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Blood Origins is an non-profit organization bringing unique storytelling and conservation together to change not only how hunting is viewed, but also how we fund conservation programs around the world more efficiently and effectively.

Episode 374 - Travis Bader || Silver Core Outdoors
Travis Bader, owner of Canada-based Silver Core Outdoors and host of the Silver Core Podcast, joins the Blood Origins podcast this week to have a hard hitting discussion between two individuals who think very deeply about this thing we love so much, and the nature of the controversies around it.
57 min
Episode 373 - Hunt Quietly || Land Access Debat...
If you’ve missed him, he’s back! Friend of the podcast and one of our most opinionated guests Matt Rinella joins this week for part two of a debate series with Land Trust exploring the land access issue. Just like the podcast before this one, Land Trust presented questions for Hunt Quietly to answer exploring the issue of land access versus privatization. In this part two of a two-part, double drop we explore the series of questions each ‘side’ of the debate has prepared for one another and allow the groups an opportunity to respond. This is the Hunt Quietly's side of the debate answering the Land Trust's questions.
78 min
Episode 372 - LandTrust || Land Access Debate P...
Nic De Castro the CEO and Founder of LandTrust joins the Blood Origins podcast for part one of a debate series on hunting access. The Hunt quietly team prepared questions for Nic and Land Trust to answer exploring the issue of land access versus privatization. In this part one of a two-part, double drop we explore the series of questions each ‘side’ of the debate has prepared for one another and allow the groups an opportunity to respond. This is the Land Trust side of the debate answering the Hunt Quietly's questions.
52 min
Episode 371 - Roundup 97 || Land access debate,...
The band is BACK together for this week’s Roundup. The boys recount Cody’s fishing and gardening adventures (for all you that have been worried about him) go through some text messages, preview the upcoming double drop land access debate series between LandTrust and Hunt Quietly coming out Tuesday, Louisiana black bears, UK’s trophy hunting bill, and more!
48 min
Episode 370 - Brant MacDuff || The Shotgun Cons...
Brant MacDuff, author of The Shotgun Conservationist, joins Robbie after the release of his first book. Brant is a former non-hunter who later became a hunter, who later wrote about it in his book. Brant is a man of many hats, also a conservation historian and a jack of all trades with an incredible story. Give it a listen! If you are interested in buying his book - it is available now on all major platforms. Also find Brant on his website where he is currently on tour promoting his book and you could see if schedules line up to go see him: 
40 min
Episode 369 - Jared Borstein || PRO-Allowing Su...
If you’re missing him from the roundups, don’t worry, we’ve got a double dose of Blood Origins co-host Cody Heitschmidt for you. He’s joined by a special guest in this episode for part two in a double feature on the Maine Sunday Hunting issue. In this episode, he catches up with Jared Borstein, Executive Director of Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, to talk about ongoing controversy around efforts to legalize Sunday hunting in Maine.
49 min
Episode 368 - Don Kleiner || ANTI-Allowing Sund...
If you’re missing him from the roundups, don’t worry, we’ve got a double dose of Blood Origins co-host Cody Heitschmidt for you. He’s joined by Maine hunting guide and pro-Sunday hunting ban activist Don Kleiner in this episode, part one of our double feature on the Maine Sunday Hunting issue, to talk about ongoing controversy around efforts to legalize Sunday hunting in Maine.
46 min
Episode 367 - Roundup 96 || Colorado Wolves Wit...
Cody is away for the week at a fly fishing retreat for fellow veterans so Robbie is joined by Gaspar Perricone for this week’s Roundup. The boys catch up and dig deep on the latest regarding the Colorado wolf issue - specifically the veto of SB-256 by Governor Pollis.
27 min
Episode 366 - Craig Stephen || A Wealth Of Know...
Wildlife Epidemiologist Craig Stephen joins the Blood Origins podcast to share his expertise on wildlife disease and the issues we face today in that world.
60 min
Episode 365 - Carl Metcalf || Changes On The Ho...
Carl Michael Metcalf of 7 T Outfitters of Western Colorado joins the Blood Origins podcast (thanks for the intro, Bo Nickal!) to talk about the dynamic wildlife landscape happening in Colorado right now and his thoughts on the changes he’s seen after nearly 30 years in the game as an outfitter.
48 min
Episode 364 - Roundup 95 || Slots Media ‘Snore-...
Slots Media boys Louis Thomas and Jack Bottoms join this week’s roundup on location with Robbie from New Zealand. After recapping their recent trip’s antics - including drifting off to sleep to the sweet sounds of a ‘snore-chestra’ - their funniest moments, the infamous possum story, and more!
45 min
Episode 363 - Gina Trimmer || Wife. Mother. Non...
Gina Trimmer is a wife, mother and non hunter out of southern Utah. She joins Robbie to talk about her perceptions as a non-hunter and provides valuable insight into the non-hunting community.
34 min
Episode 362 - Aaron Davidson || Long Range Hunt...
