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Blood Origins is an non-profit organization bringing unique storytelling and conservation together to change not only how hunting is viewed, but also how we fund conservation programs around the world more efficiently and effectively.

Episode 279 - Kerrie Romero || New Mexico E-Plu...
The first in a series of podcasts about the New Mexico E-Plus System. Robbie is joined by Kerrie Romero, the Executive Director of the New Mexico Council of Outfitters and Guides. Together, they discuss the E-Plus system in New Mexico and why she thinks it is such an important program.
44 min
Episode 278 - Roundup 74 || Huskies, Wolves, Oh...
While Cody is off galavanting at football practice, Robbie and guest Jim Cucuruto get down to the nitty gritty for this week’s Blood Origins Roundup. After picking Jim’s next bottle of whiskey to open (spoiler: he’s got some good ones), the boys tackle lion hazing hounds in Washington State, a major mistake by a predator hunter out West, in P.S. Wish Cody well on his tick bite fever.
46 min
Episode 277 - Shauna Pickin || Former Vegetaria...
Hailing from the small island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia, Shauna Pickin is what she would call an ‘honest hunter’. A former vegetarian and jeweler by trade, Shauna chose to become a hunter to understand where her meat comes from and take part in all parts of harvesting and processing it.
34 min
Episode 276 - Joe Goergen || The African Wildli...
Robbie is joined by Joe Goergen, the conservation manager for Safari Club International Foundation, who also focuses on the AWCF or African Wildlife Consultative Forum. The AWCF is a mechanism to bring together leaders and authorities of African countries that advocate for sustainable use as well as the USFWS to discuss challenges and opportunities for the maintenance and growth of sustainable use. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Forum, in Maputo, Mocambique. Learn more about the AWCF here, how to support their mission, and the event itself in this short and sharp episode!
27 min
Episode 275 - Roundup 73 || Meet Cale Matthews,...
Cale Matthews, the host of the popular Solid 7 podcast, joins the boys for this weeks Roundup as Cody’s ‘Assistant Curmudgeon’. Together, the boys talk about Cody’s growing fame and possible tick bite fever from his recent Africa trip, the Wisconsin wolf management plan, an interesting Bon Appetit op-ed about a food blogger struggling with hunting for their own food, a Northern Ireland (NOT England) hunting ban and more! Remember to direct all hate to the Solid 7 Podcast.
66 min
Episode 274 - Ryan Dalton || A Non-Hunter Confr...
You could consider him somewhat of an ‘anti-hunter’. Hailing from a wildlife and zoology background, Ryan Dalton is a UK comedian who has never hunted before. During the COVID Pandemic, Ryan started the Into The Wild podcast, which explores topics around nature and wildlife conservation. As a result of that experience, he very quickly got into and began to explore the idea of trophy hunting, conservation, and hunting as a tool for conservation. In this podcast he recounts with Robbie his trip to Namibia to speak with people on the ground about their experiences, their thoughts, and what hunting is doing for them.
49 min
Episode 273 - Robby Sansom || Force Of Nature M...
Long overdue for a conversation in the ‘meat space’, Robbie is joined by Force of Nature Meats CEO Robby ‘with a Y’ Sansom. Robby joins to talk about regenerative agriculture and push back on what he and others in his profession feel are an unfair blanket characterization by some hunters on our podcast of the meat industry as a whole.
52 min
Episode 272 - Roundup 72 || COVID, African trop...
Outdoor Industry veteran and Carbon TV CEO Julie ‘Jules to her friends’ McQueen joins this week’s roundup! Together, they speculation Cody’s COVID status,  talk about a big announcement (hint - has to do with Carbon TV), they recap Cody’s recent hunting trip to Africa, take the opportunity to talk about ‘trophy hunting’ and recent efforts to ‘rebrand’ it as something more palatable, moving cheetahs from Namibia to India - where there are rampant wildlife concerns, a MONSTROUS win for the hunting community this week, and much more! Tune in to find out what!
55 min
Episode 271 - Peter Flack || Hunting Is His Fir...
We’re really excited to bring you the legendary South African writer Peter Flack - who FINALLY joins the Blood Origins podcast to catch up with Robbie for a long-overdue conversation. Together, the men talk about their ‘first loves’, hunting Africa, the conservation aspect of hunting and much more.
53 min
Episode 270 - Andrew Winwood || QDM for Tasmani...
Tasmanian native Andrew Winwood joins the Blood Origins podcast to talk about the small Australian island-state’s Quality Deer Management (QDM) approach to managing Fallow Deer on Tasmania. How does this approach butt heads with Australia’s ‘all of them are invasive’ approach? Find out.
46 min
Episode 269 - Roundup 71 || Our Friends At John...
Carl from John X Safari’s joins the boys on this week’s roundup. Together, they talk about Cody’s fall from grace as an elite shooter on his recent Africa trip, ‘African Professional Hunter-isms’, an update on the John X and Blood Origins conservation project, the real reason behind Robbie’s recent trip to Spain, the recent election (among other news) in the UK and the political ramifications for hunters, and more!
50 min
Episode 268 - G&H Decoys || The Future Of Duck ...
