Blood Origins

Blood Origins is an non-profit organization bringing unique storytelling and conservation together to change not only how hunting is viewed, but also how we fund conservation programs around the world more efficiently and effectively.

Episode 168 - Marie Neumiller || Fighting back ...
Marie Neumiller from the Inland Northwest Council joins Robbie to discuss the monumental stakes here and what could go down from petitions to even a potential revote by the Washington Fish and Game Council on the black bear season that is happening tomorrow, Friday January 21st.
42 min
Episode 167 - Amber Munig || Mountain Lion Mana...
Amber Munig, the Big Game Program Management Supervisor for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, joins Robbie to talk about the current opening of hunt guidelines in Arizona. These rules open every five years, and today we cut to the chase on what they mean and why hunters need to make their voices heard in rule making processes like these.
39 min
Episode 166 - Roundup 41 || Minimal Light and a...
Robbie and Cody are joined by Drew - the original cameraman of Blood Origins and mastermind behind our visual storytelling - for an emotional journey through the history of Blood Origins and how we started.
53 min
Episode 165 - Jim Miller | “It’s just who I am”
UFC prize fighter and avid hunter Jim Miller joins Robbie to discuss social media and culture around hunting heritage and his take on it as a celebrity who hunts.
36 min
Episode 164 - Austin Atkinson | On the Utah Tra...
Austin Atkinson, a native and resident of Utah, discusses the recently announced Utah Trail Camera ban and we ask a very straight forward question about whether you are pro- or against the trail camera ban. This discussion is what is needed in the hunting community. Issues will occur, decisions will be made, people will have opinions on both sides of the coin, and disagreements will be rife. Discussions around disagreements are healthy for hunting.
37 min
Episode 163 - Jay Leydendecker || Buried In The...
Jay Leydendecker talks with Robbie about his deep roots in South Texas - one might even say it’s in his blood. Since 1847, his family has been a part of the land in the area, with generations of hunting stories and friendships that were cultivated over the years.
26 min
Episode 162 - Logan Hanks || Are you a Trophy H...
West Tennessee farmer and Living Fully Loaded podcast host Logan Hanks is probably most famous for killing the “Cryptorchid” buck, with one of the most interesting antler schemes on record, but that’s not what we discuss here. He joins Robbie to discuss his motivations BEHIND hunting, and what that means to him.
57 min
Episode 161 - Roundup 40 || Robbie, Ethos of Bl...
Given the holidays last week and Robbie being in South Texas filming a new non-hunter line of content, Robbie went solo on this week's Roundup to discuss the ethos behind Blood Origins, why he started it, and what issues we are tackling in 2022. If you ever wanted to hear from Robbie about Blood Origins, this short 20 minute podcast is right up your alley.
19 min
Episode 160 - Missouri Black Bears || The Scien...
Jason Sumners, Chief of the Science Division of the Missouri Department of Conservation, and Laura Conley, who was at the time the bear biologist of the state, discuss the Ozark-highland black bear population and more specifically the science behind Missouri’s first-ever regulated black bear hunt in 2021. File away the information in this podcast as it’s critical information for engaging in discussions on Black Bear management.
53 min
Episode 159 - Jess Johnson | Wyoming's Grizzly ...
Jess Johnson, the government affairs director for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, joins Robbie to talk about the controversial Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly Bear issue and what it means for hunters and wildlife.
48 min
Episode 158 - Roundup 39 || Carver’s back on th...
Robbie, Cody and frequent guest and Blood Origins family member Darrell Carver join a post-Christmas roundup to talk epic elf on the shelf, a recent op-ed on ‘peaceful coexistence’ with grizzly bears, wolves killed on the border of Yellowstone, show season plans and much more! 
65 min
Episode 157 - Danny Christensen || The Urban Hu...
Danny Christensen is an enigma. He is Danish, who lives in Italy, who was a fashion photographer in New York. Danny has decided to take his love of hunting and bring it into the Urban sphere. He has decided to connect with the Urban side of hunting and show the normal everyday people that engage in our society that are hunters. 
50 min
Episode 156 - Aron Synder || The Good in Social...
Aron Synder is the CEO of Kifaru and recently had a debate about what he heard from Matt Rinella, and we wanted to have a discussion with him about why there is a positive side to social media, essentially, the good side. Hold onto whatever arm-chair you have as three opinions come together in this humdinger of a podcast.
