M. Edition for November 27th: There's a battle at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as two people claim the job. Plus, retailers typically send out a flood of emails during the holidays season. But they're still having trouble getting you to look at them.
8 min
Why We Should Expect a Severe Flu Season
A.M. Edition for November 27th: Dr. William Schaffner of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases explains why this coming flu season is expected to be severe, and describes the importance of everyone over six months of age to get a flu shot.
13 min
New Highs for Nasdaq, S&P; Fed Chair Confirmati...
Weekend Edition for November 25-26: The Nasdaq and S&P 500 both set new closing records in a holiday-shortened week. Plus, awaiting the Senate confirmation hearings on Jerome Powell to be the new Federal Reserve chairman.
13 min
Payday Apps; Flynn Negotiating with Special Cou...
P.M. Edition for November 24: Lawyers for former NSA chief Mike Flynn have stopped talking with President Trump's legal team, a sign Flynn could be in talks with special counsel Robert Mueller. Plus, apps that allow workers immediate access to cash.
8 min
More Companies Curtail Holiday Parties
A.M. Edition for November 24: In the face of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, more companies are scaling back or eliminating holiday celebrations. That's according to a survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. We talk with Challenger VP Andrew Challenger.
8 min
Hopes For Amazon's Launchpad; New Inflation Con...
A.M. Edition for November 23rd: Minutes from the latest Fed policy meeting indicated weak inflation is a concern. Plus, Wonder Workshop, a maker of toy robots, is tying its hopes for strong holiday sales to Amazon's Launchpad program.
8 min
Uber Data Breach Fallout; UPS' Extra Shipping Fees
P.M. Edition for November 22: Uber says it will notify account holders affected by a massive 2016 data breach. The company admitted paying hackers 100 thousand dollars in a bid to cover up the breach. Plus, UPS is tacking on extra fees during peak holiday shipping periods.
8 min
Uber Data Breach; The Global Tech Stock Boom
A.M. Edition for November 22: Uber Technologies reportedly was hit by a data breach last year, affecting millions of passengers and drivers. Plus, the global growth in tech stocks is outpacing other sectors by the widest margin in decades.
8 min
Justice Department Sues to Block AT&T-Time Warn...
The Justice Department has filed suit to prevent the takeover of Time Warner by AT&T. The Wall Street Journal's Brent Kendall joins us. Plus, CBS fires Charlie Rose and Robert Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe's president.
8 min
AT&T/Time Warner Deal Challenged; Net Neutralit...
A.M. Edition for November 21: The Justice Department is suing to block the planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner. Plus, the FCC plans to roll back net neutrality rules which were designed to make sure all Internet traffic was treated equally.
8 min
North Korea on Terrorism List; Retailers' Prici...
President Trump has returned North Korea to the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism. Plus, retailers duke it out on holiday pricing.
10 min
Tax Talks Advance Without Analysis; Companies T...
A.M. Edition for November 20th: The debate consuming Congress continues as the GOP aims to analyze the new tax law. Plus, with nearly two-thirds of workers reporting being bullied, a look at how companies are taking on harassment at the office.
10 min
Stocks Wobble on Tax Uncertainty; Fed Minutes O...
Weekend Edition for November 18-19: A second straight week of declines for the Dow and the S&P, amid uncertainty over the tax overhaul. Plus, the Fed releases the minutes from its last policy meeting next Wednesday.
10 min
BuzzFeed Set to Miss Revenue Target, Raising IP...
P.M. Edition for November 17th: BuzzFeed's struggle to meet revenue projections is raising questions about its IPO. Plus, the normally secretive Senate Ethics Committee takes the spotlight and electric vehicles have yet to get in gear in China.
11 min
Comcast Approaches 21st Century Fox About Acqui...
Comcast has expressed interest in acquiring a substantial piece of 21st Century Fox's business. Plus, treating opioid abuse patients without medication. Also, does sitting in front of a computer improve your chances of getting a raise?
14 min
House Passes Tax Bill By 227-205 Vote
P.M. Edition for November 16th: The House passes the GOP tax overhaul plan. Also, Wal-Mart posts its strongest U.S. earnings in years. Plus, would you lose weight on the 'Olive Garden diet?'
7 min
WSJ Bitcoin Readers Sound Off
A.M. Edition for November 16th: In the wake of a mass shooting, the Army says it failed to send military convictions to federal databases in up to 20 percent of all cases. Plus, the Wall Street Journal gets an earful from readers of its bitcoin articles.
12 min
Vice President Pence Talks to WSJ; Cordray to E...
P.M. Edition for November 15th: Richard Cordray will soon resign as head of an agency created after the financial crisis. Plus, Vice President Mike Pence answers questions at the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council.
11 min
Sessions Denies Lying; SEC Penalties Fall
A.M. Edition for November 15: Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a House panel he now recalls meetings where Russian contacts were discussed, but he denied ever having lied about them. Plus, the Securities and Exchange Commission is levying fewer penalties on Wall Street.
9 min
Sessions Grilled on Russian Contacts; Manufactu...
P.M. Edition for November 14: Attorney General Jeff Sessions was questioned by a House panel over discussions with Trump campaign advisers who had contacts with Russians last year. Plus, the manufacturing sector picks up steam.
9 min
Senate Tax Bill Revisions; Cold Coffee Sales ar...
A.M. Edition for November 14: Republicans on a Senate committee are meeting this week to debate revisions to their tax overhaul plan. And ready-to-drink cold coffee is becoming very popular, especially with millennials.
8 min
GE's New Strategy; Used-Car Prices Hold Up Nicely
P.M. Edition for November 13: General Electric announced changes Monday, including a dividend cut and a move to focus on three core units. Plus, in a surprise, used-car prices have held up this year even though millions of vehicle leases expired.
9 min
House and Senate Tax Plans Enter Key Stretch
A.M. Edition for November 13th: Retail sales will highlight this week's economic calendar. Plus, how the different Republican tax plans are taking shape in the House and the Senate.
7 min
Tax Concerns Pressure Stocks; Retail Sales on Tap
Weekend Edition for November 11-12: Stocks broke an eight-week winning streak on concerns about Congress' ability to pass tax reform. Plus, retail sales and inflation highlight the new week's economic calendar.
13 min
More Trump Trade Rhetoric; More Trouble for Mik...
In a speech at a trade summit in Vietnam, President Trump delivered a vigorous endorsement of economic nationalism. Plus, Special Counsel Robert Mueller expands his investigation of former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.
9 min
Trump Heads to Economic Summit; Health Insuranc...
A.M. Edition for November 10: President Trump heads to Vietnam. Plus, why health insurance premiums are rising.
7 min
Trump Heads to Vietnam; Manafort Son-in-Law Und...
P.M. Edition for November 9: Trump walks a fine line in China, and heads to Vietnam. Plus, an investigation into Paul Manafort's former son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai.
8 min
CBO's New Tax Bill Estimate; The Cost of Wars s...
A.M. Edition for November 9: The Congressional Budget Office now estimates the GOP's tax reform bill will increase the deficit by 1.7 trillion dollars. Plus, a new study finds the cost of major U.S. wars since 9/11 has topped five trillion dollars.
8 min
Trump Visits China; Democrats Win Big
P.M. Edition for November 8: President Trump's tour of Asia continues in China. Plus, Democrats see big election wins in Virginia.
9 min
Trump's Asia Tour Continues; U.S. Coffee Market...
A.M. Edition for November 8: President Trump's tour of Asia continues in China. Plus, a look at America's crowded coffee marketplace.
9 min
Mass Shooting: Awaiting Official List; Trump's ...
P.M. Edition for November 7: Residents of Sutherland Springs, Texas still await an official list of dead and wounded following Sunday's church shooting. Plus, President Trump's support erodes in U.S. counties most responsible for his election.
9 min
Dudley Warns on Deregulation; Risky Bank Bets T...
A.M. Edition for November 7: Outgoing New York Fed chief William Dudley warns that excessive rolling back of bank regulation could harm the economy. Plus, some investors who made bank bets tied to the government financial bailout are seeing huge returns.
8 min
Russian Twitter Support for Trump Began Earlier...
P.M. Edition for November 6: In Japan, President Trump said the Texas church gunman's mental health was to blame, and not guns, for the Sunday massacre. Plus, a Wall Street Journal analysis finds Russian-backed Twitter support for candidate Trump started much earlier than expected.
10 min
Trump Visits Asia; iPhone X Steals Holiday Sales
A.M. Edition for November 6th: Trump continues 10-day visit to Asia. Plus, how the iPhone X could steal sales from traditional retailers.
7 min
More Records for Stocks; Solid Economy, Led by ...
Weekend Edition for November 4-5: The major U.S. indexes closed another week with record highs after Apple's earnings and solid job growth. Plus, could a strong economy lead to a faster pace of rate hikes next year?
13 min
Job Growth Bounces Back; Apple's iPhone X Goes ...
P.M. Edition for November 3rd: Employers added 261 thousand jobs in October, in a recovery from September's hurricane-affected numbers. Plus, Apple's iPhone X went on sale Friday, but will consumers pony up a thousand dollars?
9 min
Will Wall Street Approve of the New Fed Chairman?
A.M. Edition for November 3rd: Wall Street Journal David Harrison compares and contrasts Fed chair nominee Jerome Powell to current chairwoman Janet Yellen, and discusses how he is likely to be received by Wall Street.
11 min
Republican Tax Plan: Real Estate Agents Are Not...
P.M. Edition for November 3rd: Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Bykowicz explains why real estate agents are up in arms and launching a blitz of opposition against the House Republican tax plan unveiled on Thursday.
10 min
Apple Earnings in Focus; Less Regulation Leads ...
A.M. Edition for November 2nd: Investors will monitor Apple's quarterly results, to be released after Thursday's market close. Plus, the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says the Trump administration is counting on less regulation to foster innovation and growth.
10 min
No Fed Rate Hike; House GOP Tax Plan Due Thursday
P.M. Edition for November 1st: As expected, Fed policymakers held interest rates steady at their two-day meeting, but signaled rates could rise in December. Plus, House Republicans are set to release their tax plan on Thursday.
9 min
Deadly Truck Attack in NYC; Social Media Capito...
A.M. Edition for November 1st: At least eight people were killed in a truck attack in New York City. It's being treated as a terrorist attack. Plus, officials from Facebook, Google and Twitter face harsh questions about their content from lawmakers.
11 min
Trump: Ex-Adviser a 'Liar'; Houston, Two Months...
P.M. Edition for October 31st: President Donald Trump called George Papadapoulos, the former campaign adviser who pleaded guilty in the Mueller probe, a "liar." Plus, a progress report on Houston's recovery, two months after Hurricane Harvey.