Ray Penny and Carlos Gomez join Robbie from the legendary G & H Decoys. As waterfowls will know, G & H Decoys is the oldest decoy manufacturer in the United States - if not the world - and Ray (under 40) and Carlos (over 60) have formed a team to resurrect this company. Far more than just decoys, this conversation delves into duck hunting, conservation issues around duck hunting, and digs deep on a company, its values, and how those values intimately sink in the 9th future of hunting.
53 min
Episode 267 - Australian Senator Robert Borsak ...
Australian Senator, and Leader of the Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers Party from New South Wales Robert Borsak, joins Robbie on the Blood Origins podcast to talk about Australia, their hunting culture, and the divergence between such a species-rich country with such little public hunting access.
53 min
Episode 266 - Roundup 70 || Moose hunting, Colo...
While Robbie is off galavanting in Europe, Cody and Cody are back at it, and this time they are joined by Lane Walter! Together, the boys talk about Lane’s upcoming moose hunt, the new wolf lawsuit in Colorado, gripes with Colorado’s OTC elk tags, a lawsuit against banning marketing to youth in California, and so much more!
54 min
Episode 265 - Christina Pittman || A Hispanic W...
Christina Pittman is the President and CEO of the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Association. Already an anomaly as an hispanic woman who is leading such a group, Christina joins Robbie to talk about her, her vision for the organization, and what she’s all about in a short, sharp and to the point conversation. 
35 min
Episode 264 - Greyling Van Der Merwe || 1 Man. ...
Greyling ‘Grey’ Van Der Merwe is a former French Legionnaire who now runs the anti-poaching unit for Mayo Oldiri in Northern and Eastern Cameroon. This is a short, fun conversation with an individual who sets the conservation ethos for a massive area comprising over 2 million acres.
18 min
Episode 263 - Roundup 69 || I Archery hunting l...
The boys are joined by Bill Vanderhayden, best described by Robbie as ‘a scientist who is just enamored by the idea of lethality of broadheads’. Bill is the owner and lead engineer for Iron Will Outfitters, a premium broadhead maker. The boys talk about Cody’s abysmal archery hunting percentages, we get an update from James in Ohio about all the things he accomplished since having to pay attention at work without the roundup two weeks ago, a long overdue Peach Street Distilleries check-in, Mountain lions in Texas, Gordon Ramsay’s lamb controversy, and more!
64 min
Episode 261 - Happening Now || Ben Masters with...
You could say Ben Masters is ‘in the news’ right now. He’s a member of the Texas For Mountain Lions Coalition that recently submitted a petition to Texas Parks and Wildlife around mountain lions in Texas. As the filmmaker behind ‘Deep In The Heart’, he tackles mountain lions - specifically trapping as the mechanism for declining mountain lion populations. In this ‘can’t miss’ conversation, Robbie asks him about anecdotal evidence, his thoughts about moving forward, and if he’s really as anti-hunting and anti-trapping as the rhetoric says he is.
77 min
Episode 262 - Happening Now || Against The Texa...
It’s the ‘other side of the coin’ regarding the Texas mountain lions petition. Greg Simons of Wildlife Systems (along with a number of other companies) is a wildlife manager, hunter, and lover of wildlife (including Mountain Lions). He has hosted a screening of "Deep in the Heart" in San Angeloa, and moderated a panel discussions on it. Ben Masters actually recommended him to us, along with two other individuals in the mountain lion community. In this episode, we delve into the ‘anti’ side of the petition. Greg is AGAINST the petition. 
55 min
Episode 260 - Aurelia Skipwith || The Internati...
Former Director of US Fish And Wildlife Service and current Executive Director of the International Society of T Roosevelt Aurelia Skipwith joins Robbie to talk about this new organization, where its origins are from, and what we can come to expect from this new group making a stamp on the world of conservation!
40 min
Episode 259 - Roundup 68 || We know, you’ve mis...
We know you’ve been missing them - and they’re back at it this week. Cody and Robbie bring you an action packed Roundup. Together, the boys catch up on what we’ve all been missing, apologize for making our listeners ‘pay attention too much at work’ this past couple weeks, dive deep on when is ‘too young’ to start hunting, and more! Please continue to text us at 620-860-4804 but introduce yourself in the text - otherwise you are anonymous!  
66 min
Episode 258 - Cal Hendrick | Texas High Fence #6
In the last of our High Fence series of podcasts, Cal Hendrick, owner of the Kickback Ranch in West Texas, finishes out our Texas High Fence podcast series. Cal talks about what it takes to run this 2,500 acre operation, managing 32 exotic game species, and above all the perceptions - Cal might say MISperceptions - around what it means to ‘high fence hunt’. If this series of high fence hunting has challenged your status quo please share it with your friends. Please also leave us a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts / Spotify - it really helps us continue to grow!
47 min
Episode 257 - Clay And Stephen || Texas High Fe...