54 min
Episode 157 - Roundup 38 || The Working Class B...
Curtis and Austin from the Working Class Bowhunters join the podcast to discuss the incident that has been circulating around the podcast and social media sphere - where Austin posed with a 190 class buck he arrowed even though coyotes had removed all of the meat on it. We ask the question everyone has been wanting to ask: why did you post that?
56 min
Episode 154 - Jaden Bales || Preference Point C...
Jaden Bales, the catalyst for our recent Wyoming Hunters For The hungry fundraising program, joins Robbie to talk the reality of preference points and the proverbial "creep" - and nothing is off limits. Resident vs. nonresident conflict, how they’re good and bad, and what the future of preference points could or should look like.
39 min
Episode 153 - Will deRover || Hunting Jack of A...
Will deRover is a young man (only 24) who started hunting in his late teens, has run a successful dairy farm, has started a successful guide business, and has launched a coffee venture - all since graduating high school just a few years ago. In this episode, Cody and Will tackle his story, how he did it, and announce a special giveaway for this month’s Supporter’s Program.
36 min
Episode 152 - Roundup 37 || Taylor Latchem join...
Taylor Latchem, the first female listener to co-host the roundup, joins Cody to dish on the most important breaking news in hunting. They talk about wolf poisoning in Oregon, human-elephant conflict in Bangladesh, the success of wild turkeys in New York State, spring bear woes in Washington State and much more.
49 min
Episode 151 - Nicole Qualtieri || Issues Affect...
Nicole Qualtieri, the hunt and fish editor of Gear Junkie, dishes with Robbie on her controversial article “The Hunters’ Decline Myth” and what she perceives as more pressing issues affecting hunting.
46 min
Episode 150 - Sarah Roberts ||  A Non-Hunter Sc...
Author, non-hunter, former grizzly bear and shark biologist Sarah Roberts joins Robbie to give a non-hunter scientist’s perspective on hunting and the issues surrounding it - from the multi-state bear and wolf issues in the states to trophy hunting in Africa.
47 min
Episode 149 - Jake Marquez || Understanding Dea...
Former vegan, documentary filmmaker (about meat, no less) and producer of upcoming documentary “Death In The Garden", Jake Marquez joins Robbie to talk about his journey and his plans as an aspiring hunter.
39 min
Episode 148 - Durrell Smith ||  Dogmen
Durrell Smith - founder, director and President of the Minority Outdoor Alliance and a Dogman - joins Robbie for a hell of a conversation on the ‘why’s’ of hunting dogs and good old fashioned southern quail hunting. 
41 min
Episode 147 - Roundup 36 || Gabriella Hoffman j...
Freelance Writer and friend of the show Gabriella Hoffman join the boys for this week’s roundup. They discuss a new anti-poaching measure in Oregon involving preference points, a recap of last week’s interview with Matt Rinella, and a discussion of Raincoast Conservation Foundation's anti-trophy hunting stance in British Columbia. 
57 min
Episode 146 - Austin Booth || Ballsy Conservati...
Austin Booth, a retired marine, is the youngest ever state fish and wildlife director for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and currently youngest State Director in the United States. Austin speaks common sense with Robbie on the big moves they’re making in Arkansas to protect their water fowling resources and how waterfowls stand to reap big dividends over the long term from forward-thinking conservation ideas. Great conversation begins with out of the box thinking with science leading the way. What a conversation. 
42 min
Episode 145 - Mandi Thomas || Veteran, Firefigh...
Mandi Thomas is a Veteran and a Firefighter who went hunting for the first time with the Blood Origins crew. In this episode Robbie and Mandi dive deep, exploring what this experience meant to Mandi and how, if at all, it changed her.
49 min
Episode 144 - Roundup 35 || Matt Rinella is back!
Matt Rinella rejoins the Blood Origins podcast to do a bit of an ‘unstructured roundup’. They launch right in, asking big questions like ‘when - or even WHETHER - it is okay to post kills on social media, Matt’s ‘hunting purity index’, and Matt’s unvarnished views of some big names in the hunting world.
92 min
Episode 143 - Jay McNair || Representation Matt...
Only beginning hunting during her time at university, Captain Jocelyn ‘Jay’ McNair shares her unique perspective on who she is, why she hunts, and shares those thoughts in one of our most hard-hitting conversations yet. Buckle Up.
37 min
Episode 142 - Julie McQueen || Perspectives of ...
