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Should Spouses Retire Together?
Glenn Ruffenach, former editor and reporter for the Wall Street Journal, explores the pros and cons of married couples retiring at the same time. He says that whatever couples decide, they should discuss it beforehand.
8 min
Mistakes People Make When Paying for College
As the school year ends, summer vacation offers parents and students alike the opportunity to focus on what may be their most dreaded subject: paying for college. WSJ Contributor Chana Schoenberger takes a closer look.
7 min
Americans Unwilling to Pay to Fight Climate Change
Americans of all political stripes are worried about climate change. But surveys find they're unwilling to pay what it costs to fight it, according to Wall Street Journal contributor Sam Ori.
11 min
Get Ready for Peak Oil Demand
There's growing consensus that the end of ever-rising oil consumption is in sight. The big question is, when? The Wall Street Journal's Elena Cherney reports from Toronto.
5 min
A Look at the Gas Stations of Tomorrow
The gas station is in for a major overhaul. The world's big oil companies have all sorts of potential changes on the drawing board, including new fuel options, restaurants, and package-delivery services. WSJ's Sarah Kent reports from London.
5 min
Why Are Online Surveys So Bad?
Wall Street Journal contributor Alexandra Samuel tells us how survey makers could vastly improve surveys. And she does so by creating her own survey, directed at the survey makers.
11 min
Some Work Breaks Are More Effective Than Others
Many of us take breaks at work, but some breaks work better than others at helping us stay effective. Wall Street Journal contributor Heidi Mitchell talks about studies that set out to find which breaks work the best.
8 min
Why Getting a Low-Pay Job Out of College is Good
Derek Tharp says there are benefits to not getting paid a high salary in your first job after college.
7 min
How Much Do You Pay in Adviser Fees?
Wall Street Journal reporter Andrea Fuller had no idea how much she paid in adviser fees for her mutual funds or ETFs. Here's her story of the (beyond) frustrating experience she underwent trying to find out.
8 min
The Myth of Entrepreneurial Storytelling
Stories about how company founders struggled to pursue their dreams and to realize them are quite seductive to would-be entrepreneurs. These tales can also do more harm than good, says Wall Street Journal contributor Morra Aarons-Mele.
11 min
What Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us About Life
Wall Street Journal contributor Stephen Hicks says we all can apply the entrepreneurial approach to our own lives. That's because we're born with the ability to take risks, think creatively and challenge the normal way of doing things.
7 min
How Roadside Attractions Try to Make a Profit
Roadside attractions were spawned from the superhighway systems' creation in the mid-20th century. They're still around, though as Wall Street Journal contributor Kevin Brass says, making money can be tricky.
11 min
Investment Professionals Are Really Bad At Tell...
Our next guest says don't count on investment professionals to sniff out financial fraud. Wall Street Journal Contributor Deborah Gage joins us from San Jose, California and says we can all learn to better tell truth from fiction.
6 min
Explaining the Debate Over Financial Regulation
How to regulate the financial system is crucially important, and often hard to understand. The Wall Street Journal's Andrew Ackerman breaks it down from our newsroom in Washington.
6 min
Voluntourism: Tips for Volunteering While Vacat...
Wall Street Journal Contributor Glenn Ruffenach joins us from Atlanta with a list of tips for mixing vacation time and volunteer work, otherwise known as voluntourism.
8 min
When Is Enough... Enough?
Our next guest says she spent too much of her life chasing more and more. Now, retired, she realizes that enough is often enough. There are lessons for all ages here. Wall Street Journal Contributor Robbie Shell joins us from Philadelphia.
10 min
Great Films About Retirement
Wall Street Journal Contributor Glenn Ruffenach brings us a list of great films for all ages to watch about retirement and aging.
11 min
Time to Reinvent the Physical Exam
As much as modern medicine has changed with technology one place you really don't see it is in that annual physical exam. Wall Street Journal Contributor Dr. Peter Pronovost joins us from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.
8 min
Should Patients Record Their Doctors' Visits?
As phones, tablets and other digital devices become ever more integrated into our daily lives patients are using them to record their trips to the doctor. Wall Street Journal Contributor Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal joins us from San Francisco.
6 min
Tips for Financing a College Education
WSJ readers send us a variety of questions about financing college, including how best to use "529" plans, the tax-advantaged higher-education accounts that invest in mutual funds. Contributor Chana Schoenberger helps us go through the mailbag.
6 min
Study Finds Stock Analysts' Biases Are Showing
Male stock analysts tend to write more favorably about public companies headed by men than about companies led by women. White analysts favor firms run by white chief executives. Wall Street Journal Contributor Jeff Brown joins us with a closer look.
7 min
How Your Body Language Can Tell People You're a...
Nonverbal communication from executives can speak volumes to employees and others. For starters, don't tilt your head. Wall Street Journal Contributor Aili McConnon joins us in the studio.
8 min
Midlife Crisis? How About a Late-Life Crisis
The very same things that can spark a midlife crisis can also cause a late-life crisis. Wall Street Journal Contributor Marc Agronin is a geriatric psychiatrist. He joins us from Miami with the details.
6 min
Financial Advisers Put Faith in Religion-Based ...
Want to organize your financial life in a way that is consistent with your faith? A growing number of financial advisers and firms are helping clients do just that. The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen joins us in the studio.
9 min
Highs and Lows of Living a Nomadic Life
Andrew Blackman and Genie Austin got rid of most of their belongings and now live and work full-time while traveling. It's a life many dream about. But does the reality match up to the dream?