9 min
Social Media vs. Lawmakers; Russian Content on ...
A.M. Edition for October 31st: Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google parent Alphabet testify on Capitol Hill about Russian influence on their sites. Plus, Wall Street Journal reporter Deepa Seetharaman on how Facebook users in particular were exposed to Russian-backed content.
10 min
Manafort Indicted; Energy Regulator is an Indus...
P.M Editon for October 30th: Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted Monday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on money-laundering charges. Plus, a friend of the oil and gas-drilling industry is now its safety regulator.
9 min
Awaiting Apple Earnings, Jobs; Facebook Woos La...
A.M. Edition for October 30th: Another full slate of earnings and economic reports are on tap this week. Plus, Facebook steps up lobbying and messaging efforts in a bid to influence lawmakers.
11 min
Stocks Rally on Strong Earnings; Jobs Report in...
Weekend Edition for October 28-29: New records for the Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 thanks to booming tech earnings. Plus, the October jobs report is the stat to watch in a busy week for economic data.
14 min
iPhone X Shipping Delays; Strong Economic Growth
P.M. Edition for October 27th: Americans have started pre-ordering Apple's iPhone X, and that'll lead to long shipping delays. Plus, another strong quarter of growth for the U.S. economy.
7 min
Countdown to the GOP Tax Plan Release Begins
A.M. briefing for October 27: The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin reports from Capitol Hill on the House's passage of a budget plan and how it sets in motion lead-up to release of the Republican tax proposal. Also, Facebook invests in its Washington lobbying team as the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election continues.
8 min
Why Are Apple iPhone 8 Sales So Sluggish?
P.M. briefing for October 26: Wall Street Journal Apple correspondent Tripp Mickle explains why iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales in the U.S. have fallen behind the pace of previous newly released Apple smartphones. Also, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson predicts the end of the Assad regime in Syria.
7 min
CBO Scores Bipartisan Health Bill; Delivering A...
A.M. Edition for October 26th: The Congressional Budget Office has scored the bipartisan Senate health care bill. Plus, Amazon.com's new delivery service, called Amazon Key.
8 min
401(k) Changes Back on the Table; A New Ransomw...
P.M. Edition for October 25th: A top GOP lawmaker says Republicans are still weighing changes to retirement account contributions. Plus, there's a new ransomware attack and it's called Bad Rabbit.
9 min
Congress OKs Disaster Relief; Do We Need Anothe...
A.M. Edition for October 25th: The Senate has joined the House in approving disaster aid for Puerto Rico and several states. Plus, a new shopping mall is going up on Connecticut's Gold Coast.
8 min
Trade, Taxes Could Spoil Rally; Refugee Program...
P.M Edition for October 24th: Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib describes how issues such as trade and tax reform could spoil the stock market rally. Plus, the U.S. refugee program resumes, but with new rules from the Trump administration.
10 min
Health Bill Decision; 'No Change' to 401(k) Plans
A.M. Edition for October 24th: The GOP will soon decide whether to move ahead with a bipartisan health care bill. Plus, as Republicans work on a tax overhaul, President Trump vows there will be "no change" to the 401(k) retirement savings program.
9 min
Amazon's Second HQ; Hackers Target School Systems
P.M. Edition for October 23rd: Amazon.com says it's received more than 200 proposals from U.S. cities and regions to host its second headquarters. Plus, a growing number of school systems are being targeted by hackers demanding money. And some school districts are paying up.
7 min
Wells Fargo Woes Continue; Big Union Convention
A.M. Edition for October 23rd: Wells Fargo fired four foreign exchange bankers, as the bank's troubles spread to its investment banking arm. Plus, the AFL-CIO is holding its quadrennial convention, with the Trump administration topping the agenda.
9 min
More Records for Stocks; GDP Report Due
Weekend Edition for October 21-22: U.S. stock averages set new records, and, surprise, surprise, the key reason was strong earnings. Plus, this coming week, we'll find out how much the nation's economy grew during the third quarter.
14 min
FBI Joins Niger Ambush Probe; Congress Passes a...
P.M. Edition for October 20th: The FBI has joined the investigation into how four American soldiers were killed in Niger. Plus, now that the Senate and House have both passed a budget, the next goal for the GOP is tax reform.
8 min
Congress Readies New Social Media Political Ad ...
A.M. Edition for October 20th: Congress wants to require social media companies to disclose information about political ads. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns China over trade imbalances. A U.S. Navy hospital ship stationed off Puerto Rico has hardly been used.
7 min
Amazon Headquarters Race Heats Up; FDA OKs Bloo...
P.M. Edition for October 19th: Competition for Amazon's second headquarters hits a critical stage. Plus, Republican lawmakers who oppose a health care deal feel pressure from insurers and governors. Also, a corporate merger involving the inventor of Nutella spread.
9 min
Big Changes Coming to GE; New Drone Regulations
A.M. Edition for October 19th: General Electric will reportedly announce a big restructuring next month, including thousands of job cuts. Plus, the White House plans to re-work regulations on drones, in a bid to expand their commercial use.
8 min
Confusion over Healthcare Deal; Amazon Locks Up...
P.M. Edition for October 18th: President Trump tweeted that he now opposes a bipartisan agreement on health subsidies after earlier expressing support. Plus, Amazon reaches a delivery deal with major apartment landlords.
8 min
A Deal on Health Subsidies; Netflix's 'Feeding ...
A.M. Edition for October 18th: Two senators reached a bipartisan deal to keep health care subsidy payments flowing to insurers. Plus, how Netflix needs to keep feeding the beast known as subscriber growth.
9 min
Katzenberg on Weinstein; Self-Driving Cars in NYC
P.M. Edition for October 17th: Former DreamWorks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg blasted Harvey Weinstein over the latter's treatment of women, calling Weinstein "a monster." Plus, GM plans to test self-driving cars in New York City.
8 min
Trump, Yellen to Meet; Equifax Hack Exposes Pro...
A.M. Edition for October 17th: President Trump and Janet Yellen will meet Thursday to discuss a possible second term as Federal Reserve chair. Plus, the Equifax hack reveals problems with hard-to-replace Social Security numbers.
10 min
Weinstein Co. Sale Talks; Congress Tackles Heal...
P.M. Edition for October 16th: In the wake of Harvey Weinstein's ouster, Weinstein Co. is in talks to be taken private. Plus, Congress resumes talks on reforming health care, following President Trump's decision to cancel subsidy payments to insurers.
7 min
Earnings Ramp Up This Week; Wal-Mart Bottles It...
A.M. Edition for October 16th: Third quarter earnings pour out this week. And food retailers are bottling and processing their own milk. Kroger has its own dairy processing plant and Wal-Mart plans to open its own next year.
6 min
Stocks Rise; Weather May Impact Upcoming Econom...
Weekend Edition for October 14-15: Another up week for stocks; the Dow and S&P are both on a five-week winning streak. And the Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf previews the upcoming week's economic data, some of which may have been impacted by hurricanes.
11 min
Trump to End Health Subsidies; A Key Tax Break ...
P.M. Edition for October 13th: President Donald Trump plans to end federal cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers. Plus, Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib says GOP lawmakers may move away from eliminating the federal deduction on state and local income taxes.
10 min
Congress Tackles Equifax Fallout; GM to Idle Plant
A.M. Edition for Friday, October 13th: On the heels of the Equifax data breach, Congress is poised to overhaul credit-reporting agencies. Plus, General Motors plans to idle a factory. Also, would you wear a $3,500 backpack?
9 min
AT&T Video Service Suffers Third Quarterly Subs...
P.M. Edition for October 12th: AT&T saw its third straight quarterly video subscriber loss. The Wall Street Journals Drew FitzGerald explains how the company is hoping to curb the outflow of customers. Plus, another data breach hits U.S. weapons systems information.
9 min
Kaspersky Reportedly a Spying Tool; Trump Wants...
A.M. Edition for October 12th: Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Russia has converted the Kaspersky antivirus software into a spying tool. And the White House is proposing changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.
10 min
Fed On Track for Another Hike; Apple and Steven...
P.M. Edition for October 11th: Minutes from the Federal Reserve's last policy meeting signal the Fed's on track to raise interest rates before year-end, despite weak inflation. And Apple teams up with Steven Spielberg's production company to create original video content.
9 min
Calalonia's Reset; Wal-Mart Limits Store Openings
A.M. Edition for October 11th: Catalonia's president backs away from declaring immediate independence from Spain. Plus, Wal-Mart's new strategy involves fewer store openings and more e-commerce.
7 min
Possible Pfizer Spinoff; California Wildfires
P.M. Edition for October 10th: Pfizer says it may explore a sale or spinoff of the unit that makes Advil and Centrum. Plus, we talk with the Wall Street Journal's Erin Ailworth, who's reporting from the scene of massive wildfires in Northern California.
7 min
Google's Russian Ties; How Military M.D.s HoneT...
A.M. Edition for October 10th: First it was Facebook; now Google says ads tied to Russian-linked entities ran on its platform. Plus, a lot of military doctors and nurses are polishing their skills in trauma wards of U.S. big-city hospitals.
8 min
Trump's New Approach to Health Care and Immigra...
P.M. Edition for October 9th: President Donald Trump is set to issue an executive order on health care. And Wall Street Journal reporter Laura Meckler talks about the president's wish list on immigration.
9 min
GE CEO Shakes Up Leadership; Parties Work to Re...
A.M. Edition for October 9th: Several of General Electric's top executives are leaving the company in a high-profile shake-up. Plus, political parties are working to reclaim voters. The Wall Street Journal's Dante Chinni joins us with the details.
7 min
S&P Slips but Logs Another Weekly Gain; Economi...
Major indexes and U.S. government bond prices edged lower after data showed the labor market lost jobs for the first time in seven years. Plus, a look at what to watch next week with the economy. WSJ's Akane Otani and Harriet Torry have the details.
8 min
Costco vs. Amazon in Grocery Delivery; Hurrican...
P.M. Edition for October 6th: Can Costco compete with Amazon in the online grocery space? The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer has analysis. Also, non-farm payrolls declined in September for the first time in seven years. Plus, the Trump administration may undo a contraception benefit in Obamacare.
7 min
NRA Supports Gun Device Regulation; Decoding No...
A.M. Edition for October 6th: The National Rifle Association says it won't oppose 'bump stocks', which the Las Vegas shooter used to increase his weapons' firing rate. Also, how non-government analysts are decoding North Korea's nuclear arsenal through photos and videos.
