Working Class Bowhunter

The Realest Hunting Podcast! WCB brings you straight to hunting camp with the boys. You might learn something or just laugh a little. The fellas are going to make sure you're entertained and making it through your workday! Language suitable for hunting camps and real job sites only.

035 Matrix Targets - Working Class Bowhunter
Kevin Peterson from Matrix Targets calls in to the show to talk about their target setup!
63 min
034 Tank Cameron Tank - Working Class Bowhunter...
Cameron Tank joins Curt and Steve for an episode at the Buckotorium!
63 min
033 Jordan Hubinsky *BONUS Episode* - Working C...
Bonus episode with Jordan from 032.. part gear part random stories!
61 min
032 Jordan Hubinsky from The Bone Shed - Workin...
Jordan Hubinsky from The Bone Shed actually joins the fellas at the Buckitorium!
66 min
031 Baker Leavitt from Kill Cliff - Working Cla...
Baker Leavitt from Kill Cliff joins the fellas on the podcast this week!
63 min
030 - Ryan Greenlief - Working Class Bowhunter ...
Ryan Greenlief an expert bow tech and avid bowhunter joins the fellas this week.
64 min
029 Derek Kaalberg - Working Class Bowhunter
Derek Kallberg interviews the fellas.. he likes this podcast thing!
64 min
028 Darrin Christenberry - Working Class Bowhun...
Darrin is a top pro in the archery world and joins us for a episode at The Bone Shed.
50 min
027 Jordan Hubinsky - Working Class Bowhunter P...
The fellas do a podcast at The Bone Shed - Part one with Jordan Hubinsky.
52 min
026 Joshua Carney - Working Class Bowhunter Pod...
Joshua " The natural caller" Carney joins the fellas on the podcast this week!
61 min
025 -Darel Martin - Whitetails Unlimited - Work...
Darel Martin, Field Director from Whitetails Unlimited joins the fellas on the podcast this week.
67 min
024 Bucks At Home, Lions Afar - Working Class B...
Steve and Curt Discuss a 200" road kill buck - Cecil the lion and consvervation
68 min
Best Of Episodes 11-20 Working Class Bowhunter ...
Segments from episodes 11-20
44 min
023 Clint Schwach
The fellas kick back and talk with Clint Schwach, a Film Producer from Bone Collector.
67 min
022 Nick Mundt - Working Class Bowhunter Podcast
Nick Mundt from Bone Collector Joins the fellas this week on the podcast
64 min
Best of episodes 1-10 Working Class Bowhunter P...
Some segments from episodes 1-10
71 min
021 - Working Class Bowhunter Podcast
The fellas let their hair down..except Eric.
61 min
020 Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Working Class Bowh...
T-Bone from Bone Collector and Realtree Road Trips Joins the fellas this week.
59 min
019 - Bows Cams and Stands - Working Class Bowh...
The fellas get into talk about different bow models stand types and budget trail cameras.
64 min
018 Taylor Drury - Working Class Bowhunter Podcast
Taylor Drury from Drury Outdoors joins the fellas this week on the podcast.
64 min
017 Melissa Bachman - Working Class Bowhunter P...
Melissa Bachman joins us this week to talk hunting of course and whatever Steve talks about.
71 min
016 - Richard Harris - Archery Abroad - Working...
Richard Harris from Archery Abroad Online archery tournaments joins us on the show this week!
60 min
015 Jared Scheffler - Whitetail Adrenaline - Wo...
The fellas welcome Jared Scheffler From Whitetail Adrenaline.. The Jared Scheffler.
82 min
014 - Anthony Frey - Working Class Bowhunter Po...
Anthony Frey joins the fellas to discuss his Passion for bowhunting.
75 min
013 Cameron Tank - Working Class Bowhunter Podcast
The fellas fit an entire Tank in the Studio this week..
65 min