Clay Abernathy and Stephen Meiser are cousins. Their grandfather, ‘Daddy Jack’, bought the Tequesquite in Southwest Texas. These cousins who run this ‘essentially out of Africa’ ranch together are the next guests on our through-provoking ‘Texas High Fence’ podcast series. The boys discuss the ethos of the land and what Daddy jack imbued in them to allow them to manage the property for what it’s intended to do. If this series of high fence hunting has challenged your status quo please share it with your friends. Please also leave us a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts / Spotify - it really helps us continue to grow!
29 min
Episode 256 - Wayne King | Texas High Fence #4
Wayne is the general manager of Tequesquite Ranch in Southwest Texas. The epitome of an old school Texas rancher, Wayne continues our Texas High Fence podcast series with some very strong opinions about what constitutes hunting, versus killing. This series of podcasts is purposefully being put out there to challenge our thinking about the idea of high fences - what they are, what they mean for hunting, and ask tough questions about them.
29 min
Episode 255 - Kaitlin Hendrick | Texas High Fen...
Kaitlin is the daughter of a very experienced hunter and comes from a family in the outdoor industry, running a high fence operation west of San Angelo, Texas. In this third installment of our Texas High Fence exploration series, she and Robbie sit down to talk about the property and the management and, above all, the care of the animals on the property - which is second to none. Kaitlin’s perspective as a young, 25-year-old woman raised in a family that hunted as much as they did and got into the business of high fence operations is unique, and worth a listen.
29 min
Episode 254 - Nic De Castro || LandTrust 
On last week’s roundup, frequent guest and certified pistol Matt Rinella called out LandTrust, an organization that seeks to connect private landowners and hunters to exchange value for opportunity. Nic De Castro, the founder and CEO of LandTrust, refutes that. He and Robbie discuss LandTrust’s mission and why Nic thinks LandTrust is actually PROVIDING public access to private ground, rather than taking it away as Matt claimed.
32 min
Episode 253 - Kyle Lang | Texas High Fence #2
Continuing our Texas High Fence podcast series - Robbie is joined by Kyle Lang, a west Texas helicopter pilot. He works as an ‘eyes in the sky’ for high fence operations, game management, translocation of animals and more. Kyle shares with us his unique ‘birds eye view’ perspective on high fence hunting, after nearly thirty years in the helicopter piloting game.
34 min
Episode 252 - Amy Hendrick | Texas High Fence #1
A high fence operation with 32 exotic species, known for their phenomenal whitetail hunting, the Hendrick’s are 3rd and 4th generation texans on the property. The land is in her blood - as is hunting. We wanted to talk to Amy as part of our Texas High Fence podcast series to dive into the idea of high fenced hunting. Join the conversation!
32 min
Episode 251 - Charles Admire || A True Ambassad...
Just an average ‘Joe Blow from down the street’, you’ve probably never heard of Charles Admire. He joins Robbie, though, to talk about his personal initiative to introduce his non-hunting friends to this thing we love so much, and discusses what it means to him to be a true ‘Ambassador Of Hunting’ to those friends and family. He shares his playbook for any hunter to introduce a non-hunter to becoming a hunter.
35 min
Episode 250 - Roundup 67 || A Rivalry Of Accent...
Brent Reaves of the Bear Grease podcast joins the boys for this week’s roundup! After a rousing discussion on zoom backgrounds (this is an audio medium, Robbie) and Robbie humble-bragging about his black belt, recapping last week’s episode with Matt, whether to score your deer, Poland’s cat controversy, and more!
67 min
Episode 249 - Erin Butler || Blood Origins Tran...
Erin Butler, the terrestrial program director for the Kingman Region of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, joins Robbie to talk about a recent project she and Blood Origins were involved in - a DNR transfer of pronghorn antelope from Utah to Arizona. Find photos of the capture and other content from the project on our social media feeds - and be on the lookout for our short film on the transfer when it comes out!
23 min
Episode 248 - Billy Molls || The Modern Mountai...
Moving up to Alaska 25 years ago with big dreams of hunting the moose, the caribou, and the other big game of the Alaskan wilderness - it might shock you to find out in that time Billy Molls has done none of those things. Instead, guiding others to do so satiates his need for this thing we all love so much - hunting.
36 min
Episode 247 - Roundup 66 || Matt Rinella is BAC...
Friend of the podcast and irredeemable contrarian Matt Rinella is back on this week’s roundup. Together, the boys catch up on everything from Matt’s emotional support dog to lead ammunition to an update on Matt’s podcast, private vs public land, and more.
85 min
Episode 246 - Nephi And David || The Radical Ce...
Nephi Cole and David Willms are the hosts of the podcast ‘Our Mountain’. They join Robbie for a hard hitting conversation on everything from state wildlife management agencies to the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) to natural resources management in general.
73 min
Episode 245 - Alexandra Nicole || This food is ...
Artist and wildlife biology degree holder Alexandra Nicole was a non-hunter two months ago - no longer. She sits down with Robbie and shares her experience harvesting her first turkey and her transformation from non hunter to hunter in this short Blood Origins episode.
34 min
Episode 244 - Roundup 65 || Counting Crows, Pri...