13 min
Paddock May Have Eyed Other Music Events; CEO P...
P.M. Edition for October 5th: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock may have considered other music events as targets. Also, the Wall Street Journal's Theo Francis on how tying CEO pay to corporate performance hasn't always panned out as planned. Plus, Netflix is raising prices for many of its U.S. customers.
9 min
Trump Meets Shooting Survivors; M.B.A.s Love Am...
A.M. Edition for October 5th: President Trump traveled to Las Vegas to meet with shooting survivors and to thank police. Plus, students at elite business schools would rather work for Amazon.com than on Wall Street.
7 min
Vegas Gunman's Girlfriend; Yahoo Breach Triples...
P.M. Edition for October 4th: Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, has arrived back in the U.S. to be questioned by law enforcement officials. Plus, Wall Street Journal reporter Ryan Knutson talks about the big data breach at Yahoo.
9 min
Yahoo's Bigger Breach; Equifax's Ex-CEO Grilled...
A.M. Edition for October 4th: Yahoo's data breach in 2013 was much, MUCH bigger than previously disclosed. Plus, Equifax's data breach puts its ex-CEO in front of a Senate panel.
8 min
Gun Policy After the Las Vegas Attack; More on ...
P.M. Edition for October 3rd: How might the deadliest shooting in U.S. history affect gun policy? We'll hear from Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib. Plus, WSJ reporter Valerie Bauerlein has more about the shooter, Stephen Paddock.
10 min
GOP Tackles Tax Cuts; Trump Visits Puerto Rico
A.M. Edition for October 3rd: Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib talks about Republican efforts to push a tax cut plan. Plus, WSJ's Rebecca Ballhaus on President Trump's visit Tuesday to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.
9 min
The Las Vegas Shooting; Insurers' $100 Billion Tab
P.M. Edition for October 2nd: In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the deadliest in U.S. history, will guests demand tighter security measures at hotels? Plus, the costs of recent hurricanes and earthquakes could top 100 billion dollars for insurers.
11 min
Amazon-Whole Foods Sales Update; Equifax May Cl...
A.M. Edition for October 2nd: Sales of Whole Foods products on Amazon in the month since the merger were strong but there were lesson learned. The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon explains. Also, Equifax could claw back executive compensation following the massive data breach.
8 min
Stocks Climb to End Third Quarter; Jobs Report ...
Weekend Edition for Sept 30-Oct 1: Daily moves were muted but stocks close the quarter higher. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch looks at the market, then Josh Mitchell previews the week ahead for the economy from Washington.
10 min
GOP Tax Plan Hits Party Hurdles; U.S. Pulls Sta...
P.M. Edition for September 29th: Wall Street Journal tax reporter Richard Rubin on the opposition of some House Republicans to the party's tax proposal. Also, the U.S. pulls diplomatic staff from Cuba amid what it calls targeted attacks. Plus, would you wear a $6,000 down jacket?
8 min
Twitter Reports Russian Accounts; Zika Virus Br...
A.M. Edition for September 29th: A new study reveals why the Zika spread so quickly with such severe effects. The Wall Street Journal's Betsy McKay explains. Plus, Twitter says it found more than 200 accounts linked to Russian-owned Facebook accounts.
8 min
Tax Plan Good and Bad for Big Banks; Hugh Hefne...
P.M. Edition for September 28th: Wall Street Journal reporter Telis Demos on elements of the GOP tax proposal that would please Wall Street, and components that would draw concern. Plus, how Playboy founder Hugh Hefner redefined the country's social culture in the 1950s and 1960s.
14 min
Tillerson Heads to China; Cybersecurity Help Wa...
A.M. Edition for Thursday, September 28th: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson heads to China in an effort to contain the North Korea crisis. Also, the SEC says government salaries not in step with the private sector are keeping top talent from applying for federal cybersecurity jobs. Plus, a missing bull's head statue sets off a legal battle.
8 min
Puerto Rico's Health Crisis; Gerald Seib on GOP...
P.M. Edition for September 27th: Wall Street Journal's Betsy McKay explains the health-care crisis Puerto Rico faces following Hurricane Maria. Plus, Gerald Seib on the key selling points the White House will use to push its proposed tax plan through Congress. Plus, the Sonic fast food chain reports a breach of customer data.
8 min
Moore Defeats Strange in Alabama Runoff; Some T...
A.M. Edition for September 27th: Wall Street Journal tax reporter Richard Rubin on what to expect from the Republican tax plan. Plus, Roy Moore defeats Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama's runoff election. Also, Saudi Arabia grants women the right to drive.
9 min
Equifax CEO Out After Data Breach; GOP Tax Plan...
P.M. Edition for September 26th: Equifax CEO Richard Smith steps down in the aftermath of a massive data breach. CIO Journal editor Steven Rosenbush explains the corporate lessons. Also, the GOP proposed tax plan could feature an individual tax rate higher than 35%. Plus, virtual reality coming to a movie theater near you.
12 min
Target to Raise Minimum Wage Twice; U.S. Crime ...
A.M. Edition for September 26th: The Wall Street Journal's Khadeeja Safdar joins us with news that Target will raise its minimum wage twice over the next three years. Also, violent crimes and homicides in the U.S. rise for the second consecutive year.
6 min
Inside North Korea; Weiner Sentenced for Sexting
P.M. Edition for September 25th: Do North Koreans feel U.S. sanctions will hurt their country? The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Cheng spent several days in Pyongyang. Plus, Anthony Weiner is sentenced for sexting with a minor.
19 min
Hacks Loom Large in Washington; Facebook Abando...
A.M. Edition for September 25th: High-profile hacks of Equifax and the SEC are set to dominate debates in Washington. The Wall Street Journal's Yuka Hayashi has the details. Plus, Facebook abruptly abandons a plan to change its stock structure.
5 min
Stocks Post Small Weekly Gains; Economic Preview
Weekend Edition for September 23-24: The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Dieterich looks at this past week on Wall Street. Then, from our newsroom in Washington, Eric Morath previews what to watch next week with the economy.
8 min
London Deems Uber Unfit to Operate; McCain Says...
P.M. Edition for September 22nd: Uber may lose its license in London. WSJ's Sam Schechner joins us with a look at the implications for the ride-hailing company. Plus, Senator John McCain will not support the latest Senate health bill.
5 min
CVS to Limit Access to Opioid Painkillers
A.M. Edition for September 22nd: The Wall Street Journal's Jeanne Whalen joins us with details on how drug-benefit manager CVS will restrict access to opioid painkillers for certain patients. Plus, U.S. authority to sanction North Korea expands.
6 min
More Sanctions Against North Korea; A Trump Bum...
P.M. Edition for September 21st: The U.S. levies more economic sanctions against North Korea. Plus, President Trump finds support for reaching across the aisle to Democratic lawmakers.
5 min
Possible Fed Rate Hike in December; Equifax Update
A.M. Edition for September 21st: The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison talks about the Federal Reserve and what's next for Janet Yellen and colleagues. Plus, Equifax was reportedly hacked for a lot longer than it previously disclosed.
7 min
Fed Holds Rates Steady; Mexico's Deadly Earthquake
P.M. Edition for September 20th: The Fed leaves interest rates unchanged and signals a December rate hike is still on the table. Plus, a frantic search for Mexico's earthquake victims and Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico.
7 min
The Fed's Shrinking Balance Sheet; GOP Health R...
A.M. Edition for September 20th: Investors brace for how the Federal Reserve plans to wind down its huge portfolio. Expect details Wednesday when the Fed policy meeting wraps up. Plus, Republicans revive a push to scrap Obamacare.
7 min
Trump Threatens North Korea; Toys 'R' Us Bankru...
P.M. Edition for September 19th: In his first UN General Assembly address, President Donald Trump threatened to destroy North Korea if it didn't abandon nuclear weapons. Plus, Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy and Equifax discloses an earlier breach.
7 min
The Fed Starts Meeting; Macy's Hires for Holidays
A.M. Edition for September 19th: Automakers are filing thousands of patents in a race to develop new technology. Plus, the Fed's policy meeting starts Tuesday and Macy's plans to hire 80-thousand holiday workers.
7 min
While Trump's at the U.N., His Aides' Legal Bil...
P.M. Edition for September 18th: Former White House and Trump campaign officials are struggling to pay their legal bills because of numerous probes into Russia's electoral meddling. Plus, President Trump will address the U.N. General Assembly.
7 min
What to Watch for Monday, September 18th
The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens on how a second U.S. headquarter might change the culture at Amazon.com. Plus, a shakeup at Equifax.
7 min
Week Ahead: Fed, Housing, Hurricanes
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from Washington with a look at what economists will be watching this week.
5 min
Stocks Brush Off North Korea's Latest Missile L...
Stocks returned to record territory this week, with the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq Composite notching fresh closing highs. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Eisen joins us in the studio with a closer look at the week.
4 min
Top Stories for Friday, September 15th
The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Zitner explains the political fallout from North Korea's missile launch over Japan early Friday. Plus, the search for clues following a subway explosion in London.
9 min
What to Watch for Friday, September 15th
The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin says Republicans will soon release a framework for tax reform, even as comments from President Trump seem to conflict with the GOP agenda. Plus, companies ramp up seasonal hiring.
7 min
Top Stories for Thursday, September 14th
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has taken flak for his request to use a government plane for honeymoon destinations. The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson fills us in. Plus, Trump, Democrats and Dreamers.
6 min
What to Watch for Thursday, September 14th
Many Florida mobile homeowners lack insurance, leaving them in a tough spot after Hurricane Irma. The Wall Street Journal's Nicole Friedman has details. Plus, President Trump blocks a Chinese investment in an American company.
7 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, September 13th
The Wall Street Journal's Khadeeja Safdar on Target's holiday hiring plans. Plus, Bernie Sanders' single-payer proposal.
5 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, September 13th
The Wall Street Journal's John McKinnon on new voluntary guidelines for self-driving vehicles. Plus, Apple's pricey new iPhone.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, September 12th
The Wall Street Journal's Amol Sharma on plans for a new non-sports TV bundling service. Plus, Rob Enderle talks about Apple's new iPhone.
7 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, September 12th
The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto on how Florida's coastal building boom makes it especially vulnerable to events like Hurricane Irma. Plus, investors await Apple's new iPhone.
7 min
Top Stories for Monday, September 11th
The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle previews Apple's annual product event, happening on Tuesday. A new iPhone is expected. Plus, stocks rise as Irma's impact on Florida is apparently not as bad as feared.