Julie ‘Jules’ McQueen, CEO of OTT streaming service Carbon TV, joins Robbie to talk about what the female hunter looks like from the perspective of a veteran of this industry along with intentionality behind content and why it is important.
42 min
Episode 141 - Roundup 34 || Sue Tidwell joins t...
With Robbie on location filming this week for an upcoming project, Cody took the reins on today’s Roundup and is joined by Sue Tidwell. Together, they talk about self publishing, poaching and game reserves in Africa, and so much more.
56 min
Episode 140 - The Season || Changing the Narrat...
Aussie outdoorsman Craig Pringle talks about the making of and upcoming release of the first hunting show to grace Australian national broadcast television - including his camera man’s conversion from non hunter to hunter and what non-Americans try and call ‘tomato sauce’.
36 min
Episode 139 - Joe Schwenke || Just an ‘average’...
Robbie lets loose of the reins and allows Cody to do a podcast on his own… finally!! Cody sits down with Joe Schwenke. Joe claims he is just an “Average Hunter” … we discover there is a little more to him and his upland adventures. 
73 min
Episode 138 - Roundup 33 || Jules McQueen Joins...
Julie and Robbie discuss why it’s not a good idea to look at your iPhone right when you wake up, giving Cody crap for punking out on the roundup this week, the CWD epidemic and what solutions could look like. 
56 min
Episode 137 - Karen Seginak || How we need to e...
Karen, a field biologist for a biotechnology company, sits with Robbie for a thought provoking discussion on how we can and should evolve the message we spread as hunters.
47 min
Episode 136 - Mike Hairston || A tradition goin...
Mike Hairston talks about the ‘why’ behind taking up one of the hardest instruments of the hunting world, the longbow, and what rewards, chief among them a sense of history, he gets from his time in the woods.
19 min
Episode 135 - Roundup 32 || Darrell is back on ...
Cody and Robbie, joined by Blood Origins’ Darrell Carver, dive right into the important things with Cody’s new office that you can’t see, why he’s not in his man shed, a recap of Cody and Darrells mule deer hunt. Then, the boys make time for the wolf season injunction, Africa and the rest of the articles from the list.
61 min
Episode 134 - Nathan Ravenscroft || Feral Cats:...
Nathan Ravenscroft, an Aussie land management professional who focuses on feral and invasive species in northern Queensland, Australia discusses Australia’s invasive species issues with Robbie - especially of cats - and why the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) method touted by anti-hunters doesn’t work.
43 min
Episode 133 - Rob Shaul || ‘It feels like an at...
5th generation Wyomingite and ‘Mountain Pursuit’ executive director Rob Shaul joins Robbie for a rip-roaring conversation. Its so hard-hitting that we don’t want to give too much away, so listen to the end!
55 min
Episode 132 - Roundup 31 || Robbie meets his ch...
Robbie and Ben Cassidy from Safari Club International dish on a very special guest on a recent zoom call, trophy bans in Washington, the antiquities act, and much more - all while Cody chases (and misses) wolves in Idaho.
53 min
Episode 131 - James Connolly || The front lines...
James Connolly, the filmmaker behind Sacred Cow and a powerful new documentary called Death In The Garden talks about the front lines defending against the war on meat and what that means for us as hunters.
55 min
Episode 130 - Carla Brauer || Life’s ‘Great Equ...
Carla Brauer - former vegan activist, current hunter, and current taxidermist - dishes with Robbie on the why’s of vegan activism, what she wants hunters to know about vegans, and what she sees as the ‘great equalizer’ of life on Earth.
39 min
Episode 129 - Roundup 30 || Tim joins the roundup!
Cody, Robbie and Tim tackle the ‘woof’ debacle, as Cody calls it, some exciting supporters and conservation club members, and so much more in this week’s roundup.
52 min
Episode 128 - Travis 'T-Bone' Turner || A Fathe...
Travis T-bone Turner, co-host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector TV Show on the Outdoor Channel, joins Robbie to discuss his journey as a hunter and a father, and some of the struggles involved in sharing such an important part of his life with his son, who once told him he didn’t want to become a hunter.
37 min
Episode 127 - Charlie Jacoby || We have done a ...
Charlie Jacoby, the host of Field Sports Channel on Youtube, is a UK hunter and conservationist who joins Robbie to debate the way we brand hunting worldwide and what the roadmap looks like to making it more palatable to ‘the middle’.