Cody and Alaska are BACK for the last ‘When The Cat’s Away...’ Installment of our Roundup. After an inauspicious start to recording, the boys talk about some recent text messages, a 130+ year old conspiracy, some really ballsy poachers in Florida, PA’s Sunday hunting, crow hunting, and more!
50 min
Episode 243 - Doug Duren || On CWD And Sharing ...
Best known for his frequent guest appearances on the hit Netflix hunting show Meateater, Doug Duren joins the Blood Origins podcast to discuss two important subjects. The first, Chronic Wasting Disease (or CWD), and its effects on his county in Wisconsin. The second, his efforts to launch ‘Sharing The Land’, which is a bold proposal to exchange labor projects for hunting access in an ‘old school cooperative’ kind of way.
75 min
Episode 242 - Bryan and Hannah || Sporting Lead...
Robbie catches up with Bryan and Hannah, the cofounders of ‘Sporting Lead Free’, an organization dedicated to promoting the voluntary use of non-lead tackle and ammunition for hunting and fishing. The pair talk about about the VOLUNTARY nature of their educational efforts - something they see as integral to their stance. They talk about the science, the past and future of lead and alternative shot, barriers of entry into hunting, and make their case for sporting lead free.
38 min
Episode 241 - Roundup 64 || Pet Peacocks, Pittm...
Cody and ‘Alaska’ Cody are back at it on this week’s roundup. The boys discuss Alaska’s pet peacock Waylon, the recent attempts to repeal the Pittman-Robertson Act, an op-ed by a hunter in Colorado, clear media bias by The Guardian (again), and more!
75 min
Episode 240 - Lydia and Jimmie || Hunters Of Color
Lydia and Jimmie, co-founder of the group ‘Hunters of Color’, join Robbie to talk about who they are, their history and what Hunters of Color is all about. From their heritage in hunting to why an organization like this is so important to this sporting lifestyle we all love.
39 min
Episode 239 - Michael Croston || Hunt and Release?
Michael Croston, founder of the ‘Hunt and Release’ method - think ‘CnR’ for hunters - about what it is and where he got this idea, which may seem strange to our fellow traditional hunters. Robbie questions Mike on this definition of hunting, and wants to hear from the audience of your thoughts on this subject. DM us, email us at or text us at 620-860-4804.
50 min
Episode 238 - Roundup 63 || When the cat’s away...
Robbie is still off for the week, but Cody and returning guest and Blood Origins team member Erin have you covered with the weekly roundup. Cody and Erin catch up about Cody’s ongoing war with a resident squirrel over his lettuce garden, your weekly Peach Street update, conservation funding, Pittman-Robertson vs the Second Amendment, a Montana elk controversy, Washington state’s troubled wolf pack, Erin rabble rouses about the Maine Sunday hunting controversy, and more!
57 min
Episode 237 - Luke Hilgemann || Increasing the ...
Robbie catches up with Luke Hilgemann, President and CEO of Hunter Nation, sits down with Robbie for a wide ranging discussion on the mandate of Hunter Nation and his work to increase and solidify the voting bloc that is ‘hunters’. Take this rare chance to know Luke better.
50 min
Episode 236 - Land Tawney || Backcountry Hunter...
Land Tawney, Executive Director of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, catches up with Robbie and Cody on the history and purpose of the organization, his life as a back country hunter and angler, and what his background means for his organization and his goals for conservation.
77 min
Episode 235 - Roundup 62 || When the cat’s away...
No Robbie this week - but we’ve doubled up on the Cody! Joining Cody on this week’s roundup is the other Cody - also known as Alaska here at Blood Origins - who produces the Blood Origins podcast. Cody and Alaska talk about the Maine ‘right to food’ lawsuit, a proposal to strip hunters’ property rights in New Jersey, the state of discourse in the US, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, and more!
69 min
Episode 234 - Lauren Tonelli || Inside Ontario’...
Lauren Tonelli is the Resource Management Specialist for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. What may surprise you is how deftly she sways Robbie from the default position of ‘hunting hogs is good’ (duh, right?) to understanding the facts and why this pro-hunting organization is right to be AGAINST hunting feral hogs in Ontario. Listen now and get the facts!
30 min
Episode 233 - Phillip Uzzel || Night Vision And...
Phillip Uzzel, CEO of Night Vision Rentals, talks about his career in the night vision business, and his plans to help out the Eco Defense Group in their efforts to stop poaching in Africa. It may shock you to learn that there are several applications that make a much broader part of Phillip’s business than hunting.
32 min
Episode 232 - Nathan And Sean || Professional H...
Previous guest and feral pest management contractor Nathan Ravencroft out of Queensland, Australia hops back on the podcast today - and invited his friend Sean England to join he and Robbie to talk about the positive benefits of professional hunting as a component of the holistic conservation efforts in Cape York.
37 min
Episode 231 - Barry And Sean || Shedding Light ...
Barry Howlett and Sean Kilkenny, two of the Aussies most knowledgeable about the hunting industry in Australia, join Robbie to discuss an issue that’s happening right NOW in the hunting world. An amendment to the Meat Industry Act in the state of Victoria caused an uproar when it was sensationalized to mean that sharing meat is now illegal in the state. Barry and Sean tackle the subject, then get into the social license of hunters and what effect perceptions about us as hunters has on our sporting lifestyle.