7 min
What to Watch for Monday, September 11th
Hurricane Irma targets western and central Florida. Weather and geopolitical fears led U.S. financial stocks to their worst week since March and the dollar to a 32-month low. WSJ's AnnaMaria Andriotis has the latest on the hacking at Equifax. WSJ's Tripp Mickle on possible delays with the new iPhone.
5 min
Week Ahead: Retail, Industrial Production, Harvey
Lots of data for economy watchers to chew on this week ahead of the next Fed meeting. Plus, we get a little more of a sense for the economic impact of Hurricane Harvey. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from Washington.
5 min
Stocks, Dollar Slide as Irma Bears Down, Korea ...
The combination of the weather and geopolitical fears led financial stocks to their worst week since March, the ICE Dollar Index to a 32-month low and 10-year Treasury yields to their lowest level since Nov. 8. WSJ's Corrie Driebush has the details.
4 min
Top Stories for Friday, September 8th
Evacuations in Florida as Hurricane Irma barrels toward the mainland. Plus, Houston CEOs are racing to mend a battered workforce after Hurricane Harvey. The Wall Street Journal's Erin Ailworth and Vanessa Fuhrmans have the details.
7 min
What to Watch for Friday, September 8th
Equifax says hackers compromised the personal data of about 143 million U.S. consumers. A severe shortage of construction workers may push hurricane-related labor costs sharply higher. Plus, WSJ's Amrith Ramkumar on the tumble in airline stocks.
5 min
Top Stories for Thursday, September 7th
The Wall Street Journal's Veronica Dagher joins us in the studio with a look at how to detect disaster-relief scams. Plus, Harvey leads to a shortage of construction workers and Americans lose faith in the value of a college degree.
5 min
What to Watch for Thursday, September 7th
The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin talks about the task ahead for GOP lawmakers, as they try to pass a tax bill. Plus, an update on the newly-merged Amazon.com and Whole Foods.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, September 6th
Wall Street Journal reporter Janet Hook on a new survey showing a growing divide in American society. Plus, Fed Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer will step down.
6 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, September 6th
The Wall Street Journal's Melanie Evans talks about the environmental impact on the Houston area from Hurricane Harvey. Plus, Senate Republican leaders plan to tie an increase in the US debt ceiling to a spending bill for Harvey victims.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, September 5th
Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Bender says Congress has quite a lot on its plate as it returns from the summer break. Plus, the White House says it's ending the program protecting "dreamers," unless Congress acts to replace it.
6 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, September 5th
House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans urged President Donald Trump to retain the Obama -era program that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation. WSJ's Laura Meckler joins us with the latest.
6 min
What to Watch for Monday, September 4th
The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Bunge on the buzz kill facing marijuana growers. Plus, get ready for a Rolls Royce SUV. Also, when it comes to millennials and their parents' clothes, everything old is new again.
6 min
Economy: Harvey, Trade Deficit, Fed
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from the newsroom in Washington with a look at what economists will be watching for this week with the economy.
4 min
Stocks Edge Higher After U.S. Jobs Report
The Nasdaq climbed to its biggest weekly gain of the year, boosted by signs of strength in the U.S. economy and a rise in biotech companies. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week.
6 min
Top Stories for Friday, September 1st
Widespread support on Capitol Hill for Hurricane Harvey relief aid could help ease passage of high-stakes fiscal legislation. WSJ's Kate Davidson joins us with the latest. Plus, a closer look at the jobs report, gas prices and hiring at Amazon.
6 min
What to Watch for Friday, September 1st
The number of bad accounts at Wells Fargo jumps 67%. WSJ's Emily Glazer has the details on that and other on-going investigations at the banking giant. Plus, Trump's lawyers argue he didn't obstruct justice by firing former FBI chief James Comey.
6 min
Top Stories for Thursday, August 31st
The effects of Tropical Storm Harvey ripple through energy markets. The number of unauthorized accounts at Wells Fargo jumps 67%. Plus, WSJ's Eric Morath on what to watch in the August jobs report.
5 min
What to Watch for Thursday, August 31st
The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon on Amazon's online grocery plans. Plus, energy prices remain in focus because of Harvey.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, August 30th
A Russian oligarch is drawing increased interest from US investigators probing Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. We'll talk with the Wall Street Journal's Brett Forrest. Plus, U.S. economic growth is better than previously estimated.
7 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, August 30th
The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Ackerman says Tropical Storm Harvey will present Congress with challenges when they return next week from recess. Plus, President Trump will continue the push for tax reform.
7 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, August 29th
The Wall Street Journal's Seoul bureau chief, Jonathan Cheng, talks about North Korea's missile launch over Japan. Plus, Texas braces for more rainfall from Harvey.
6 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, August 29th
The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle talks about the expected launch of Apple's iPhone, next month. Plus, the last thing that southeastern Texas needs is coming: more rain.
7 min
Top Stories for Monday, August 28th
The Wall Street Journal's Alison Sider talks about Hurricane Harvey's effect on the oil industry. Plus, Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone on September 12th.
6 min
What to Watch for Monday, August 28th
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Parkin will tell us why times are tough in the chicken wing business. Plus, the August jobs report tops a very busy week on the economic calendar.
5 min
Week Ahead: August Jobs Report Tops a Busy Week
The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath previews the new week's economic schedule, highlighted by August jobs data. Other reports include personal income & spending, 2nd quarter economic growth, auto sales and manufacturing.
6 min
Wall Street Recap: The Calm Before the Storm?
Stocks rose higher for the week in very quiet August trading. The Wall Street Journal's Amrith Rankumar says market volatility could return after the Labor Day holiday.
6 min
Top Stories for Friday, August 25th
The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson on Fed Chair Janet Yellen's speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Plus, Samsung's leader is sentenced to prison.
5 min
What to Watch for Friday, August 25th
The Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins on Saturday's Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. Plus, WSJ's Gordon Lubold on the White House's transgender ban in the military.
7 min
Top Stories for Thursday, August 24th
The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos on Fed Chair Janet Yellen's future. And WSJ executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib talks about the implications of President Trump's threat to shut down the government.
6 min
What to Watch for Thursday, August 24th
The Wall Street Journal's Jack Nicas talks about Wal-Mart and Google partnering up to challenge Amazon. And some craft beer makers are drowning their sorrows.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, August 23rd
The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin on corporate America's push for tax reform. Plus, sales of new homes slumped last month.
6 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, August 23rd
It's a tight labor market, so why is wage growth still sluggish? We'll talk about it with the Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath. Plus, Verizon throttles back on video quality.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, August 22nd
The Wall Street Journal's Gordon Lubold talks about President Trump's plan to add more troops in Afghanistan. Plus, the Treasury Department hits ten Chinese and Russian firms with sanctions.
7 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, August 22nd
The Wall Street Journal's Stephanie Armour says Republicans will have precious little time to pass healthcare legislation once Congress returns next month from recess. Plus, Macy's poaches an eBay executive.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, August 21st
The Wall Street Journal's Vanessa Fuhrmanns on whether the fractured alliance between President Trump and corporate CEO's can be mended. Plus, WSJ's J.R. Whalen reports on the total eclipse.
7 min
What to Watch for Monday, August 21st
Is being one of the older kids in kindergarten a big advantage in school performance and getting into college? We'll discuss research on this with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Leubsdorf. Plus, more advisers split with President Trump.
6 min
Week Ahead: Fed Chair Yellen, Home Sales
Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Mitchell previews the upcoming week's economic schedule. It's highlighted by home sales reports and Fed Chair Janet Yellen's speech at the annual Jackson Hole, Wyoming symposium.
5 min
Wall Street Recap: Stocks End Week Lower
Stocks lost ground Friday, ending lower for a second straight week. Amid the turmoil in Washington, Corrie Driebusch of the Wall Street Journal says investors didn't want to go into the week with risk on their plate.
7 min
Top Stories for Friday, August 18th
Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib on what we can learn from the terror attacks in Spain. Plus, the ACLU takes a tougher stance on armed protests.
5 min
What to Watch for Friday, August 18th
The Wall Street Journal's Cam McWhirter talks about how the right-wing extremist movement has become unified. Plus, a planned White House infrastructure council has reportedly been canceled.
6 min
Top Stories for Thursday, August 17th
The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle discusses Apple CEO Tim Cook's criticism of President Trump. Plus, WSJ Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib on the practical impact of the two White House business councils disbanding.
6 min
What to Watch for Thursday, August 17th
The Wall Street Journal's David Harrison talks about the split among Fed policymakers over when the next rate hike should take place. Plus, the White House says the government will make cost-sharing payments this month to health insurers.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, August 16th
Home prices took a big jump in the second quarter. We'll discuss reasons for the rise with Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors. Plus, President Trump says he's disbanding two advisory councils.
6 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, August 16th
The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin on Nafta re-negotiations, which begin Wednesday. Plus, President Trump backtracks on singling out white nationalists.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, August 15th
Online employment scams are a growing problem, and the Wall Street Journal's Kelsey Gee says millennials are a favorite target for hackers. Plus, consumers opened their wallets in July.
6 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, August 15th
The Wall Street Journal's Dave Michaels talks about regulators' moves to loosen financial rules. Plus, President Trump's move to ramp up trade pressure on China.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, August 14th
The Wall Street Journal's Gordon Lubold talks about the nation's top military officer's role in the tensions between the US and North Korea. Plus, Merck's chief quits President Trump's manufacturing advisory council.
6 min
What to Watch for Monday, August 14th
The Wall Street Journal's Erich Schwartzel talks about a disappointing summer box office for movie theaters. Plus, some key earnings and economic reports are on this week's calendar.
6 min
Week Ahead: Retail Sales and Fed Minutes
July retail sales, housing starts and Fed minutes highlight this week's economic calendar. A preview from Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Ben Leubsdorf.
7 min
Markets Suffer Worst Week in Months
Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, as well as some poor earnings, led to weekly drops for the major stock averages. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch says disappointing earnings were as much a factor as geopolitics.
7 min
Top Stories for Friday, August 11th
The Wall Street Journal's Mark Maremont talks about the FBI uncovering an ISIS-run financial network allegedly involving eBay. Plus, how much does President Trump's tough talk on North Korea mean for financial markets?
6 min
What to Watch for Friday, August 11th
Amid US/North Korea tensions, the Wall Street Journal's Paul Sonne tells us that the US has been revamping its nuclear arsenal. Plus, experts don't expect another Fed rate hike for a few months.
6 min
Top Stories for Thursday, August 10th
The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon talks about Blue Apron's challenges after it reported a loss in its first quarter as a public company. Plus, the U.S. vs. North Korea: why it's different this time.