Aaron Davidson, founder of Gunwerks which specializes in long range hunting accessories, joins Robbie and the Blood Origins podcast to discuss the ethics of long range hunting. He shares his expert opinion and makes the case for why he thinks it is. So, what’s your opinion? Is it ethical or no?
52 min
Episode 361 - Andrew Aphane || Mebala Yarona - ...
Andrew Aphane of South Africa’s northwest province joins Robbie to talk about the Mebala Yarona, or ‘Our Colors’, project he is chairing - and their efforts to transform South Africa by helping black South Africans get involved - in everything from hunting to land ownership to ecotourism. A a black South African that owns farm land, that hunts, and managing hunting leases and pushing a sustainable use model that works, leading to a fascinating conversation about a subject you probably have never heard of, which is exactly our style.
47 min
Episode 360 - Jillian Garrett || Turning A Terr...
Jillian Garrett of Washington State joins the Blood origins podcast to talk about her harrowing experience as a former non hunter faced with a vicious black bear attack on her small farm, and how the trauma of that experience shaped her journey into understanding what healthy black bear populations look like, through hunting.
35 min
Episode 359 - Sam Janca || Challenging assumpti...
Texas outfitter Sam Janca joins Robbie on the Blood Origins podcast after meeting at the SCI convention to challenge the ‘prevailing wisdom’ of whitetail management from his point of view as an outfitter who targets free range deer.
60 min
Episode 358 - Jim Heffelfinger || The Truth Abo...
Returning guest Jim Heffelfinger joins Robbie and the Blood Origins podcast from his perch at the Arizona Game and Fish Department to challenge the rhetoric that so-called “trophy”, i.e. selective, hunting causes phenotypical (physical) or genotypical (genetic) changes in wildlife populations.
48 min
Episode 357 - Rick Brazell || The First Hunt Fo...
Rick Brazell, founder of the First Hunt Foundation, joins Robbie to discuss FHF’s mission to provide mentorship opportunities to prospective hunters and his audacious goal to expand from 850 volunteer mentors in 41 states to thousands of mentors in all 50 states to spread this thing we love so much. Listen in, look them up, and get involved!
39 min
Episode 356 - Jen Widerstrom || Wildlife Conser...
Jen Widerstrom, best-selling and globally published author, is a wellness industry leader primarily known for her undefeated coaching on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Celebrity trainer and founder of her own community driven fitness platform, she is also an esteemed go to expert in the entertainment industry as a featured guest on numerous television series. In this episode, Jen joins host Robbie on the Blood Origins podcast to talk about the Kamagawa organization, a nonprofit she follows, and a controversial post about a crocodile where Jen was very receptive to being educated about the facts on hunting in an ‘ask me anything’ style format.
76 min
Episode 355 - Roundup 94 || New Zealand, Colora...
After a rousing discussion on the best way to store firearms and one man’s trash taxidermy being any other sensible man’s treasure, we get an update from Dave Gittelson on Colorado wolves, discuss hunting in Japan, to a passionate discussion about gifted, bought and earned taxidermy, New Zealand, and so much more. 
57 min
Episode 354 - Legacy || $500,000 to Rhino Conse...
Warne Rippon from Buffalo Kloof in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and Blake Barnett, a board member of the South Texas Chapter of Dallas Safari Club,  join the podcast to talk about their groundbreaking fundraising efforts for black rhino conservation and what this incredible gift will mean for wildlife conservation.
51 min
Episode 353 - Paul Brown || Is Duck Hunting Bar...
Former Government fisheries scientist, professor of ecology and current consulting ecologist in Victoria, Australia, Paul Brown joins Robbie to discuss his recent blog post asking what is going on regarding duck hunting in Victoria, Australia? Paul began to research legal duck hunting around the world, what kind of countries and cultures are involved, and asked if the practice truly is barbaric, or if there’s more to it.
43 min
Episode 352 - Roundup 93 || All Eyes On Colorado
The boys are BACK after a couple week hiatus from the Roundup, with special guest Gaspar Perricone. After busting our guest Gaspar with a hot mic situation and shutting down Cody before he launches headlong into a rabbit hole about catch and release fly fishing, the boys get into the latest and greatest current events affecting the hunting space - but focusing on Colorado from wolf reintroduction to some looming anti-gun bills.
58 min
Episode 351 - Jonathan Henshaw || From The Corp...
Jonathan Henshaw of Edinburgh, Scotland is a UK outdoorsman who until recently never really had the opportunity to hunt due to the tremendous obstacles, from land access to firearm access, facing UK conservationists who want to go afield. He then went for his first hunt, with former guest Arthur Petherbridge of the Wild Order no less, and talks with Robbie about his transition from non hunter to hunter, and all the emotion that goes along with it.
39 min
Episode 350 - John Minadakis || Jimmy's Seafood...
John Minadakis, the owner of the Maryland Jimmy’s Seafood joins Robbie to talk about their years-long feud with PETA over their world famous crabs. John and Robbie discuss the similarity in challenges they receive to those of others in the sustainable use space - from fishermen to hunters to farmers to leather goods purveyors and more the idea of sustainable wise use of resources is coming more and more under attack.
25 min