7 min
Is it Worth Attending Graduate School Overseas?
Grad school can be a lot cheaper outside the U.S. But before you take the plunge, ask yourself some hard questions. MarketWatch Reporter Jillian Berman joins us in the studio.
5 min
How to Avoid Boredom in Retirement
Why do some people get bored in retirement and others don't? Wall Street Journal Contributor Glenn Ruffenach joins us with the answer to that question plus some tips.
6 min
Tips for Doing a Home Exchange
Agreeing to swap homes for vacation saves money, but adds complications. Wall Street Journal Contributor Glenn Ruffenach joins us with some advice on how to do this the right way.
6 min
How to Evaluate Your Financial Adviser
Investors should build both a portfolio-based benchmark and goals-based benchmark to measure their progress, says Wall Street Journal Wealth Expert Peter Lazaroff. He joins us from his office in Saint Louis.
7 min
How AI Is Transforming the Workplace
Artificial intelligence is changing the way managers do their job-from who gets hired to how they're evaluated to who gets promoted. The Wall Street Journal's Ted Greenwald joins us with the latest details and a look to the future.
11 min
In Search of a Perfect Team at Work
Who works best with whom? Companies are crunching lots of data about their employees to answer that question. The Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo joins us from London with some of the surprising new ways companies are going about this task.
8 min
How to Get Employees to Accept Working With Robots
New research suggests one way to get employees to accept robots in the workplace is to have them watch sci-fi movies before interacting with a robot worker. Wall Street Journal Contributor Alina Dizik has the details from Chicago.
5 min
How 'Star Trek' Made Her a Better Tech Worker
Author and Wall Street Journal Contributor Alexandra Samuel says she deals with workplace dilemmas by going back to old "Star Trek" episodes, and that's made her better at her job.
8 min
A Simple Alternative to the Fiduciary Rule
A look at the so-called fiduciary rule, the confusion that helped lead to its creation, and one alternative our guest expert believes would be easier to implement. We're joined by Patrick Lach, founder of Lach Financial.
9 min
How Movies Could Subconsciously Affect Viewers
Researchers found that if the movie characters had eaten enough and were satisfied, so were people watching the movie. With Wall Street Journal contributor Heidi Mitchell.
7 min
529 College-Savings Accounts
Chana Schoenberger answers questions about tax-advantaged 529 college savings accounts.
8 min
Why Men Have Such a Hard Time Aging
Why do men find aging so difficult? Because it means letting go of their sense of masculinity. With Wall Street Journal contributor Dana Linden.
8 min
Patients and Their Health-Care Decisions
For years, people have been told they had to be more involved in their health-care decisions. Researchers are finally figuring out how to get them to actually do that.
10 min
How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables
It isn't just about giving them better food. Studies have shown that there are small things schools can do that make a big difference.
7 min
Learning from Children's Hospitals
Scientists say that children's hospitals treat their patients the way ALL hospitals should treat their patients -- like not waking them up all night. With the Wall Street Journal's Lisa Ward.
6 min
How to Combat Bias in Hiring
We all have implicit biases, even if we don't realize it. Here's how to keep hiring executives honest and increase diversity. NYU's Jay Van Bavel and Tessa West join us in the studio.
10 min
What Research Says About Humor in the Workplace
The use of jokes and comedy affects how confident we appear, how productive and creative we are and even how much status we achieve. Brad Bitterly and Maurice Schweitzer of the Wharton School join us with details.
8 min
Everything You Should Know About the 'Nanny Tax'
For those who employ household workers, it can be dangerous not to know what the rules are for employment taxes. We talk to Thomas Herman, formerly The Wall Street Journal's Tax Report Columnist.
8 min
Want to Be CEO? Study Suggests Looks Matter
New research suggests people think of CEOs with certain facial traits as being more competent, despite little evidence. Wall Street Journal Contributor Alina Dizik joins us with the details.
4 min
Biggest Surprises in Retirement
We asked readers to tell us about the things they didn't anticipate when they stopped working. They had plenty to say. Glenn Ruffenach joins us with the details.
9 min
Key to Saving More: Make Accounts Hard to Tap
Research suggests people actually prefer putting some of their money into accounts with severe restrictions. UCLA's Dr. Shlomo Benartzi says some people will even give up money just to get one.
6 min
New College Aid Timing: Opportunities and Pitfalls
The earlier Fafsa timetable could alter the way colleges and families approach the decision process. MarketWatch Reporter Jillian Berman joins us in the studio with the details and some tips.
8 min
Workplace Sophomore Slump - What Bosses Can Do
Year one of anything is new and exciting. Then year two hits, and what was once new starts getting repetitive. Tom Gimbel, CEO of the staffing and recruiting firm LaSalle Network, joins us with tips on how to get employees back on track.
9 min
How Parents Can Help Children Pay Off Student Debt
Should repayment of student loans be a family affair? For those who answer 'yes' there are ways to give financial assistance, while still holding the young adult accountable. MarketWatch Reporter Jillian Berman has details.
9 min
Here's Do It Yourself...on Steroids
Some folks who choose to do-it-yourself are looking to save money. Some do it for a sense of accomplishment. Then there are others who take it to an entirely different level. Join us for a conversation about extreme DIY with Jeff Brown.
10 min
Millennials: Traditional Housing Math Doesn't Work
The National Endowment on Financial Education recently conducted a survey with Parents magazine looking into the financial struggles of millennial-age parents. NEFE CEO Ted Beck tells us what they learned.
11 min
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