6 min
What to Watch for Thursday, August 10th
The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Bunge talks about the struggles of Dean Foods, the nation's top milk supplier. Plus, Tesla's new truck.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, August 9th
The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris talks about the ratcheted-up tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. Plus, WSJ's Ben Eisen on whether North Korea might be the rally-stopper.
6 min
What To Watch for Wednesday, August 9th
A new report contains a more upbeat forecast for the U.S. economy. We'll talk with the Wall Street Journal's Paul Hannon, who's in London. Plus, Donald Trump's warning and Walt Disney's streaming.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, August 8th
Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib talks about how effective the latest sanctions against North Korea could be. Plus, Google's firing of an employee over a controversial memo.
4 min
What to Watch for Tuesday, August 8th
The Wall Street Journal's Ruth Simon talks about how some brand manufacturers are battling back against Amazon.com. Plus, Tesla taps the debt market to fund its growth.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, August 7th
Congress is in recess, and Wall Street Journal reporter Janet Hook says Republicans could face an earful from angry constituents in their districts. Plus, North Korea says it won't negotiate on nuclear weapons.
6 min
What to Watch for Monday, August 7th
Consumer prices, productivity and trade. Join us for a look at what economists will be watching for this week with the economy. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us from Washington.
6 min
Stocks Post Weekly Gains
The Dow Jones Industrial Average moved higher for a second week after the monthly jobs report showed employers continued hiring at a healthy rate. The Wall Street Journal's Amrith Ramkumar has the details.
5 min
Top Stories for Friday, August 4th
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 elections, a sign that his inquiry is growing in intensity. The Wall Street Journal's Byron Tau has the latest details.
5 min
What to Watch for Friday, August 4th
Is "artificial intelligence" the death knell for middle-class jobs? Our chief economics commentator joins us with a look. Plus, a grand jury in Washington to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 elections and one more crisis for Uber.
6 min
Top Stories for Thursday, August 3rd
The case of a U.S. citizen mistaken for an illegal immigrant reverberates as Trump presses his immigration agenda. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler joins us from Washington with the latest.
7 min
What to Watch for Thursday, August 3rd
AutoTrader's Michelle Krebs discusses Tesla's better-than-expected quarterly results and says the carmaker needs a flawless launch of its Model 3. Plus, what's next for stocks following Dow 22K?
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, August 2nd
Dow 22k. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Eisen talks about the rapid rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which hit 22,000 for the first time on Wednesday. Plus, President Trump signs a Russian sanctions bill into law.
6 min
What to Watch for Wednesday, August 2nd
Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle talks about Apple's strong earnings quarter. He tells us what, if anything, Apple CEO Tim Cook said about the upcoming iPhone. Plus, Christopher Wray wins Senate confirmation to be the next FBI Director.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, August 1st
Before becoming White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci agreed to sell a controlling stake in his hedge-fund. The Wall Street Journal's Rob Copeland talks about where Scaramucci might end up. Plus, Senate Democrats and their demands on tax reform.
6 min
Earnings Cruise Amid Washington Strife
U.S. companies are expected to post their second straight quarter of double-digit profit growth. That's even though initiatives from Washington including tax reform and infrastructure spending have stalled. Joining us is Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Theo Francis.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, July 31st
The Wall Street Journal's Adrienne Roberts talks about automakers revamping car designs to try to win back buyers. Plus, Anthony Scaramucci is out after just ten days as White House communications director.
6 min
Putin Orders Big U.S. Diplomat Cuts in Russia
Russian president Vladimir Putin says the US will have to cut its diplomatic corps in Russia by 755, or more than half. It's in retaliation for new sanctions measures against Russia passed by Congress. The Wall Street Journal's Thomas Grove joins us from Moscow.
6 min
Health-Care Defeat Reveals Hurdles for GOP Tax ...
Republicans want to deliver a major legislative victory before the country heads to the ballot box next year. At this point tax reform looks like the most likely way to achieve that, but how? WSJ's Richard Rubin reports from Washington.
5 min
Week Ahead: Employment, Inflation, Trade
The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath joins us from Washington with a look at what economists will be watching this week.
6 min
S&P 500, Nasdaq Fall for the Week on Pressure f...
The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at how quarterly earnings moved the market this week. Plus, what's happening with tech and energy shares, as well as the dollar.
5 min
Top Stories for Friday, July 28th
The U.S. economy glides back to a steady, modest growth path. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from Washington with the details. Plus, the latest on healthcare, Tesla, and shrimp farming in Minnesota.
5 min
Insurers Wary as Healthcare Repeal Fails
The Republican effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act collapsed after a slimmed-down Senate measure to pare back selected pieces of the 2010 health-care law failed. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson joins us from Capitol Hill.
5 min
Ex-Convicts Help Companies Fill Need for Skille...
As jobless rate declines, employers increasingly find qualified workers among recently released prisoners. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott has the story from Washington.
5 min
Foxconn to Build $10 Billion Factory in U.S.
Foxconn, which helped turn China into the center of electronics manufacturing, will build display panels used in televisions and other products in Wisconsin. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle joins us from San Francisco with context.
6 min
Top Stories for Thursday, July 27th
The Senate's marathon series of amendment votes on health care may culminate in the consideration of a scaled-back repeal of the Affordable Care Act says WSJ's Michelle Hackman. Plus, ex-convicts are helping companies fill the need for skilled labor.
6 min
McCain Calls for Decorum and Bipartisanship
Senator John McCain returned to the Senate this week following brain surgery. After he cast a procedural vote to debate health reform, McCain called for a return to Senate bipartisanship he said was badly needed. Joining us is the Wall Street Journal's Siobhan Hughes.
6 min
Fed to Shrink Balance Sheet 'Relatively Soon'
The Federal Reserve made no move on interest rates and indicated that it would start shrinking its massive bond portfolio "relatively soon." The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry says that means the Fed could start the process soon after the September policy meeting.
5 min
More Trump Exclusive, Top Stories for July 26th
Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib talks about President Trump's criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Plus, Trump's plan to bar transgender people from serving in the military.
4 min
President Trump Talks Up a Middle-Class Tax Cut
In an exclusive Wall Street Journal interview Tuesday, President Trump talked about a tax break for the middle class and repeated his criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Joining us is Wall Street Journal White House reporter Mike Bender.
7 min
Cutting Back on Employees Working from Home
More big companies have reduced or ended the practice of remote-work arrangements. John Simons of the Wall Street Journal says companies are bringing back workers to the office because managers want more collaboration and more control over the workday.
5 min
More U.S. Vehicles Are Being Built in Mexico
Despite pressure by President Trump on automakers to build more cars in the U.S., companies have sharply boosted vehicle production in Mexico. The Wall Street Journal's John Stoll explains.
7 min
Trump Exclusive, Top Stories for Tuesday, July ...
Wall Street Journal Washington bureau chief Paul Beckett talks about our interview with President Trump. We have excerpts from the exclusive interview. Plus, the Senate votes to debate healthcare reform.
6 min
Home Price Growth Stays Strong
The growth in U.S. home prices remained strong in the spring. The S&P/Case-Shiller national index rose 5.6 percent in May to another record. David Blitzer of S&P Dow Jones Indices says the strongest home price growth is still in the West.
5 min
Trump's a Bit Late: Wall Street Pay Already Fal...
The Trump administration has signaled its intent to limit regulations reining in Wall Street pay and bonuses. But compensation has already come down for many bankers, and the Wall Street Journal's Telis Demos tells us why.
7 min
Kushner Denies Collusion in Senate Testimony
Jared Kushner met with the Senate Intelligence Committee Monday. The Wall Street Journal's Shane Harris said Kushner detailed meetings with Russian officials, including one previously undisclosed encounter. Kushner denied any collusion with Russia.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, July 24th
PNC's Bill Stone previews the week, which includes a Fed meeting, some important earnings and economic readings. Plus, Jared Kusher talks to a Senate panel.
5 min
Meet Your New Landlord: Wall Street
Big investors are transforming suburban neighborhoods by buying up single-family homes and renting them out. The Wall Street Journal's Ryan Dezember and Laura Kusisto join us in the studio with the details.
6 min
Week Ahead: Housing, Consumers, GDP
The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf joins us from our newsroom in Washington with a look at what to watch this week with the economy.
6 min
Wall Street Recap: Stocks Dip Amid Earnings Parade
The S&P 500 edged lower Friday but posted a weekly gain as corporate earnings continued to drive some of the biggest moves. The Wall Street Journal's Amrith Ramkumar joins us in the studio with a look at Wall Street this week.
5 min
U.S. to Ban Tourist Visits to North Korea
The U.S. will ban American citizens from traveling to North Korea except in the case of humanitarian aid workers, citing growing risks to Americans who venture into the country. The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Cheng joins us from Seoul.
5 min
Sean Spicer Departs White House Post
White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned over objections that President Donald Trump hired financier Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. Wall Street Journal White House Reporter Michael Bender joins us with the details.
5 min
Top Stories for Friday, July 21st
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns, the State Department bans travel to North Korea, and two of the world's largest online marketplaces for criminal goods have been shut down. WSJ's Robert McMillan joins us from San Francisco.
6 min
Low-Income Earners See Weekly Pay Gain Faster T...
A tighter labor market appears to be leading to better pay for workers making the least. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath joins us with the details from Washington.
6 min
What McCain's Cancer Diagnosis Could Mean for GOP
Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a type of brain cancer. His office says the timing of his return to the Senate will depend upon further consultations with his medical team. The Wall Street Journal's Siobhan Hughes reports from Washington.
5 min
Top Stories for Thursday, July 20th
Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to remain in his job despite a rebuke by President Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal's Aruna Viswanatha joins us from outside the Department of Justice with the latest.
5 min
New Uncertainty for Health Insurers
The Affordable Care Act remains law after the GOP's failed health reform attempt. But the Wall Street Journal's Anna Mathews says insurers are left with huge questions, chief among them, what will happen to federal subsidies that lower many Americans' health insurance premiums?
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, July 19th
WSJ Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib on a new Journal poll of President Donald Trump's core supporters. Plus, Amazon.com brings Spark to its app.
4 min
GOP Pushes Health Law Repeal Despite Lack of Votes
Senate Republican leaders plan to bring an Obamacare repeal bill to a vote next week, even though they don't have the votes to pass the measure. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson with an update.
6 min
Why Obamacare Passed But GOP Health Bill Didn't
The Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, but the Senate GOP health reform measure failed. The Wall Street Journal's Naftali Bendavid explains the fundamental differences behind why one bill passed and the other went down to defeat.