47 min
Episode 230 - Dr. Jen Chatfield || A Veterinari...
Dr. Jen Chatfield is back! You first heard this double board certified veterinarian on Roundup 54 (episode 208) giving her opinions about all the latest news in the world of hunting, now she’s back to tell her full story. She and Robbie dive deep on ‘the vet’s perspective’ of everything from animal care, to pain, to her perspective as a non hunter on hunting. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation.
48 min
Episode 229 - Roundup 61 || Government trapping...
The boys are joined by Aly on this week’s roundup. Aly is a recently-resigned government trapper with USDA APHIS Wildlife Services that comes to talk about her career and everything you ever wanted to know about predator depredation, going private, the recent proposal to list Yellowstone Bison on the endangered species act, and Cody’s ongoing quest to get some love from Peach Street Distilleries in Pallisades, Colorado.
64 min
Episode 228 - Happening Now || Inside New Mexic...
You heard from Kerri Cox-Romero, the Executive Director of the New Mexico Guides and Outfitter’s Association on the New Mexico sheep tag allocation controversy that is dividing the state and the hunting community. Today, we bring you the other side of the story from Brandon Wynn, a private individual, and Jesse Deubel, Executive Director of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. Jesse and Brandon talk about the real reason for their position on Bighorn Sheep in the State of New Mexico.
60 min
Episode 227 - India || Could Hunting Make A Com...
India: one of the poorest countries on the planet, which also boasts the highest incidences of human-wildlife conflict. Ryan Lobo and Peter Smetacek join Robbie to discuss the possibility of mitigating those conflicts with a legal, regulated hunt that hasn’t been an option for India since 1972. This is a must listen to, must share kind of podcast!
54 min
Episode 226 - Roundup 60 || Bison And Bear Conf...
Erin is back on the roundup! The ball is threatening to start rolling on the Peach Street Distilleries Mission, Cody reads off text messages from fans, a ban on giving away the spoils of your hunting adventures, Ricky Gervais the Neo-colonialist, Washington’s increased bear conflicts, an unfortunate and preventable tragedy, and more. Tune in and get the scoop!
72 min
Episode 225 - Dave Gittleson Returns || A Hard ...
Dave Gittleson, the first rancher in Colorado to have a cow confirmed killed by reintroduced wolves, returns to the Blood Origins podcast to give us a breaking news update on the Colorado wolves controversy now that calving season has begun. You can check out Dave’s first conversation with Robbie at episode 191.
50 min
Episode 224 - Damien Mander || From Bullets and...
International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) CEO Damien Mander joins Robbie to talk about his journey from military man to conservationist and what this transition from career military man to conservationist awakened in him.
48 min
Episode 223 - Roundup 59 || Elephants, Feral Ca...
Cody makes progress on the Peach Street whale by officially earning his influencer designation, Robbie gives a passionate defense of zoos, and a shoutout to Eric Jones and his pro-level email spamming skills - all before we ever start with ‘the lineup of lineups’ for controversial conservation topics. Elephants. Feral cats. Hunters and gun control. You don’t want to miss this one.
82 min
Episode 222 - Kerrie Romero || New Mexico Bigho...
New Mexico Guides And Outfitters Association Kerrie Romero joins Robbie to discuss some breaking news surrounding bighorn sheep tag allocations in New Mexico. Kerrie explains her position on the burgeoning resident vs nonresident allocation controversy, and Robbie challenges her on the inherent bias of a guide association. A short, sharp conversation on breaking news in the industry.
32 min
Episode 221 - Paul McCarney || On California’s ...
Scientist Paul McCarney runs the Hunt to Eat podcast and regularly engages with Blood Origins about the issues surrounding hunting and how we message on it. In the lead up to a controversial conversation he had on his own podcast with the head of HSUS Government Affairs about the California Black Bear petition, he approached Robbie for advice, and he joins Robbie today to talk about the conversation, why it is important to keep an open mind, and more.
45 min
Episode 220 - Roundup 58 || Correcting red wolv...
Big D joins this week’s roundup. Together, they dive deep into the mystery of exactly why Cody skipped last week’s roundup, a point of clarification for Cody on red wolf species, an update on Cody’s white whale - a sponsorship from Peach Street Distilleries in Pallisades Colorado (c’mon guys, at least join the podcast), an update on the Arkansas bear project, Darryl’s new bird watching hobby, an upcoming Africa trip, Yellowstone wolves, and more!
65 min
Episode 219 - Owen Bartruff || ‘The Black Death...
Already well known among spearfishermen in his native Florida and beyond, Owen Bartruff recently stepped out of his comfort zone to become a bow hunter. And he jumped in with both feet! His first bow hunt ever was in Zambia, for spot and stalk Cape buffalo - also known as ‘The Black Death’ and among the most dangerous game there is. Buckle up, this is a wild story.
35 min
Episode 218 - Arkansas Black Bears || Donate No...
Executive Director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Austin Booth joins the podcast to talk about our ongoing black bear collaring research fundraiser - from what the program will fund to what you can win, this is a short conversation meant to get you excited about this amazing new conservation initiative the Blood Origins Family is leading together!