58 min
Episode 126 - Roundup 29 || The Wild West vs. R...
Robbie and Todd get started without Cody because he can’t tell time, Robbie’s astounding lack of Wild West knowledge, a recent unfortunate incident in Wyoming, how many people die by snake bite in India, and much more!
55 min
Episode 125 - Michael Sabbeth || ‘If we can giv...
Michael Sabbeth, author of The Honorable Hunter, sits down with Robbie to discuss how we give hunters the tools to show hunting in a positive light and defend and discuss our sporting lifestyle in a way that works.
71 min
Episode 124 - J Alain Smith || What's the crazi...
Past Weatherby Award winner J. Alain Smith (pronounced ‘Alan’) talks about adventure hunting with Robbie and gets down to the brass tax of what drives him to hunt species across the world.
40 min
Episode 123 - Roundup 28 || Todd Fish
Another Blood Origins community member joins Robbie and Cody on this week’s roundup. They talk about mistakes in the woods, when a mistake is negligent - sometimes with fatal consequences, and how we can be better as hunters.
51 min
Episode 122 - Chris Parish || The ‘Redneck Biol...
Chris Parrish, director of the Peregrine Fund and cofounder of North America’s largest non-lead partnership - also known as ‘the redneck biologist’ - joins Robbie to talk efforts to institute voluntary non-lead programs and how that contrasts with calls for outright bans.
39 min
Episode 121 - Who Pays For All That Land? || A ...
Anne Marie Doramus, current - and the state’s first woman - member of the Arkansas game and fish commission discusses the origins of conservation and how hunter-angler dollars are generated and spent for the betterment of all wildlife resources - in Arkansas and elsewhere.
40 min
Episode 120 - Roundup 27 || Steve (no it’s not ...
The boys, joined by Steve, discuss Cody’s (lack of) beard care routine, responding to HSUS’s newest anti-rhino-hunting campaign, what a hunter’s ‘no-shoot’ list is like, and Steve’s big muscles.
65 min
Episode 119 - Wrapping up on the Arizona Trail ...
Cody and Robbie wrap-up the Trail Cam controversy with final thoughts after hearing from the neutral, pro-cam and pro-ban sides of the argument this week. 
16 min
Episode 118 - Arizona Game Trails Part 3 || The...
Third in a series discussing the controversial Arizona Trail Camera Ban. Two Arizona Game and Fish Commissioners, James Goughnour and Kurt Davis, join Robbie for a followup to an earlier conversation and defend their decision to ban trail cameras in Arizona, along with addressing some concerns brought forth by citizens of their state.
72 min
Episode 117 - Arizona Game Trails Part 2 || The...
Arizona residents, and game camera activists, Ron Nixon and Josiah Scott join Robbie and Cody to discuss what they see as an unfair mischaracterization of the game camera issue and cry foul on the murkiness of the controversial game camera ban’s rulemaking process.
56 min
Episode 116 - Arizona Game Trails Part 1 || The...
Jay Scott, a Arizona outfitter, professional wildlife manager, and avid sportsman who while deeply knowledgeable about Arizona’s fish and wildlife scene after almost 30 years with an active guide’s license describes himself as “without a dog in the fight” on the controversial trail cam ban issue, kicks off an in-depth series where Robbie explores all sides of the issue with each of the competing opinions and personalities surrounding trail cams in Arizona.
31 min
Episode 115 - Roundup 26 || Our inaugural Blood...
The inaugural roundup with a Blood Origins listener as guest, the boys - Rob, not to be confused with Robbie, included - tackle issues ranging from hunt camps to UK animal rights extremism to Ibex trophy hunting to Cody’s thoughts on the true purpose of the domestication of dogs (which definitely isn’t instagramming).
60 min
Episode 114 - College Football or Hunting? A In...
Steven Godfrey is likely known to those in the College Football ranks as one of the most in depth investigative journalists of College Football. He did a documentary called the "Bag Man" about the underground booster rings of Olemiss and Mississipi State Football, and he is non-hunter. Steven and Robbie are good friends and Robbie wanted to pick his brain about his thoughts and perceptions around hunting and see if he would entertain the idea of hunting one day.
62 min
Episode 113 - Are California Cougars Better Off...
Mark Hall, Canadian scientist and podcast host, dissects the California cougar problem with Robbie. Together, they delve into a pair of interesting studies and what that data means for the future of mountain lions. Mark asks the question “are cougars truly better off than they were before the ban” - and answers the question with hard facts and science.