7 min
Trump's Plan to Overhaul Nafta
The Trump administration releases a blueprint for remaking the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin said the plan calls for preserving "Buy America" provisions, but steps back from some of President Trump's anti-trade rhetoric.
7 min
Peter Morici: GOP Not Together on Budget Policy
In the wake of the GOP failure to pass a health reform law, University of Maryland business professor Peter Morici blames a lack of leadership by top Senate Republicans.
7 min
Peter Morici: GOP Not Together on Budget Policy
In the wake of the GOP failure to pass a health reform law, University of Maryland business professor Peter Morici blames a lack of leadership by top Senate Republicans.
7 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, July 18th
The Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman talks about Goldman Sachs' quarterly earnings, which include disappointing trading activity. Plus, a GOP repeal-only bid on the health law fails.
7 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, July 18th
The Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman talks about Goldman Sachs' quarterly earnings, which include disappointing trading activity. Plus, a GOP repeal-only bid on the health law fails.
7 min
Foreign Buying of U.S. Homes Hits a Record
A new survey finds foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate rose by nearly half over the past year, to a record 153 billion dollars. Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors says a big jump in investments by Canadian buyers fueled the rise.
6 min
TV Chef Bobby Flay Cooks up IPO
TV celebrity chef Bobby Flay plans to offer shares to the public in his Bobby's Burger Palace chain. The Wall Street Journal's Charles Passy says it'll be the first time Flay has sought investors in his restaurants.
6 min
Top Stories for Monday, July 17th
WSJ Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib on a new poll that says President Donald Trump's approval ratings continue to sink. But in Trump country, he gets a thumbs-up. Plus, a setback for the GOP healthcare bill
5 min
GOP Health Bill Faces Another Setback
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed a vote set for this week on the Senate's healthcare overhaul measure. That's because Senator John McCain's recovery from surgery left supporters short of the votes needed to advance the bill. Details from the Wall Street Journal's Bryon Tau.
6 min
Ride-Hailing Speeds Up, Car-Sharing Slows Down
The Wall Street Journal's Adrienne Roberts says car-sharing companies like ZipCar have hit a speed bump while demand for ride-hailing services such as Uber has accelerated.
6 min
Week Ahead: Central Bank Meetings; New Housing ...
The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott previews this week's economic calendar, which includes global central bank meetings and a key U.S. housing report.
5 min
Wall Street Recap: Record Highs for Dow, S&P 500
Both the Dow Industrials and S&P 500 closed at record highs Friday. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch says some weak economic reports have investors anticipating low interest rates for the foreseeable future.
6 min
Top Stories for Friday, July 14th
WSJ's Michelle Hackman joins us with a look at how the Senate health bill compares to the House-passed version and the Affordable Care Act. Plus, optimism that President Trump will revitalize the economy is fading and it's earnings season for banks.
6 min
Bank Profits Top Views, But Lending is a Concern
JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo all posted better than expected quarterly earnings. But the Wall Street Journal's Telis Demos says their stocks were pressured by continued concerns about loan growth.
6 min
Manulife Exploring IPO or Spinoff for John Hanc...
If it proceeds with a breakup Manulife would be the latest life insurer to hive off a large part of its business. Industry executives have often cited the duress low interest rates put on some of their basic products. WSJ's Vipal Monga reports.
5 min
Uber Merges Russian Arm With Yandex.Taxi
The Wall Street Journal's Douglas MacMillan says it's a rare retreat that shows the beleaguered company's willingness to withdraw from costly battles abroad. He joins us from the newsroom in San Francisco.
6 min
Health Bill Would Let Insurers Sell Bare-Bones ...
Senate GOP leaders released revised health legislation that would topple parts of the Affordable Care Act, impose steep cuts on Medicaid and let insurers sell cheaper plans. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson reports from Capitol Hill.
5 min
Top Stories for Thursday, July 13th
The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us from Washington with a look at what we learn from Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen's testimony on Capitol Hill. The GOP tries again to overhaul healthcare and bargain hunters look to shares of retailers.
6 min
Warren Buffett Could Face a Rival Bid for Oncor
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway made a nine billion dollar bid for Energy Future, the company that owns Texas utility Oncor. But a hedge fund is planning a rival offer. And Buffett has long had a distaste for bidding wars, says Nicole Friedman of the Wall Street Journal.
6 min
Top Stories for Wednesday, July 12th
Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Back previews second quarter earnings for major banks. Plus, Fed chair Janet Yellen on future rate hikes and President Trump defends his son.
6 min
Janet Yellen: More Gradual Rate Hikes Needed
Fed chair Janet Yellen stuck to the script in her Congressional testimony, reiterating that gradual rates hikes will be appropriate as the economy continues to strengthen. The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry updates us from Capitol Hill.
6 min
Brandless Fights Big Brands with $3 Pricing
Online startup Brandless is selling generic products, many of them health- and environmentally-conscious items, at three dollars apiece. The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep says Brandless hopes this strategy will give it an edge against the major brands.
6 min
Top Stories for Tuesday, July 11th
How confident are small business owners? We'll talk with Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist at the National Federation of Independent Business, about a new survey. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. releases emails tied to Russia and Tesla bulks up on car repair.
6 min
Trump to Tap Quarles as Fed Bank Regulator
President Donald Trump plans to nominate Randal Quarles to be the Fed's top official in charge of regulating big banks. The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson tells us about Quarles, an investment-fund manager and former Treasury official.
6 min
Department Stores Sell Cosmetics at a Discount
Macy's and Lord & Taylor have long sold high-end lipstick, mascara and fragrances at full price. But the Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner says department stores have started cutting the price of cosmetics. She explains why.
5 min
Top Stories for Monday, July 10th
Executive Washington editor Gerald Seib examines what's next for health-care reform on Capitol Hill. Donald Trump Jr. responds to new Russia developments. Plus, Facebook cuts the price for its VR headset.
5 min
What's the GOP's Next Move on Health Reform?
Senate Republicans returned from the July 4th recess more divided than ever on a bill to pass healthcare reform. They're also split on what to do afterward if they fail to pass legislation, according to the Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman.
7 min
Electric Cars Need More Than Fans
Electric vehicles threaten oil's future but they must keep improving to overcome the advantage of conventional cars. The Wall Street Journal's Spencer Jakab joins us in the studio with the story.
6 min
Week Ahead: Retail Sales, Consumer Prices, Inte...
We get fresh retail sales and consumer prices this week, plus Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivers her latest monetary policy report to Congress. The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun joins us with a look at what to watch this week with the economy.
5 min
Weekend Edition: 'Spider-Man' Returns Yet Again
Another 'Spider-Man' movie is swinging into theaters. Plus, Apple expands its bet on privacy technology and "initial coin offerings" heat up.
5 min
Wall Street Recap: Stocks Lifted by Financial S...
Gains in bank stocks offset losses by energy companies. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week on Wall Street.
4 min
Markets Not Ready for Jump in Jobs
The economy added 222,000 jobs last month. It's good news for American workers. For investors, the message is mixed. The Wall Street Journal's Justin Lahart has the details.
5 min
Top Stories for Friday, July 7th
The U.S. economy added 222,000 jobs in June. PNC chief economist Gus Faucher sizes up the better than expected employment data. Plus, Tesla has big plans in Australia.
5 min
Political Lines Shape U.S. College Picks of Som...
International students accepted to U.S. schools are planning to enroll at a similar rate in most areas except the southern part of the country, especially Texas. The Wall Street Journal's Newley Purnell joins us from New Delhi, India.
4 min
U.S. Lifts Laptop Ban on Emirates Airline, Turk...
The U.S. government is continuing to roll back laptop restrictions on some foreign flights after reviewing airport security measures. The Wall Street Journal's Robert Wall reports from London.
5 min
What to Watch in the June Jobs Report
The Labor Department releases its June employment report Friday. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect employers added 174,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 4.3%. WSJ's Jeffrey Sparshott shares his list of what to watch.
4 min
GOP Senators' Catch-22 on Health Care
The Senate's proposed healthcare overhaul would see average premiums for mid-level insurance plans jump by 20 percent next January. The bill faces widespread opposition, but the Wall Street Journal's Stephanie Armour says not passing any bill may be just as bad.
6 min
Time to Start Worrying About a Possible Recession?
Maybe not quite yet. But as the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says, there are preconditions for a recession that resemble what's taking place today: low unemployment, soaring asset values and a pervasive sense of calm.
6 min
Trump-Putin Meeting Highlights European Trip
The Wall Street Journal's Nathan Hodge joins us from Moscow. He says President Trump's meeting with European leaders at a G-20 summit will likely be upstaged by Trump's first meeting with Russian president Putin since the November election.
6 min
Gerald Seib: What to Watch in Trump-Putin Meeting
President Donald Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a G-20 summit in Germany at week's end. Wall Street Journal Executive Washington Editor Gerald Seib says there are four things we should watch for in Trump's meeting with Putin.
3 min
How the U.S. Can Get More Women into the Workforce
Boosting women's participation in the U.S workforce could fill an untapped economic potential. How could we do it? Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Ben Leubsdorf says the U.S. should look to Canada for lessons.
6 min
U.S. Vehicle Sales Fall in June
Sales of vehicles in the U.S. fell last month, capping a bumpy first half of 2017 after a record year for 2016. Michelle Krebs of AutoTrader says sales remain strong and that a dip in 2017 is not a surprise following the booming growth of the last several years.
6 min
Governors Push Back on Senate GOP Health Bill
Republican senators on recess this week are hearing from GOP governors who are against Medicaid funding cuts in the Senate health bill. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson says some states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare are urging senators to rethink funding cuts.
6 min
'Spider-Man' Movie: $175 Million Ad for Disney ...
"Spider-Man: Homecoming" brings two of Hollywood's big competitors together in an unprecedented partnership. Sony hopes the film will revive its movie business while Disney wants a two-hour commercial for its toys. WSJ's Ben Fritz reports.
5 min
Week Ahead: Jobs, Fed Minutes, Manufacturing
It's a holiday-shortened week but one that's full of fresh economic data. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us from Washington with what to watch this week.
5 min
Stocks Push Higher; Tech Shares Edge Up
Major indexes are set to post strong gains for the first half of 2017. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at stocks, bonds and what to watch next week.
5 min
Ford CEO: Decision-Making 'Shot Clock' Needed t...
Ford CEO Jim Hackett outlines his agenda for his first 100 days to help jump-start the auto maker's sagging stock price. The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rogers reports from Detroit.
5 min
Trump Administration Begins Enforcing Travel Ban
The White House is enforcing stricter limits on entry to the U.S. after the Supreme Court allowed parts of its temporary travel ban to go into effect. An update from Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Brent Kendall.