20 min
Episode 217 - Roundup 57 || Robbie's wife - the...
Ben O’Brien joins the roundup in Cody’s absence. In this week’s fully-packed schedule, we get the skinny on Robbie’s wife and address everyone’s burning questions, launching The Hunt In Common, an update on the Arkansas Bear Project, Wyoming cutting 11,000 tags, Outdoor Life’s controversial turkey article, and more!
58 min
Episode 216 - Will Staples || The Murky World O...
Writer and producer of books, television and video games are just some of the hats Will Staples wears. From well known titles like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III to the popular Jack Reacher TV series and more, this guy’s seen (and written) a lot. Last year, he took his talents to writing a book about animal trafficking, and the murky criminal enterprises behind it. Not much is known about this world because it’s not the highest priority for law enforcement, making his job of shedding light on it even harder.
55 min
Episode 215 - Mark Williams || The ‘Bossman’ of...
Commissioner Mark Williams of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources - the ‘boss’ of all things concerning fish, wildlife and natural resources in the Peach State, joins Robbie on the podcast to talk about what those resources mean to him and the nearly 11 million citizens he stewards those resources for.
39 min
Episode 214 - Roundup 56 || Jaguars, Leopards, ...
Russell De La Harpe joins the roundup from Zambia. The boys talk about Russell’s beloved 375 HH, your weekly update on Cody’s quest to get a Peach Tree Distilleries sponsorship, Cody’s nemesis: the elusive tarpon on the fly, rehashing Robbie’s ‘Texas heart shot’ on a turkey last week, Jaguars in the southwest, Yellowstone wolves, red wolves in the wild and more!
73 min
Episode 213 - Erica Tergeson || Hunting, Politi...
The former NRA Director of Hunting Policy and Advisor at the NRA’s Institute of Legislative Action, and now the Director of Government Affairs for Dallas Safari Club, Erica Tergeson joins the Blood Origins podcast to talk about her perspective on hunting as both one of its biggest advocates and as a woman with a leading voice in hunting policy.
44 min
Episode 212 - Randy Newberg || A ‘State Of Hunt...
Randy Newberg, host of popular hunting shows ‘Fresh Tracks’ and ‘On Your Own Adventures’ joins Robbie for an in-depth conversation about Randy’s motivations and advocacy for hunters and public lands. This ‘State Of Hunting’ straight from the mouth of Randy himself dives deep on the challenges facing not only hunters and hunting today but the industry as a whole, from corner crossing to distance shots and more.
52 min
Episode 211 - Roundup 55 || Turkeys, Deer Colla...
The boys cover a lot in this short Blood Origins Roundup today. From Cody’s misadventures helping on a deer collaring project sponsored by NC State, answering good old Dave’s text questions, Robbie’s questionable turkey hunt and - of course - the focus this week was all in on our big project, the Arkansas Black Bear project. Tune in and get the down low on how you can win!
23 min
Episode 210 - Ivan Carter || The Reality Of Ele...
Ivan Carter is a conservationist. This former professional hunter has an impressive conservation resume, from helping with the initial 24 lion project in Mocambique, which is arguably the greatest lion conservation success story in Africa, to translocating the most amount of elephants in Mocambique, to working with giraffes, chimpanzees, you name it. Robbie digs deep on the questions that have been flooding in after the Botswana Big Tusker controversy and asks a conservationist on the ground to shed light on them for you.
62 min
Episode 209 - Richard Sowry || The Reality Of W...
Robbie first crossed paths with Richard Sowry about 22 years ago when they were both in Skukuza in Kruger National Park. A self-styled ‘Pro-wildlife. Period.” Conservationist - Sowry believes we should be doing what we can to make every activity available for wildlife conservation more sustainable, and he and Robbie touch on three ways we can achieve that, through always looking at the ecological, social and economic sustainability of the activity. This is not a pro-hunting podcast but rather a deep dive into how wildlife conservation can be achieved!
46 min
Episode 208 - Roundup 54 || Blood Origins In Th...
Veterinarian and Non-Hunter Dr. Jen Chatfield joins the Blood Origins Roundup. Together, we discuss Blood Origins getting highlighted in an Elephant hunting controversy out of Botswana, Tajikistan Markhor and snow leopards, and a recent court ruling on the powers of game wardens.
76 min
Episode 207 - Andrew Danckwertz || Why Did That...
Andrew Danckwertz is a Safari Guide and Owner / Operator of Odysseia Collection ( that leads photographic expeditions to wild corners of Africa. He is a phenomenal photographer and was one the first persons online to hit back on the Elephant hunt - specifically calling Blood Origins out. Because of who we are, I wanted to engage Andrew and give him an opportunity to voice his opinion and thoughts as we believe one on one dialogue is the best course of action for discussing these controversial topics, as opposed to resorting to name calling through social media. Andrew's viewpoint, which is held by a number of people, needs to be considered as we consider the best mechanisms specifically for big tuskers to be around for our kid and grandkids one day. 