45 min
Episode 112 - Ivan Carter || On moving Elephants
Ivan Carter, professional hunter, conservationist, and now Elephant mover, sits with Robbie for a mind-blowing conversation about Elephant conservation and the ‘hard truths about conserving Africa’s charismatic megafauna.
46 min
Episode 111 - John Bartolo || The Idealism of 2...
John Bartolo is the host of the "John Bartolo Show / Podcast" and Robbie was lucky enough to sit down with him in his studio surrounded by 100 guns and over 200 optics to get his opinions on the intersection of 2A and Hunting. John has a popular podcast because he speaks his mind and is straight up honest (or you could say controversial). They talk about influencers, idealistic perspectives of marketing directors and the need for clicks and impressions, and how like FFL's, the outfitters are the foundational pillars of the hunting industry. 
35 min
Episode 110 - Roundup 25 || A discussion of Wes...
Cody and Robbie are joined by author of the Honorable Hunter, and friend of Blood Origins, Michael Sabbeth to cover the week's topics. This is the Blood Origins audience's first introduction to Michael, and you will hear the reason why we like him so much! Of the 5 articles up for discussion the team only gets to one of them as Michael sweeps the discussion along hunting ethic and rhetoric lines that gets everyone talking!
78 min
Episode 109 | The Indian Tiger King Part II
47 min
Episode 108 - A Hunter || Hated by anti-hunters
34 min
Episode 107 - Roundup 24 || Outdoor Life joins ...
78 min
Episode 106 - Mikiah Carver || Would you ever H...
Mikiah has not always been pro-hunting, but as her interest in wildlife, and research in wildlife has progressed things might have changed. Robbie dives in with Mikiah Carver, PhD Student and whitetail deer researcher in North Carolina, about what management really means and an honest evaluation of the ’tools’ available to wildlife managers. The question is would she ever hunt today?
36 min
Episode 105 - Jenn Cubbage || Hair Stylist to H...
Robbie’s had a lot of conversations with interesting, even eclectic, personalities - but few more electic than Jenn Cubbage. This master colorist and salon owner in Baltimore also trains hog and deer hunting hounds in South Carolina. You don’t want to miss this.
32 min
Episode 104 - Roundup 23 || Rifle slings, lions...
After a slow couple of weeks in the news, Cody and Robbie get back into the swing with in-depth discussions on lions, justifying rural depredation in Africa and where in the world Cody’s rifle sling is.
49 min
Episode 103 - Snow Hewetson || On Tahrmaggeddon
Full time professional guide and president of New Zealand’s Tahr Foundation Snow Hewetson joins Robbie to talk about ‘Tahrmaggeddon’ and his work advocating for New Zealand’s Tahr population, and how we can change perceptions and goals from pest eradication to treasured species management.
35 min
Episode 102 - Why you should attend Dallas Safa...
Convention season will be back with a vengeance in 2022 and with the first big outdoor convention on the books, DSC Executive Director Corey Mason chats with Robbie on what’s in store and why you should go - from deals to camaraderie and more. The 40th anniversary of DSC Convention is January 6th - 9th, 2022 in Dallas Texas.
17 min
Episode 101 - Why you should attend Safari Club...
Robbie digs down with Mike Rogers of Safari Club International on exactly ‘who’ the SCI convention is for - and it’s not who you think! The 50th anniversary of SCI is January 19th - 22nd, 2022 in Las Vegas Nevada.
18 min
Episode 100 - Roundup 22 || Our 100th episode!
Shanna Finis, the mastermind behind the wildly successful Blood Origins Australia chapter, joins the boys to talk some looks ahead and special announcements in this landmark hundredth episode.
60 min
Episode 99 - Erin Hewetson || A Vegan who works...
Robbie delves deep with Erin Hewetson in this short but powerful conversation about her unique and valuable perspective as a vegan who works inside the hunting industry.
16 min
Episode 98 - Valentine Thomas || From ‘Underwat...
Lawyer and avid spear fisherman Valentine Thomas discusses what sustainability means to her and how that drove her evolution first to spear fishing, and later to hunting on land in a hard-hitting discussion with host Robbie.
35 min
Episode 97 - Alex Harvey || On Humanizing Hunting
Alex Harvey - An African American and Mississippi forester with a steep heritage of hunting in his family digs deep with Robbie on how we can ‘humanize’ hunting.