7 min
Walgreens, Rite Aid Call Off Planned Merger
Drugstore giants Walgreens and Rite Aid scrapped their planned 9.4 billion dollar merger. Instead, Walgreens reached a new deal to buy half of Rite Aid's stores. The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep says the previous deal had faced heavy antitrust scrutiny.
4 min
Banks Pass Stress Tests, Will Boost Dividends
For the first time, all banks taking part in the Fed's stress tests passed them. As a result, the banks will boost their dividend payouts and share buybacks to their highest levels in years. Joining us is the Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman.
6 min
Home Affordability Near a Nine-Year Low
A report by ATTOM Data Solutions finds the median U.S. home price in the second quarter was at the least affordable level since 2008. ATTOM's Daren Blomquist says home prices rose faster than weekly wages in 87 percent of markets.
6 min
Greg Ip: Senate Health Bill Pits Elderly vs. Poor
The Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says the Senate health reform bill, by singling out Medicaid, signals that the burden of cost containment will fall largely on the poor as opposed to the elderly.
6 min
Containing the Fallout from a Global Cyberattack
Global firms scrambled to contain the fallout from a cyberattack that disrupted computers in the US and Europe. Shipping giant Maersk was especially hard-hit, says the Wall Street Journal's Costas Paris.
6 min
Blue Apron's Tough Task: Finding Loyal Customers
As it prepares to price its IPO, Blue Apron faces a big hurdle to continued growth. It's struggling to hold onto customers that try its meal kit delivery service. Joining us from San Francisco is Wall Street Journal reporter Eliot Brown.
6 min
EU Fines Google $2.7 Billion Over Search Results
The European Union's antitrust regulator has fined Google a record 2.7 billion dollars. The Wall Street Journal's Natalia Drozdiak, reporting from Brussels, says Google was targeted for favoring its own comparison-shopping service in search results.
6 min
Senate Health Bill Raises Uninsured by 22 Million
The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the Senate's proposed healthcare bill would leave an additional 22 million Americans without insurance. Wall Street Journal health policy reporter Stephanie Armour has details.
6 min
Amazon-Whole Foods Spells Trouble for Food Brands
Amazon's plan to buy Whole Foods will likely pressure big food companies with its low price strategy, says the Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens.
5 min
The Senate Health Vote and Midterm Elections
The upcoming Senate vote on a healthcare overhaul will showcase a partisan divide in several states' mid-term elections next year. The Wall Street Journal's Kristina Peterson says Democratic senators will likely face GOP challengers who voted for health reform in the House.
6 min
Air-Bag Maker Takata Files for Bankruptcy
Takata's bankruptcy filing in Japan and the U.S. is designed to keep the company afloat as it replaces millions of air bags. Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Spector has details.
6 min
Aviation Industry Bolsters Cybersecurity Defenses
Escalating concerns about cyberthreats are prompting the aviation industry to devise an unlikely new safeguard: real-time warnings to pilots about potential hacking attempts. The Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor reports.
6 min
Week Ahead: Inflation, Housing, Consumers
Expect fresh looks at inflation, manufacturing, home prices and consumers. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott joins us from Washington with what to watch this week with the economy.
5 min
U.S. Stocks Notch Weekly Gains
U.S. stocks posted weekly gains, as a rise in health-care stocks offset a drop in energy companies. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in the studio with a look at the week.
5 min
From Music to Maps, How Apple's iPhone Changed ...
Apple's iPhone gave rise to whole new industries and laid waste to others. As the device turns 10, we take stock of its impact on everything from cameras to telecoms. The Wall Street Journal's Betsy Morris joins us from San Francisco.
5 min
Senate Health Bill Sets Up Showdown Among Repub...
The Senate GOP's proposal would undo major parts of the Affordable Care Act and transform a large part of the health-care system by changing and cutting funding for Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman reports from Washington.
5 min
Vegas Tower Brings Windfall for Donald Trump
President Donald Trump released a new financial disclosure form Thursday. The Wall Street Journal's Alexandra Berzon says a Las Vegas hotel made him around 20 million dollars in additional revenue during the latest federal disclosure period.
6 min
Senate GOP Leaders Unveil Health Reform Bill
Senate Republican leaders Thursday unveiled a health-care measure that would undo large parts of the Affordable Care Act. Wall Street Journal reporter Michelle Hackman says, among the many changes, the bill would phase out taxes for high-income earners.
6 min
Nike Will Sell Some Products Directly to Amazon
Nike has agreed to sell some items directly to Amazon.com. Nike had held out making such a move, but the Wall Street Journal's Sara Germano says Nike has been ramping up its e-commerce efforts, as traditional retailers continue to lose business.
6 min
Greg Ip: The Economy Needs More Amazons
The U.S. has observed a long period of low stock-market volatility and economic stagnation. The Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip believes the economy and markets could benefit from more risk-taking companies - creative disrupters like Amazon.com.
6 min
Investors Push Uber CEO Out. What's Next?
Ride-hailing firm Uber was a brash startup that became a nearly-70 billion dollar company. Now, CEO Travis Kalanick is gone, ousted by investors after a series of scandals and setbacks. What's next for Uber? The Wall Street Journal's Greg Bensinger joins us.
6 min
GOP Keeps House Seat in Georgia
Republican Karen Handel beat Democrat Jon Ossoff in a special election to decide a hotly-contested U.S. House seat in Georgia. The Wall Street Journal's Reid Epstein talks about the most expensive race in House history.
6 min
Struggling to Modernize Government Tech
The government's computer systems are old and outdated, and tech companies would love to jump in and overhaul them. But standing in the way, says the Wall Street Journal's John McKinnon, is government bureaucracy.
7 min
UPS Delivers New Holiday Surcharges to Retailers
UPS plans to charge extra fees to retailers for delivering packages during the busiest periods before Christmas. Will this lead to higher shipping prices for consumers? Joining us is Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Ziobro.
6 min
How Apple's iPhone Transformed Apple Itself
Since it was introduced 10 years ago, Apple's iPhone has changed the way we live and work. The Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle says the iPhone has also transformed Apple from a scrappy innovator into an industry giant facing enormous challenges.
7 min
Plan to Track Foreigners at Airports Hits a Snag
The government says it's finally developed a way to reliably track departing foreigners at U.S. airports. But the Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler says Uncle Sam and the airline industry are in a dispute, each saying the other should operate the system.
6 min
Do CEOs Have Clout with Donald Trump?
President Trump often invites CEOs to the White House for discussions on how to shape economic policy. But how much influence do executives have over Mr. Trump? The Wall Street Journal's Vanessa Fuhrmans says the CEOs appear to have had a mixed record of success.
7 min
Boeing Launches a New Single-Aisle Plane
Boeing has launched its largest single-aisle jetliner, the 737 Max 10. The Wall Street Journal's Robert Wall, reporting from the Paris Air Show, says the new plane is Boeing's bid to regain market share lost to Airbus.
6 min
We're Drinking More Liquor, Less Beer and Wine
New data shows that sales of spirits and mixed drinks rose last year, while beer and wine sales fell. Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Maloney says more millennials are turning to gin, whiskey, tequila and cocktails.
5 min
Week Ahead: Home Sales and Fed Speeches
The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Chaney joins us from the Washington newsroom with a look at what to watch this week.
5 min
Weekend Edition: A Laptop With a Cloth Keyboard?
Wall Street Journal personal tech Geoffrey Fowler tests a new Microsoft laptop and its fabric feature. Plus, why 'Cars 3' is much more than a movie.
7 min
Wall Street Recap: Amazon Pressures Retail Stocks
Shares of retailers fell Friday after Amazon said it would buy Whole Foods Market. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch joins us in studio to look at the week on Wall Street.
6 min
Amazon Swallows Whole Foods
Amazon.com plans to buy Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars, the largest deal in Amazon's history. The Wall Street Journal's Annie Gasparro talks about what the deal means for both companies, and what it might mean for consumers.
4 min
Google Faces Record Fine by European Union
The European Union's antitrust watchdog is getting set to hit Google with a hefty fine. From Brussels, Wall Street Journal reporter Natalia Drozdiak says Google faces charges it manipulates search results.
6 min
White House at Odds with Fed on Growth Forecasts
The Trump administration is predicting the economy will eventually grow at a three percent pace. But that's at odds with what the Federal Reserve is predicting, according to Wall Street Journal Washington reporter Harriet Torry.
6 min
Mueller Probing Possible Obstruction of Justice
Special counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation to include whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. Wall Street Journal reporter Shane Harris joins us from Washington.
6 min
Dietz: Mortgage Rates to Nudge Higher Due to Fed
The National Association of Home Builders says builder confidence dipped in June. NAHB chief economist Robert Dietz explains why. He also offers his outlook for mortgage rates as the Fed increases rates and shrinks its balance sheet.
5 min
Trump to Scale Back Obama Cuba Policy Changes
The Trump administration says it plans a rollback of Obama policy changes aimed at normalizing relations with Cuba. The Wall Street Journal's Felecia Schwartz says the White House believes those changes benefited the Cuban government.
7 min
Fed Hikes Rates Again. But How Many More in 2017?
Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.com, says the Fed will need greater clarity on the U.S. economy before hiking interest rates again this year.
7 min
Trump Lets Pentagon Decide on Afghan Troop Levels
Instead of making the decision himself, President Trump has given the military wide latitude on U.S. troop levels for the war in Afghanistan. Wall Street Journal reporter Dion Nissenbaum says it would follow years of troop drawdowns in the region.
7 min
Beneath the Uneasy Peace Between Donald Trump a...
The president's relationship with the Federal Reserve has so far been cordial, but that doesn't mean Chairwoman Janet Yellen is likely to stay on. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos joins us from the Washington newsroom.
6 min
What We Learn From Attorney General Jeff Sessio...
Attorney General Jeff Sessions faced questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Russia probe, the firing of FBI Director James Comey and more. The Wall Street Journal's Joshua Jamerson joins us from Washington with what we learned.
5 min
J.P. Morgan Removes NBC News Ads Over Megyn Kel...
NBC anchor Megyn Kelly's plan to air an interview with right-wing provocateur Alex Jones has caused a firestorm to erupt on social media, but so far advertisers have remained quiet-with at least one notable exception. WSJ's Suzanne Vranica reports.
6 min
With Fed Rate Hike Likely, What Next in 2017?
The Federal Reserve meets Tuesday and Wednesday to debate interest rate policy. A rate increase is expected. But Wall Street Journal reporter Harriet Torry says economists appear divided on what happens next.