79 min
Episode 206 - Leon Kachelhoffer || Why Hunt Bot...
WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL. Robbie sits down with Leon Kachelhoffer, the Professional Hunter who accompanied the hunter who took the big tusker elephant out of NG-13 in Botswana. Controversy surrounds this elephant, mainly because it's a ‘Big Tusker’ - an elephant with a tusk(s) over 100 pounds, which are essentially iconic. While controversial, this conversation is a critical one about the generalities of sustainable, well-managed elephant hunting and why it is important.
79 min
Episode 205 - Roundup 53 || Ryan Callaghan On T...
Ryan Callaghan of the Meateater Team  has joined the Blood Origins roundup this week. Cal and the boys talk about a (wrong) opinion piece in the Seattle Times about non game vs game species management, the latest on the corner crossing case and why it is important, elephant carrying capacities, and much more!
68 min
Episode 204 - Justin Lee || A ‘Big Isle Boy’ Th...
Native Hawaiian Justin Lee joins the Blood Origins podcast to talk about this life that is connected to the land through the lens of a Native of the Big Island. From the nuances of hunting culture in a state whose almost entire mammal population is invasive, to reforestation projects passed from father to son, to worrying changes in land access due to skyrocketing land prices Justin dives deep on the land in Hawaii.
41 min
Episode 203 - Mark Haldane || On the Ground Wit...
CEO of Zambeze Delta Safaris, Mark Haldane joins the Blood Origins podcast. He shares incredible insight with Robbie into his work in conservation of the Marromeu in Mocambique and what it’s like to do this work on the ground in Africa - including his well-known and wildly successful ’24 lions project’.
46 min
Episode 202 - Roundup 52 || Windmills killing E...
The boys talk about Grandpa Kroger’s eccentric art designs, a windmill company’s big fines for killing eagles, getting a lot of love from Canada, some Rhino news sets off Cody’s beef with so-called ‘compassionate conservation’ and other emotionally charged arguments in the scientific community, the historical significance of hunting mementos, and more.
61 min
Episode 201 - Mike Glover || The CrossOver of S...
Mike Glover, CEO of Field Craft Survival, joins Robbie for a fast-paced conversation that starts about Mike’s intense desire to help South Africa with their rhino poaching problem in Kruger National Park - but the conversation takes a left turn when the boys start talking about 6.5 Creedmoor, the caliber everyone loves to hate, and the ethics of long range shooting.
33 min
Episode 200 - Jack Carr || Former Seal, Writer,...
Jack Carr is an author and hunter, who’s book “The Terminal List” is in production to be turned into an Amazon Prime TV Series with Chris Pratt. Robbie and Jack discuss Mozambique, which one of his books, True Believer, is set in, and what it’s like to be a person with a growing platform as a vocal hunter.
36 min
Episode 199 - Roundup 51 || Pro hunting bills i...
The boys discuss Cody’s exploits at trying to skin a fox, pro hunting bills recently passed in Georgia, which leads to a heated discussion on the value of turkeys vs furbearers, and more. Do you want to be on the Blood Origins podcast? Text us at 620-840-4804.
58 min
Episode 198 - Amy Dickman || Evidence-Based Con...
Amy Dickman, the new Director of WildCRU (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit), at prestigious Oxford University in England, rejoins the Blood Origins podcast to talk about lions, trophy hunting and evidence-based wildlife conservation.
38 min
Episode 197 - Aleksi Lumme || Finnish Wolves Pa...
Mere hours after recording our first episode with Aleksi on this subject, breaking news reports showed that Finland had RESCINDED all wolf management permits, effectively disallowing wolf hunting in Finland. Aleksi updates us with a special bonus episode of the Blood Origins podcast.
22 min
Episode 196 - Aleksi Lumme || Finnish Wolves Pa...
In this first half a two-part special, Aleksi Lumme rejoins the Blood Origins podcast to discuss one of the most controversial issues in conservation worldwide - wolves - but this time in Finland. Aleksi dives into the history of the wolf issue in Finland, how it’s informed by and similar to wolf issues worldwide, and why hunters should be paying attention to this important controversy.
42 min
Episode 195 - Roundup 50 || Wolves, wolverines,...
Everyone’s favorite pinch-hitter Darrell Carver rejoins the Roundup this week. The boys talk rehash last week’s discussion about Sunday hunting in Maine with Erin, Colorado’s proposal to bring back wolverines, Darrell’s tall-tale about wolverines in Arizona, wolf reintroduction legal hurdles in Colorado, North Carolina’s expanded black bear hunt, and much more for this special 50th Blood Origins Roundup!
62 min
Episode 194 - Tyler Sharp || Modern Huntsman’s ...
Tyler Sharp, the founder of Modern Huntsman, joins Robbie to talk about their latest volume - which is entirely about Africa. Together they discuss the making of it, the issues surrounding Africa and hunting, and what he saw during his travels to Africa.
32 min
Episode 193 - Nathan Edmondson || Eco Defense G...