53 min
Episode 96 - Roundup 21 || Sig Sauer hunting, e...
Robbie and Patrick Hanley from Sig Sauer ditch Cody for the day and discuss an upcoming sheep hunt by the Sig Sauer team, Elephant hunting in Botswana, and why hunters should remain vigilant against the “death of the outdoorsman”.
49 min
Episode 95 - Trevor Thompson | From SEAL teams ...
Robbie caught up with Trevor Thompson from the Black Rifle Coffee Company team from the floor of the Big Sky Total Archery Challenge to talk about what made him pursue the outdoor lifestyle, among other things.
33 min
Episode 94 - Michael R Shea || Rimfire Revolution
“Rimfire Revolution” author Michael Shea joins Robbie to teach a novice about guns and discuss the burgeoning rimfire trend hitting the hunting world today!
48 min
Episode 93 - Roundup 20 || Angolan giraffes, Fl...
Cody and Robbie drill down on this week’s roundup, tackling an Angolan giraffe project, Robbie schools Cody on what makes a ’subspecies’, and a concerning bill out of Florida to give the land ‘a bill of rights’.
34 min
Episode 92 - Enrique Zamacola || The Epitome of...
Past Weatherby Award winner Enrique Zamacola gives a rare interview, where he and Robbie dig into what drives Enrique to hunt.
14 min
Episode 91 - Keng Yang || From anti-hunter to h...
Keng Yang is an adult-onset hunter from Minnesota who credits his bird dog with converting him from full-on anti-hunter to an upland bird hunter who now mentors other adult-onset hunters.
32 min
Episode 90 - Roundup 19 || A Blood Origins Wife...
Cody’s wife Avery makes a special guest appearance on this week’s roundup to talk the nuances of parenting kids while hunting, spotted owls vs barred owls, and what lessons New Jersey should have learned from California’s mountain lion preservationism.
56 min
Episode 89 - Chad Mendes || What it’s like bein...
Chad Mendes, former UFC featherweight fighter and current entrepreneur, dishes on his post-fighting life and what it’s like being a celebrity who hunts - from the voices telling you to avoid it to the angry fan mobs.
30 min
Episode 88 - Cody Heitschmidt || A proper intro...
You’ve heard him for months on the Roundups, but you haven’t been properly introduced. Cody is Robbie’s right hand man at Blood Origins, a former Marine - and star of his own turkey hunting videos! - he joins Robbie just shy of his first anniversary with Blood Origins to talk about how they met, what brought him to the family, and where we go from here.
28 min
Episode 87 - Roundup 18 || Blood Origins Team ...
After a last minute cancellation by Avery, Blood Origins team member Darrell Carver joins the podcast to talk grizzly bear fatality records in the lower 48, Robbie teaches Cody what an ‘executive summary’ is, and more in this week’s roundup.
51 min
Episode 86 - Christy Plott || The Queen of Alli...
Christy Plott, better known as the ‘Alligator Queen’, discusses her family’s 5th generation alligator leather tanning business and how it fits into the sustainable-use model, and how the industry rescued the American Alligator from near extinction.
45 min
Episode 85 - Dr. Prashant Sing || Dentist By Da...
Dr. Prasanth Singh, who is a dentist by day that moonlights as a modern day Jim Corbett, breaks down the exploding leopard population in India, and how it is contributing to the unsustainable human-wildlife conflicts that plague the country. With over 200 people per year killed by leopards alone in India, you won’t want to miss his fascinating interview.
45 min
Episode 84 - Roundup 17 || Aussie, Aussie, Auss...
Craig Murton, the mastermind behind the exploding Blood Origins presence in Australia, joins the Roundup to discuss a mice plague, hunting in Australia, some recent grizzly bear attacks and more!
64 min
Episode 83 - Sportswoman Courtney || An Adult-O...
Sportswoman Courtney is a late adult-onset hunter. In this podcast, Robbie and Courtney discuss the life and challenges of an instagram influencer in the hunting industry and Courtney defends what it means to her to be doing it ‘for the right reasons’.
38 min
Episode 82 - Tyler Freel || Keeping Tabs On Alaska
Tyler Freel, host of Alaskan podcast ‘Tundra Talk’, joins Robbie to discuss the recent - and still ongoing - controversy over the closing of some 60 million acres of public land in Alaska to Caribou and Moose hunting, and why hunters need to remain vigilant against more threats like it.