6 min
Trump to Expand Apprenticeship Program
You're hired! President Donald Trump, who hosted a reality TV series called "The Apprentice," plans to expand the apprenticeship program to beef up the U.S. workforce. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath has details.
7 min
No Stores in This Mall Makeover
With more people shopping online, the Wall Street Journal's Esther Fung says shopping center landlords are rethinking how they use their space. And the mall they envision contains fewer and fewer department stores.
5 min
Blue Jeans Get Their Game Back
Denim makers are emphasizing stretch, comfort and styles that fit more like leggings in a bid to win back the athleisure customer. The Wall Street Journal's Anne Steele joins us in the studio with the details.
4 min
Colleges Face New Headache: Rotting Infrastructure
Colleges and universities nationwide are battling faulty plumbing, leaky roofs and aging electrical systems. The Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn says the bill for maintenance has topped 40 billion dollars by some estimates.
6 min
Week Ahead: Fed Meeting, Consumers, Retail
It's an action-packed week between the Fed interest rate meeting and fresh data coming out. The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson joins us from Washington with what to watch with the economy.
6 min
Weekend Edition: 'The Mummy' Starts Monster Mash
With 'The Mummy' hitting movie theaters this weekend, Universal Pictures has much at stake. Plus, the Nasdaq suffers a scary end to the week.
4 min
Wall Street Recap: Tech Stocks Tumble to End Week
Shares of tech stocks fell Friday and took the S&P 500 along into the red. The Wall Street Journal's Aaron Kuriloff joins us in the studio with a closer look.
6 min
Trump's Infrastructure Fix Has a Geography Problem
The Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann says President Trump's plan to privatize an infrastructure overhaul faces resistance from lawmakers in rural districts. They're concerned that private investors would focus more on cities.
6 min
Fintech Firm Helps Companies Stop Using Checks
AvidXchange is a software company that helps businesses pay each other electronically, rather than by the longstanding practice of using checks. The Wall Street Journal's Peter Rudegeair says AvidXchange has raised 300 million dollars in a round of funding.
6 min
Comey Affair Will Slow Trump Agenda Even More
Former FBI director James Comey testified in front of a Senate panel about his firing by President Trump. Economist Peter Morici says this controversy will make it all the more difficult for Mr. Trump to enact needed economic reforms.
6 min
U.S. Oil Exports Soar, Upending Global Markets
There's a glut of oil across the globe and U.S. crude prices have been low - between 45 and 50 dollars a barrel. So, why have U.S. oil exports doubled last year's pace? The Wall Street Journal's Lynn Cook explains.
7 min
Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Bitcoin All Up in Unison
It's a rarity that has some investors nervous: assets such as stocks, bonds and gold are all rising together. The Wall Street Journal's Min Zeng says this could leave the markets vulnerable to sudden shocks.
7 min
Trump Taps Chris Wray as New FBI Director
President Donald Trump has tapped former assistant attorney general Christopher Wray to be the next FBI chief. He would succeed the fired James Comey, who's expected to testify in front of a Senate panel Thursday. The Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Ballhaus has details.
6 min
Amazon Cuts Prime Fee for Low-Income Shoppers
Amazon.com is cutting its Prime membership fee for people in the U.S. food-stamp program. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens the move is a bid to fight Wal-Mart for its low-income shoppers.
5 min
Colleges Fail to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
The Wall Street Journal reviewed findings from a standardized test on reasoning ability. The data found that at more than half the colleges giving the exam, many students failed to improve over four years their ability to think. Joining us is WSJ's Doug Belkin.
7 min
Trump Tweets Ire at Justice on Revised Travel Ban
President Trump tweeted his frustrations over the revised travel ban order. He cast blame on his own Justice Department, which is seeking to revive the latest executive order in front of the Supreme Court. The Wall Street Journal's Brent Kendall fills us in.
7 min
Why Low Unemployment Can Lead to Trouble
The nation's unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent in May. According to the Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun, recent history tells us that low jobless rates have often come right before economic busts.
7 min
Two of Three U.K. Attackers Identified
The Wall Street Journal says two of the three men who killed seven and injured dozens in London Saturday have been identified. WSJ's Jason Douglas brings us up to date.
8 min
Trump's New Infrastructure Push
President Trump is launching a new campaign this week to invest one trillion dollars overhauling the nation's infrastructure. The Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann has details.
7 min
No More Mosh Pits at Panera Bread
Panera Bread had a problem with customers waiting in long lines to order, then standing in what Panera's CEO called a "mosh pit" waiting for their food. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon says Panera went online to solve the problem.
5 min
Week Ahead: Why Have Workers Been Less Productive?
The Wall Street Journal's Josh Zumbrun previews this week's economic schedule, including news on worker productivity. Also, a couple of closely-watched reports from China.
7 min
Stocks Enjoy Records Friday, Despite Jobs Report
Stocks capped a solid week with record finishes for the major averages Friday, despite a weaker-than-expected May jobs report. Aaron Kuriloff of the Wall Street Journal says investors see no real reason not to buy U.S. stocks at this point.
7 min
S&P Global's Bovino: Jobs Report Won't Delay Fe...
Unemployment fell to 4.3% in May but the U.S. economy added only 138,000 jobs. Beth Ann Bovino, U.S. chief economist at S&P Global Ratings, parses the May employment data and examines the impact on future Fed interest rate hikes.
6 min
Trump Can't Get U.S. Out of Climate Deal Until ...
The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin says President Trump's decision to exit the Paris climate accord is only the start of a multiyear process.
6 min
Paying Taxes: What's Your Fair Share?
With the GOP struggling to enact tax reform, there are these questions: how much do the rich, middle income and lower income people pay in taxes? Is it fair? It's complicated, and the Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin explains it for us.
6 min
Trump to Pull U.S. Out of Paris Climate Accord
President Donald Trump Thursday said the U.S. would withdraw from the 2015 Paris agreement aimed at combating climate change. Wall Street Journal reporter Eli Stokols said Mr. Trump framed his reasons mostly in economic and political terms.
7 min
More Solid Job Growth Expected in May's Report
The government issues the May employment report on Friday. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath thinks non-farm payrolls continued to expand at a solid pace, though maybe a bit slower than during April.
6 min
What Trump Gets Right About Trade
President Donald Trump has been criticized for his hawkish views on trade. But the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says Trump is right to criticize Germany and China for their huge trade surpluses.
7 min
Female CEOs Out-Earn Male Counterparts
Although there are far fewer female CEOs of major companies, they earn more in median salary than male chief executives. The Wall Street Journal's Joann Lublin discusses the results of a WSJ analysis of CEO pay.
6 min
CEO Pay Hits Post-Recession Record
It pays to be the chief executive of a major company. Median CEO pay hit 11.7 million dollars last year, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. WSJ's Theo Francis with details of the study.
7 min
We Don't Go Out to Lunch Anymore
Forget the hour-long sit-down lunch at a restaurant. The number of lunch visits by Americans to restaurants is at its lowest level in decades. The Wall Street Journal's Julie Jargon says reasons include cost and workers' busy schedules.
6 min
Fed Rate Hike, Portfolio Reduction Expected
Fed policymakers meet in two weeks and will likely hike rates and announce a plan for reducing its massive portfolio. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos says the looming debt limit fight in Congress could inject some uncertainty in the Fed's plans later this year.
7 min
GOP Tax Cut Plans Run Into Reality
Republican lawmakers' big ideas for tax changes have encountered a lot of resistance, including from within their own party. The Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin talks about the difficulty in changing the nation's tax code.
7 min
Is the Ex-Jock a Dinosaur on Wall Street?
People who played sports in college were once heavily recruited by Wall Street firms since they were seen as having the ideal traits to succeed. That's all changed with the advent of electronic trading, according to the Wall Street Journal's Justin Baer.
6 min
Jobs Report Grabs the Spotlight This Week
It'll be a holiday-shortened week, but a busy one for economic data. The Wall Street Journal's Jeffrey Sparshott previews the week, highlighted by the May employment report.
7 min
Stocks Edge Higher Going Into Memorial Day
Stocks were basically flat, but the Nasdaq and S&P 500 edged higher to new records. Overall, the major averages posted strong gains. The Wall Street Journal's Corrie Driebusch says any worries about political turmoil are being Trumped by earnings.
6 min
First Quarter GDP Revised Up to 1.2%
First quarter economic growth was stronger than previously thought, at 1.2 percent. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Leubsdorf points out that it's slower than the fourth quarter, and talks about why first quarter GDP has been traditionally weaker than the rest of the year.
7 min
Gillette Faces New Attack From an Old Razor Rival
Schick is the latest brand to start its own online shave club. The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Terlep joins us in the studio with a look at what it means for Procter & Gamble's Gillette.
5 min
Millennials Want to Buy Homes but Aren't Saving...
Less than 30% of 25- to 34-year-olds can save enough for a 10% down payment in next three years, according to a new study. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto joins us from the Washington newsroom with the details.
5 min
What House GOP Health Bill Means for Deficit, P...
The health-overhaul bill approved by House Republicans would leave more people uninsured while reducing the cumulative federal deficit in the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. WSJ's Kristina Peterson reports from Washington.
6 min
How Realistic is Trump's 3% Growth Target?
President Donald Trump has set an ambitious goal of three percent economic growth. But the Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip says Mr. Trump has no rigorous plan to back it up.
7 min
Corporate Profits Rise at Quickest Pace Since 2011
Something to make investors happy: quarterly corporate earnings are seen rising at the fastest rate in nearly six years. The Wall Street Journal's Akane Otani says ten of the 11 sectors in the S&P 500 are set to post profit growth in the first quarter.
6 min
At Least Three More Arrests in Manchester Bombing
Police have arrested at least three more in connection with the bombing in Manchester England. This, as authorities probe a possible network linked to the attack. An update from the Wall Street Journal's Robert Wall in London.
5 min
Many Summer Jobs for Teens, Few of Them at Malls
Plenty of teens will be working this summer, though few will work at malls because of thousands of store closures. The Wall Street Journal's Imani Moise says that for teens, this means getting more creative with the job search, or staying unemployed.
4 min
Donald Trump's Budget Plan
The Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson talks about President Trump's budget proposal, which seeks to cut spending by four and a half billion dollars over a decade.
7 min
Manchester Attack: Desperate Tweets for Loved Ones
Joining us from London, the Wall Street Journal's Alistair MacDonald talks about people tweeting for information on loved ones who went to the concert in Manchester, England.
5 min
Move to Cities Blamed for Housing Shortage
Why is there a housing shortage? Studies find that as more people, especially millennials, move to cities, less construction is taking place in suburbs. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto explains.
6 min