Nathan Edmondson, the Executive Director and Founder of Eco Defense Group, joins Robbie to talk about their mission and their entry into anti-poaching efforts. From intelligence to anti-corruption efforts, their business of ensuring wildlife protection and training people protecting wildlife provides the background support that is badly needed by anti-poaching forces to ensure the success of their mission.
41 min
Episode 192 - Roundup 49 || Sports Illustrated,...
Mainer and Blood Origins Manager of Operations Erin Merrill joins this week’s roundup while Cody is on spring break. The team discusses Blood Origins’ recent foray into the sports rumor mill, the role of tungsten in the great lead debate of 2022, Sunday hunting (or lack thereof) in Maine and how private land permission falls into it, PFAS ‘forever chemicals’, Vermont’s upcoming moose management hunt, a Colorado veterinary board member charged with animal cruelty charges, and a lot more in this action-packed roundup!
46 min
Episode 191 - Dave Gittleson || The First Wolf ...
Dave Gittleson, who owns a cattle ranch in Northern Colorado with his father, talks about living with wolves and the common misconceptions that are pushed by radical pro-wolf, anti-management forces and how they affect the bottom line on a family-run ranch like his. The Gittleson Ranch is located right near the first established wolf pack in Colorado and has recorded the first livestock kills by wolves in the State of Colorado.
47 min
Episode 190 - Rafael Sanchez || The Proof Of Wh...
Rafael Sanchez is a forestry engineer that works with private lands in the national park system of Cabeneros. Just 18 months after banning hunting under these national park umbrellas, management of deer and boar species is desperately needed. Animals are more than double their carrying capacity, and habitat is being destroyed. It shows in real time the consequences of hunting bans around the world.
36 min
Episode 189 - Roundup 48 || SuperBowl Champion ...
We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of breaking news in the hunting space - but this week is different. There’s only one article on everyone’s mind today, and that’s the TMZ piece titled “NFL’s Derek Wolfe Kills Buffalo, Arrow Through The Heart”. The boys are joined by Super Bowl champ Derek Wolfe and talk about the hunt, the backlash, and what it means to be a hunter for Derek.
55 min
Episode 188 - Judy Camuso || The State of Maine...
Judy Camuso is THE boss when it comes to fish and wildlife resources in the state of Maine. A member of the Governor’s cabinet, she is charged with overseeing the stewardship of wildlife resources for all Mainers. She’s also a former vegetarian who began hunting while ‘on the job’ - and as such brings a wealth of personal experience and perspective to the position that is valuable not just to Maine hunters but hunters everywhere.
39 min
Episode 187 - Raymond Rowe || A WWE Superstar i...
WWE Superstar Raymond Rowe - better known as ‘Eric’ from the Viking Raiders tag team - joins Robbie to to talk about what it is like being a mainstream celebrity who hunts, and why he is vocal about it anyway.
58 min
Episode 186 - Roundup 47 || Mountain Lions, Aga...
Randy Newburg - or as Cody’s wife would call him ‘the nice guy hunter’ - joins this week’s roundup. The boys dish on Cody’s quest for an ‘agave’ brand sponsorship, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte’s mountain lion hunting controversy, lead bullets and more.
63 min
Episode 185 - Craig Maartens || A Family of Pro...
South African Professional Hunter Craig Maartens joins Robbie on his Africa trip to talk about growing up in a professional hunting family. His father was a pioneer in professional hunting and one of the first licensees in Southwest Africa, so you can essentially assume that hunting, and then guiding people as a professional hunter is in his blood.
37 min
Episode 184 - Spyder || A Blasting of Anti-Hunt...
Spyder, the camp operations manager and cook at Greater Kuduland Safaris, accompanied Robbie on his recent Africa trip. Working 30 years for Greater Kuduland, he’s seen pretty much everything. He shares his thoughts on hunting’s place in society in Africa, and his thoughts to those that wish to remove hunting!
14 min
Episode 183 - Roundup 46 || Brad Luttrell of Go...
Brad Luttrell, founder of the wildly popular GoWild social media app built for hunters, joins Robbie and Cody on this week’s roundup. 
61 min
Episode 182 - Doug Cockcroft || The Fine Art of...
Doug Cockcroft is the managing director and owner of Splitting Image Taxidermy in South Africa. He joins Robbie during the Success Untold filming to discuss the fine art of taxidermy and how this industry is integral to Africa. Doug was instrumental in bringing Success Untold to light, and Splitting Image Taxidermy is the presenting partner in the film itself.
41 min
Episode 181 - Howard Knott || Game rancher firs...
Howard Knott, a third-generation game rancher and second-generation outfitter in Limpopo Province just outside of Zimbabwe, talks about his hunting heritage with Robbie on site in Africa. Howard is the land owner in the upcoming film called Success Untold that showcases the very successful wildlife management model of South Africa.
39 min
Episode 180 - Roundup 45 || Cable Smith Joins T...
Cable Smith, the host of the popular Lonestar Outdoors Podcast, joins Robbie and Cody on this weeks roundup. The boys debate Robbie’s astrological sign, social media censorship and why hunters need a platform like GoWild, realizing the rest of us have been doing ice fishing wrong this whole time, why Robbie is a ‘6.5 Creedmoor guy’ and much more!
60 min