36 min
Episode 81 - Roundup 16 || An Upland Bird and T...
Orvis Travel manager Reid Bryant joins the guys to talk adventure travel, Tasmanian devils causing mayhem with penguins, a big grouse hunting win in England, why Cody’s wife is a better fishing companion and what to expect from South Africa’s COVID protocols.
64 min
Episode 80 - Nathan Olmstead || Outfitters are ...
There is a perception in hunting that outfitters in third world countries are the hardest hit from the COVID pandemic. It’s not entirely true. Robbie delves deep with Canadian outfitter Nathan Olmstead about how shutdowns in Canada have rocked the hunting world right here in our backyard, threatening many outfitters with going out of business.
39 min
Episode 79 - Dr. Frank Vorhies || I'm not a hun...
Dr. Frank Vorhies, a conservation economist, joins Robbie to talk about his work in Kenya and discuss what the value chain’s impact is on wildlife resources in communities in Africa. As Frank eloquently states - “I don't play football, doesn't mean I'm opposed to it. Same goes for hunting.”
34 min
Episode 78 - Roundup 15 || Africa, Africa, and ...
With lots of African headlines in the news, Robbie and Cody tag in Jay Leydendecker, a South Texan, who still holds his Botswanan professional hunter's license, for his thoughts on the topics affecting the hunting industry today.
58 min
Episode 77 - Chris Dorsey || Roadmapping Changi...
Chris Dorsey, one of the foremost experts in the game of outdoor media, joins Robbie to discuss the narratives around hunting and chart a path forward for communicating about our lifestyle. From a speakers bureau to multimedia advertising campaigns, he lays out a roadmap to success that will get you thinking.
50 min
Episode 76 - Adam Hart || Is Trophy Hunting the...
Entomologist by training and career ‘conservation ecologist’ Adam Hart joins Robbie to talk about African trophy hunting, and why even though he is against hunting personally, he supports it anyway.
67 min
Episode 75 - Roundup 14 || Behind the Scenes of...
Cody and Robbie take a break from the regular news to cover all things Blood Origins - from sneak previews of upcoming content to discussing new programs on the horizon and a special message from Robbie regarding the Connecticut bill fight.
51 min
Episode 74 - Rachelle Schrute || A Worthless Hu...
Rachelle Schrute is from Montana, and you may not know who she is, as she doesn't do podcasts. This is a true no-holds barred, iron sharpening iron conversation that discusses perceptions around women in hunting. From doubt, to influencer culture, to harassment online, we cover it all.
47 min
Episode 73 - Megan Knepp || For Love or Likes
Lifelong hunter and former “For Love Or Likes” cast member Megan Knepp joins Robbie to talk about what it means to be a woman hunter, and how her experiences on the show matched those beliefs.
39 min
Episode 72 - Anna V, Crazy Anti-Animal Petition...
Anna V, a badass female bird dogger and shotgun shooter, and one of our  favorite Blood Origins episodes, comes back to join Robbie and Cody for the roundup. The team talks CWD, a big win in NY state, and kicking off a week celebrating strong women on the Blood Origins Podcast with Anna V!
51 min
Episode 71 - Pierre Moolman || Hunting Feeds Pe...
Pierre Moolman is a 6th generation farmer, game rancher and wildlife steward in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Pierre runs Sun Africa Safaris, a hunting outfitter offering unparalleled hunting opportunities in the Eastern Cape. They also provide significant food for the small town of Pearston, and more specifically the State run hostel for kids. It's this hostel that the Sun Project - a project between Sun Africa Safari's and Blood Origins was created.
31 min
Episode 70 - Dave Hastings || Combating the Hyp...
Dave Hastings, the longtime President of the Fur Takers of America - one of the oldest, largest and strongest trappers’ associations in the country, joins Robbie to discuss trapping and being the small dog in the fight against the true 800-pound gorilla that is the HSUS’ bank.
44 min
Episode 69 - Roundup 12 || Primos Lake Pickle, ...
After some general confusion over Cody and guest (and former student of Robbie) Lake Pickles’ choice of screen names, the gang dives into the headlines affecting the hunting industry from grizzly management in the west, to recent euthanization of a problem Grizzly bear, to New York following up Connecticut’s ill-conceived African import ban. Like what you heard - leave us a 5-star rating, leave us a review, and share it with your friends.  
59 min